PlayTech bringing Disco back with new Live Casino Theme

PlayTech’s Discojack and Discolette live dealer casino games a hit or miss?

Discojack and Discolette live casino theme from PlayTechThe digital gambling industry is always looking for new ways to innovative. Coming up with fresh and appealing ideas isn’t so easy in a 20 year old business where technological advancements generally lead the way for progression. But PlayTech thinks its found the key to success in a jammin’ new variety of live dealer casino tables.

Last month, the world’s leading supplier of iGaming content launched two new live casino tables they call Discojack and Discolette. If those clever names didn’t give away the concept already, they are disco-themed versions of live dealer blackjack and roulette.

Disco Live Dealer Casino Games a Hit or Miss?

Terrible Product Combinations - Santa DreidelWe’ve all seen some strange product combinations in our day. Remember when Archie McPhee & Co. tried to market the Santa Dreidel? Yeah, that was a really bad combination, for blatantly obvious reasons. Some aren’t so obvious though.

When my 11 year old niece – and artistic pastry chef in the making – served me a vanilla, chocolate-frosted cupcake with a lemon cookie on top, I thought it was a fantastic idea! Believe me, it was not. That flavor combination was far from successful, let me tell you. On the other hand, I winced at the roasted marshmallow version, and it was phenomenal!

So while some may raise an eyebrow in bewilderment over PlayTech’s new live casino theme, I say it’s got potential. It could be a real hit, or it could bomb faster than Redux Beverages’s short-lived Cocaine energy drink.

On the one hand, disco isn’t exactly the type of music millennials are downloading from the iTunes store. But maybe that’s not their target audience. It does evoke a special sense of nostalgia for some. And why not enjoy some hip-jiving tunes while playing live blackjack or roulette?

One thing is for certain, though. The dealers really seem to be enjoying it.

Jammin’ with Discojack Live Casino Theme

It’s not just a retro-musical theme that sets these games apart. The tables and backgrounds are ornately decorated to match the motiff, and the dealer’s are all dressed in 1970’s attire. Star-shaped sunglasses, vibrant headbands, blue-jean jackets with the sleeves cut off, and an array of retro wigs are on display.

During one session last week, a Discojack dealer named Molly genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself. She was bobbing her head, disco dancing, clicking her fingers between deals, making jokes with the players. She could hardly keep the smile from her face.

“I’m having fun. I’m really having fun!” she said as several players laughed along to the antics of the afro-doning pit boss.

Discojack Live Dealer Casino Games a Hit

The players at the table were having an equally entertaining experience. Clearly, the live casino theme and music creates for an energetic atmosphere, and gives everyone something to talk about while waiting for their turn to hit or stand.

So the real question isn’t whether Discojack and Discolette are going to be hits. It seems to me they are already hits with the dealers and players. The question is whether its going to be a just another fad.

If/when the high-energy, ambiance and nostalgia wears off, these tables could quickly lose popularity. Then they could be replaced with some other far-out theme; astrology, zombies, alien invasion perhaps?

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