Is Online Casino Software Rigged to Lose?

Are online casinos rigged? Why do I keep losing?

Are Online Casinos Rigged?Have you played online casino games for any considerable amount of time? Have you been losing a lot? If so, you may be starting to lose faith in the internet gambling industry. You may even be asking yourself this question…

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

It may seem like it sometimes, and in rare cases, it could even be true. But if you’re playing at legitimate online casinos, the clear answer is, ‘No, online casinos are not rigged to make you lose‘.

The casino games you play online often supply the exact same odds you would expect in a land-based casino. If the odds are not the same, they’re actually better.

Table games, video poker games, specialties like keno and bingo, these games are played with the same odds as brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. That’s because the rules generate the RTP (return to player), not the manufacturer.

Online slots, on the other hand, pay much better than they do on land. The average online slot machine’s RTP is 96%, as opposed to 88-92% in physical casinos. The key is to make sure you’re actually playing with those odds. And to do that, you’ll want to keep an eye out for…

Online Casino Software Accreditation

Online Casino Software AccreditationOnly play legitimate casinos that employ accredited software. You can tell if the software is certified by scrolling to the bottom of the website’s main page. It should list the software supplier, and the logo of the third-party auditing firm that certified it. Microgaming, for example, is certified by eCOGRA. Other platforms may be certified by VeriSign, or Technical Systems Testing (TST).

These companies test the software rigorously, running each game through a million or more plays to ensure they meet their RTP.

While this explains the legitimacy of the software, there’s still that question of why some people just keep losing. And the simple answer is…

Casino Games Do Not Create More Winners than Losers

If you’re losing, you’re in the majority. Casinos – online or on land – are not in the business of creating winners. They make their money from all the losers. You can’t blame them for it. They provide an entertainment-based service, and players are expected to pay for that service.

Unlike most other entertainment services, though, some players actually do win – sometimes very large amounts of money. To make up for those big payouts, casinos need many more people to lose. That’s how it works, and any responsible gambler should understand this.

Let’s get back to those 96% slots RTPs I mentioned above. 96% sounds like really good odds for a casino, right? But it doesn’t mean you have a 96% chance of winning. What it really means is that, theoretically, you will win 96% of your money back, and lose the other 4%.

That’s a long-term evaluation, though. If you spend $100 wagering on the slots, you can’t simply expect to lose $4 and walk away with $96 in your pocket. Most players will continue spinning until they lose most, if not all, of that bankroll; even if they had a profit at one point during the session.

If the entertainment of playing the game supersedes the desire to win, a player will not stop once they win a small amount; a big jackpot, maybe, but not a $10-$20 profit. They’ll continue playing, resulting in an eventual loss.

To put it simply, the odds of winning are against you. They always will be. So when you ask, “are online casinos rigged?”, the answer is, “no”. Rigging the games would be illegal. Casinos are well within their legal rights to set the RTPs below 100%. It’s the players’ responsibility to enjoy the games for the entertainment purposes in which they were intended, knowing when to call it quits.

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