Expansion of Mobile Casino Apps for Android and iOS

iGaming growth driven by mobile casino apps for iOS and Android.

The online gambling industry has been experiencing exponential growth for more than twenty years. Its success has followed the trail of technological advancements, beginning with the dawn of the internet. Better desktop computers, faster internet speeds, smartphone and tablet access, mobile casino apps for Android and iOS users—these and other factors have been quintessential to the continuous expansion of the global iGaming market.

Evolution of iGaming to Mobile Casino Apps for iOS and Android

It’s that last enhancement, real money gambling apps, that we’ll be focusing on today. While every smartphone user loves to install gaming apps on their mobile device, casino apps—at least, the real money variety—took quite some time to gain popularity. Now that they have, every iGaming operator is focusing on this line of player acquisition, and quite frankly, it’s working.

Growth of Mobile Casino Apps for iOS and Android

The first smartphones came along about a decade ago, and apps became all the rage. The saying, “there’s an apps for that”, is universal, and today, there really is an app for just about everything. There are even apps that teach parrots to talk. I know, I’ve used them!

As popular as all these apps were in recent years, mobile casino apps that offer real money games just weren’t catching on, despite their direct provision by most major operators. One major factor was the lack of game variety. Sure, you could play some slot machines, blackjack, roulette—all the favorites—but in comparison to desktop and mobile browser play, it just wasn’t as appealing.

So why not just increase the game variety? If you build it, they will come, right? Well, that was a problem, too. If players aren’t using this technology, developers aren’t so inclined to spend precious time and money expanding the applications. And there was another obstacle in the way. For years, app stores created a stigma around mobile casino apps for Android and iOS by refusing to offer them.

For this reason, players feared that they might not be legal. And if not, perhaps by using them, they would be easier to track by authorities. The paranoia grew like mold, even in jurisdictions like Canada, where online gambling is not illegal.

In reality, the app stores were the ones in fear of legal repercussion. If a player from a location where online gambling is illegal—most US states, for example—downloads a real money gambling app from Google Play, who’s to say Google Play isn’t at fault for providing it? As most of us know, the US government isn’t one to toy with, especially when there’s a big multi-billion dollar business to siphon a settlement from.

Then Everything Changed…

Almost a year ago, everything began to change when Google Play announced alterations to its gambling content policy. Real money casino apps would be available for download, but only in certain countries. The UK, Ireland and France were the first to get them, with expansion to other legal-iGaming jurisdictions to come.

Google Play Mobile Casino Apps for Android and iOS

Subsequently, the average player’s feeling towards mobile gambling apps began to change. When it did, software companies saw an opportunity. Utilizing the latest HTML5 technology, they began updating their apps, adding more games and more features. Now, with the stigma removed, and more games than ever before, mobile casino apps for iOS and Android are finally gaining popularity at a phenomenal rate.

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