How Cheap are Online Casinos?

Cheap online casino games and why so many players love ’em!Cheap Online Casino Games

There are plenty of advantages to playing casino games online. They’re more convenient, they’re accessible anytime, anywhere, and they even pay better. Another reason so many players love them is because they’re so much cheaper.

Land-based casinos can be extremely expensive. Even before you walk in the door, your wallet is probably going to be lighter for having tipped the valet guy. If you get hungry, that’ll cost you, too. They may advertise free drinks, but they’re watered down, and they’ll cost you another tip every time you get one. And of course, the games themselves are more costly, especially if you like the tables. (Oh yeah, and there’s another tip, too!)

How Cheap are Online Casinos?

Unless you hit the Vegas Strip at happy hour, you’re going to be paying a minimum of $5 per hand at the blackjack tables or roulette wheel. Some casinos increase the lowest stakes to $10 or $15. And even at casinos that offer more budget-friendly stakes, chances are those tables will be full, forcing you to skip the action or play at higher limits.

Online casinos don’t work this way. They don’t have limited seating. They don’t care how much you’re betting, so long as a lot of people are betting. And the cheaper it is, the players they’ll attract. They know very well they’ll make their money—probably more than their bricks-and-mortar cousins.

For this reason, you can expect to find table minimums as low as $0.50, or maybe $1 at most. This goes for blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, etc. I’ve even seen a few that offer $0.10 blackjack games.

It’s not just the tables that are cheaper, either. You’ll have access to cheap slot machines and video poker machines, too. Land-based casinos do offer penny-slots, but their payouts are the worst.

Why Players Love Cheap Online Casino Games

Imagine how long a $20 bankroll will last playing blackjack at $0.10 per hand. Phenomenally longer than a $5 minimum at the local gambling hall! You could be wiped out in four hands flat. Even at $0.50 per bet, online blackjack games guarantee a minimum of 40 hands on a $20 bankroll. And that’s assuming you go on a horrible streak of bad luck and lose them all, which would take some really terrible decision making on your part.

As for the slot machines, would you rather spend a few cents to play a cheap slot with a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 85-88%, or one with an RTP of 96-98%? Only online casinos can offer cheap slots with such high payouts. It doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg to pay their utilities bills or payroll, and those savings are passed on to you, the player.

Another reason so many people love playing online is that it’s not just the cheap online casino games preserving their bankroll. There is no additional cost. No valets, cocktail waitresses or dealers to tip. No extra cost for food—open your refrigerator and indulge at will. Every dollar you have to spend on gambling can actually be spent on playing the games, meaning more chances to become one of the casino’s lucky winners.

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