What to do When Online Casinos go Rogue

What to do if you suspect an online casino of cheating players.

What to do if you Suspect an Online Casino of Cheating PlayersOver the last two decades, well over 5,000 online gambling sites have presented their services to players all over the world. The vast majority of them are safe, fair, respectable operations, but there have always been rogues in the midst.

In the early years of iGaming, duplicitous online casinos were a lot more common. Regulation barely existed. It was up to players to steer clear of them, because in most countries, laws weren’t in place to offer assistance to victims. Things have changed a lot, especially in the last 5 years, making the internet a much safer place to enjoy gambling, but rogue online casinos do still exist.

What is a Rogue Online Casino?

When online casinos go rogue, they don’t fulfill their end of the bargain. They might refuse to pay out winnings, based on erroneous claims against the player. They might simply disappear into the great blue yonder, taking every member’s bankroll with them. Or, they might be sneakier about it, presenting unfair games that are programmed to pay out less than advertised, or less than they should if the RTP isn’t visible. A blackjack game could be rigged, a slot machine’s reels weighted, craps dice tampered with to roll more 7s.

Just like the real world, it’s easy enough to for an online casino to rig its gaming software. Unlike the real world, though, it’s a lot harder to prove. If you suspect an online casino of rigging its games, there are several things you can do about it. But odds are, you won’t like any of them.

When you Suspect an Online Casino of Cheating

Before I go on, please consider this. There’s no such thing as a ‘fair’ casino game. The odds would have to be 50/50 to truly be fair. Every game is designed to give the house an advantage. Some players will win, but most will lose. That’s how it works. Realistically, gambling is just another form of paid entertainment. And because players go into the game knowing this—that the odds aren’t in their favor—the games are considered fair.

For a game to be unfair, it must be rigged to pay less than it’s supposed to. The RTP for card and table games is based on mathematical probabilities. Slots are harder, because they don’t always advertise their RTP, and their variance tends to be much higher.

The point is, you can’t accuse a casino of cheating just because you’re losing a lot. Consider whether you may be experiencing a streak of bad luck before you make any allegations.

Report the Issue to Regulators

This is the first thing most players will want to do. After all, regulatory bodies are in place to protect players, right? Yes, they are, but you can’t submit a claim without any solid evidence. If you complain with nothing more than the fact that you’ve lost a lot of money, they won’t waste their resources to investigate. You must have some form of proof.

Gather Evidence

This isn’t an easy task, unless the online casino provides a complete history of your wagering activities. Some casinos do offer this in the player’s account section. If not, you can try requesting the history via email support. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to start keeping your own records. Track every wager on the suspect game(s), recording all wins and losses.

There are two problems with this plan, though. First of all, if you suspect an online casino is cheating, do you really want to invest more money to prove it? And second, you’ll need to place thousands of wagers in order to quantify a reliable RTP. Anything less, and your losses will just be chalked up to variance. That’s going to get very expensive.

Turn to Online Casino Watchdog Forums

Online gambling watchdogs like Casinomeister make it their business to identify and report rogue online casinos. They will do everything they can to help players who’ve been wronged. But again, you’ll need some hard evidence to get the ball rolling. If you simply post that an online casino is rigged because you lost a lot of money, you’ll be laughed off the proverbial stage.

However, if you simply ask if anyone else is experiencing what seems to be an unfair RTP from the same operator, and there happens to be a significant number of players who agree with you, this can raise enough red flags to incite an investigation.

Find a New Online Casino

If you really have been cheated, the chances of you ever getting your money back are slim. The question you have to ask yourself is whether it’s worth the time, effort, and additional investment, to prove your case. Sometimes it’s best to just move on and find a better online casino.

If you do, make sure the new operator is reputable, and licensed in a jurisdiction where the regulations are very strict. Software audits and certification should be mandatory. A good rule of thumb is to join websites that carry a license from Malta and/or the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). These two regions enforce the highest standards in the iGaming world.

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