Minor Learns Cheating Online Casinos Doesn’t Pay

Underage online casino cheat & parents face criminal charges.

Underage Online Casino Cheat & Parents Face Criminal ChargesGenerally speaking, today’s most reputable online gambling sites are extremely secure. They employ the same, strict safety protocols as government banks. Their financial systems are locked up tighter than a maximum-security prison.

Every once in a while, though, things go awry. A pin-hole sized glitch in a system upgrade that goes undetected by programmers can become a wide open door for a computer whiz with the right knowledge and keen skills of observation. Such was the case recently when one young man was caught successfully cheating online casinos out of a quarter of a million euros.

Online Casino Cheat in Hot Water in Finland

The hacker’s name has not been revealed, and for good reason. He was a minor at the time. To protect his identity, his parents’ names have not been revealed either. But all three of them are facing criminal charges following the boy’s duplicitous online activities.

According to last week’s report in Finland’s Yle News, the minor is being charged with aggravated fraud, while his parents face allegations of aggravated money laundering.

The young man, hailing from the southern municipality of Forssa, has admitted to scamming an online casino out of approximately €250k. He told Finnish authorities he signed up an account with the Maltese-registered gambling website using a false date of birth, thereby granting him legal-age access to the site. No identity checks are performed until a new player makes a deposit, thus his faulty ID was never investigated by the operator.

He was then able to identify a glitch in the operation’s banking system which allowed him to reverse other members’ withdraws back to the casino, and direct them into the bank account of his choice. He chose to send it to his own bank account, of course, as well as the bank accounts of his parents, who clearly failed to report anything amiss when miscellaneous funds came pouring into their accounts last year.

Documents show that the young man utilized the IT glitch to steal money from the online casino 417 times between April and May of 2017. All told, he took the online casino for about €252,000. In July 2017, an employ of the online casino discovered the discrepancy. That’s when an investigation into the matter, and the security glitch, got underway.

Parents Face Charges of Money Laundering

In the modern age of technology, not all parents realize what their children are doing online these days. According to prosecutors, the parents of the young hacker were by no means blind to his actions. They knew full well that an inappropriate sum of money was present, and apparently had no issue using it for their own purposes.

His father was in possession of more than €14,000 of the stolen money, held in his personal bank account. His mother had another €2,300 of it in her personal account, and had used approximately €5,000 more to purchase a motorcycle.

For all of their parts in the online casino cheating scandal, prosecutors are calling for a 20-month prison sentence for the young culprit (who is now 18 years of age), a 5-month suspended sentence for the boy’s father, and a more lenient suspended sentence for his mother.

The case went before the Central Häme District Court last Monday. A judgment is expected to be delivered on Monday, September 3.

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