Twitch Casino Streaming Viewbots Ruining it for Everyone

Viewbots becoming a threat to online casino Twitch streams.

Viewbots Becoming a Threat to Online Casino Twitch StreamsTwitch has become the most popular forum for sharing live gaming action with the world. Video gamers, PC gamers and even online gamblers stream their activities for everyone to see. Online poker is particularly popular, where players can show off their skills and offer play-by-play advice to their viewers. Online blackjack players do the same, while online slot machine players attempt to hit massive jackpots while Twitch casino streaming.

These channels become popular when their hosts offer a superior level of entertainment. Some streamers have tens of thousands of followers. At any given time, there could be hundreds, if not thousands of people, watching their streams, interacting with the host, building more excitement as the event plays out.

Now, “viewbots” are becoming a real problem. If a solution is found soon, they could ruin the experience for everyone.

Viewbots a Threat to Online Casino Twitch Streams

A viewbot is an automated software program that logs into a Twitch channel, mimicking a genuine viewer. It does nothing more than add another number to the amount of viewers supposedly watching the live stream. Alone, they pose no threat or purpose.

The problem is that Twitch ranks streams by viewership. The ones with the most viewers get top listing. So, when thousands of viewbots are running, it tricks real viewers into believing the channel is worth watching. In reality, they are one of maybe a few genuine people watching. More often than not, what they’re watching isn’t even a real online casino stream.

Viewbots Used by Deceptive (Lazy) Casino Affiliates

Most of the people who use viewbots for Twitch casino streaming are lazy affiliates hoping to make a quick buck. They set up a Twitch channel, install affiliate-link advertisements around the viewing screen, then run a demo version of some slot machine with the “auto-spin” feature turned on.

The hope is that some poor schmuck who doesn’t realize what’s going on will launch the stream and click on one of the casino ads. If they visit the advertised casino, sign up an account and make a deposit, the Twitch streamer gets a little money for it.

How to Spot a Twitch Casino Streaming Viewbot

Fortunately, viewbots aren’t too hard to identify. When you enter a Twitch stream, look at the game being played. You should be able to see whether there’s real money in use, or if it’s just a demo. These fake streamers never show themselves, either. There’s no video camera set up to show them playing because they aren’t really there.

Furthermore, Viewbots can use the chat, but they do so in a noticeably robotic manner. They post mostly irrelevant text, appearing in exact multi-second increments, often every three or four seconds. If you ask them a question, they will not reply to it, continuing to post only their programmed nonsense.

How Viewbots Threaten Real Twitch Casinos

The Twitch community is well aware of the problem, as are its managers. They are doing everything they can to shut down these fake Twitch casino streams. Unfortunately, every time one goes off the air, it simply pops up again on a new channel.

Viewbots are destroying the integrity of the market, making it impossible for genuine streamers to get the top ranking they deserve. If the owners of Twitch aren’t able to find a way to eliminate the problem, there’s every chance they will take the only other viable means of action; eliminating online casino Twitch streams altogether.

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