Where to Strike a Super Sized Slot Jackpot

Are the biggest slot machine jackpots prone to small or large casinos?

Are the Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots Prone to Small or Large Casinos?Almost every casino offers a super sized slot jackpot within its banks of one-armed bandits. The prizes can be quite large, thereby enticing a lot of players to take them for a hopeful spin. The odds of unleashing such a jackpot are astronomical, but that doesn’t stop players from trying, or wondering whether the odds of striking such a life-changing prize changes by location.

Just like jackpot slots themselves, casinos come in all shapes and sizes. In Canada, we have large integrated casino resorts, like Caesars Windsor and Hard Rock Vancouver, where thousands of slots line the floors. We also have smaller locals’ casinos, like Chances Campbell River, offering just 150 slot machines.

The question is this; if the same networked slot jackpot were available in both small and large casinos like these, would one be more likely to pay out that prize than another?

Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots – Does Casino Size Matter?

To answer this question, we must first assume the odds of the jackpot actually being struck. The odds will not change from one machine to the next, no matter which casino it is located in. Every machine that offers the jackpot will have the same odds of paying it out.

On the other hand, the number of machines located within each casino does matter. For this reason alone, a larger casino is more likely to pay out a super sized slot jackpot than a smaller casino.

Let’s say Casino A has 15 matching slot machines, each boasting a networked $1 million jackpot. Casino B has only 5 machines boasting that same game, with the same jackpot prize.

The actual odds of that jackpot striking might be something in the area of 7 million to 1. Since there are 20 machines in total, the odds of that jackpot striking on a particular machine—assuming it must eventually strike—would be 20 to 1. And, since there are 15 machines at Casino A, and only 5 machines at Casino B, Casino A has a 75% chance of being the one to deliver that jackpot. Casino B would only have a 25% chance of paying the prize, when it does eventually strike.

Super Sized Slot Jackpots & How They Work

As I mentioned above, jackpots of this nature are networked across multiple machines. If a single machine carried its own, singular jackpot, it wouldn’t grow very quickly at all. But when that same game and jackpot is available on a multitude of machines, located on the gaming floors of a multitude of casinos, its progressive prize grows a lot faster. And the faster it grows, the more people are going to want to play it.

This is how the biggest slot machine jackpots in the world are generated. It’s an ingenious cycle that keeps the system running at max speed.

When a player finally does strike that jackpot, it’s the manufacturer of the game that’s responsible for paying the majority of the prize—not the casino. Otherwise, gambling halls wouldn’t be too keen on installing these machines. As it is, the casino gets a huge PR boost when a machine pays out. The game reseeds at a specific starting point, and the whole process starts anew.

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