Highly Optimum II Card Counting System

Upgrade your blackjack game with the Hi-Opt II Count system.

Upgrade your Blackjack Game with the Hi-Opt II Count SystemAs Hollywood has taught us, when something is well-received by the public, the most appropriate course of action is to produce a sequel! It’s rare that the second-coming is better than the original, and often times, it’s nothing but a waste of time and money. But on the rarest of occasions, a follow-up can be a great idea, if not better than the first. Such was the development of the Highly Optimum II card counting system for advanced blackjack players.

The Hi-Opt II is built upon the foundation of the Hi-Opt I; an improved method taken from the 1968 Einstein Count. In this newer version, the point-count system is upgraded. Although a bit more complicated, it does the intended job of giving players slightly more efficient betting correlation.

The improvement is very slight, indeed. Some might say it’s hardly even worth the effort of undertaking the more convoluted mathematical approach. However, for those who execute blackjack card counting systems with ease, any heightened advantage is worth working for. If this describes you, please continue reading. Otherwise, use the following link to head back to safety:

How to Use the Hi-Opt II Count System

Being the younger sibling to a previous point-count, I’ll present the usage of the Hi-Opt II in a few different ways. First, we’ll examine its point values alone:

2, 3, 6, 7 = +1
4, 5 = +2
8, 9 = 0
Any Ten = -2
Ace = 0

Next up, an expanded view:

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A
1 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 -2 -2 -2 -2 0


And finally, a comparison of the Hi-Opt I versus Hi-Opt II Count Systems.

Card Value Hi-Opt-I Hi-Opt-II
2 0 +1
3 +1 +1
4 +1 +2
5 +1 +2
6 +1 +1
7 0 +1
8 0 0
9 0 0
10 -1 -2
J -1 -2
Q -1 -2
K -1 -2
A 0 0

Employing the Highly Optimum Card Counting System

To make use of this system, you’ll want to start practicing by running through a count of a single deck of cards. Continue running the count down, time and again, until you can end with an accurate total of 0 with ease.

The purpose of this count is to know when to increase and decrease your bets, based on the probability of being dealt a natural blackjack. When the count is running high, place larger bets. When it is low, keep your bets to a minimum.

True Count with Balanced Systems

Being a balanced system (a running count starts and ends at 0), converting to a true count will increase the efficiency of the Hi-Opt II count system in multi-deck games. In theory, it’s easy to do, but the conversion can be more difficult to execute in a real life situation, so be sure to get lots of practice in.

Converting from running count to true count is a simple matter of dividing the current count by the number of decks you estimate are left in the shoe. For example, if the running count is at +2, and you estimate 4 decks remain, divide 2 by 4 to get a true count of +0.5.

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