Habanero’s Jackpot Race Pure Genuis or Promoting Irresponsibility?

Habanero Jackpot Race slots a ‘guaranteed hit’ with online slots fans?

Habanero Jackpot Race Slots a 'Guaranteed Hit' with Online Slots Fans?Habanero Systems is one of my favorite online slot machine software manufacturers. They aren’t the biggest firm, by far, nor are they the swiftest at producing new titles. Their appreciation comes from what they bring to the table; supremely high quality, fresh creativity and brow-raising innovation.

This week, the company is blowing the minds of the iGaming community once more with a brand new concept they call Jackpot Race. This patent-pending system works similar to a bad-beat jackpot. Once the jackpot strikes, it’s not just one lucky player that gets paid. A substantial group of people will share in its wealth. And it’s not a guessing game, either.

The company obviously put a great deal of thought into the system before slapping a label on it and sending it off for patent. Players will know when a race is happening and, in some cases, may be guaranteed to win cash just for participating. How much they win is dependent on several factors, like the size of the jackpot prior to the race, plus a little on luck and determination.

Habanero Jackpot Race Slots – Genius or Dangerous?

What makes this new jackpot system even more unique, and potentially dangerous, is that every operator that employs the program customize it, setting the parameters for each race to their own liking. This actually gives casinos the ability to abuse the system, in my opinion, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment…

Each casino can select which games to put into a race, when to start the race, and whether to guarantee its release before a certain time, or before it exceeds a certain value. They can even choose how many eligible players will share the prize. It could be only the winner and top 20 of contributors, or everyone who places at least one minimum qualifying bet.

Example: How it works…

Let’s say an online casino wants to choose 5 Habanero online slots game to put in a Jackpot Race. The jackpot is already building on those games before the race ever starts, ensuring it’s a good, juicy amount to attract players.

With the hypothetical jackpot now worth $45,000, the casino schedules the race to begin at 4:00 p.m. sharp on Sunday, guaranteeing it to pay out before the prize exceeds $50k. A promotional email is sent out to all members of the casino, as well as a pop-up notice that appears for all players logged in prior to and/or at the start of the race.

Once the race begins, the jackpot continues to grow with each wager placed on the five eligible games, but this time at an accelerated rate because more players are spinning the reels in hopes of winning the big prize that’s guaranteed to pay out soon. And the closer it gets to $50k, the higher the likelihood that it will release.

Jackpot Allocation and Potential Abuse by Casinos

When that jackpot is struck, the final prize amount is divvied up between the winner and the players who wagered the most on the game, regardless of wins or losses incurred. Each casino structures its own payment dispersal, so it could be:

  • 50% to the player that strikes the jackpot

  • 30% to the highest bettor

  • 20% shared equally between the next 20 highest wagerers

Or, a more liberal, player-friendly casino might divvy it up as:

  • 50% to the player who strikes the jackpot

  • 50% shared proportionately among all qualifying players based on individual contribution

Personally, I’d be more inclined to participate in the second type of contest. Here, participation with qualifying wagers guarantees a payout of some size—a guaranteed reward for attempting to win that soon-to-hit jackpot. This would draw the most players, and give them a sense of responsibility in recognizing when to quit.

With the first prize allocation structure, it’s like joining a traditional online slots tournament where the winners are usually the ones who smash the spin button the fastest, except that unlike standard tournaments, you’re using your own cash to fund each spin. That can be mighty dangerous to your bankroll! Therefore I believe any casino that sets up this type of Jackpot Race slots event would be promoting irresponsibility.

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