The Perfect Gambler – Betting for Fun and Money

Be the Better Bettor: Walking the fine line between conservative and professional gambling.

Be the Better Bettor – The Fine Line Between Conservative & Professional GamblingGambling is one of those pastimes that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some believe it’s a vice. Others believe it’s a classic source of entertainment. Then there are those who believe gambling is the quickest way to get rich. Each of these opinions comes with a flaw of some sort.

Those who turn their nose up at casino goers are seen as prudes and, most often, hypocrites. People who enjoy it for entertainment value rarely put enough time and effort into game methodologies to get the most from each experience. And those who see gambling as a money-making opportunity are either A-grade savants, first-class cheaters, or just plain delusional.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a “perfect gambler”, at least, not by the term’s natural implications. It would suggest that a gambler always wins; always makes the right selections at the track, or the right decisions on the blackjack table. No one is perfect. Even so-called psychics cannot predict the lottery, or there would be multiple winners every week.

The goal should not be to exude the persona of a perfect gambler, as such people simply do not exist. Instead, the proper mission is to be the “better bettor”.

What Does it Mean to be the “Better Bettor”?

The better bettor is someone who isn’t disillusioned by the fallacies of professionalism, nor convoluted by the flippant ways of conservationists. It’s the ability to walk that fine line between the two. Let me explain…

Profile of a Professional Gambler

These players do generally have the peace of mind to stick to games they can beat. In a casino, blackjack is their preferred poison. They may also play poker, handicap sports betting, or parlay on the ponies. Whatever they do, they put a great deal of research into it first. No bet is made on a whim, but with calculated strategy and poise.

This all sounds wonderful, but egos tend to be their worst enemy. A professional gambler is someone who believes they’ve got it all figured out. This gambler will risk anything and everything for the win, because their confidence in their abilities is so high that they can’t see the disaster that may befall if and when they fail.

Profile of a Conservative Gambler

The conservative gambler is the complete opposite. This person is only playing casino games for the entertainment and excitement of it all. They tend to enjoy games like slot machines, roulette, and scratch-off lottery tickets—games where strategy will not assist in the propagation of a higher return. That doesn’t concern them, though, because these players aren’t interested in studying strategies or odds. Many times they aren’t even concerned with total comprehension of the rules because, again, fun is the only goal.

To have such a good time, these players must not lose a significant amount of money. They fear big losses above all else. Therefore they will only place small wagers, playing penny slots or $1 happy-hour table games.

Walking the Fine Line Between…

Odds are, you have already recognized some flaws with each of these patterns. Professional gamblers are high risk takers, while conservative gamblers are too careless. To walk the tightrope directly between them is the be the better bettor.

Learn the rules. Study game mechanics. Know the odds. Understand that the casino always has the advantage, and stick to games that have a higher rate of return. At the same time, keep your bets low, pay close attention to your bankroll and be cautious about your spending. By doing so, you can enjoy gambling for the entertainment and excitement it was meant to provide, and enjoy the maximum playing time, while never exceeding your budget. With just a little luck and conscionable awareness, you may even walk away a winner!

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