How to Play Roulette like a Wizard!

Learn how to master roulette like a casino wizard!

Learn How to Master Roulette like a Real Casino Wizard!

To become a master of any casino game takes a great deal of knowledge, patient and of course, money. Becoming a master doesn’t just mean learning the rules inside and out. It doesn’t mean making all the right moves at in all the right places. It’s more than perfect timing and proper bet sizing. To become a master of any game is to learn to employ of all these, and more, without letting that power go to your head.

For centuries, Roulette has been considered the ‘Game of Kings‘. It didn’t earn this nickname because Kings are so wise, or powerful, or arrogant. It gained the name because only rich people could afford to play. Roulette is a game of negative expectations, no matter how well you play it. Unless you’re psychic or cheating, you cannot turn the tides in your favor. Only Lady Luck can do that, and she is a capricious bitch!

How to Master Roulette

Roulette is a very simple, straight-forward game. There are no convoluted rules to trip you up. Players bet on a color, number, or group of numbers. If the outcome matches the player’s selected wager, he wins. If not, he loses. It really is that simple.

Mastering the game requires having special knowledge in three basic areas – choice of game, choice of venue, and choice of bet. Let’s examine…

Choice of Roulette Game

The house edge for each type of roulette game is of utmost importance. Each variation and their respective house edge are as follows:

  • American Roulette = 5.26%
  • European Roulette = 2.7%
  • French Roulette = 1.35%

The house edge is the casino’s odds of beating the player. So, knowing that and observing the list above, which game should you be playing?

If you chose French Roulette, you’re one step closer to becoming a roulette wizard! Let’s move on…

Choice of Roulette Venue

Where you play roulette is almost as important as the variation of the game you play. No, it’s not because the casinos cheat or alter the edge of the games. As I said, the regional rules direct the odds – nothing more. It’s because French Roulette is extremely hard to find! Having such a low house edge, most casinos would rather supply American Roulette, or at least European Roulette, to protect their own bottom line.

Play French Roulette Like a Wizard

So, where do you think you’re most likely to find French Roulette games? If you said France, you’re a genius! (That was sarcasm, by the way.) The truth is, very few land-based casinos – in France or otherwise – actually offer this game.

The correct answer is online. Some internet-based casinos, especially those powered by Microgaming software, offer French Roulette.

Choice of Roulette Bets

Now, for the final step in mastering the game of kings, you need to be placing the right bets. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be forced to bet in one spot and one spot only, like baccarat. You will have a few options, but they must be even-money bets. Here’s why…

French Roulette maintains its 1.35% house edge only on bets that pay 1 to 1. The better odds come from a rule known as La Partage, which states that all even-money wagers are returned at 50% if the winning number is zero (0).

Eligible wagers include:

  • Odd or Even
  • Red or Black
  • High or Low

Thus, these are the only wagers that will grant you the best 1.35% house edge.

Play French Roulette Like a Wizard!

Put all that information together, and you can master roulette by restricting your game play to even-money wagers on French Roulette. It doesn’t mean you’re going to win. It simply means you’ll get the best possible chance of winning (barring the adulteress tendencies of Lady Luck, of course).

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