Yokozuna Clash Slot among Newest Games from Yggdrasil

A detailed review of Yggdrasil Gaming’s new sumo wrestling themed online slot, Yokozuna Clash.

Yggdrasil's new Sumo Wrestling Themed Online Slot, Yokozuna Clash

Sports-themed online slots come a dime a dozen. Wrestling themes are less common. Sumo wrestling? Now that’s virtually unheard of! Leave it to Yggdrasil to find a new avenue to draw slots fans into the arena – in this case, a crowded Dohyo hidden among the bustling streets of Tokyo.

The game is called Yokozuna Clash. It features the ultimate battle for supremacy as the world’s greatest sumo wrestlers compete for a chance to take on the mighty Yokozuna. Released this morning at all Yggdrasil powered online casinos, it’s optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets, employing the brand’s intuitive interface platform, iSENSE 2.0+.

Yokozuna Clash, Sumo Wrestling Themed Online Slot

Yokozuna Clash is a 5×3 reel video slot with 243 ways to win, running left to right, and right to left. But the reels aren’t the primary focus of the game. They spin in the background to produce wins while the two fighters, Riku (in blue) and Haru (in green), take to the center ring, preparing to face off in the first round of the tournament for the Yokozuna title.

Yokozuna Clash Slot among Newest Games from Yggdrasil

During the base game, Riku and Haru each have a special power that can be randomly triggered. Riku (left) has the ability to add 1 or 2 wilds to the reels in the base game, increased to 1, 2 or 3 during free spins. Haru (right) is capable of randomly throwing out a x2 or x3 multiplier in the base game, x2, x3 or x4 in the feature, applying it to the outcome of the current spin.

Sumo Clash Feature

Any time a 5-on-a-line combination wins, between 2 and 4 extra symbols, matching the 5-line winning symbols, are added to the reels. Although not guaranteed, this feature is capable of producing an epic sized win when triggered.

Free Spins Feature

When a Free Spins symbol appears on the left-most and right-most reels in the same spin, free spins are awarded. The free spins will continue until the player’s champion wins the tournament, or loses a match. The winner of each match is decided by a 14-point meter at the bottom of the screen.

Fight in the Tournament

Each time a winning combination lines up from the left, the fighter on the left will push his opponent further to the right, earning one more spot on the meter. A win lined up from the right side does the same for the fighter on the right. The fighter’s attack power determines how many points the meter moves per hit.

Riku and Haru have an attack power of 2, Daisuke and O’Conner 3, and Yokozuna 4. When the free spin features activates, the first round of the tournament begins.

First Round – Riku vs Haru

The battle between Riku and Haru is a quick one. One will throw the other from the ring to start, bringing up a semi-final round before the reels start spinning.

Semi-Final Round – Player vs Daisuke or O’Conner

The player’s champion will now face off against a semi-final contender. If Haru is fighting, he will face the Japanese sumo star, Daisuke. Haru will face off against the formidable Scottish foe, O’Conner. Similar to round one, Daisuke (left) is able to add 1, 2 or 3 wilds to the reels at random, while O’Conner can unleash multipliers of x2, x3 or x4.

If the player’s champion loses, the total winning are awarded and the base game mode resumes. If the player’s champion wins, the third and final round of the tournament begins, and the free spins continue.

Final Round – Player vs Yokozuna

In the final round, the player’s sumo will face off against the defending champion, Yokozuna. You can’t miss him – he’s a red-skinned, forked-tongued troll looking character, and by far the most powerful in the game. He also features the most powerful random trigger feature, capable of unleashing 2 to 4 wilds and a multiplier of x2 to x4 on the current spin.

The free spins payout is awarded at the end of the battle. However, beating Yokozuna will award a x2 multiplier to the total for winning the tournament.

Final Thoughts…

Yggdrasil put together a truly unique game here, and one I think a lot of players will appreciate. Comparatively speaking, yes, it’s kind of boring between free spins rounds, but the action gets really intense, and very rewarding, once the feature triggers. Kudos to the developers of Yokozuna Clash for building a fresh sumo wrestling themed online slot with genuinely exciting game play.

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