Online Gambling for the Greater Good

Learn how Canadians are going green with real mobile online casinos.

5 Ways Canadians can Go Green with Real Mobile Online Casinos

The human race spent so many years ignoring the effects of our carbon footprints on the Earth, it’s devastated our landscape. Forests are shrinking far more rapidly than we can plant new ones. Oceans, lakes and rivers run rampant with refuse. The situation has become so critical that today, environmental groups are among the most worthy charitable organizations in the world.

The movement towards environmental friendliness has become universally known as “going green”. Those aware of the situation are encouraged to use less electricity, take the train, bus, or car pool to work, and take full advantage of the Triple R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The last thing that might cross your mind when considering these things is gambling, but it’s true – even today’s gamblers are doing their part – wittingly or not – to save the planet.

Canadian Go Green with Real Mobile Online Casinos

There are several ways in which a gambler can help preserve the environment, mostly just by being a bit more choosy about where they do their gaming. Shifting from land-based to online is the easiest and most obvious way, worthy of a number-one spot on our list, but there’s more to it than that.

#1 Online casinos use far less electricity.

This section really shouldn’t need any elaboration. Picture any Vegas Strip casino. Imagine how much electricity it takes to power just one of them. All those lights, sounds, illuminated fountains. Land-based casinos are all about the glitz and glamour, and they pay atrocious utility bills to provide it. The MGM Casino, with its signature beam of light, averages more than $200,000 per month, increasing to around $350,000 in the summer months. That’s enough to power a small town for more than a year!

#2 No need to travel to a mobile casino.

Driving to a land-based casino is just another reason to pollute the air with toxic exhaust fumes. Yes, I know the argument, “Most of us drive cars everyday – one trip to the casino isn’t going to change the amount of pollution in the air.” But here’s the same old boring retort – if everyone did it, the reduction in pollution wold be far more significant. Mobile casinos can be played from anywhere you already happen to be, whether it’s on your living room sofa or away from home, doing all those things you really do have to use transportation to get to. And besides, think of all the money you’ll save in gas and tips.

#3 EFT payments don’t deplete trees.

online gambling banking going green

What happens every time you cash out on a slot machine? You push a button, and the machine prints a voucher. You withdrawal cash from an ATM, and it prints a receipt. You give the valet your car, and he prints you a slip. All that printing requires paper, and paper requires trees. It’s a renewable resource, yes, but it takes years to grow a new tree in replacement of the old one that was chopped down to print all those vouchers and tickets that most people won’t bother to recycle. After all, it’s just one little piece of paper, right? An electronic fund transfer (EFT) requires no paper at all. At online gambling sites, you can make deposits and cash out your winnings directly from/to your bank account. Need a receipt? They’ll email it to you!

#4 Microgaming BREAM rating of “Excellent”.

BREEAM is the foremost rating system upon which environmental assessments are made for commercial businesses. To achieve a positive BREEAM rating is commendable. When Microgaming, the world’s oldest and foremost developer of digital gambling software, built its new headquarters in Douglas, Isle of Man in 2017, the company worked in tandem with BREEAM to ensure every possible method of sustainability was integrated into the workplace. Microgaming is one of the few offices on the planet that put so much “green” into its construction, they actually received a rating of “Excellent.

#5 Online gambling for the greater good.

For this last section, I turn once more to Microgaming, who instated the Play It Forward program several years back. Each year, the company pledges to donate thousands of dollars to multiple charities of their employees’ and players’ choices. They’ve contributed heavily to everything from water conservation, to childhood cancer, to saving the Rhinos of Africa.

Microgaming makes millions upon millions of dollars every quarter, and makes every effort to share that wealth in ways that will help to preserve the planet and all of its innocent creatures. So if reasons # 1, 2, and 3 are enough to convince you that you’re better off playing at real mobile online casinos, I hope reasons # 4 and 5 encourage you to do your iGaming with websites that employ Microgaming’s award-winning software.

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