Categorical Cacophony of Live and Online Slot Machine Player Types

What kind of live and/or online slot machine player are you?

Categorical Cacophony of Live and Online Slot Machine Player Types

There are all types of slots players out there. I don’t mean the types who play in land-based casinos, versus those who play online. I’m referring to categorizations based on game types, spending limits, and what exactly draws a person to the machines they play.

Below are the five main categories I’ve come across. Every player seems to fit into one of these groups. Some of you may fit into more than one, but if you don’t think you fit into any of them, odds are you either don’t play the slots much, or you’re in denial about the reality of your gambling situation.

Live & Online Slot Machine Player Types

#1 The Vulture

The vulture is an all-too-common type of player who stalks a machine, waits for it to become available, and dives on it the moment it does. This player lurks around the casino floor, watching and waiting patiently. They will find a machine that has been played for an extended period of time without delivering any substantial payout, then wait however long it takes for it to become available. This is a dangerous way to play for several reasons.

The vulture can become very annoyed if a machine they’re waiting on suddenly pays out before they get their hands on it – as if they’ve been robbed after investing so much time, and an angry gambler is never a good gambler. If convinced enough that their method is effective, once this player does get their hands on that machine, they are likely to revert to the next player type – The Over Achiever.

#2 The Over Achiever

This player is so thoroughly entranced in their game that they will continue playing and playing, refusing to walk away until they finally win a good amount of money, or (more often) go broke trying. They are under the (false) impression that the machine must be ready to strike, simply because it hasn’t paid out in a while, and of course if they walk away the machine will be intercepted by a Vulture who will win their big payout.

Be careful, over achievers! You lose more money than any other slots player, except maybe The Believer

#3 The Believer

This is similar to the type who above, who believe they are “due” for a win, except that the Believer is convinced that they can “manifest” a win, simply by believing it will happen. There are a lot of “new age” people out there that fall into this category, and I assure you, they are not all millionaires. Just as they believe they will win, they come up with other beliefs as for why they didn’t – at least, not this time.

Hope and faith are the foundation of so many people’s lives. But if your hope and faith lie in the belief that you’re going to strike it rich on a live or online slot machine, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities.

#4 The Strategist

This player is out to beat the system. They read every pay table, only choosing games with an above average return to player (RTP) and/or a massive progressive jackpot so high that it actually pushes the RTP scales northward. A strategist knows how many coins to bet to qualify for features and jackpots, and bets exactly the required amount. They tend to choose high volatility slots, starting with a large enough bankroll to play for an extended period of time.

Being a strategist isn’t a bad thing, so long as you carry some recognizable traits of The Realist.

#5 The Realist

Having a realistic perception of slot machines is the best way to play. This live and/or online slot machine player knows that the games are more entertaining than profitable. They know that they are more likely to lose than win. They are prepared for this reality, only spending what they can afford, and stopping when they are ahead. These players are more likely to enjoy games with interesting features and/or relatable themes to maximize entertainment value.

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