Starbusrt PowerPots Games Reward All Players

NetEnt unveils communal rewards system with its revolutionary new Starburst PowerPots jackpot network.

NetEnt Unveils Communal Rewards with Starburst PowerPots Jackpot

Imagine playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot for hours, days, weeks, maybe even months, only to discover some other player has come along and unleashed that massive, life-altering jackpot prize. For many of us, this isn’t hard to imagine at all. It happens all the time. Countless players contribute to a progressive jackpot in hopes of claiming its bounty, but only one can be the lucky winner.

What if there were a way to guarantee that you would at least share in a slice of that oh-so-sweet jackpot pie? That’s the exact question the visionaries at NetEnt asked themselves before coming up with the revolutionary concept of Starburst PowerPots. It is a jackpot network that rewards every single one of its contributors – not just one lucky person who pressed the right button at the right time.

NetEnt Unveils Starbusrt PowerPots Jackpot Network

Don’t get too excited, now. This is not a sequel to NetEnt’s astronomically popular Starburst Online Slot. It is, however, a shameless exploitation of that immensely famous title. If you want to plug a new product, what’s the harm in naming it after your most celebrated product? It got your attention, didn’t it?

But alas, no, this is not a new game. It is a jackpot network that can be attached to a game. Not just the Starburst slot, either, but any jackpot-worthy game in the NetEnt portfolio. I’ve no doubt it will grace the facade of the namesake slot at many of the software brand’s partner casinos. But the fact is, this jackpot can be attached to pretty much any game those casinos want to slap it on. In fact, NetEnt is lauding this as one of their most customizable creations to date.

The Starbusrt PowerPots network allows licensing operators to tamper with the volatility of its release trigger, thereby catering to different types of players. NetEnt designed the platform with maximum customization in mind, allowing operators to choose from “multiple RTP configurations, contributions and prize set ups”. The network’s interface can also be molded to suit any casino’s brand.

As NetEnt Director of Games, Bryan Upton, explains it:

This product can fit into any operator’s portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots.”

Starburst PowerPots Games w/ Community Jackpot

The PowerPots jackpot comes with a unique progress bar. As players collectively spin the reels of any games that feature the jackpot network, that progress bar fills up. Once it reaches capacity, the community jackpot is paid out, and everyone who contributed to that progress will earn their fair share of the prize. Players don’t have to be online to win, either. All contributors will receive their winnings directly into the casino account they used to play Starburst PowerPots games.

Upton went on to explain how they came up with the idea, and why NetEnt’s executives ran with it. “Starburst PowerPots was developed in line with our customers’ and players’ expectations,” he said. Their crew infused everything from popular art assets (the Starburst brand), to proven mechanics (everyone’s a winner), to create the revolutionary new Starbusrt PowerPots Jackpot. The end result was a “simple” yet “compelling” feature that’s sure to impress casino operators and players alike.

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