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All-In-One Gambling Guide:
Blackjack slots and craps winning strategies for casual gamblers.

All-In-One Gambling Guide: Blackjack Slots and Craps Winning Strategies

Not everyone who scours the web for casino gambling strategies wants to spend an hour reading up on how to play each game perfectly. If you’re a serious player looking for in-depth blackjack guides with advantage card counting techniques, this is not the page for you. If you have no clue how to play Craps, you’re in the wrong place.

The idea behind today’s material is to provide casual gamblers with a basic knowledge of simple strategies, so that they may enter a land-based or online casino with the confidence that they are making good decisions, as opposed to throwing their money away on an entertaining whim.

AIO Blackjack Slot and Craps Winning Strategies

Our All-In-One (AIO) gambling strategy guide will cover three of the most exciting games in the casino – blackjack, slot machines and craps. These historically entertaining classics are famous for presenting a thoroughly exhilarating experience. If played correctly, even a modest bankroll can last a good long while.

  • Basic Blackjack Strategy: Playing blackjack ‘the right way’ is mostly about making the decision that will result in the highest probability of a win, and partly about making decisions that will minimize losses. Understanding the fundamental math behind it will help. There are 13 different cards. There are high cards, and low cards. If you need a high or low card, what are the chances you’ll get one? Estimating the answer isn’t all that hard. Don’t always assume the dealer has a 10 underneath, either. 4 out of 13 cards are 10s. That’s only 30.77%, meaning less than one-third of the time the dealer will have a 10 underneath. Common sense can usually steer you in the right direction.
  • Basic Slots Strategy: Slot machines are unlike many other game in the casino. Their outcomes are entirely random. There’s nothing you can do to alter the outcome of a spin. But that doesn’t mean a basic strategy for slot machines does not exist. Every strategy has two main goals – to maximize winnings and minimize losses. The same should be your goals in playing the slots. If there are individual pay lines, make sure you activate all of them. If there’s a progressive jackpot, make sure there’s no minimum bet requirement to trigger it; (or bet high enough if there is). The returns on slots aren’t usually very good, so above all, make sure to play slow and enjoy the process. Don’t mash away at the spin button. Bet small, take your time, and if you happen to hit a big payout, walk away a winner.
  • Basic Craps Strategy: This is an easy one. There are two basic betting options. You can bet with the shooter (Pass Line / Come), or against the shooter (Don’t Pass / Don’t Come). If you’re playing in a live setting, you might as well bet with the shooter. The house edge is slightly higher, but you’ll be booed and jeered if you don’t, and that tends to suck the fun out of it. If you’re playing online craps, or if others are also betting against the shooter, take advantage of the lower house edge and bet the “Don’ts”. Also, be sure to take odds whenever they’re offered. Craps odds are the only bets in the casino where the edge can fall to 0%.

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