Apr 09

It’s coming! Betting on Trivia Crack Video Gambling Machines.

Future of Casinos: Betting on Trivia Crack Video Gambling Machines

For about half a decade now, Las Vegas-based GameCo has been doing its part – and then some – to change the way gamers look at casinos. It all started with the creation of signature video gambling machines, or VGMs for short; a new wave of skillful video games designed to appeal to millennial-generation gamers.

As everyone knows by now, there’s not a land-based casino in North America that’s open for business at the moment. However, when operations return to normal, a new series of VGMs may be rolling out across the casino floors, based on the immensely popular mobile app known as Trivia Crack.

Betting on Trivia Crack Video Gambling Machines

If you own a smartphone, and have ever downloaded a gaming app for it, odds are you’re among the hundreds of millions of people all over the planet that have downloaded Trivia Crack, or the digitally renovated Trivia Crack 2. It’s the number-one trivia-based gaming app for both Android and iOS, not just here in Canada and the US, but in over 125 countries worldwide. It is the crown jewel of Argentina-based development studio, Etermax.

The game has enjoyed such monumental fanfare that GameCo came up with a unique way to capitalize on its popularity among millennials. They’ve decided to recreate the platform as one of their trademark VGMs. The games are just now in the early phase of development, but if progress goes as planned, these new machines could be lining the walls of land-based casinos from Buenos Aires to Saskatoon before the year is out.

The partnership between Etermax and GameCo just made sense for the two companies. Etermax said that its goal in the progressive development of Trivia Crack, from day one, was bring the game to where players are. That began with the original development of the smartphone app, and continued with integration to new devices, like smart watches, voice-powered utilities, consumer merchandise, etc. Assimilating to the video gambling market is nothing more than a natural progression in their eyes.

GameCo was more than willing to play the role of catalyst in this endeavor, and why not? Skill-based video gambling is their specialty, after all. The trick for GameCo’s programmers is, and always has been, turning a traditionally 100% skill-based game into something where players are still given a sense of control, without removing the casino’s ability to control wins and losses (eg the house edge).

How Will Developers Sustain RTP when Gambling Trivia Crack?

This is the big question surrounding the partnership between these two brands. Neither has commented publicly on the matter, but an article in VentureBeat confirms, “you will be able to play solo, head-to-head, or take part in tournaments”, per a statement from GameCo head of programming Rich Maryyanek.

Anyone familiar with the company’s past installments knows that GameCo thrives on its unique ability to combine video game style amusements, where a player’s skill impacts the payouts and winnings, with the same basic mechanics and economic values of slot machines.

So how might GameCo sustain predetermined RTPs for players betting on Trivia Crack video gambling machines? For head-to-head and tournament games, the answer is easy. Set it up like any other tournament. Present a buy-in/entry fee for all players. The casino skims a percentage off the top. But for solo-play, we’ll just have to wait and see what GameCo comes up with.

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Aug 16

Court of Appeals decides GotSkill’s skill-based games are gambling, therefore illegal in Ontario.

Games of skill versus games of chance – is there really that much of a difference? Ontario Superior Court Justice Andras Schreck thought so last year. Turns out, he was wrong. The Court of Appeals overturned his decision this week regarding a collection of popular skill-based gaming cabinets from the company GotSkill.

The new decision is not being taken lightly – not by the executives at GotSkill, nor the owners of more than two hundred local bars and clubs where the games were installed. Despite their outrage, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done, except for removing the now illegal games, of course. According tot he appellate court’s decision, GotSkill has no grounds to appeal this decision, making it unquestionably final.

GotSkill’s Skill-Based Games are Gambling in Ontario

Ontario Appellate Court says GotSkill's Skill-Based Games are Gambling, Illegal

If you’re one of the countless fans of GotSkill’s gaming cabinets, present throughout locations all over the province, don’t be surprised if these games are missing from your favorite bar or restaurant the next time you visit. Following a legal battle that’s been ongoing for more than a year now, the machines have been declared to be in violation of Ontario’s gaming laws.

According to the Court of Appeals, Justice Schrek made one critical error in his evaluation of the company’s SkillBet cabinets last year. He had determined that players of superior skill would be capable of beating the game, winning more money from the games then they paid to play them. Based on this assumption, he decided that they did not fall under the definition of a game of chance, therefore were not illegal.

The Appellate Court disagreed with this theory based on the fact that only those of exceptional skill could consistently beat the games. The average player, on the other hand, would be reliant more on chance than skill to win, thus losing more than they win. Therefore, the amusements could only be defined as games of chance.

When the appeal was filed earlier this year, GotSkill was confident that another ruling would go in their favor. They weren’t the only ones, either. Many more bars chose to install the skill-based gaming cabinets, while some retailers who already offered the games upped their number of installments by 2-3 times. You can imagine their disappointment now, following an unimagined outcome.

Despite its former confidence, GotSkill did state months ago that if the appeal did not return a decision in their favor, it would result in an abundance of job losses for the company. So far, there’s been no word from corporate as their heads are surely still reeling from the news.

Furthermore, the courts have not issued a timeline for removal of the skill-based games from local area bars and clubs. It’s safe to assume the machines will be made inoperable before the month is out.

AGCO Won’t Tolerate Illegal Gambling in Ontario

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which filed the appeal back in January, is pleased with this latest turn of events. They feel that their rules in regards to gambling in Ontario are very strict, and must not be violated lest the public well-being be put at risk.

AGCO regulations expressly prohibit gambling in bars and restaurants. Gambling is confined to commercial casinos and charitable gaming venues, all of which must obtain authorization from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG). Only First Nations casinos may operate without an OLG license, and even they must abide by certain restrictions.

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Jun 04

Gambling 101: Probabilities predict theoretical returns, not future results.

Gambling 101: Probabilities Predict Theoretical Returns, Not Future Results

Casino gambling can be a tumultuous thing. It comes with deep swings – ups and downs that can send our emotions soaring through the clouds one day, and our bankroll down into the doldrums the next. The transient nature of casino games is more volatile than most people realize, leading them to believe that with the right strategy, they can overcome the odds.

Therein lies one of the most common mistakes of novice gamblers – the belief that acquiring enough knowledge will give them the upper hand against the casino. Unfortunately for us players, it doesn’t work that way; at least, not anymore. And thanks to super intelligent computers that can crunch millions of numbers in under a second, it never will again.

Knowledge and skill are the experienced player’s friend. They can help the gambler to gain the best edge, but not a player’s edge. No matter how smart or mathematically inclined a person is, they cannot use that knowledge to predict the gambling future.

I know that a French Roulette wheel has two different levels of house edge. Even-money bets have a better payout rate than any other bets that pay 2-to-1 or more. I also know that those bets have a 1.35% house edge, which means players who make those bets should (collectively and over a long period of time) win back 98.65% of all those wagers.

Gambling Probabilities Predict Theoretical Returns

Gambling Probabilities Can't Predict Gambling Future

This knowledge of the game should provoke me to place only even money bets. Employing the skills that this knowledge has taught me, I will avoid the 2.7% house edge of all other bets and stick only to those that have the highest rate of return.

In this way, I am applying both knowledge and skill. But neither of these assets can predict the game’s future. I’ve gained no insight as to whether the next number will be black or red, odd or even, high or low. It is not going to help me predict future outcomes. The only thing my mental acuteness for French Roulette has given me is the keen ability to, on average, lose less money than an inexperienced player who wagers the full gambit of the roulette betting diagram.

Gambling’s Future Results are Unpredictable

Okay, you’re going to argue with me here. I know half the world predicted New England would win the Super Bowl over the Rams this year, and the other half doesn’t watch football. But it’s rare such simple bets come along. In a casino, they simply don’t exist.

None can predict with 100% assurance that will win the next slot machine pull, hit 3 of 3 keno numbers, or be dealt a blackjack. None can, with consistent accuracy, foretell when the craps shooter will crap out or the baccarat banker and player will tie. Were there any source of knowledge or superlative skill that gave players the ability to predict the gambling future, casinos would have been driven out of business long ago.

Play Smarter – Know The Difference

In gambling, the only realities are these:

  • Some players will win money
  • Some players will lose money
  • More players will lose than win.

Such is the ecosystem of casinos. Those who understand this – and use combined knowledge and skill to make smarter decisions – will not only have a higher chance of being among that first group of winners. They’ll also have the wisdom to bet responsibly and take their losses in stride.

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May 22

Casino games that require skill to maximize odds of winning.

Casino Games that Require Skill to Increase Your Odds of Winning

Gambling amusements are often categorized by their characteristics. Machines versus tables is the most common. Today, we’re going to divvy them up between skill games and non-skill games; that is to say, those that give a player better odds of winning with skill/strategy applied, as opposed to those that do not.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of today’s topic, those of you seeking the opposite experience may be interested in reading the following:

Simple Casino Games that are Easy on the Brain

Casino Games that Require Skill to Win

No one has to implement a strategy to win these games. Everyone gets lucky now and again. But if you want to win more often, driving your odds to peak performance, these are the games you’ll want to learn more about. I’ve chosen to list them in order of the best payback percentage, with perfect strategy applied.

Video Poker

These can be the most rewarding games of all. The trick is to find one with the right rules and pay table. At online casinos, Microgaming’s All Aces VP (99.92%) and Jacks or Better with 9/6 Full Pay (99.54%) are about as good as it gets. A few land-based casinos – and I do mean a very rare few – still provide VP games with 100-101% RTPs. Learn more here.


Of course, blackjack will land high on any list of this nature. It is the most strategically driven game in any casino. Just memorizing a basic strategy for the exact rules of the blackjack game you’re going to play can lower the house edge to below 0.5%. The true RTP value depends on the rules in play. For example:

  • Vegas Single Deck 99.69%
  • Double Exposure 99.68%
  • Classic Blackjack 99.60%
  • Spanish 21 99.58%

With these high-RTP variants, players who toss in an astute card counting system at a land-based casino can swing the edge into their favor.

Pai Gow Poker

A unique, 2-handed poker game in which players receive 7 cards to set a traditional 5-card poker hand and a 2-card poker hand. The 5-card hand must be stronger than the 2-card hand. If the player’s 2-card and 5-card hands beat the dealer’s corresponding hands, the player wins. If one beats the dealer, it’s a push. A good strategy will put the RTP at 97.28%.

Caribbean Holdem

This is a house-banked poker game with dual betting rounds, the Ante and Call. It follows the rules of Casino Holdem (based on Texas Holdem), but with a different payout scheme for Ante bets and a progressive jackpot. Using the right strategy here can net you an RTP of 96.91%.

Three Card Poker

This house-banked poker game also presents two rounds of betting, based on the strength of a 3-card poker hand. What makes it so unique is the fluctuation in RTP based on your strategic decision. The Ante alone carries an RTP of 96.67%. If making the Call bet (strategy calls for a hand of Q-6-4 or better), the RTP rises to 97.99%. The Pair Plus side bet falls between the two at 97.68%.

Let It Ride

Another house-banked poker game, this one plays opposite of most. Instead of placing progressive bets (Ante, Call, Raise, etc), the player starts with three bets on the table. As the hand progresses, he can chose to pull one or two of his bets down, it ‘let them ride’. With optimal strategy, you can expect an RTP of 96.49%.

Caribbean Stud

This is a basic 5 Card Stud poker game but with the usual house-banking rules, wherein the player competes against the dealer. An Ante bet is made to start, then all cards are dealt with one dealer card exposed. The player must then fold (lose all bets) or raise (bet 2x ante) before all cards are shown. While strategy does play a big role in this game, perfect decisions will only net an RTP of about 94.78%.

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Apr 20

It really is possible to get an edge at casino games.

Play Smart: It Really is Possible to Get an Edge at Casino Games

How many times have you heard that casino’s are in it to win it? That there’s no practical way to turn the tides in your favor? Or that you must have at least a little luck to walk away a winner? This is said so often because, for the majority of gamblers, it’s true. That’s only because the majority of gamblers are playing the wrong casino games.

Walk onto the gaming floor, and you’re immediately bombarded by the reverberating sounds and flashing lights of reel slots and video slots. Isle after aisle, they line the walls and gaudy carpets as far as the eye can see. The casinos would love for you to stop here – as so many players do – and start dropping your money into these machines. Those who aren’t fooled by these may still find themselves attracted to video poker, baccarat, roulette, the craps table, pai gow poker or the big money wheel.

There are so many games just waiting to take your money. And the casinos know they’re going to win, because these games cannot be beaten. A few players may get lucky and beat them, but many more players will lose, earning the casino its dues. That is, unless you know which games to play, and how to exact the ever-illusive player’s advantage at the casino.

Three Ways to Get an Edge at Casino Games

There are exactly three ways to gamble your money, and slide the advantage into your favor while doing it. Only one is found directly on the casino floor, and you can probably guess which one it is. I’m talking, of course, about blackjack.

The other two you’ll have to do a little extra walking to get too; one being the poker room, and the other the sportsbook. Unfortunately, for Canadians like myself, sportsbooks aren’t legal. You will either need to visit a foreign casino or take your wagering to international gambling websites to gain an edge with sports betting.

Blackjack Player’s Edge

The criteria for surpassing a 100% RTP in blackjack sounds simple enough. It only takes two things – a basic strategy and a good card counting technique. The strategy part is easy. You can print out a situational decision-making chart for the game and keep practicing until you get it down. Counting cards will be a bit tougher.

Being able to keep up with the count is only the beginning. You must be a able to do it flawlessly, size your bets appropriately, and be so perfectly nonchalant about it that the dealer, pit bosses and security surveillance team don’t suspect you’re doing it. Most casinos will kick you out for it, not because it’s illegal, but because they have ‘the right to refuse service to anyone‘.

Profitable Poker Pros

Casinos love to host poker games, because it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. The casino wins a small percentage of each pot (i.e. poker rake) regardless of the action on the table. Poker pits player versus player, and therefore the player who is most skilled is going to win more often. Like house edge casino games, luck can swing one players way over another regardless of skill, but in the long term, skill will prevail in any legitimate poker game.

Being the bet poker player at the table is no easy task, though, especially since the big live/online poker boom of 2003 (aka the Chris Moneymaker Effect). Its takes a special set of skills to truly excel in poker, calculating math quickly in your head, making smart value bets and accurately observing poker tells.

Sports Betting Advantage

If you’re a terrible actor and supreme mathematics isn’t your thing, how about trying your hand at sports betting? Pick a sport you follow, or want to follow, and learn everything you can about it. Get to know the athletes and/or teams. Understand outside influences that might impact a game, like weather, turf conditions, injuries or suspensions.

Having a good head for the games is just one aspect of being a good sports bettor. You have to understand the odds and different types of bets, like straight-up wagers, points spreads and over/unders, and live betting features. The more you know, the more you can slide the scales of profitability into your favor.

The average gambler relies on luck. The smart gambler doesn’t need luck. Choosing the right games and playing them with ultimate skill will produce a positive expectation for long-term profitable results.

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Apr 25

Build your own reels for 99.91% RTP with Moody Fruits Slot.

How to Play Moody Fruit Slots by Relax GamingThousands of slot machines exist in the online space. Aside from the number of reels, pay lines, and applicable features, they’re all pretty much the same. Press spin and watch the symbols roll around until they stop, hopefully on a winning combination. But not this one…

Moody Fruits, a mid-2014 release by Relax Gaming, is an exceptional online slot machine. It allows players to incorporate the ultimate level of skill by building their own reels. Imagine the concepts of slot machines, Tic-Tac-Toe and Tetris (minus the time restraints), all rolled into one.

With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99.91%, this is the absolute highest RTP online slot game known to exist!

Moody Fruits Slot – How it Works

Moody Fruits is actually four games in one. There are four reel sets to play. Each contains a 3×3 grid with 5 pay lines that run horizontally and diagonally. In total, there are 20 pay lines, and they’re always active; (no need to bet one credit per line to activate).

The player’s job is to fill each of the reels with symbols. There are 10 in all. The lower paying symbols are all fruits. On the higher end are crowns, bells, bars and horseshoes, plus a horn as the bonus symbol. Bear in mind the value of each symbol as you go.

One at a time, you’ll be given a top-to-bottom column of 3 symbols. You’ll get to choose what reels go where. However, you can’t rearrange the symbols within a reel, and once you place a reel, you can’t move it. Also, when positioning a reel, it will always go into the left-most available space of the chosen game board.

This set up gives you a lot of control over the game, allowing you to line up matching symbols on different game boards. But remember, you won’t know what’s coming next until you place the current reel, so be careful!

You’ll need to line up as many Tic-Tac-Toe style combinations as possible to win a prize. With the right strategy, Moody Fruits delivers a fantastic 99.91% RTP! It’s a medium-variance slot, so be patient.

How to Win on Moody Fruits

How to Win Moody FruitsThe object is to line up matching symbols on the pay lines of four game boards. Each line of 3 alike symbols is worth a set number of points, ranging from 20 for 3 cherries, strawberries or oranges, up to 120 for 3 crowns, and a Bonus for 3 horns (see below). You’ll need to reach at least 100 points to win a prize.

You can earn additional points by lining up special combinations. For example, if at least one winning line appears in each of the four games, all points are doubled. If wins appear in three of the four game boards, all points are multiplied by 1.5x. Fill an entire game board with the same symbol for an instant 200-point bonus.

Bet sizes range from 1 to 100 credits. Winnings are multiplied by the total bet size. A 100 point game will pay 2x the bet, scaling up to the highest payout of 100x the bet for a 1,000 point game.

Moody Fruits Bonus Game

The horn is the Bonus symbol. They are very rare, but extremely valuable if you get lucky enough to line up a combination of three on any pay line. This will trigger the Moody Fruits Bonus Game.

How to Play Moody Fruits Bonus GamesThe bonus gives players 15 shots from the horn. Each shot places a symbol on a large grid. Or, the horn may shoot out a number (+2, +3, +4 or +5). These numbers award extra shots.

It doesn’t matter where symbols appear on the grid. Once three alike symbols appear, they award points (same as the base-game pay table). When the bonus game ends, all points are added to the player’s current total and the base game continues.

You can play the Moody Fruits Slot for real money at any online casino powered by Relax Gaming. Or, if you want to try it out first, play Moody Fruits for free here.

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Mar 20

The Novitiate’s Guide to Playing Online Skill Games for Real Money

Online Skill Games for Real MoneyWe all know there are internet casinos out there offering digital slot machines, blackjack, roulette, video poker, etc. But there are a lot more ways to play games for real money than you may realize. For the more mentally adept among you, might I suggest playing online skill games.

The difference between casino games and skill games is simple. In one, players rely predominantly on luck to win. In the other, the player’s skill is the dominant factor.

In this brief but educational beginner’s guide to skill gaming, we’ll discuss all the basics. I’ll start with types of skill games, and follow that with how to get started playing them for actual money against other real people (aka player-versus-player, or PVP).

As a quick tip, be sure you’re very familiar with a game before putting any cash on the line, and as always, play responsibly!

Types of Online Skill Games for Real Money

Almost any game imaginable can be played over the internet with other people. Many of them – especially the types that involve high levels of skill – offer friendly wagering. The most common skill games include…


Play Real Money Skill Games OnlineOnline poker has been around since before the turn of the millennium. Millions of people play online every day, participating in cash games and tournaments. It is, by far, the most popular online skill game of them all. Poker can be played in multiple variants, such Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, 5 Card Draw, Stud, Razz, H.O.R.S.E. and many more.


Another superbly popular form of skill gaming, Backgammon is a two-player game that’s been enjoyed for centuries. It’s one of the oldest board games still in existence. The rules are fairly simple to learn, but developing a winning strategy can take quite some time.


Much like Backgammon, Chess is a simple game to play, but can take years to master. There’s absolutely no element of luck here, so I don’t recommend getting into a real money match unless you’re very experienced, and don’t mind playing on a timer.


Checkers is often considered a child’s game – the adolescent version of Chess, some say. You’d be surprised just how many adults play checkers for real money online. The game’s more intricate tactics go deeper than you may think…

Gin / Rummy / Spades / Bridge

Card gaming fans flock to skill gaming websites from all over the world to participate in multi-player games like these. They’re easy to find, highly entertaining and, in some cases, especially fun if you’ve got an equally knowledgeable partner to bring along!


Enjoyed by all ages, Dominoes can be played in various formats for 2, 3, and 4 players. The multiple variants of dominoes are commonly divided into two categories; blocking games and scoring games. You’ll find them all available online, for fun or real money.

Get Started Playing Real Money Skill Games Online

To get started playing any of these PVP games and more, you’ll need to find an iGaming website that offers them. That’s the easy part. From there, you’ll need to see if player’s from your country are accepted, what types of banking methods are available, and of course check on the operator’s reputation to make sure it’s a legitimate website.

With due diligence complete, you can sign up an account by pressing the Register (Join/Sign Up) button. If you intend to play for money, be sure to use your real name and address here. You won’t be able to deposit or withdrawal winnings otherwise.

After registering, log into your account and look for the banking section. Choose a convenient payment option, upload some funds, and you’re all set to play online skill games for real money!

Learn more about How to Play and Win PVP Skill Games.

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Jan 31

Konami Gaming’s Fortune Cup™ real money horse racing sim headed for Canada casinos?

Konami Releases Fortune Cup Real Money Horse Racing SimIf you know anything about old-school arcades and video games, the name Konami should ring a bell. Konami Gaming, Inc. has been producing first-in-class games for nearly 50 years now. Frogger, Contra, Metal Gear, Gradius, Castlevania, Silent Hill… these are just a few of their most popular series creations.

In more recent years, Konami has been using its superior gaming expertise to develop real money gambling amusements, both for online and land-based casinos. This week, the company is announcing the release of what’s sure to be a hit all across North America.

Fortune Cup™ Real Money Horse Racing Sim

The new Fortune Cup™ game is a mechanical horse racing machine that simulates live races. Its immense in size, consisting of a 9-foot wide race track, large LCD screen, and betting stations for up to 10 players. The track is fitted with 8 mechanical horses capable of traversing to course freely and independently of one another. It’s already been lab certified to meet Nevada’s strict regulatory demands, thus we know the races are as fair as any real-life situation.

Fortune Cup Mechanical Horse Race Betting

The new horse race betting game is sure to change the dynamics of casinos all across North America, where it’s being heavily promoted. Konami’s creation combines modern technology with the high demand for innovation. It was specifically designed to appeal to all gamblers, especially the tech-savvy millennial generation.

The actions of each horse are mimicked in real-time on the digitally animated LCD display. Players have access to odds and statistics for each runner, as well as information on a special mystery progressive jackpot, via touch-screen betting stations. Optional bets include the usual win, place and quintella.

Konami’s Horse Race Betting Las Vegas Approved

The creators have been running a trial of the Fortune Cup game in limited Las Vegas Strip casinos for several months through Nevada’s New Innovation Beta program. The field test evaluates new games that have been lab certified to determine whether they successfully meet payer demand. The process saves a lot of time and money for casinos and manufacturers.

Following a very successful trial, the game is now live in four Vegas casinos and available for installment all across the US and Canada.

“Mechanical horse racing is a unique attraction and beloved casino classic for its shared social experience, fun creative ingenuity, and irresistible nostalgia,” says company EVP and CCO Tom Jingoli. “Konami’s Fortune Cup is bringing that dynamic back to the casino with top quality and advanced features for players to enjoy for years to come.”

Jongoli went on to extol the excitement around the office following the official product release. “Fortune Cup has proven entertainment value both in the legacy of the product category and Konami’s roots as an amusement company for nearly 50 years.”

Fortune Cup Coming to Canada Casinos?

The only question that remains now is this; what casinos will jump on the chance to install the new mechanical horse racing game? According to this morning’s press release, Konami’s multi-station Fortune Cup machines are now available for placement in casinos all across North America.

“Fortune Cup is designed to provide new entertainment options to players and appeal to a broad audience,” says Jingoli. There’s no question that horse racing is immensely popular in Canada and the US. So many of the region’s land-based casinos were first horse racing tracks, long before the slot machines and table games came along.

The device may take up a lot of floor space, but it’s nothing compared to the space betting track casinos devote to live horse racing. This innovative real money horse racing sim gives stand-alone casinos a chance to compete with them in the burgeoning digital realm.

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Jan 02

Latin America’s permier mobile live casino chooses Microgaming MPN as new online poker provider.

For the last 12 years, Tower Torneos has provided Latin America with a comprehensive internet gambling destination. Launched in 2006 as the digital sister-site of the Princess Tower Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Tower Torneos is kicking off 2018 with new partnerships, and new opportunities for its members.

According to a press release appearing this morning, Tower Torneos is teaming up with the world’s leading iGaming software provider, Microgaming. Together, the two are bringing the MPN to Latin America.Tower Torneos new online poker provider Microgaming MPN

The MPN is the multi-awarding-winning online poker network of Microgaming, (formerly Microgaming Poker Network). For more than a decade, Tower Torneos has seen moderate success as part of the 888 Poker network. Executives are predicting a much more affable experience for their players under the new Microgaming MPN brand.

Microgaming MPN New Online Poker Provider

Horacio Santoianni is the Director of Operations at Tower Torneos. He is confident that the MPN is the best choice for the online gambling operation. Tower Torneos has been working with Microgaming for quite some time, having previously integrated the brand’s superior Quickfire platform for its online casino.

“Working with the Microgaming team is a real pleasure, and the success of the Quickfire integration showed us that they were the perfect company to work with for a new and improved poker product,” said Santoianni in a statement. “They have vast experience in the poker world and the flexibility we require to succeed.”

The MPN gives members of Tower Torneos access to a broad schedule of tournaments, both online and on land. Microgaming launched the MPN Poker Tour in 2014, bringing live poker tournaments to exotic locations all over the world. In less than two weeks, the MPNPT will visit Morocco (Jan. 11-14) for a MAD-1,500,000 Guaranteed event. Then it’s off to Bratislava, Slovakia (Apr. 5-8) for a €150k GTD.

“It’s great to welcome Tower Torneos to the MPN and be their poker provider of choice,” says Jean-Luc Ferriѐre, Director of Network Games at Microgaming. “The addition of Tower Torneos will increase our overall liquidity on the network, but also our presence in markets outside of Europe.”

Expanding the MPN into Latin America could be a boon for both parties, potentially giving Microgaming an opportunity to add the Dominican Republic to its current list of MPNPT stops.

Mobile Live Casino & Other Online Games

Mobile Live CasinoAs the premier online gambling destination of Latin America, Tower Torneos provides its players with a wide range of internet gaming options. The site boasts more than 1000 slot machines (thanks to the immense variety on Microgaming’s Quickfire platform), as well as a sportsbook and multi-channel live casino. Reports indicate skill games and bingo are on the horizon.

According to the operator’s data calculations, the diversity of products is greatly appreciated by most of their members. An analytic stats chart reveals that slot machines are the most popular variety of games, with 92% of their players spinning the reels. The online poker segment is the second most popular venue, attracting 83% of their player base. The desktop and mobile live casino comes in a close third with 81%. Sports betting trails the pack at 65% participation.

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Dec 18

How to play and win PVP skill games for real money.

Win PVP Skill Games for Real MoneyIf there’s one thing we (should) all know about traditional casino games, it’s that luck, or ‘chance‘, is the dominant factor. Every game is designed to give the house and advantage over the player. Some will win, more will lose. Only those who get lucky make up the first group.

More recently, games manufacturers and casinos collaborated on a new type of gambling venture they call skill gaming. These are more like arcades than slot machines. Targeting the millennial generation, they are basically video games that allow gamblers to incorporate skill.

The problem with these single-player skill games is that regulators mandate that they be built like slot machines. They must contain RNGs and predetermined payback percentages. So they still require some luck to win with any consistency.

The good news is, there’s another form of skill gaming that truly gives the most adept players an edge. The only way to do that is to eliminate the ‘house edge from the equation, and that means building them in PVP (player versus player) format.

PVP Skill Gaming

If you’ve ever played poker in a casino, you should have a basic concept of how these games work. In poker tournaments, every player pays to participate. The cost is made up of a buy-in and a small entry fee. The buy-ins make up the prize pool, and the house collect the fee. In cash games, the house claims a small percentage of every pot, known as the ‘rake‘. In this way, the casino is guaranteed to make money, while eliminating some of the ‘chance‘ factor from the game.

But in poker, chance still plays a significant enough role. The cards each player is randomly dealt will increase or decrease their odds of winning, no matter how good they are at bluffing or reading the competition.

Many PVP skill games really are 100% skill-based. The casinos don’t care who wins, either. No matter what, they know they’re collecting their precious rake.

How to Win PVP Skill Games for Real Money

Win PVP Skill Games for Real MoneyThe best PVP skill games games are based entirely on a player’s skill sets. The required skills will vary greatly from one game to the next. You’ll need to pick wisely, depending on what you’re best at.

A few years back, mental erudition was the only requirement. A game of chess, or even checkers, is always be won by the smarter, more experienced of the two players. The one who correctly calculates their moves, and their opponent’s potential moves, in advance, is going to have the upper hand. Backgammon is another popular one, although an element of chance still exists within the toss of the dice.

More modern games require other skills, like dexterity and lightning-fast reaction speed. Video gaming competitions are becoming extremely popular these days. They’re more commonly referred to as eSports, but they are nothing more than PVP skill gaming tournaments where the most adept video gamers take the prize.

In order to win, you have to be better at the game than your opponent. That’s all it takes. Simply practicing won’t cut it, though.

The old saying, ‘Practice makes perfect‘, doesn’t always apply. My good friend coaches a children’s basketball team, and his motto is, ‘Practice makes permanent‘. If you practice perfect, you’ll become perfect. If you practice wrong, you’ll play wrong, permanently.

So the ultimate key to win PVP skill games for real money is to play games that compliment your skill sets, and practice perfectly. Study your opponent(s) whenever possible, and don’t play someone who is clearly better than you. Remember, these aren’t slots. It’s not up to luck. It’s up to you.

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