Jan 25

What happened to Nova Scotia gambling awareness funds?

What Happened to Nova Scotia Gambling Awareness Organization?

All across Canada, gambling is big business, especially for the provincial governments that profit from it. Gambling proceeds make up a remarkable portion of the revenue that funds education, health and community projects all across the country. It makes sense that, while gambling addiction is a concern, governments would want to keep that money rolling in. But some people were outraged to learn, months after the fact, that Nova Scotia has quietly done away with direct funding for its long-time gambling awareness program.

No More Funding for Nova Scotia Gambling Awareness

The program in question, Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia (GANS), is no in operation. The NS government didn’t mention it was doing away with the organization. In fact, no one seems to know exactly when GANS was stricken from the legislative record. What we do know is that it’s gone, and it has been for a few months, at least.

Bruce Dienes is the chair of a non-profit group, Gambling Risk Informed Nova Scotia, that strives to minimize the social harms of gambling within the community. Dienes said he learned of GANS dissolution in the fall of 2020, and that regulations for the program were officially altered in October.

When Dienes contacted the Department of Health and Wellness to inquire about it, he was told that “new information” had surfaced, indicating that the relationship between gambling and mental anguish, depression and anxiety, is far broader; the idea being that the funds once allocated for the prevention and treatment of gambling would better served funding the broader mental health spectrum.

Consolidating Nova Scotia’s Mental Health Budget

The government’s media relations advisor, Marla MacInnis, confirmed that GANS funding will be pooled into the province’s overall mental health and addictions budget, which comes to around $300 million per year.

“Problem gambling often occurs with other mental health and addictions issues, and due to the stigma, people often initially seek help for other issues,” MacInnis defends the government’s decision. “It’s best if people can access support that addresses these issues together.”

Dienes disagrees. “The idea that this is new information is ridiculous,” he said. “We’ve known this for decades.” He believes the choice to do consolidate funding was a much more calculated one, primarily aimed at resolving the “profound lack of funding for mental health in Nova Scotia.”

Research Favors Problem Gambling Services

Igor Yakovenko is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Dalhousie University. He says that, according to research, one of the common barriers between problem gamblers and treatment programs is a lack of information; especially information regarding where to turn for help in the first place. In his expert opinion, Yakovenko believes harm reduction and problem prevention programs are the most effective resources for curbing and curing addiction.

“We need services and public health resources that minimize problems from developing in the first place or, if you’re already gambling, they prevent you from escalating that gambling,” Yakovenko told CBC News.

This comes on the heals of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s (ALC) intent to expand its New Brunswick online casino to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The ALC’s online casino presents gamblers with the ability to wager amounts up to 40x higher (up to $100 per play) on online games compared to legal restrictions that limit a single bet on VLTs to no more than $2.50. All things considered, some would say there’s no better time for programs like Gambling Awareness Nova Scotia to remain funded and heavily promoted.

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Mar 24

Live dealer casinos feeling the crunch of COVID-19 closures.

Live Dealer Casinos Now Feeling the Crunch of COVID-19 Closures

When news of the Corona virus first erupted, none could conceive of the disruption it would soon cause to everyday existence; not just in our home towns, but on a global scale. When the phrase “social distancing” became a household term, everyone began looking for ways to conduct their daily activities online. That included entertainment verticals, of course.

Online gambling was thought to be a perfect solution for those who already enjoy the occasional casino rendezvous. However, most online casino games are RNG-based. They are computer generated, offering no source of social interaction. Live casinos, on the other hand, are virtual mirrors of the table games played at land-based casinos, where real people gather virtually, and communicate digitally, as they play.

This particular iGaming vertical has harvesting more players than ever before in the last week. Now, it looks like this form of virtual gambling entertainment may not be around much longer.

Live Dealer Casinos Feel the Crunch of COVID-19 Closures

On Monday, March 23, news came down the pipeline that Evolution Gaming, the world’s premier producer of live casino games, had been ordered by the Georgian government to cease operations at its live casino studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. This marked the first – and at present, only – known mandatory closure of a live gambling studio.

A statement from Evolution Gaming confirmed the situation:

The Tbilisi studio adheres to current guidelines regarding social distancing and the company has taken an extensive number of infection prevention measures in the studio. Evolution Gaming is in close contact with local authorities in order to verify the taken measures and to be able to reopen the studio. The situation is developing, and Evolution will adapt continuously.”

Evolution stated that the vast majority of its operation would continue, as the Tbilisi studio represented just one of its 8 live studios around the world. It was a message meant to reassure audiences, but one that was surely given with a foreboding grain of salt as it predicated a similar future for its remaining properties.

Latvian Gov. Considers Suspension of Gambling Licenses

Today, evidence of that impending future is coming to light, slowly but surely. Word has it that the Latvian government is considering suspending the licenses of all its gambling operators. No official announcement has yet been made. It’s only a consideration at this time, but one I’ve no doubt will come to fruition in the coming days.

Evolution Gaming has been headquartered in Riga, Latvia since the company’s founding in 2006. Its oldest and largest studio is located in Riga Old Town. If the Latvian government goes through with this proposed plan, it could spell a quick domino effect of closures for all of Evolution’s live dealer casinos.

Don’t mistake the meaning in this. It’s not just Evolution Gaming that would be effected by the COVID-19 related suspensions. Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, every live casino operator licensed from here to Malta could soon feel the crunch of Coronavirus closures.

If and when it does come to it, we here at RealMoneyGambling.ca support the effort to protect the health of live dealers and all other staff members at these operations who’ve worked so hard to give us this unique entertainment vertical. To you, we say thank you. Go home, stay inside, stay safe, and we look forward to your return when the strange days of this global pandemic come to an end.

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Mar 19

All-In-One Gambling Guide:
Blackjack slots and craps winning strategies for casual gamblers.

All-In-One Gambling Guide: Blackjack Slots and Craps Winning Strategies

Not everyone who scours the web for casino gambling strategies wants to spend an hour reading up on how to play each game perfectly. If you’re a serious player looking for in-depth blackjack guides with advantage card counting techniques, this is not the page for you. If you have no clue how to play Craps, you’re in the wrong place.

The idea behind today’s material is to provide casual gamblers with a basic knowledge of simple strategies, so that they may enter a land-based or online casino with the confidence that they are making good decisions, as opposed to throwing their money away on an entertaining whim.

AIO Blackjack Slot and Craps Winning Strategies

Our All-In-One (AIO) gambling strategy guide will cover three of the most exciting games in the casino – blackjack, slot machines and craps. These historically entertaining classics are famous for presenting a thoroughly exhilarating experience. If played correctly, even a modest bankroll can last a good long while.

  • Basic Blackjack Strategy: Playing blackjack ‘the right way’ is mostly about making the decision that will result in the highest probability of a win, and partly about making decisions that will minimize losses. Understanding the fundamental math behind it will help. There are 13 different cards. There are high cards, and low cards. If you need a high or low card, what are the chances you’ll get one? Estimating the answer isn’t all that hard. Don’t always assume the dealer has a 10 underneath, either. 4 out of 13 cards are 10s. That’s only 30.77%, meaning less than one-third of the time the dealer will have a 10 underneath. Common sense can usually steer you in the right direction.
  • Basic Slots Strategy: Slot machines are unlike many other game in the casino. Their outcomes are entirely random. There’s nothing you can do to alter the outcome of a spin. But that doesn’t mean a basic strategy for slot machines does not exist. Every strategy has two main goals – to maximize winnings and minimize losses. The same should be your goals in playing the slots. If there are individual pay lines, make sure you activate all of them. If there’s a progressive jackpot, make sure there’s no minimum bet requirement to trigger it; (or bet high enough if there is). The returns on slots aren’t usually very good, so above all, make sure to play slow and enjoy the process. Don’t mash away at the spin button. Bet small, take your time, and if you happen to hit a big payout, walk away a winner.
  • Basic Craps Strategy: This is an easy one. There are two basic betting options. You can bet with the shooter (Pass Line / Come), or against the shooter (Don’t Pass / Don’t Come). If you’re playing in a live setting, you might as well bet with the shooter. The house edge is slightly higher, but you’ll be booed and jeered if you don’t, and that tends to suck the fun out of it. If you’re playing online craps, or if others are also betting against the shooter, take advantage of the lower house edge and bet the “Don’ts”. Also, be sure to take odds whenever they’re offered. Craps odds are the only bets in the casino where the edge can fall to 0%.

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Oct 25

Progressive Millionaire Genie spews 1.4m jackpot from virtual lamp.

Whenever news surfaces that a progressive online slots jackpot worth 7-figures (or more) has been struck, it’s always a safe bet that it was either Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah jackpot, or NetEnt‘s Mega Fortune network, that did the paying. Of course, a safe bet isn’t always a winning bet. These may be the most famous, but that’s only because they are the only two that regularly pay out life-altering sums of more than a million in cash.

Today, I’m happy to report another online progressive worthy of a bold-text headline mention. A far less common jackpot has released the wealth of its virtual bowels this week. The Millionaire Genie, a classic 3-reel slot machine built in 2009 by Random Logic, paid out to the tune of $1.4 million.

Progressive Millionaire Genie Grants Jackpot Wish

There’s only one thing any player of the Millionaire Genie would request if asked, right there in the moment, what they desire most. Any player would ask that the jackpot released, swelling their online casino account by no less than $750,000 – the original seed amount of the game’s progressive prize.

Surely that’s what one very lucky player was hoping for – and the wish that was granted – on October 23, 2019. No specific details of the win have been released yet. With the payout occurring just forty-eight hours ago, it’s still too early for the minutiae, but we do know it happened at 888 Casino, and I have no doubt that the fortunate player is thanking their lucky stars, and their favorite blue genie, for granting this life-altering payout.

More About Millionaire Genie Slot

Progressive Millionaire Genie Spews $1.4 Million Jackpot from Lamp

The Millionaire Genie is on the cusp of celebrating its 10th Anniversary, making this – the 45th win in the game’s progressive history – all the more special for its developers at the Random Logic studio. When they were imagining its creation a decade ago, their intent was ardent – to build a simple 3-reel game with an affluent theme and a progressive jackpot that was guaranteed to forever change the life of anyone who won it.

To that end, Millionaire Genie was infused with a progressive jackpot that would seed at $750,000. It’s not quite as high as Microgaming’s famous millionaire-maker, the Mega Moolah, but it’s certainly high enough to meet its goal of delivering only life-altering payouts. The lowest strike on record paid out a whopping $862,544 – by no means an amount to scoff at.

The highest payout – because I’m sure you were wondering – was a massive $5,194,129. That jackpot was unleashed at 888 Casino back in 2015. Prior to this week’s $1.4 million strike, the previous hit was just 9 and a half weeks ago, paying the game’s second largest prize of $3.5 million.

How to Win the Millionaire Genie Progressive Jackpot

The Millionaire Genie is a 3×3 reel, single pay-line slot machine. It has just 6 possible symbols, including (lowest to highest) a blank position, bar, money bag, jewel, lamp and the genie. Those genies are wild, and lining up a perfect line of three genies on the central line will release a jackpot prize.

You must be betting the maximum 3 coins to win the progressive jackpot. If a player bets only 1 or 2 coins, the highest jackpot they can win is 75,000 or 150,000 credits, respectively. These aren’t chump-change, mind you, but if it’s the progressive you seek, it’s certainly worth the extra wager to go for it.

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Jul 01

Switzerland to implement blacklist today, IP blocking the domain names of illegal online gambling sites.

Switzerland to Implement Blacklist IP Blocks of Illegal Online Gambling Sites

Many of you will remember a few years back the big debate over Quebec’s attempt to enforce IP blocking against foreign online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. The province passed a law giving themselves the right to blacklist offshore gambling sites they considered to be illegal. And, as you may recall, the federal government and telecommunications agencies stepped in and squashed the plan, informing Quebec that internet censorship is not a provincial matter.

The same cannot be said of Switzerland. The Swiss government has been working diligently to regulate the online gaming industry within its borders, and last month, took a vote on the prudence of IP blocking to keep illegal offshore operators at bay. Despite intense objections that included a 50,000-strong petition, the official vote came in at 73% in favor of the IP block.

Bon Voyage to Illegal Online Gambling Sites

Online betting is nothing new to the people of Switzerland. International operators have been peddling their virtual wares here for years. And for many of those years, there were no express laws to prevent them from doing so. Now, scripting federal regulations for the famously neutral nation’s local iGaming operations is changing everything.

The Swiss government is tired of foreign online casinos essentially getting away with tax evasion, and said as much on the website of the Commission for Lotteries and Betting (Comlot).

For many years foreign operators largely based in offshore states have been offering gambling on the internet in Switzerland. Their foreign headquarters enable them to evade monitoring by Swiss authorities and to defy Swiss law.”

Comlot notes that the Federal Act on Gambling criminalizes the act of “offering money games from abroad”, and that any operator caught doing so “is subject to prosecution under criminal law.” Therefore, Comlot and the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) have been granted legal mandates to restrict access to websites that provide access to unauthorized gambling.

Such access will be restricted by way of a DNS / IP block against all domain names appearing on the federal government’s blacklist of foreign iGaming operators, to be scripted, maintained and updated as needed by Comlot and SFGB.

Swiss Foreign Online Casino Blacklist

Internet service providers (ISPs) operating in Switzerland are henceforth legally obligated to take reasonable DNS-blocking measures to prevent Swedish citizens from accessing any domains found on the current blacklist.

“These measures will contribute to purging the Swiss gambling market of foreign operators who regularly fail to take appropriate steps against fraud, money laundering and problem gambling and who pay no taxes or other levies in Switzerland,” explains Comlot.

All publications and modifications to the blacklist will be announced in the Swiss Federal Gazette, and published (in the form of a .PDF file) on the Comlot website.

Switzerland’s blacklist of illegal gambling websites goes into effect July 1, 2019. That is today’s date. However, that page remains empty at the time of writing, containing only a message that promises current and past versions of the domain names list will be available shortly.

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Jun 12

Prevalent Phone & Internet Scams: Detection and avoidance of Phishing, SMiShing and Vishing scams.

Prevalent Internet Scams – Phishing Scam, SMiShing Scam and Vishing Scam for Dummies

Security has been the most crucial and criticized aspect of the internet from day one. For every technological advancement in modern computers, hackers have been on their heels, capable of finding any and all cracks in the system. But it’s not just hackers we have to worry about.

We’ve been told time and time again to fabricate strong passwords and never, ever give out our login and password information to anyone, for any reason, no matter what. Yet time and again, individuals are doing just that; handing out that information to anyone or any website that manages to convince us they are worthy of it.

The Most Prevalent Phone & Internet Scams of 2019

Such scams have earned variable names over the years. Originally, they were called Phishing Scams. As schemers evolved, other forms came to be known as SMiShing Scams and Vishing Scams. If you don’t know what they are, you won’t know how to avoid them, so pay close attention to the next few segments as we teach you to recognize and stave off the internet’s worst scammers.

What is a Phishing Scam?

This is a common scam in which the culprits send out emails to millions if not billions of mostly-valid addresses. It’s called “phishing” because they idea is to drop a wide net in hopes of hooking just a few vulnerable victims. The goal is to obtain personal information from those who take the bait – name, address, date of birth, username, password, etc. Anything they can gather is a win in their books.

You can easily recognize phishing schemes by looking for the following indications:

  • Email warns of a consequence that will occur soon if action is not taken to fix an issue (i.e. account suspension, late fee, etc.). The email will contain a link to correct the problem, leading to a look-alike website.
  • Email promises a reward of some type, often in cash (prize, refund, etc.), for your quick response. Again, the email contains a link to a look-alike website.
  • Text is riddled with incorrect spelling of titles, bad grammar, poor choice of words, confusing terminology, etc.
  • Your personal account information is missing from the email. Your name, username, or any other identifying terms are notably lacking and/or generic in reference (i.e. they clearly don’t know who you are).
  • Link leads to a website URL that does not match that of the intended company that supposedly sent the email.

Do not click on any links provided in any emails that seem remotely suspicious! When in doubt, contact the company that supposedly sent the email directly to ask if the email is genuine.

What is a SMiShing Scam?

A SMiShing scam – a combination of the terms SMS and Phishing – is a message sent via text that requests the receiver visit a certain website or call a phone number to resolve an issue or receive a reward. Visiting the website may result in malware being downloaded on your computer. Call the phone number, and you’ll be asked to provide sensitive information to confirm your identity.

Be especially wary of such suspicious text messages. While today’s internet users are usually smart enough to avoid email scams, text messages tend to appear less threatening. Be careful out there! If the message seems to come from your bank, for example, don’t call the number provided. Call them back at a number you know and trust.

What is a Vishing Scam?

Vishing schemes are also similar to phishing scams except that that take place over the telephone. We’ve all gotten them. If you’re like me, you get them multiple times a day. They come from masked phone numbers that appear to be legitimate, but they’re not. They are scammers trying to convince you to give them your personal information, a credit card number, or transfer them money. Sadly, many of them take on the deceptive roll of a worthy charitable service, so keep your guard up!

The caller could be a real person or a recorded message that tells you to press a button to be connected, or call them back at a certain number. Don’t press that button. Don’t call that number. If you want to confirm the (il)legitimacy of the call, find the appropriate number for the company that claims to be contacting you and call them directly.

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May 08

Best of 2018 free casino video games with real money option.

With each passing year, the graphic intensity of online casino video games gets more breath-taking. Some titles are a genuine thing of beauty, and some, well… they’re not. It’s always clear which games took time to develop, and which were rushed into the melee.

Free Casino Video Games (w/ Real Money Option)

Today, we’re going to take a look at the most popular free casino games of 2018, and where to play them. All you’ll need to play for free is to register an account with a reputable operator that employs the corresponding software. And, because they are casino games, there’s always the option to play for real money, and win some real cash. However, you will need to make a deposit for that.

So without further delay, here they are. The Best of 2018…

Fortunes of Asgard Slot

Beast free casino video games 2018 Fortunes of AsgardDeveloped by Bla Bla Bla Studios for the Microgaming platform, Fortunes of Asgard was released in April of 2018. The game draws players into the mythological realm of the Norse Gods, where the mighty Thor goes head to head with his malevolent sister, Hellia (aka Hela). With 5×3 reels and 20 paylines, players can choose sides – Thor or Hellia – and change sides at any time in the base game. Each has their own special feature to activate during the game. Players can look forward to wilds, free spins and a pick’em bonus game that awards instant credits. Built in HTML5 for desktop and mobile, you can find Fortunes of Asgard available now at all Microgaming-powered online casinos.

Immortal Romance Slot

Immortal Romance Best Free Casino Video GamesMicrogaming’s Immortal Romance has withstood the test of time like no other. Released in 2011, it remains, to this day, among the top 10 most played slots online. Based loosely on the Twilight saga, this 5×3 reel game with 243 ways to win takes on a dark, vampyric theme. It’s rich in free spin features, with pay table achievements and an immersive story line that’s been enthralling players for years. Immortal Romance is available at all Microgaming casinos, for desktop and mobile.

Mega Moolah Progressive

Free Casino Games Mega MoolahAnother oldie but goodie, the Mega Moolah Slot is the most popular progressive jackpot slot machine the internet has ever known. Seeding at $1,000,000, it’s made 48 instant millionaires to date, paying out an average of about $5 million every 9 weeks. Its safari motif, lead by the king of the jungle, takes shape on a 5×3 reel set with 25 pay lines and a trio of valuable progressive jackpots. Any and all Microgaming powered casinos will proudly boast this title.

Dream Date Slot

Dream Date Slot by MicrogamingAnother 2018 release from Microgaming, Dream Date is just for the ladies. Players can choose their character, a classic lady of Victorian times, or a modern gal of high sophistication. With an a la Bachelorette flair, players then choose from a group of eight males, four from each of the same distinct time periods, to fill in the other high-paying symbols across 5×3 reels. With 243 ways to win and a bevy of features, like wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and sticky wilds, players can enjoy Dream Date and hundreds of other free casino video games at Microgaming online casinos.


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Feb 15

NetEnt pioneers the first 3D Live Casino, an immersive iGaming experience available only at Mr Green.

The next generation of online gambling is here. Leading iGaming software developer, NetEnt, teamed up with Maltese internet gaming firm, Mr Green, to raise the live online casino bar to a whole new level. Together, they’re now offering the ultimate, 3D live dealer casino experience.

Mr Green 3D Live Casino fro NetEnt

They call it Live Beyond Live. It is the world’s very first 3D live dealer gaming platform. The new live casino is fully immersive, drawing players into the virtual realm of online gambling like never before, and you won’t need a VR headset to experience it.

Experience the First 3D Live Casino

3D Live Dealer Casino BlackjackThis pioneering technology reminds me of the old PKR poker room. Back in 2006, PKR launched as the very first 3D online poker site. The next-gen platform attracted customers from all over the world, intrigued by the realistic nature of the games. Players were able to choose an avatar, use expressions, body language, and even perform chip tricks at the tables.

Live casino games don’t pit players against one another, so all that emoting isn’t necessary. But Live Beyond Live utilizes the same form of immersion to draw players into the games like never before.

It’s worth noting that PKR eventually fell apart, ceasing operations entirely in mid-2017. Hopefully, Live Beyond Live won’t suffer the same fate ten years down the road.

Exploring Live Beyond Live

The initial platform had been designed to run exclusively on mobile devices. Due to the heavy load, a cheap smartphone or tablet with a crummy processor isn’t going to deliver a very entertaining experience. And unfortunately, Live Beyond Live not available for desktop yet. If you don’t have a mobile device with a good enough processor, you’ll either have to upgrade or wait for the PC version to launch later this year.

Live 3D Casino Open SeatsWhen you log onto the 3D live dealer casino, you enter a virtual gaming floor located within Mr Green’s Los Angeles penthouse. Like a real casino, tables are spread out, with four to choose from. They include two live 3D roulette tables, and 2 live 3D blackjack tables. Surrounding each table are translucent green sphere+prism shapes, denoting open seats.

You’ll be able to navigate the floor and look around, and if you want to play a game, simply tap an open seat to get started. NetEnt stays true to the live and 3D virtual experience with a perfect meld of the two. Within the tables, you’ll be able to see the real live dealer and table action, as you normally would. The background, however, is of the 3D casino beyond, with all other tables and their live dealers visible. This unique setup allows players to tap to jump from one table to another without having to step away from the first one.

It really is one of the most unique experiences on the market today. Seeing the other players move around on the floor and playing at the tables around you – it’s the closest thing any iGaming developer has ever come to delivering a real, land-based casino experience.

1yr Exclusivity of 3D Live Dealer Casino

The next-gen casino went live last week at Mr Green, and if you want to play it, that’s where you’ll have to go. When the online gambling company chose NetEnt to partner up on the design, the contract came with two stipulations.

First, both companies would share in funding the project. Second, Mr Green would receive 12 month exclusivity rights to the 3D live casino platform.

Unless another software firm comes up with a similar design (and they will, eventually), Mr Green will be the only place to experience the 3D live dealer casino until February 2019.

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Jan 08

Crazy real money bingo games you can only find online.

real money bingo games onlineFancy a game of bingo? You could visit the local rectory for a night of charitable fun. You could head over the the nearest casino and probably find a bingo room brimming with energy. Or, you could log onto an internet bingo site and play to your heart’s content.

There’s no shortage of land-based or mobile bingo games to be found. But if you’re going to play for real money online, be careful what games you choose. They aren’t all the 75-ball variety you grew up with.

Crazy Real Money Bingo Games

There are some pretty crazy games out there these days. You won’t find them in any land-based casino, parish, or bingo hall. The internet, however, is teeming with them. I’m not just talking about crazy patterns on a classic bingo card either.

One of Microgaming‘s most unique creations is known as Super Bonus Bingo. This game isn’t very much like bingo at all, except in its graphic design. And even that doesn’t fit the bill too well.

Super Bonus Bingo

Crazy Mobile Bingo GamesSuper Bonus Bingo is more like a combination of bingo and keno, if not an instant win lottery drawing. Players can choose between 2 and 10 balls, from a total of 80 (just like keno). The paytable adjusts by how many numbers you choose, and how many actually hit (also like keno).

If a player does well enough, it will activate the optional Super Bonus round. Two extra numbers are drawn for the chance to win additional prizes.

I’m not even sure how they got the idea to call this a bingo game, except that the background has images of bingo balls on it. The numbered balls in the game mimic white lottery balls, and the paytable looks more akin to (you guessed it) keno.

Ballistic Bingo

Even the name sounds crazy on this one! Ballistic Bingo isn’t actually as weird as it sounds, though. At least, not if you’re familiar with European culture. In Europe, bingo is played in a very different way. They use 90 balls, and the cards have 9×3 squares. Then only 5 squares per row have numbers in them.

By European rules, matching 5 numbers on a row is a One-Liner win. Matching 10 numbers on 2 lines is the Two-Liner, and filling the whole card is a House. So there are three winners in every game, not just one. But in Ballistic Bingo, it’s not about who achieves what first. It’s about achieving 1, 2 and/or 3 lines within a certain number of calls.

The faster you do it, the more you can win. Don’t do it fast enough, and you lose.

60 Ball (5×3) Mobile Bingo Games

Real Money Bingo OnlineThis seems to be Microgaming’s favorite variant of real money bingo games. I say this because the company has four versions on its no-download casino platform. They are Electro Bingo, Mayan Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, and Samba Bingo. Aside from the names, the only difference between them are the graphic overlays.

These games utilize 60 numbered balls and a series of 5×3 cards. Essentially, they look like 75-ball bingo cards that were cut off two lines too short. There are 14 different patterns that can be won on, so long as the player achieves them before running out of balls. Even if you do run out, you can pay a little extra for an additional draw. Not a bad option if you’re one-away from a huge win.

You can find these crazy real money bingo games (and more) at all Microgaming powered online casinos.

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Jul 20

Learn how to make PayforIt casino deposits on a mobile device at pay by phone bill casinos.

Mobile Pay By Phone Bill Casinos

What are the most important factors you look for in an online or mobile casino payment method? Does speed matter to you? What about convenience? I’d be willing to bet security is high up on your list—the cherry on top for most of you.

Every reputable online casino operator strives to meet or exceed the security standards set forth by the world’s regulatory bodies. Banks, credit card companies and online payment processors (e-wallets) adhere to the strictest security measures of all. And while these casino deposit methods are known to be perfectly safe, they cannot be guaranteed secure.

The problem with them is that the player does, at some point in time—even if it’s only once—have to provide some type of sensitive, financial information over the internet. Using a credit/debit card or bank account means entering that info directly on the casino website. Signing up with an e-wallet account means providing that information to the payment processor.

So long as that data is being typed into your computer or mobile device at any point in time, there’s some level of risk involved. Minimal or not, it still exists. Unless you happen to be utilizing PayforIt casino deposits, the ultimately secure way to deposit at pay by phone bill casinos.

PayforIt Casino Deposits for Mobile

PayforIt is a payment method designed especially for mobile phone users. There’s no registration or membership required, the service is absolutely free, and you’ll never have to enter any financial details over the internet.

PayforIt can be used for a lot more than pay by phone bill casinos, too. It’s particularly popular for purchasing digital content, like music, games, apps and IAPs. Being so quick, convenient and secure—the three most important elements sought by mobile casino user—PayforIt is swiftly becoming one of the most trusted mobile payment options available.

The service hasn’t exactly spread like wildfire, though. It’s only available at a select few pay by phone bill casinos, but that number is sure to grow much higher before the year is out.

Who Can Use PayforIt Casino Deposits?

PayforIt casino deposits for UK players only

For the time being, PayforIt is only available to mobile customers who have a UK phone number. PayforIt was a developed by the collaborative efforts of four major UK-based mobile networks EE3O2 and Vodafone, and is currently restricted the UK mobile phone accounts.

As the PayforIt FAQ states:

Payforit can be used by anyone in the UK who owns a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go mobile phone and has credit.

How Does PayforIt Work?

PayforIt casino deposits can be made effortlessly at all pay by phone bill casinos. It doesn’t actually matter if the PayforIt logo is displayed. If it is, great, but so long as an option to ‘Pay by Mobile‘ or ‘Pay by SMS‘ is provided, PayforIt is a viable option.

When you make a Payforit deposit, the amount of the purchase will appear on your cellular phone bill. If you have a pay-as-you-go account, you will need to have enough funds in that account to cover the purchase. For pay-monthly plans, the purchase amount is tacked on to your next monthly bill.

How to Make PayforIt Casino Deposits

PayforIt Casino Deposits Logo

To make a PayforIt casino deposit, login to your online casino account and navigate to the banking section. Choose PayforIt (or Pay by Mobile, Pay by SMS, etc) from the list of available deposit methods. On the next page, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Any other information that may be required will depend entirely on how you’re access the pay by phone bill casinos website:

3G / 4G Network: If logged in from a mobile device that’s connected via 3G or 4G network, there’s no other information required. The payment system will instantly authenticate the mobile phone carrier and number. All you have to do is press the confirmation button when prompted, and the deposit is complete.

Wifi Connection: If your mobile device is connected via WiFi, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number for verification. You’ll then receive an SMS message requiring you to confirm that this is the correct mobile device. Upon confirmation, the deposit is complete.

On Desktop: You can make PayforIt casino deposits from a desktop computer, as well. You’ll be asked for additional information about your mobile phone. Fill this in, and a message will be sent to the phone to confirm it is the correct device and number. Reply to the message as instructed to confirm the deposit.

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