Jul 08

Live Gaming + Twitch Casino Streams = Future of Mobile Gambling

Live Gaming + Twitch Casino Streams = Future of Mobile Gambling

Prognosticators of the iGaming industry have made their predictions, and they all agree. Twitch iGaming channels are all looking to live casinos to attract viewers, while internet gambling operators are looking to those Twitch channels to produce more players. Put it all into one big melting pot, and you get the future of mobile casino gambling.

Back in the day, online casino games were all 2D affairs with RNG-based results, promoted by affiliate websites who touted the perks and promos of their favorite brands to drive traffic. Today, it’s a whole new ballgame. Now, 3D casino action is all the rage. Random computer algorithms are being replaced by live table games with real dealers, broadcast via high-tech webcams. Affiliates have become real-time vloggers who stream their action live over the web.

Live Gaming Overtaking Twitch Casino Streams

Twitch is a live-streaming video service that allows gamers to record their activities and stream them live over the web for others to watch. In the beginning, it was PC and console video games that ruled the streaming roost. But forward-thinking casino affiliates saw it as something more. Tired of reviewing, blogging and regurgitating news, they decided to play the games, stream the action live, and provide links for others to follow in their footsteps.

As viewership grew dramatically, it didn’t take long for online casinos to start sponsoring the most popular Twitch slots streamers, making it one of the most successful affiliate ventures of all time. Reading about some random person who won a big jackpot is inspiring, but not nearly so much as watching it happen, live via webcam. But that only works on players who love slot machines, and while there are many of them, it does no good for attracting table games fans.

Dream Catcher Monopoly Live

This is where Twitch iGaming channels have found ultimate success with live casino action. Live casino streams are able to deliver a whole different type of experience, wherein the viewer learns just how far iGaming technology has come in recent years.

Blackjack isn’t the only form of live casino gaming. If it were, there wouldn’t be much entertainment value in watching others play it.

It’s other games with big potential payouts, like Evolution Gaming‘s groundbreaking Dream Catcher Lucky Wheel and
Dream Catcher Monopoly Live that are attracting the masses, and convincing others that these games are fun, rewarding, and well worth paying to play.

Live Casino Twitch Streams Destined to Grow

The experts agree that this avenue of live gaming distribution has only one way to go, and that’s straight up. Live casino games are by far the the most immersive way to gamble on a desktop computer or mobile device, and for our younger generations who grew up with these devices, watching videos of other people doing fun stuff has become just as popular as watching television or a movie.

When it you put it all together, it just makes sense. Casino operators are well aware of it, too. They are spending big bucks to showcase their wares in highly visible forums, and right now, Twitch casino streams are capturing quite an audience. Thus these companies are prepared to make huge investments into the area of promotional campaigns.

Also causing quite a stir are 3D/VR table games. More recently, we’ve seen this concept combined with live casino technology as well. Players put on a headset, then enter a VR world where they traverse a graphically stunning casino floor and approach the table of a real, live dealer.

The capabilities are fantastic. All casinos and their game engineers need is a forum to showcase these possibilities and promote them as the next big thing. And that, my friends, is how Twitch casino streams are helping to mold the future of mobile gambling.

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May 16

Cute, cuddly, award winning 3D VR slots experience from Evoplay.

Cute, Cuddly, Award Winning 3D VR Slots Experience from Evoplay

Slot machines have been “raging” with innovation for more than a century. The first drum-based, bar-top games were “all the rage” in the late 19th century. Then it was fruit machines, awarding sticks of gum. Next, video slots blasted onto the scene in the 1970s, followed by internet slots in the late 1990’s. Online gaming slowly evolved into a 3D slot experience, and now, “all the rage” belongs to the fascinating realm of virtual reality (VR).

It’s taken time for this particular fancy to take off. The technology is there, but far less than a majority of the people own it. And for that reason, one company has been gearing its digital slot machines towards a combined 3D and VR experience, and its turning more than a few heads.

Evoplay’s Award Winning 3D VR Slots, Sprinkles

Evoplay has only been developing online gaming software since 2017, and already its portfolio consists of 60+ interactive titles. Evoplay’s embrace of the latest technology and their mobile-first attitude is spearheading a whole new era of 3D/VR gambling.

In 2018, the company debuted the world’s first 3D + VR slot machine at ICE. That game, called Necromancer, wowed audiences from all over the globe. Now, their latest 3D VR release, the Sprinkle slot machine, is attracting so much attention, it’s harvesting admirable awards for innovation.

2019 Spinnovator of the YEar Award Sprinkle 3D VR Slot Machine by Evoplay

Sprinkle was awarded the Spinnovator of the Year Award at last month’s Spinnovation Summit 2019, held in Prague. It is a prestigious award, indeed, recognizing Sprinkle as the industry’s leading innovation.

This new generation of gaming tech is equally designed to thrill a new generation of gamers. The panel of judges at last weekend’s summit were especially impressed with mobile first mechanics, encompassing beautifully rendered 3D graphics for traditional hand-held play, and a wholly immersive, 360° panoramic world for those with VR viewing capabilities.

Evoplay Molding the Future of Slots

“The future of slots is all about creating a gaming experience that responds to the patterns of behaviour of the new generation,” said Evoplay CEO Alexander Levchenko. “We’re looking forward to kick-starting this future and making slots more immersive than ever before!”

He expressed the company’s “absolute delight” in winning the Spinnovator of the Year Award, which he described as “one of the industry’s most prestigious awards for innovation. There is so much fantastic technology available for development studios to harness, and the emerging generation of players need an entirely new approach.”

Sprinkle Slot Machine: Beyond Cute and Cuddly

Evoplay wins Spinnovator Award for Sprinkle Slot Machine

Like many of Evoplay’s enigmatic themes, Sprinkle carries an extra terrestrial theme. But these aliens aren’t the scary, odd-number-eyeball variety. They’re the cutest, cuddliest little balls of blubber you’ve ever seen. The designers made sure to give them an extra adorable appearance, with large, sad eyes none could resist.

These colorful creatures exist on 5×3 reels with 25 bet lines, set in in a dark, oceanic world surrounded by aquatic flora and vibrant, underwater mushrooms. The white, crowned blob is the wild, substituting for all standard symbols. A firefly feature sends fireflies onto the reels, landing only upon high-paying symbols. Those symbols become sticky for 3 free re-spins.

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Jun 30

New study predicts future of VR online gambling 2018-2022.

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is one of the latest technologies to emerge in the realm of digital experiences. Despite being around for several years now, it’s still considered a burgeoning market with a niche audience. But like many of its predecessors—the computer, the internet, online gambling—it’s one that is expected to take off in the coming years.

First VR Online Gambling Game, VR Roulette by MicrogamingVR gambling, in particular, is a market that many believe will become incredibly lucrative over time. Mobile casino games were once a niche market, too, yet now they outrank player access via desktop and laptop computers.

We’ve had access to virtual reality gambling for longer than most people realize. Microgaming debuted the industry’s first title in February 2016 at ICE Totally Gaming, wowing the crowd with its immersive VR Roulette game (pictured left). Soon after, NetEnt began upgrading its most popular 3D slots, like Jack in the Beanstalk, Dracula and Starbusrt, for VR compatibility. Like VR Roulette, VR Blackjack games allow players to reach out, grab chips and place them on the table’s betting diagram, just like a real game.

Predicting the Future of VR Online Gambling 2018-2022

Research Study Future of VR Online Gambling

This week, a new research report emerged from HTF Market Intelligence. The study, entitled ‘Global VR Gambling Market 2018-2022‘, utilizes in-depth analyses of this and relative online gambling insights to project the future of this potentially multi-billion dollar industry.

Geared towards “business strategists, industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers”, the study focuses primarily on macro-economic issues in the market. HTF MI details, “influencing factors and key market trends and drivers that are changing the dynamics of Global VR Gambling market.”

What will Drive the VR Gambling Industry?

The report indicates E-Sports betting as the most dominant factor in the market’s impending progress. E-Sports is linked directly to another multi-billion dollar industry—competitive game play of Mass Multi-Player Online (MMO) video games; League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), etc.

Countless players compete in tournaments around the world every year, with massive prize pools up for grabs. How massive? The League of Legends 2017 Season World Championship paid a grand total of $4,596,591 in prizes.

As the participants in these games compete for that cash, countless more followers are betting on the outcome, just as they would any traditional sporting event like football, hockey or tennis. HTF MI believes the scope of VR gambling will get a major boost from this arena; more so than any other gaming venue from now through 2022.

Biggest Challenge facing Virtual Reality Gambling

In the meantime, the study details the high pricing of VR headsets as the biggest challenge for growth in VR gambling. There are cheaper models on the market, but they don’t share the qualitative capabilities of their more expensive rivals.

The latest Oculus Rift bundle, including headset and controllers, runs about US-$400. Its more modestly priced Oculus Go, a stand-alone headset, goes for about $200. Comparatively, the HTC Vive headset+controller bundle runs about $500, the ASUS Windows version $400, and the Sony PlayStation VR, with headset and camera, $200 (half its original cost). If you think those prices are moderate to high, how about the HTC Vive PRO HMD Starter Kit for $1400, or the headset alone for about $800?

While those prices might work for some, they clearly detract from what could be a much larger clientele. Just like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, VR headsets must become more affordable before the market can expand to mainstream.

Most Notable Trend in Gambling with VR

Oddly enough, the biggest trend in the VR online gambling market isn’t really gambling at all, but rather the opposite. VR has become a significant tool in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Preventative research has shown that simulated environments can be helpful in teaching addicts to recognize triggers and avoid temptation. According to researchers at the Cyberpsychology Lab at Universite du Quebec en Outaouais, VR provides a safe and realistic environment for patients to test themselves.

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Apr 03

Extreme Gaming introduces Augmented Reality Live Roulette 360

Extreme Live Gaming launches Augmented Reality Live roulette 360For the last few years, the iGaming industry has claimed virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the upcoming wave of the future for online casinos. Well, my friends, the future is now. Live casino studio producers at Extreme Live Gaming are launching Roulette 360, an AR gambling game for desktop, mobile and VR headsets.

This is by no means the inaugural presentation of AR/VR gambling technology. Microgaming debuted its immersive VR Roulette back in 2015, followed by NetEnt‘s Live Beyond Live AR casino games earlier this year. However, Extreme Live Gaming is the first to incorporate VR headset compatibility into its new live roulette game.

Augmented Reality Live Roulette 360

According to last week’s press release, Extreme Live Gaming, a subsidiary of the Novomatic Group, merged AR and HTML5 technology to create Roulette 360. That combination of programming allows players to access the new AR gambling game from any operating system, on virtually any desktop, smartphone, or tablet (with Flash installed). For a wholly immersive experience, it is recommended to utilize a mobile device and VR headset combination.

The company refers to its new Live Roulette 360 as “a virtual multi-gaming experience like no other”. The game provides players with an opportunity to observe a 360-degree view of the casino, placing bets on multiple tables at once.

Some of its shining features include:

  • Standard European Roulette rules

  • Fully immersive 360-degree environment

  • Desktop, mobile and VR headset compatibility

  • Multi-gaming functionality while playing roulette (on desktop version)

  • Fully interactive environment

  • All languages available

  • All currencies available

  • Customization of table limits (for operators)

  • Customization of environment (for operators, perfect for product branding)

AR Gambling Game Debuts at ICE 2018

Extreme Live Gaming CEO debuts AR Gambling Roulette 360

Extreme Live Gaming CEO Darwyn Palenzuala showed off Roulette 360’s capabilities at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London earlier this year. He was especially proud to introduce their AR gambling product as “the first out there that allows a player to take full control of their environment, move it around, and get a feel of the roulette game”.

Palenzuela believes the biggest draw of the 360 interface is brandable customization. “You can also link in other games,” he explains. Every position within the navigable area can be another live table game, or even a slot machine or video poker interface. “We can launch any slots game within the game, so it allows you to play roulette, plus any other side games,” says Palenzuela.

With a VR headset, the player can simply move their head to view the 360-degree atmosphere of the AR gambling environment. Using any touch-screen computer or mobile device, players can swipe the screen to change their view, also with 360-degree range of motion.

“We’ll be extending this soon to the full 360 studio environment,” Palenzuela says. “It won’t be just roulette. It will be blackjack and baccarat and other table games.”

Following its initial debut at 2018 ICE, the new augmented reality live Roulette 360 officially launched on March 26, 2018. There’s no word yet on which casino operators have shown interest in licensing the live studio platform. We hope to provide more information on that as it becomes available.

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Jan 24

BC Canada exploring virtual casino games for real money.

There’s a huge difference between the real world and virtual world. However, the two realms collide when it comes to real money gambling. Aside from scenery and excessive crowds, there’s not much that separates land-based and virtual reality casino games.

Virtual Casino Games for Real Money

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is taking the same line of thought into its latest endeavor. The provincial gaming regulator said in a statement this week that they’re exploring the possibility of launching VR casino games on the Playnow.ca website.

A report this morning in BC-CTV News reveals that BCLC is already negotiating a deal with Archiact Interactive, a virtual reality software design firm with offices in Vancouver and Shanghai, China. The current deal on the table would see BCLC investing $250,000 into a virtual ‘escape room‘ architecture.

Players would be able to access the game via the BCLC’s interactive gaming website. Using VR technology, they would be given a time limit in which to navigate a virtual space, solving challenges and deciphering clues to escape from the room.

This isn’t exactly a form of gambling. Ostensibly, players would pay to use the software – or perhaps pay to unlock progressive levels following a free trial demo. Or, maybe they will pay to play, winning a prize if they escape fast enough. The exact details are unclear at this time. But BCLC did admit that virtual casino games could be part of the package, with the appropriate approval.

BC Virtual Casino Games for Real Money

CTV wasn’t able to get too much information out of BCLC or Arhciact Interactive prior to thismorning’s publication. The software company did not response to their emails, while BCLC officials waved off the majority of their questions.

What they did find out from Lara Gerrits, a media management spokesperson for BCLC, is that virtual casino games are on their to-do list. And based on her statement, they may already be seeking advisement on the issue from higher-ups.

“Further development, testing and approvals from our regulator, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, are required,” Gerrits told reporters. “Additionally, the Gaming Control Act stipulates that the minister responsible must provide written approval for new games or lottery schemes before they go into operation.”

So essentially, it will be quite some time before BCLC goes virtual. But the potential is there, and the deal making is already underway.

Virtual Casino Games Come With Real Risks

Not everyone was thrilled by the news. Clinical cyber-psychologist and Canada Research Chair Dr. Stephane Bouchard believes it’s a terrible idea. Having previously researched VR gambling and published a paper on its effects on gambling addicts, Dr. Bouchard is worried that it will only serve to proliferate problem gambling in BC.

“It’s amazing how real virtual reality is to a gambling addict,” explained Bouchard, whose extensive research in VR shows that gambling addicts experience the exact same cravings in a virtual casino as they do in a land-based casino.

Dr. Bouchard uses VR casinos as a treatment method, helping patients deal with the compulsive urge in a safe, risk-free environment. But virtual gambling won’t offer the same level of GameSense presence found in BC’s land-based casinos. The floor won’t be teeming with real people who can recognize and intervene on a problem as it’s occurring.

But the BCLC is looking at its own evidence, which clearly shows that its lottery generated $23 million less in the last fiscal year, while the online sector rose by $22 million. Online and mobile gambling is clearly on the rise, and many analysts believe that virtual casino games for real money will be the next big wave of the future. Presumably, gaming regulators are trying to get in on that vertical from the ground floor.

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Jan 17

Top 3 mobile casino games developments of the last decade.

Mobile Casino Games #1 in 2018Last year, the inevitable finally occurred. For the first time in history, mobile gaming superseded the traditional avenue of gaming on a desktop or laptop computer. The mobile revolution is clearly upon us. Today, we’ll take a look at the top three driving factors behind the prevalence of gambling at mobile casinos.

Top 3 Developments in Mobile Casino Games

In the last decade, so much has changed about the way we access and play internet casino games. It’s not just the fact that so many of us now choose to play on a smartphone or tablet, but the resounding reasons behind that transition.

Conversion to HTML5 Supports Mobile Gambling

HTML5 online and mobile casino gamesYou may be surprised to know that mobile casino slots and table games have actually been around for many, many years. Microgaming pioneered the first mobile casino technology all the way back in 2003. Those were the prehistoric days of mobile technology, when all the cool people had a flip phone. Remember those? Yeah, I’ve tried to forget them, too!

It took another staggering ten years for mobile casino gaming to develop into something people actually want to utilize. Touch-screen technology came about in 2007, but it wasn’t until gaming software developers began using the latest and greatest HTML5 mark-up language that the concept really took off.

By programming games in HTML5 format, there was no longer any need to develop each game multiple times. For years, that was the biggest hindrance in mobile gaming technology. Every title had to be reproduced; one for desktop operating systems, one for Android devices, one for iOS, etc.

HTML5 is compatible with them all! This form of optimization made mobile gambling a feasible avenue of pursuit for all online casino operators and software companies. Without this single development in technology, smartphone and tablet casinos would not be what they are today.

Live Online Casino Gambling

Live Mobile Casino GamblingThis is one of my favorites. Being a huge fan of blackjack, the introduction of live dealer casinos was mind-blowing to me. Professional croupiers in a live casino studio, dealing cards and spinning roulette wheels for real players at home? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, like mobile gambling, it took over a decade to really develop. The first live casino studio was opened in 2003 by Playtech, but hardly anyone used it. Internet connection speeds and video quality weren’t ready to pick up what internet casinos were putting down.

In the last few years, however, technology has finally caught up with live gaming capabilities. The video streams are exquisite. The audio is seamless. Now, the game play truly mimics what land-based casinos have always offered – an interactive, communal experience with other players.

Virtual Reality Mobile Gambling

VR Roulette by MicrogamingThis particular avenue of gaming is still in development. It has been for three years, since Microgaming debuted its revolutionary VR Roulette tables at the 2015 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London. However, that demonstration has yet to move out of the demo phase and into the tangible realm of realmoney online gaming.

I believe virtual reality is the future of internet gambling. But like mobile casino games and live dealer tables, it’s going to take a lot more time to develop into something the iGaming community can really appreciate. Until then, a whole new era of interactive gambling awaits just over the horizon.

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May 22

BC hosts New Gambling Games ContestDid you ever have an idea for a new gambling game that you thought people would really love? Is there any potential to turn it into a live and/or online game? Does it have a social aspect to it (i.e. play with friends)? If so, the BCLC wants you!

The British Columbia Lottery Corp is hosting a new program called Innovation BCLC. Consider it the Shark Tank of the online gambling realm. They want new ideas from creative individuals, entrepreneurs, star-ups and existing companies, and if it meets the necessary criteria, it could be worth some big bucks!

We’re not exactly sure how many bucks. The InnovationBCLC.com website doesn’t specify that detail just yet. But they sure make it sound like a good deal for the winner(s) of their upcoming contest.

What They’re Looking For

BC’s gambling regulators are looking to “shake up” their existing iGaming content with new gambling games. In particular, they want something that has a social aspect to it, meaning it can be played amongst a group of friends (al la Words with Friend).

It has to meet the legal criteria for being a gambling game, have a social gambling aspect to it, and above all, be something totally unique and innovative. BCLC asks for the following criteria:

Must Be Suitable for Real Money Gambling

The gambling laws of Canada specifically mandate that three element be present in order for a game to be defined as “gambling”. Thus the program asks potential game developers to employ the following:

  • Stake – players must pay something of value to be eligible to participate

  • Reward – player receive something of value if they win

  • Chance – the outcome is determined by how some event happens to turnout. Chance can be influence by skill, odds, and liquidity.

Must be Innovative & Add Business Value

To be considered for implementation, all new gambling games submitted for the contest must be fresh, new, innovative. They must be capable of engaging new players in the market. BCLC is especially hoping to implement new social gambling games that will attract younger gamblers and develop loyal relationships.

BCLC asks potential developers, before submitting their ideas, to consider the following:

  • Is the game or experience different from typical gambling game (e.g. slots, poker, and lottery)?

  • Does the game or experience leverage breakthrough technology (e.g. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, social gaming)?

  • Will the game or experience attract new players or players who occasionally interact with BCLC products, and do so in a profitably sustainable way?

If you think you’ve got the winning idea, the submission form is now open. You can Submit a New Concept to BCLC with complete details. If the big-wig regulators are keen on the idea, who knows? You or your company just may strike a munificent contract with the provincial government.

New Social Gambling Games

New social gambling games have been released in rapid succession lately, especially in the US. From California to Atlantic City, casinos have been installing skill-based games; mostly designed to enhance the social experience.

With the skill aspect being such a new avenue in regulated gambling, this opens the doors wide for creative minds to bring many new concepts to the table. I imagine Innovation BCLC is going to be swamped with submissions before the week is out.

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Mar 20

It’s finally here! The very first Live Dealer VR Casino game has been launched. The brand new Live VR Roulette game was released by Medialive Casino, a supplier of digital software that specializes in live dealer studio gambling, following its debut at a gaming expo last week.

Medialive launches first Live VR RouletteEstablished in 2005, Medialive Casino first revealed its live VR roulette platform at the ENADA Spring 2017 exhibition, hosted by Rimini Fiera Expo Centre in Italy. ENADA is lauded as Southern Europe’s most prominent “International Amusement & Gaming Machine Show”.

According to a recent publication by Juniper Research, Virtual realityVR for short – is the future wave of the online and mobile gambling industry. The research firm predicts that, from 2016 to 2021, VR casino wagers will rise 800% from 58 million to more than 500 million.

The new Live VR Roulette game entirely alters the way players experience live dealer casino games. By utilizing a VR headset, players can literally place themselves within the casino, despite being potentially thousands of miles away.

Instead of strictly viewing the live casino table and its real live dealer, players will be able to turn their heads and see a genuine, 360 degree view of the live dealer studio. They can even move around in the casino, viewing all of the other tables and the live dealers operating them.

For the moment, Live VR Roulette is the only virtual reality casino game supported by the new software. The variety will surely expand in the near future, but one thing will remain a constant. Medialive Casino will forever be ensconced in the history books for launching the world’s very first live dealer VR casino game.

Live Dealer VR Casino to Attract Millennials

“Our aim is to find innovative solutions to conquer a new target of players,” Medialive Casino’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Angelo De Gobbi, told iGamingBusiness. “Thanks to virtual reality we can finally attract Millennials who until now were not very interested in live games.”

Media Live VR Casino HeadsetMr. Gobbi went on to explain the company’s unique marketing tactics, which include a gift box for VIP members. “This solution also allows you to retain customers by offering them a VIP gift box already configured to be able to enjoy the new gaming experience.”

The Malta-based company licences its live dealer platform to 35 online and mobile casino operators. The majority are localized to the Italian market, with a few other operators facing popular iGaming jurisdictions like Australia, Canada, and the UK.

It’s unknown which of these operators may begin distributing the VIP gift boxes mentioned by the Medialive executive, or when those gift boxes will become available.

Based on his statements, we can assume that players of high regard, dependent upon the size and regularity of their wagering, will be eligible to receive a free Medialive Casino-branded VR headset, compatible with the developer’s live VR roulette and any future live dealer VR casino games.

VR Casino or AR Casino?

Mr. Gobbi also touched on the topic of Augmented Reality (AR), saying that that term may be more appropriate in describing the new live dealer VR casino platform.

“It would be correct to speak of augmented reality,” he said, “in fact there is nothing virtual, throughout the game experience is based on real elements.”

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Mar 16

For the last few years, mobile gaming has been the major focus of the digital gambling industry. As always, relative businesses are looking towards innovations for the future, and right now, the general consensus is that AR and VR gambling will be the next big thing.

VR Gambling AR Gambling

AR, (or Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality), have taken the world by storm in the last two years, but both are still in early development in terms of what they can do now, and what we know they are eventually capable of.

VR & AR Gambling Conference 2017

The very first (presumably annual) VR | AR Gambling Conference has been scheduled for April 3, 2017 in Prague. It’s being lauded as a “global specialized business event”, where leading professionals in the field will gather to discuss the future of the VR and AR gambling industry.

The conference has been divided into two categories. They include a Developers section for the companies that help to create iGaming technologies, and a Business section for the operators and marketers who make such products accessible to customers.

Throughout the conference, a Networking Demo will provide attendants with an opportunity to get their hands dirty, testing out a range of VR and AR gambling and novelty products that have already been developed.

On the Business end of the conference, two speakers are currently scheduled for presentations on AR and VR gambling and marketing tactics.

Advir CEO Samuel Huber will deliver a speech entitled, “The Immersive Media Revolution: How VR and AR are changing the advertising paradigm”.

Viasys Founder Konrad Gill will follow that up with his presentation on, “Virtual Reality and the Future of Gaming Convergence”.

Other speakers from all over the world, including Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Matla, the United States and more, are expected to attend.

VR Gambling Now And In The Future

VR Roulette MicrogamingWe haven’t seen any AR gambling apps just yet, but VR gambling already exists. Microgaming debuted its new VR Roulette platform in early 2016 at the ICE Totally Gaming expo in London. Despite being one of the first VR gambling apps to market, it was incredibly well developed, setting a very high standard for others to follow.

The VR experience transcends anything we’ve seen before. Requiring a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift, players are transported into a virtual world with limitless capabilities. Microgaming’s VR Roulette is designed so that players can reach out, pick up chips, and place them on the table, just as they would in a real casino environment.

Potential for AR Gambling

AR gambling has great potential, when you consider what we’ve seen in development so far. The PokemonGo craze is a perfect example. Millions of people took to the streets, collecting those cute little Pokemons from anywhere in the world they could travel, preferably on foot.

In an augmented reality, real world maps are used to bring players together. AR gambling apps could utilize the same technology to put slot machines, blackjack tables and roulette wheels on every street corner, or inside restaurants, coffee shops, bars, airports, etc.

Unlike VR worlds, AR gambling could open a whole new realm of regulation, wherein social businesses could apply for licences to facilitate gambling, implanting AR casino games within their establishments that could be accessed by any adult with a mobile device. Casinos could put a virtual gambling floor in their hotel rooms.

The market for AR and VR gambling is, quite literally, boundless.

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