Sep 20

How to pick the best casino games to play for your personality.

How to Pick the Best Casino Games to Play by Personality

Well over 100 million people visit casinos every year in North America (with the exception of 2020, of course). It’s an extremely popular past time for adult vacationers; especially those who don’t have young children in tow. From the Hard Rock Vancouver, to MGM Las Vegas, Borgata Atlantic City to Casino de Montreal – billions of dollars are spent gambling in the US and Canada every year. And that’s just at land-based casinos.

For every casino goer, there’s always a ‘first time’. When planning that very first trip, some players want to dive right in, playing a little bit of everything. Others might be a little more cautious, picking and choosing the games they feel would best suit their personality. If you’re one of those – if you’re wondering, “Which casino games are right for me?” – please continue reading.

How to Pick the Best Casino Games For You

As you probably know, there are many different types of games in the casino. Slot machines dominate the gaming floor, and with good reason. They are by far the most popular games of all. But they might not be your cup of tea. Then there’s blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, video poker, and a slew of other games to consider.

In the following text, we’ll describe these games very briefly; just enough that you can get an idea of whether each one suits your style. Based on this information, you should be able to decide which games are worth trying, and which ones are not.

Slot Machines – They’re a “No-Brainer”

slot machines

Anywhere from 70-90% of the casino floor will be made up of slot machines. Players just seem to love them! The reason is simple. They require absolutely no knowledge or forethought to play. Insert money. Push button. Cross fingers. It really is that simple. Win or lose, it’s all up to luck.

If you’re looking for a ‘no-brainer’ game that you can enjoy playing, without having to think about what you’re doing, slots are for you. Don’t feel bad though – that’s not an insult in anyway. Remember, the vast majority of casino goers prefer slot machines. They are designed for sheer entertainment, and in that regard, they do deliver.

Baccarat – Win, Lose or Draw


Pronounced “bah-kuh-rah”, this is the easiest table game you’ll ever play. As easy as a slot machine, except that you do have to make one decision – which hand to bet on. You won’t play the game. You don’t receive any cards. The dealer does all the work, based on a set of house rules. You only have to pick which hand you think will win.

That being said…

The game involves the dealing of two hands – the Player hand (but it’s not really yours), and the Banker hand. You choose to bet on the Player, the Banker, or a Tie between the two. The Tie is a sucker bet, so just don’t. The Banker has a higher chance of winning than the Player, so you should always bet on it.

So, strategically speaking, if you play baccarat, you should always bet on the banker, making this game just as simple as any slot machine. Drop your banker bet, cross your fingers. If you want to appear more sophisticated, without actually putting any thought into your game, choose baccarat.

Roulette – Easy as 1, 2, 3…34, 35, 36


Roulette is another game that takes virtually no skill to win (or lose). The only thing that makes this game more complex than slot machines or baccarat is that there are so many different ways to bet. You can drop your chips on a single number, two numbers, three, four, or six numbers, or you can make bigger group bets involving one-third or one-half of the numbers; except for that pesky 0 (and 00 in American Roulette), which is where the house gains its edge.

If you are looking for a more exciting game, with a communal (multi-player) atmosphere, but again, no mental strain, roulette is a good option. Please don’t play American roulette though. That double-zero also nearly doubles the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%.

Keno – If You Like Playing the Lottery…


If you’re going to the casino for the first time, keno games are an absolute waste of time and money. You might as well stay home and buy a few scratch off lottery tickets. Your odds of winning will be about as good, and you’ll save a lot of cash in travel expenses.

The game consists of 80 numbers on a 10×8 grid, labeled 1 thru 80. Your job is to pick 1 or more numbers that you believe will be randomly chosen by the game. The house edge can vary from one game to the next, depending on the pay table. However, a survey of keno games in Vegas once returned a variable house edge of anywhere from 20% to 35%, depending on the amount of numbers selected.

Those are horrible odds – the worst of all casino games. However, if you really enjoy scratching lottery tickets, or watching lotto numbers get drawn on live TV, maybe you’ll have enough fun playing to get your entertainment’s worth. Just because I don’t recommend it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.

Craps – Not as Hard as it Looks


The most intimidating of all land-based casino games is craps. It’s actually not a hard game to play. There’s just a whole lot of bets, with a whole lot of rules as to how and when they win or lose. Add in a crowd of very excitable people, and it can dissuade any newcomer from getting in on the action.

The truth is, it’s a very easy and fun game to play, once you figure out what’s going on. My advice would be to learn more about craps. Play online first, or download a craps trainer app. By the time you learn the betting system, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Blackjack – Play it Right, or Don’t Play It


This game requires more mental capacity than any other. Not only should you know how to play with proper, basic strategy, you need to be able to do it in a timely manner. If you’re not playing with basic strategy, you’re only lowering your chances of wining the game. Basic strategy isn’t difficult, but it is situational. Every variation in the rules, the pay table, even the number of decks in use, can impact the correct decision for every opportunity to either stand, hit, split, or double down.

If you aren’t willing to learn blackjack strategy, don’t bother playing blackjack – at least, not in a live, multi-player setting. You’re just going to piss a bunch of other people off. Again, it’s not that hard to learn, but it does take constant mental fortitude on your part. We’ll talk more about card game strategy in a moment. First, there’s one more game you need to consider.

Video Poker – Take Your Time, but Play it Right

video poker

To me, video poker blends the best qualities of blackjack and slot machines. You get the low-edge benefits of playing with perfect strategy, combined with the solitude and relaxation of the slots. By making the correct decisions on every hand, you’re maximizing your chance to win. Yet, there’s no rush to make any decision.

You can look down at a strategy card between every play. Or, you can use a video poker strategy app, inputting your hand with each new deal and following its advice, play by play. No one cares. You’re not wasting anyone’s time. And some of these games carry a super low house edge – as low as, if not lower than blackjack.

Important Note about Casino Card Game Strategies

This last bit of advice applies to any and all card-based casino games that allow you to make a decision after seeing the initial hand. Whether it’s blackjack, video poker, pai gow poker, Caribbean stud poker, 3-card or 4-card poker, casino hold’em – whatever the game, if you can make any decision after placing your initial bet, listen up.

For each and every hand dealt, there is only one strategically correct decision to be made. That decision is the one that proffers the maximum probability of a positive outcome. It doesn’t mean you’re going to win, or that your odds of winning will be better than 50/50. Actual odds are circumstantial, determined on a case by case basis. But regardless of true odds, using basic strategy to achieve maximum probability is strongly recommended. Otherwise, you’re leaving your chances to fate, and fate is known to be less than kind, especially when it comes to casinos.

If you’re not physically or mentally prepared to put forth that kind of effort, these are not the best casino games to play. For someone else, maybe, but not for you.

Lastly, if you’ve read over each of these game descriptions and are still on the fence about what to play, there’s a simple way to find out for sure, without risking any money in the process. Simply visit an online casino, sign up a free-play account, and practice any game you wish. They are the same games, with the same odds (except slots – online slots pay out better; even the real money ones).

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Mar 17

Lowest house edge casino games and where to play them.

Different types of casino goers are attracted to different types of games. Some like fast paced games, while others like to take their time. Some enjoy single-player amusements, while others enjoy the communal atmosphere of multi-player games. Sometimes it’s not about the game play or atmosphere, but the odds of winning that draws a player to the action.

I don’t necessarily recommend choosing your games based solely on the house edge you face. Doing so implies disregard for the entertainment factor. If you’re not enjoying the games, you’re violating the most important rule of responsible gambling – to have fun, since the odds are never really in your favor. Then again, finding a game you enjoy that’s among the lowest edge games – that could be something worth looking into.

Lowest House Edge Casino Games

The following is a top-10 list of the casino games with the lowest edge. Having a low house edge means, in contrast, that the game has a high return to player (RTP). Please understand that the RTP is theoretical. It is based on mathematical probabilities, and as such, only applies in the long term.

Note: The RTP is, quite literally, the opposite of the house edge. If the house edge is 5%, the RTP is 95%. Together they make 100%.

Top 10 List of the Lowest House Edge Casino Games Online & On Land
  1. All Aces Video Poker – 0.08%
    All Aces is a video poker variant found at online casinos powered by Microgaming software. It’s house edge of 0.08% is so low that, over the years, many Microgaming casinos have decided to remove it from their menus. In order to achieve that fantastic 99.92% RTP, you’ll need to make every decision strategically. Learn more…
  2. Blackjack – 0.18% to 0.35%
    Blackjack is known for its low house edge, but there are dozens of rule sets offered at land-based and online casinos. The trick is to find the best games, where the edge does not exceed 0.35%. 1x2Gaming’s Bonus Blackjack and Red Queen Blackjack offer a super low edge of 0.18%, but isn’t the easiest to find. Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack comes in at 0.31%, and is available at hundreds of online casinos.
    Note: I’m not listing any other blackjack games here, although there are plenty with ~99% RTPs that could have occupied the list. Those above are the best – I’ll leave it at that.
  3. Spanish 21 / Pontoon – 0.40%
    Spanish 21 (a.k.a. Pontoon) is a game characterized by the removal of all 10s from each deck. In exchange, a host of player-friendly rules are applied. So long as the dealer is required to Stand on Soft 17, you’ll play against an edge of just 0.40%. (Note that Dealer Hitting Soft 17 increase edge to 0.76%).
  4. Jacks or Better with 9/6 Full Pay – 0.46%
    Another good video poker variant that’s widely available is Jacks or Better. Check the pay table. If it features a 9/6 Full Pay, you can achieve the optimal 99.54% RTP.
  5. Baccarat, Banker Bet – 1.06%
    Betting on the Banker hand in baccarat is as easy as dropping a chip on the table. It begets a decently low house edge of 1.06%.
  6. Baccarat, Player Bet – 1.24%
    Don’t want to bet on the Banker hand? Place your chip on the Player hand instead for a 1.24% house edge.
  7. Craps, Don’t Pass/Come – 1.36%
    They said it’s wrong to bet against the shooter, but who are “They” anyway? A bet on Don’t Pass or Don’t Come offers with a higher RTP of 98.76%.
  8. Craps, Pass Line/Come – 1.41%
    If you prefer to bet with the crowd, for an added 0.5% to the edge you bet the Pass Line or Come wager in craps.
  9. Pai Gow Poker – 1.46%
    This is one of those games you’ll either love or hate. If you find the 1.46% edge appealing, give it a try.
  10. Pai Gow Tiles – 1.50%
    Please know that this is not the same as Pai Gow Poker. Played with 32 dominoes, it is one of the world’s oldest casino games, reserved for casinos in the Eastern hemisphere prior to the online gambling revolution. It’s 1.50% house edge makes it a unique choice among the industry’s lowest house edge casino games.

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Jun 04

Gambling 101: Probabilities predict theoretical returns, not future results.

Gambling 101: Probabilities Predict Theoretical Returns, Not Future Results

Casino gambling can be a tumultuous thing. It comes with deep swings – ups and downs that can send our emotions soaring through the clouds one day, and our bankroll down into the doldrums the next. The transient nature of casino games is more volatile than most people realize, leading them to believe that with the right strategy, they can overcome the odds.

Therein lies one of the most common mistakes of novice gamblers – the belief that acquiring enough knowledge will give them the upper hand against the casino. Unfortunately for us players, it doesn’t work that way; at least, not anymore. And thanks to super intelligent computers that can crunch millions of numbers in under a second, it never will again.

Knowledge and skill are the experienced player’s friend. They can help the gambler to gain the best edge, but not a player’s edge. No matter how smart or mathematically inclined a person is, they cannot use that knowledge to predict the gambling future.

I know that a French Roulette wheel has two different levels of house edge. Even-money bets have a better payout rate than any other bets that pay 2-to-1 or more. I also know that those bets have a 1.35% house edge, which means players who make those bets should (collectively and over a long period of time) win back 98.65% of all those wagers.

Gambling Probabilities Predict Theoretical Returns

Gambling Probabilities Can't Predict Gambling Future

This knowledge of the game should provoke me to place only even money bets. Employing the skills that this knowledge has taught me, I will avoid the 2.7% house edge of all other bets and stick only to those that have the highest rate of return.

In this way, I am applying both knowledge and skill. But neither of these assets can predict the game’s future. I’ve gained no insight as to whether the next number will be black or red, odd or even, high or low. It is not going to help me predict future outcomes. The only thing my mental acuteness for French Roulette has given me is the keen ability to, on average, lose less money than an inexperienced player who wagers the full gambit of the roulette betting diagram.

Gambling’s Future Results are Unpredictable

Okay, you’re going to argue with me here. I know half the world predicted New England would win the Super Bowl over the Rams this year, and the other half doesn’t watch football. But it’s rare such simple bets come along. In a casino, they simply don’t exist.

None can predict with 100% assurance that will win the next slot machine pull, hit 3 of 3 keno numbers, or be dealt a blackjack. None can, with consistent accuracy, foretell when the craps shooter will crap out or the baccarat banker and player will tie. Were there any source of knowledge or superlative skill that gave players the ability to predict the gambling future, casinos would have been driven out of business long ago.

Play Smarter – Know The Difference

In gambling, the only realities are these:

  • Some players will win money
  • Some players will lose money
  • More players will lose than win.

Such is the ecosystem of casinos. Those who understand this – and use combined knowledge and skill to make smarter decisions – will not only have a higher chance of being among that first group of winners. They’ll also have the wisdom to bet responsibly and take their losses in stride.

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May 24

Simple casino games that are easy on the brain.

If I had to divide the world’s sea of gamblers into just two categories, I’d have to classify them as those who like a good mental challenge, and those who do not. If mental fortitude is one of your strong points, odds are you’ll enjoy thought-provoking games that give you a better shot of winning for applying a proper strategy. If not, then you’re probably just in it for stress-free relaxation and entertainment value. And if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

Earlier this week, we talked about casino games that require skill to maximize odds of winning. As promised, today’s topic will cover the opposing regimen of games. These titles present absolutely no mental challenge to play. There is no strategy to apply that will increase the theoretical return to player (RTP). Winning these games requires nothing more than dumb luck.

Simple Casino Games that Require No Skill

The following is a collection of easy casino games, best suited for players who enjoy them for their simplicity. If your the type who plays to shed the stress of a long day or work week, these are the games for you. I’ve listed them in order of ascending RTP; theoretically highest paying to lowest.


Isn’t baccarat the cosmopolitan of gambling games? Is it not the prime choice of James Bond and every other cultivated high-roller in the casino? You would assume it requires erudite skill to master. In reality, it’s the simplest game of all, requiring no thought or awareness beyond placing a bet. As for where to place that bet, the Banker has the best odds of winning with a 98.94% RTP, even with the 5% commission applied to all wins. The Player hand pays 1 to 1, but its RTP comes in slightly lower at 98.76%.


Everyone knows this game. Pick a number or selection of numbers and cross your fingers! It really is that easy. Getting the best RTP is a matter of finding the right rules. The best are found in French Roulette, where all even-money bets (red, black, high, low, odd, even) have a 98.65% RTP. All other bets come in at 97.3%, matching the full spectrum of wagers in European Roulette. Just stay away from the double-zero American Roulette tables, where you’ll only get a 94.74% RTP at best, 92.11% at worst.


Craps is probably the most misconceived game in the casino. Everyone believes the rules are so complex, they never bother to learn them. I won’t argue that point – there are some convoluted bets in the mix. However, the simplest bets are the ones with the best odds of winning, and if you stick to these, you will naturally learn the rest of the game as you go. Betting against the shooter on the Don’t Pass Line comes with the highest RTP of 98.64%. It also comes with very nasty looks, so don’t do it unless you’re playing at an online casino. In a physical casino, bet with the shooter on the Pass Line; RTP 98.59%. If you enjoy the game, take the time to learn about placing odds to bring the edge down even lower. It’s not a strategy – just a smart bet.

Casino War

If you played card games as a child, you surely remember playing War with your friends or siblings. This is the exact same game. Each player flips a card, and the higher card wins. In this version, the casino gains the advantage when there’s a tie. Players must wager a second bet to “go to war”, or forfeit half of the original bet to surrender. But going to war means the original bet will push. Thus the casino gains its edge, resulting in an RTP of 97.72%.

Slot Machines

You knew these were going to pop up on here at some point, right? Those dastardly (but oh so entertaining!) one-armed bandits are still among the easiest games to play. Depending on where you enjoy them, the RTP could be decent, or really bad. Most of today’s online slots come with a standard RTP of about 95-97%. Play at a land-based casino, and you could be facing an RTP as low as 88-92%.

Big Six Wheel

This game gains its name from the fact that there are 6 different numbers on the wheel to wager on. The higher the number, the less it appears on the wheel, but the more it pays for a correct pick. Unfortunately, the odds increase faster than the payouts. The best you’ll get is an 11.11% RTP betting on the $1.


Like Big Six, Keno is one of the easiest casino games to play, but even more terrible on the pocket book. It’s the worst game most casinos have to offer. Selecting a single number that only pays 2 to 1 for a win comes with a 75% RTP (house edge 25%), and it only gets worse from there.

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May 02

How to understand online casino bonus rules & requisites.

How to Understand Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

I’ve visited this topic before, but it’s been a few years. Times have changed a lot since then, and immensely since the birth of the online gambling industry. Most of those changes have been for the better, but not all.

The most positive change has been a legal shift in which transparency of online casino bonus terms I now mandated by reputable regulators. Ambiguous, misleading or otherwise convoluted rules are no longer permissible, and could get an operator in hot water with licensing authorities.

Conversely, some of the more alluring casino bonuses of yesteryear are just that – a thing of the past. Gone are the free play time bonuses that gave players a huge chunk of chips and an hour to spend them, keeping the profits if the right conditions were met. You can hardly even find a small no-deposit bonus anymore, thanks to rules surrounding pre-authorization through ID verification.

Nevertheless, the bonuses that are available are certainly worth taking advantage of. The key is to understand what you’re getting into, and to know what to look for when reading the fine print.

Understanding Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

Bonus terms can be very long-winded, even in today’s age of obligatory transparency. Somewhere within all that confusing text are four key elements to look for. They include:

Wagering Requirements (WR, aka Play Through)

Eligible Games



Wagering Requirement / Play Through

Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Every bonus comes with wagering requirements (WR), which relate to the amount of play through you must conduct before you get to keep any of that money for yourself. It only makes sense that WR would be required. Without it, any new player could claim a bonus, withdraw it as cash and walk away. Online casinos will go to great lengths to compete for players, but they are not in the business of throwing away money.

To find the wagering requirements in the terms, search within the text (Find in Page) for the terms “wager”, “require” or , “WR”. One of these, if not all, will hit the right section of the fine print, wherein you’ll discover a number associated with WR. It’s probably going to be listed as 30x, 35x, 40x, etc. This number denotes the number of times you’ll have to play through the bonus., or the deposit + bonus combined.

So you’re looking for two elements; the WR number and its multiple of the bonus, or deposit + bonus.

Here’s an example of how to calculate play through requirements when the WR is 35x and it applies to deposit + bonus. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Deposit of $100 grants a bonus of $100. Therefore deposit + bonus = $200. At 35x WR, the total play through is 35*200 = $7,000 in wagers.

Eligible Games

Some online casino bonus terms will limit game eligibility, such as “Slots Only” bonuses. These are very common. Some will even limit you to one or a few slot machines the operator is trying to promote. Others will cater to game play on all sorts of gambling.

When all (or most) games are eligible, not all will count 100% towards WR. Those that do count 100% are slot machines, and sometimes specialty games like keno, bingo, and scratch cards. Table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat usually generate a smaller percentage, ranging anywhere from 10-50%. Games with the absolute lowest house edge, such as favorable blackjack rules (classic blackjack, single deck blackjack, etc) and video poker, may not contribute to WR at all. If they do, it will only be 1-10% at most.

Search for the terms “games”, “eligible” or “eligibility” within the online casino bonus fine print to discover what games you can play, and what contribution rate they accumulate towards WR.

Also note that offsetting wagers will not be permitted! You can’t wager on Red and Black in Roulette to clear a bonus. If you do, and the casino catches you (and they will because it’s all electronic), at best you’ll forfeit the bonus and winnings you may have derived from it. At worst, your account may be closed and your deposit returned – or not. This is why reading the fine print matters!


This section is pretty simple. The terms will identify who will and won’t qualify for a casino bonus. Many bonuses are designated for “new players only” making a “first deposit”. If you’re not new and/or have already deposited, you can’t claim that bonus. Others may restrict players from certain countries where such bonuses are illegal. Look for the terms “qualify” or “eligible” to find any such stipulations.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Browse through the rules to see if there are any time restrictions on the bonus. Look for the terms “expire”, “expiration” or “days” (i.e. you have 90 days to complete WR) within the text.

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Mar 20

Betting on Dice Games: How, where and why (or why not).

Betting on Dice GamesWhen we think of gambling, most of us picture slot machines, card tables, or horse tracks. These are the most traditional ways to place a wager. But they’re far from the only ways. Some people especially enjoy taking a risk on dice games.

Craps isn’t the only casino game to employ dice, either. Sure, it’s the most common, and by far the most popular. But standard craps isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve decided to create this brief profile of five fun ways to bet with dice.

Betting on Dice Games – How, Where, Why (Not)

The following descriptions of casino dice games are meant to help readers decide which games they might enjoy most, how to play them, and where they can be found. Enjoy!

#1 Craps

Obviously, craps has to top the list. It’s been available for decades, from every multi-billion-dollar gambling establishment in Vegas, to back street alleys in every major city around the globe.

Most popular dice betting games crapsHow: Generally, craps requires just a few accouterments to play. You’ll need a pair of dice, a shooter, a croupier (to take bets), and at least one other person to bet with or against the shooter; the more players the better. The number rolled determines whether bets are won or lost.

Learn more about How to Play Craps.

Where: Virtually any casino that offers tables game will have a craps table running 24/7. Listen for the raucous cheering of a crowd and head in that direction. You’ll also find it at every online casino known to man.

Why / Why Not: Craps is considered one of the most exciting games ever played at a casino. Don’t let the crowds or complexity of the betting diagram fool you. There’s nothing more exhilarating on the live casino floor!

#2 Die Rich

Is craps proving too hard to wrap your brain around? Check out the simplified, single-die version of the game known as Die Rich.

How: Die Rich is played just like traditional craps, but with a single die instead of two. Players can bet with the shooter on the Pass Line, but not against (no Don’t Pass bets). If a 6, the bettor wins. If a 1, the bettor loses. Any other number (2, 3, 4, 5) becomes the point. The shooter has 3 chances to roll the point again, or all bets are lost!

This G2E demo video explains How to Play Die Rich Craps.

Where: Die Rich isn’t available at too many casinos, but you can find it in several Las Vegas locations, including The Luxor.

Why / Why Not: This is a very quick and super-simplified way to shoot dice, and for that reason a lot of people do enjoy it. However, the odds are about 2x worse than traditional craps.

#3 Crapless Craps

What is a good craps game without craps? It’s crapless craps, of course! (aka Never Ever Craps)

How: As the name implies, crapless craps doesn’t offer any number rolls that cause a player to crap out on a new shooter. Normally, rolling a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll is an instant loss, and an 11 an instant win (for pass line bettors). In this version, all numbers except 7 will establish a point.

Where: There are a few casinos around the globe, mostly from Vegas to Atlantic City USA, that offer this unique craps variant. I have yet to find it at any online casinos, though.

Why / Why Not: It would seem that having 6 ways to win on the come out and no ways to lose is a good thing. In reality, because the rarest rolls (2, 3 11 and 12) can become points, the shooter is less likely to make their point before rolling a 7. As a result, the pass line house edge rises from 1.41% to 5.38%. Ouch! I’d recommend passing on this one.

#4 Sic Bo

Sic Bo Dice Betting GameSic Bo is a famous Chinese gambling game. The name Sic Bo literally means “precious pair”. It’s extremely popular in Asia culture, and spread to North America in the late 1900s.

How: Sic Bo involves the rolling of three dice. Players can bet on a variety of outcomes, depicted on the table’s diagram. Common wagers include Big (11-17), Small (4-10), Odd or Even (except triplets), Combinations, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Totals, etc.

New Jersey DGE details how to play Sic Bo in Rules of the Game: Sub-Chapter 9 (page 280).

Where: Once restricted to Asian casinos, especially in Macau, China, Sic Bo is now available in every major casino around the globe, and every online casino worth visiting.

Why / Why Not: Sic Bo is essentially a three-dice version of craps, where many more combinations can be rolled and wagered on. The game is quite exciting to play! It’s got some unsavory odds though, ranging anywhere from 2.78% (Big, Small, Odd, Even) up to18.98% (9/12).

#5 Family Dice Games

This last section of fun ways to bet with dice covers not a single game, but all traditional ‘family dice games‘. I’m talking about the games most of us grew up with as kids – Farkle,Yahtzee!, Backgammon, Monopoly, Qwixx, Bunko, etc.

How: Pick up one of these great games at your local toy store and read the instructions. You can bet on them in many ways. Play for penny-a-point, build a pot, take straight-up bets; it all depends on the game you choose and what the players agree on.

Where: Anywhere you like! All dice games can be played at home, and most on computer, or any mobile device with an internet connection. As the saying goes – there’s an app for that!

Why / Why Not: Betting on dice games is fun; plain and simple. When it comes to high-strategy games like backgammon, it can be a nice way for the best players to make a little extra cash.

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Nov 17

Shedding the Fear: Learn how to play Craps in 3 easy steps.

Learn How to Play Craps in 3 Easy StepsAre you one of those people who finds the Craps table entirely too intimidating to approach? Don’t worry, if that’s the case, you’re actually among the majority, especially when you consider most of today’s proficient craps players were once in the same boat.

I, myself, suffered from craps table anxiety. About 5 years ago, I took the advice of a very wise man. It’s the same advice I’m going to give you today. Because believe me, all it takes is a little knowledge and courage to become one of the exuberant participants you oft admire from afar.

How to Play Craps in 3 Easy Steps

I’m going to make the safe assumption that you know how to read. You’re reading this now, right? I’m also going to guess that you are familiar with the use of a website called Youtube. If I’m correct in both of these postulations, then congratulations—you can learn how to win craps the easy way.

Step 1: Read ‘Beat the Craps Out of the Casino

That’s right, I want you to get a book. I’m not going to sit and here and try to explain how to play Craps to you. Truth is, I’ve tried that before, but my teaching abilities are nowhere near that of legendary gambler Frank Scoblete, renowned author of Beat The Craps Out Of The Casino.

This is the book that taught me to play. It’s taught countless others, too, evident by the esteemed accolade of being the “#1 best-selling craps title of all time”. Frank knows the game inside and out, and he knows how to teach on a beginner level.

You can usually find Beat The Craps Out Of Casinos on for $3-$4. If they’re out of stock, try Amazon, eBay, your local book store, even the library. Find it, get it, read it.

Step 2: Watch Michael Shackleford on Youtube

If you’re not familiar with the name Michael Shackleford, maybe you’ll know him by his online moniker, ‘The Wizard of Odds‘. No one knows game rules, odds, and etiquette better than the Wizard. Luckily for us, he’s made a series of Youtube videos to help spread his knowledge.

You’ll want to start with this one: Craps Part One – Approaching the Table

This video starts by removing the intimidating stigma around the game. It will teach you how to approach a table, when and how to buy chips, where to place them, how to bet them, and everything else newbies are too scared to ask in a live casino.

Step 3: Start Playing Craps

Now that you know how to play craps, it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use. Don’t get too eager, though. Craps is full of house bets, aka sucker bets. Start slow, only placing wagers with the lowest house edge.

I don’t recommend doing anything beyond the Pass Line, and a Place Bet on 6 or 8. Here’s why:

The Pass Line Bet is the base wager on a new shooters’ come out roll. If it’s a 7 or 11, you win. If it’s a 2, 3 or 12, you lose (“Crap Out”). But if it’s anything else, it establishes the roll as The Point. The bet then becomes a wager that The Point will roll again before a 7. If so, you win. If not, you lose (“Seven Out”).

A Place Bet on 6 or 8 is usually made after a Point is established. Place bets are said not to be “working” until after the come out roll. Once the Point is established, tell the dealer you want to bet on Place 6 and Place 8. These are two separate wagers, requiring two bets. Make your wagers in increments of $6 ($6, $12, $18, etc.) The 6 or 8 will pay out 7-to-6, and the dealer will round down to the nearest dollar on payouts. Fail to bet in 6s and you’re losing money.

Tip: Do not make the mistake of betting on Big 6 or Big 8. These are the exact same bets, but only pay even money, giving them a house edge of 9%. Stick to the Place 6 or 8, where the 7-to-6 pays deliver a much more affable 1.5% edge.

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Aug 08

Games where online casino odds are better than land-based RTPs.

Games where Online Casino Odds are Better than Land-Based RTPsIt’s been said time and again; the odds at online casinos are better than those presented by land-based gambling establishments. This is a true statement. However, it doesn’t apply to all games. In fact, it only applies to a select few.

Today we’ll show you which casino games offer better odds online, and which ones don’t. We’ll also explain some other areas in which online casinos are better for players, and their bankrolls, despite having the exact same odds of actually winning (and losing).

Games where Online Casino Odds are Better

This category is surprisingly small. In fact, it only includes two types of games; slot machines and roulette tables.

Since the majority of casino goers play slot machines, this one is a big deal. Online slots really do pay out at a higher average RTP than their terrestrial counterparts.

In a land-based casino, you can expect the theoretical return to player, or RTP, to be set anywhere from 85% to 92%. In Nevada, the law only requires slot machines to pay a minimum 75%. However, with Las Vegas being such a competitive market, most casinos will install slots with at least an 85% payout rate. It’s rare to see anything higher than 92%, although it does happen on occasion.

Casino Games offer Better Odds OnlineOnline casinos, on the other hand, can afford to pay a lot more in winnings. They don’t have massive utility bills and payrolls to cover. The extra savings is passed on to customers by way of higher slots RTPs, averaging 96%-97%. However, progressive online slots—just like land-based progressives—are usually set with a lower RTP, for obvious reasons.

Roulette also falls into this category, simply because players have access to a wider variety of roulette variations. If your local casino only offers American roulette, you’re getting the worst odds available.

American roulette’s double zero (00) results in the highest possible RTP of 94.7% on even-money wagers. European roulette, featuring only a single zero (0), has a max RTP of 97.3% on the same bets. Players who dig deep enough to find an online roulette game featuring the La Partage rule can get the best online roulette odds of 98.65%.

All other common casino games present the exact same odds as their land-based twins. This goes for video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and other table games.

Other Reasons Casino Games offer Better Odds Online

Sometimes it’s not just about how much you win or lose, but how much you spend in the process. It’s nearly impossible to visit a land-based casino without doling out additional expenses. You’ll have to fuel up your car to get there, if not pay for an expensive airline ticket. The food isn’t cheap, and even if you don’t pay travel expenses or get hungry/thirsty, you’ll still be subject to paying tips.

Online casinos have no added expenses. There’s no tipping the dealers, waitresses or valet attendants. Every dollar you have set aside for your gambling venture can go straight into your bankroll, ensuring a longer session with more chances to hit that lucky win, whether the online casino odds are higher for your favorite games or not.

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Jul 17

The Market Marauders Approach to Gambling: Online casino games, sports books, or poker? Pick your digital poison.

Online Casino games, sports books or poker? Pick your digital poison.This may be the digital age—an age where the upcoming generation knows nothing of touch-tone phones, hard-cover dictionaries, or mechanized musical apparatus—but gambling existed long before the internet, or anything close to touch-screen technology. And yet, the forms of gambling enjoyed today are the same types our long-lost ancestors enjoyed centuries ago. We just enjoy them a bit differently, and with much greater ease of access. 

Online gambling opened a vast door of opportunities. The three most popular types of online gambling align closely with the most famous gambling amusements of old. Wagering on sporting events, or any competition of athletic prowess, was the first among them. Card games, much like the poker games played today, came after. Then, just a few short centuries ago, gambling was commercialized by way of casinos, with game variety evolving and expanding throughout the decades. 

Online Casino Games, Sports Books or Poker? Pick your Digital Poison

The internet made access to these games so invariably convenient. As a result, the number of casual gamblers has exploded. For so many, the idea of whether to place a wager is no longer the question, but rather on what to place a wager? 

Online Casino Games 

Casino games are perfect for those who have no exceptional passion, particularly for sports or mentally-extraneous poker games. The variety of gaming options is immense. They range from the easiest of games, like slot machines, to more complex titles with a multitude of betting options, such as craps and roulette. Card gaming enthusiasts will find no shortage of table games; things like blackjack, baccarat, pai gow poker, Caribbean stud, let ‘em ride, red dog, war, ultimate Texas holdem, the list goes on and on. And that doesn’t even include the array of single-player video poker variants on the market. 

If having a wide selection of entertainment suits your fancy, online casino games are a perfect choice. And another fascinating corollary of the internet is access limitless to tips, tricks and strategies to increase your odds of actually winning these games. You won’t sway the edge into your favor, but there’s nothing wrong with raising the odds. 

Online Sports Books 

The oldest gambling form in history, betting on sports contests has always been popular. It’s no surprise that more and more people are using their computers and smartphones to place bets than ever before. Where betting on the locally televised events was once fancied, the internet gave us access to wagers on every possible contest played around the globe. 

If you enjoy athletics in general, whether it be a particular sport or league, or anything worthy of ESPN coverage, sports books present the perfect opportunity to increase the action. If you happen to closely follow the sports and leagues you wager on, you’re already a step ahead of the game in making the best statistical picks. 

Online Poker Rooms

Unlike online casino games and sports betting, the popularity of poker is clearly a product of the world wide web. Before the internet came along, the World Series of Poker—the most prestigious poker event in the world—never once saw 400 players in the field. 

Then in 2000, when online poker was in its absolute infancy, interest began to rise, if ever so slightly, attracting a record field of 512. The next year, 613. And in 2003, when the first WSOP satellites were offered online, the crowd rose to 839. That was the same year Chris Moneymaker took a satellite entry all the way to the WSOP Championship bank for $2.5 million. His success encouraged a much larger field of over 2,500 players the following year. Since 2006, entries have fluctuated anywhere from 6,300, up to the current record of 8,773. 

But alas, poker is not a game for the faint of heart. One must master the skill of mathematics, or psychological warfare, to have any hope of survival. Those who master both… they are the freakishly successful pros we love (fear) and admire today. 

Of course, the choice is yours to make. Online casinos, sports books or poker? Only you can decide which is right for you. The best advice I can offer is to choose your gambling sites wisely, know the games you play, start small, and always be mindful of your budget. 

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Jun 22

Casino BlackjackThirty years ago, casino blackjack was the king of the gambling world in land-based casinos. While it still enjoys the largest amount of real estate on the casino floor in major gaming arenas like Las Vegas, it’s no longer the largest revenue generator among table games.

According to a study conducted by the UNLV Center for Gaming Research, the presence of casino blackjack tables has declined 26% in the last three decades.

Craps, which was once the second most popular table game among casinos, has also fallen. Conversely, both roulette and baccarat have become more popular, with the latter generating the highest yield among the “big four”.

Casino Blackjack No Longer King in Vegas

Researchers compiled table game statistics and revenue data from the Nevada Gaming Control Board between 1985 and 2016. They calculated data pertaining to gaming floor space between the most popular casino table games, and the “overall casino performance” (revenue) of each game.

What they discovered was that Twenty-One (blackjack) is no longer the undisputed king of the Vegas mountain.


Casino Blackjack Popularity & Revenue DownIn 1985, casino blackjack made up 77% of all table games. It was so popular, it accounted for more than 50% of the overall table games revenue in the region. By 2016, however, blackjack tables made up just 50% of the floor, and their value had dipped dramatically to 29% of overall table game win.


Craps—although never nearly as popular as blackjack—also suffered a striking decline in popularity. Craps was generating more than 28% of casino table revenue in 1985, falling to just 8.8% in 2016.


In the meantime, baccarat’s popularity has surged, likely attributed to the influx of Asian gamblers making their way to North American casinos.

Where baccarat accounted for about 2.5% of overall table game space in 1985, it’s steadily risen to cover just over 12% of the floors in 2016. In terms of revenue generation, baccarat climbed from 13.6% of overall table revenue in 1985 and peaked at 46.8% in 2013, before sloping back to 39.7% in 2016.

Comparatively speaking, baccarat now accounts for about 40% of total table gaming revenue in Vegas, while casino blackjack only generates 29%. Thus baccarat is the new king of table games.


Roulette has also experienced a notable increase in popularity among Las Vegas gamblers, though the change isn’t nearly so dramatic. Roulette’s presence has elevated from 6.6% to 9.6% in the last three decades, with revenue following almost the exact same scale; up from 6.6% to 9.5% overall.

Is Online Gambling To Blame?

Clearly, today’s gamblers aren’t following the same trends as past generations. But they aren’t the only thing that’s changing. The way we gamble has undergone dramatic alterations as well.

Internet gambling came along in the mid-1990s, and has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Casino blackjack continues to be one of the highest grossing games in the digital realm, right up there with Texas Holdem poker.

Could it be that blackjack fans are more inclined to play online, while high-rolling baccarat aficionados prefer to play in person? Whatever the root cause may be, it’s clear that casino blackjack has been dethroned as the most popular table game for land-based gambling.

Casino operators are going to have to accept this fate sooner or later. Blackjack tables may still account for half the floor space, but when they bring in little more than a quarter of the revenue, something has to give.

As the study’s authors were quick to point out, “Games are only as useful as the amount of revenue they produce.”

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