Aug 22

A detailed review of Yggdrasil Gaming’s new sumo wrestling themed online slot, Yokozuna Clash.

Yggdrasil's new Sumo Wrestling Themed Online Slot, Yokozuna Clash

Sports-themed online slots come a dime a dozen. Wrestling themes are less common. Sumo wrestling? Now that’s virtually unheard of! Leave it to Yggdrasil to find a new avenue to draw slots fans into the arena – in this case, a crowded Dohyo hidden among the bustling streets of Tokyo.

The game is called Yokozuna Clash. It features the ultimate battle for supremacy as the world’s greatest sumo wrestlers compete for a chance to take on the mighty Yokozuna. Released this morning at all Yggdrasil powered online casinos, it’s optimized for desktop, mobile and tablets, employing the brand’s intuitive interface platform, iSENSE 2.0+.

Yokozuna Clash, Sumo Wrestling Themed Online Slot

Yokozuna Clash is a 5×3 reel video slot with 243 ways to win, running left to right, and right to left. But the reels aren’t the primary focus of the game. They spin in the background to produce wins while the two fighters, Riku (in blue) and Haru (in green), take to the center ring, preparing to face off in the first round of the tournament for the Yokozuna title.

Yokozuna Clash Slot among Newest Games from Yggdrasil

During the base game, Riku and Haru each have a special power that can be randomly triggered. Riku (left) has the ability to add 1 or 2 wilds to the reels in the base game, increased to 1, 2 or 3 during free spins. Haru (right) is capable of randomly throwing out a x2 or x3 multiplier in the base game, x2, x3 or x4 in the feature, applying it to the outcome of the current spin.

Sumo Clash Feature

Any time a 5-on-a-line combination wins, between 2 and 4 extra symbols, matching the 5-line winning symbols, are added to the reels. Although not guaranteed, this feature is capable of producing an epic sized win when triggered.

Free Spins Feature

When a Free Spins symbol appears on the left-most and right-most reels in the same spin, free spins are awarded. The free spins will continue until the player’s champion wins the tournament, or loses a match. The winner of each match is decided by a 14-point meter at the bottom of the screen.

Fight in the Tournament

Each time a winning combination lines up from the left, the fighter on the left will push his opponent further to the right, earning one more spot on the meter. A win lined up from the right side does the same for the fighter on the right. The fighter’s attack power determines how many points the meter moves per hit.

Riku and Haru have an attack power of 2, Daisuke and O’Conner 3, and Yokozuna 4. When the free spin features activates, the first round of the tournament begins.

First Round – Riku vs Haru

The battle between Riku and Haru is a quick one. One will throw the other from the ring to start, bringing up a semi-final round before the reels start spinning.

Semi-Final Round – Player vs Daisuke or O’Conner

The player’s champion will now face off against a semi-final contender. If Haru is fighting, he will face the Japanese sumo star, Daisuke. Haru will face off against the formidable Scottish foe, O’Conner. Similar to round one, Daisuke (left) is able to add 1, 2 or 3 wilds to the reels at random, while O’Conner can unleash multipliers of x2, x3 or x4.

If the player’s champion loses, the total winning are awarded and the base game mode resumes. If the player’s champion wins, the third and final round of the tournament begins, and the free spins continue.

Final Round – Player vs Yokozuna

In the final round, the player’s sumo will face off against the defending champion, Yokozuna. You can’t miss him – he’s a red-skinned, forked-tongued troll looking character, and by far the most powerful in the game. He also features the most powerful random trigger feature, capable of unleashing 2 to 4 wilds and a multiplier of x2 to x4 on the current spin.

The free spins payout is awarded at the end of the battle. However, beating Yokozuna will award a x2 multiplier to the total for winning the tournament.

Final Thoughts…

Yggdrasil put together a truly unique game here, and one I think a lot of players will appreciate. Comparatively speaking, yes, it’s kind of boring between free spins rounds, but the action gets really intense, and very rewarding, once the feature triggers. Kudos to the developers of Yokozuna Clash for building a fresh sumo wrestling themed online slot with genuinely exciting game play.

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Aug 14

The legal NFL sports betting outlook across North America.

The Legal NFL Sports Betting Outlook across North America, Aug. 2019

With the 2019-20 NFL Preseason well underway and the Regular Season fast approaching, we thought it might be a good time to take a closer look at the current legal status of sports betting across the US and Canada. For some it’s legal. For others it’s illegal. And as usual, there are a few in-betweens that require greater explanation.

As many of you know, a cursory glance will cover our situation in the Great White North, so we’ll get to that one first. Our neighbors to the south, however, have a lot more legal fluctuation to deal with these days. Some are even scrambling to get their sportsbooks open before the first official NFL kick-off of the season on September 5, 2019.

Legal NFL Sports Betting in Canada

Above the 49th parallel, the situation has maintained status quo for years. We can bet on sports till the cows come home, but it’s more like buying a lottery ticket. You grab a slip at your local retailer, fill out a series of picks (3 to 6 in most provinces), and hand it to the cashier for purchase. The odds aren’t too appealing, since we’re forced to bet parlay style, where all picks have to be correct or the entire bet is lost.

Yes, straight up betting is still illegal in Canada. But that statement means more than meets the eye. You can’t bet on a single even “in” Canada, but you can bet on a single event at any reputable online sportsbook “outside” of Canada.

That makes two advantages we have over most Americans.

US Sports Betting Laws to Date (Aug 13, 2019)

Following last year’s reversal of PASPA, state governments immediately began legalizing, or debating legalization of, sports betting. So far, 10 states have a lawful sports betting market – some with mobile offerings, some without. They include, in order of implementation:

  • Nevada: Legal since 1949, Nevada was the only state to offer legalized sports betting during the 26-year reign of PASPA (1992-2018). Local sportsbooks are available within most of the state’s casinos. In 2010, mobile sports betting was added, giving punters the ability to place a legal bet from anywhere in Nevada.
  • Delaware: This state’s sports betting laws went into effect the moment PASPA’s 26-year reign ended in May 2018, thanks to a 2009 law giving DE Lottery the right to expand its parlay products. Only PASPA stood in the way. Therefore, upon its repeal, sportsbooks were instantly legal. However, wagers may only be placed at one of the state’s three land-based casinos, Delaware Park, Dover Downs or Harrington Raceway. While mobile sports betting is technically legal, no authorized provider has launched an online or mobile sports betting app.
  • New Jersey: Sports betting was legalized in New Jersey as quickly as the governor could get his signature on the bill. Within 72 hours, the first bets were taken at land-based casinos. By July 2018, online and mobile sportsbooks went live.
  • Mississippi: Legalization of sports wagers had been on the agenda since 2017 in Mississippi. Once legislation was capable of moving forward, it did so, going into effect on August 1, 2018. Like all other forms of gambling in the state, sports betting is limited to physical casinos, on land or on water, but not online.
  • West Virginia: Punters in West Virginia have been able to access retail sportsbooks since August 2018, and online sportsbooks since December 2018. However, a legal dispute caused the state’s sole mobile sports betting app to shut down that same month. No additional mobile offerings have appeared since.
  • New Mexico: While the state of New Mexico has not legalized betting on sports, one tribal casino, the Santa Ana Star, offers a legal sportsbook under its Class III gaming license. The state isn’t happy about it, but would have to amend existing laws to put a stop to it.
  • Pennsylvania: Technically, sports betting became legal in Pennsylvania the moment PASPA was lifted, but regulatory guidelines were nowhere near ready. The first sports bets were not accepted until November of 2018. Likewise, the first online and mobile sportsbooks appeared until May of 2019.
  • Rhode Island: Sports wagering was passed in June 2018, with the first bets taken at the very end of 2018. In March 2019, legislation was updated to approve mobile sports betting. Launch is pending, with the goal of offering a mobile sports product before the starts of the 2019-20 NFL regular season.
  • Arkansas: Some would say Arkansas is late to the game, but better late than never, right? The Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is currently the only casino to offer sports betting in the state, accepting its first wagers in July 2019. Others are planning to follow suit in the coming months.
  • New York: On the law books since 2013, it took New York until July 2019 to finalize regulations and authorizations for sports betting. The first land-based offerings came along last month, but so far, the state has no plans to integrate online or mobile sports betting.

Legal But Pending Launch

The following list of US states have already moved to legalize the activity, and are currently racing to deliver a legal NFL sports betting product before September 5.

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee

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Jul 19

Raid the online casino vaults with Red Tiger Gaming’s new The Greatest Train Robbery Slot.

Raid the Online Casino Vaults with Red Tiger's Greatest Train Robbery Slot

How many movies and books have been written about the seemingly impossible (but fictitiously feasible) task of robbing a casino’s cash vaults? Aside from banks, where else would you expect to find such a colossal amount of money sitting around? And as such, you can expect Fort Knox security surrounding the property.

No, raiding the casino vault is not a plausible way to break the house bank. If you want to get your hands on any of that cash, you’ll need enough luck to win it. On the other hand, the daredevil bibliophile within so many of us would love to imagine undertaking such an adventure. What if you could do both – enjoy the virtual experience of robbing your way to fortunes, without committing any crimes, and still having a shot at walking away with all that wealth?

I’d like to imagine that was the creative genius behind Red Tiger Gaming‘s latest creation, The Greatest Train Robbery Online Slot. Or not. Maybe my own mind took the story a lot farther than their development team, who simply wanted to build a slot machine with a train theme, and integrate a common desire to match the popularity of Microgaming‘s famous Break Da Bank slots series.

Whatever the case may be, the crew over at Red Tiger did a pretty good job of building this new game. It’s got fantastic graphics and a comical old-west motif that many players are sure to find enjoyable. Built in HTML5, it’s compatible with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. As of last month, players can find it at all Red Tiger online casinos.

The Greatest Train Robbery Slot Review

Review: Greatest Train Robbery Online Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

The Greatest Train Robbery is a 5×4, 40 line slot machine that features a trio of bandits looking to rob the rails. Each reel is a railroad track with train cars traveling southward with each spin. The symbols include a fiery wild, gold bars, silver coins, large emeralds, and sacks of smaller emeralds, plus A, K, Q, J and 10.

Most symbols pay for 3 or more on a line, starting left to right. Wilds necessitate 5 on a line to pay the game’s largest prize, while gold bars can pay for as little as 2 on a line. Landing 3 or more gold cart bonus symbols on the reels will trigger free games.

When this triggers, all three of the bandits will appear to help steal the gold, and with the opening of each bonus cart, a number is revealed. The combined sum of those numbers is the amount of free spins won. During the free games, the bandits can randomly awards extra free spins to keep the feature rolling.

Random Bandit Features

The Greatest Train Robbery Bandit Features

Throughout the base game, any one or more of the bandits can appear on the reels at random. When this happens, the feature of the corresponding bandit (or bandits) will be triggered. They include:

Winning Respin: This bandit’s dynamite will explode on the reels, causing 2 or more to re-spin for a guaranteed win.

Mystery Symbols: This bandit’s dynamite explosion induces heavy amounts of smoke, which can spread across 2 or more reels. When the dust clears, all smoke-covered symbols will have transformed into the same random symbol, guaranteeing a payout.

Cloning Wilds: When the masked bandit’s dynamite hits the rails, it starts a fire than can spread to 2 or more reels, turning all burning positions into a flaming inferno of wilds.

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Jun 25

iSoftBet makes gorgeous work of new Golden Tiger Online Slot

iSoftBet makes Gorgeous Work of New Golden Tiger Online Slot

There’s a special place for 3-reel slot machines in the hearts of some of today’s most avid slots fans. Sure, the modernized 5+ reel video slots have more action going on and, admittedly, more features packed into their systems, but the simplicity of a classic 3-reel game is unparalleled.

If you happen to love them, too, you won’t want to miss a chance to at least demo the recently released Golden Tiger Slot from iSoftBet. Their design crew did an immaculate job on this one, creating what is arguably the most beautifully rendered slot to come out of iSoftBet’s studios in years.

Released in late May 2019, developers invite members of all iSoftBet-powered online casinos to “tame the ferocious tiger” in their latest iGaming creation. Expounding on the games creative qualities, the company states:

This new release offers an Asian-themed gaming experience, with traditional Chinese symbols adorning the reels alongside four differently-coloured tiger symbols.”

Golden Tiger Online Slot from iSoftBet

Asien themed slots - Golden Tiger Slot from iSoftBet

Combining the slots world’s enormously popular Asian culture and musical them with the idealistic clarity of a 3-reel, 5-line slot machine, iSoftBet has managed to create what’s sure to be a fan-favorite for years to come. As usual, with the positive comes the negative. In this case, it’s a slightly below average RTP of 95.95%. That aside, let’s take a closer look at this new online slot machine.

The new Golden Tiger Slot is imbued with a selection of coolly colored tigers as it’s highest paying symbols. As the name implies, the Golden Tiger is the highest of all, followed by green, red and blue. Dragon cards and golden bowls come in the middle range, with red, blue and green ribboned coins on the low end.

The Golden Tiger isn’t just the highest paying symbol, but also acts as a residual bonus icon. Every position where a Golden Tiger lands will take on a translucent blue color, shredded by the tiger’s mighty claw. That blue hue stays in place with each new spin until all 9 positions are encased. Once this happens, the Golden Tiger Bonus Game is triggered.

The feature depicts two Bonus wheels – one on the left depicting high paying symbols, and another on the right that produces a range of multipliers. The symbol that lands on the left will denote the base payout (same as the pay for 3 on a line), and the right side multiplies the payout by that much., The highest possible payout is 10,000 coins, awarded for a Golden Tiger symbol, worth 1,000 coins, and 10x multiplier.

Players can also strike up to a 10,000 coin payout by landing 9 golden tigers on the reels all at once. Whenever three stacks of the same symbol appear on all nine positions, the winnings are doubled. This works for all symbols, but should this happen with Golden Tigers, it would pay all 5 lines at 1000 coins each x2 (10,000). It would also trigger the Golden Tiger Wheel Bonus, worth up to 10,000 more coins.

Still, that 95.95% RTP could turn popular demand into the game’s popularity-demise. Educated online gamblers know that the higher the RTP, the longer their bankroll will last – at least theoretically – giving Lady Luck more time to grace the window of opportunity.

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Jun 20

Reel in an authentic Aussie Adventure with Realistic’s newest online slot game.

Realistic Games launched its latest addition to the digital software firm’s extensive slots portfolio on June 1, 2019. They call it the Aussie Adventure Online Slot. It takes players on an authentic journey through The Land Down Under, featuring post-it stickers from some of the country’s most memorable locations.

Reel in an Authentic Aussie Adventure with Realistic's Newest Online Slot Game

Realistic’s Commercial Director, Robert Lee, calls the new Aussie Adventure Slot “an absolute beaut of a game” that’s sure to appeal to online casino operators and players alike. “With its exciting features and a Down Under take on the free spins mode, it will make you want to enjoy all the delights of the outback,” said Lee in a press release announcing the launch of…

Realistic’s Newest Online Slot Game, Aussie Adventure

The studio’s team invites players to pack their bags for the virtual outback adventure of a lifetime, accessible via desktop or mobile devices. The reels themselves are laid out upon a suitcase, with the majority of symbols matching the traveler’s theme. I must warn you, the musical score may get annoying very quickly. It’s a bit too high energy for my taste.

Various tourist destinations make up the high-paying symbols, depicted as luggage stickers. These include famous vacay destinations like The Rowdy Roo Hotel in Darwin, The Surf Bear Bar at Bondi Beach, and Brisbane’s Ruby Marlin Pub. The Jackpot symbol is an airport’s carry-on tag, and the wild is a road crossing sign. On the low end are thematically designed playing card values, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

The game takes place across a traditional 5×3 reels with 20 paylines and a min/max bet range of $0.60 to $200. It carries a low variance, delivering frequent minimum-value wins. One of the game’s most notable negatives is its RTP of 95.25%, which falls below the industry average for online slot machines.

Aussie Adventure Online Slot Features

This new game isn’t exactly brimming with features. The wild does nothing special, only playing the typical role of substituting for other standard symbols. It will not multiply wins, nor does it stack, expand, wander or become sticky. It’s just a plain old wild, both in the base game and free games modes.

The Bonus scatter is the only way to make anything special happen. When 3 bonus symbols appear, the player receives a small scatter pay of 2x the triggering bet and 15 free spins. If 4 scatters appear, the player receives a 40x scatter payout and 15 free spins. If 5 bonuses appear, a jackpot of 250x the triggering bet is awarded, but no free spins, which makes sense only because the free game feature is limited to paying out no more than the 250x jackpot anyway.

During free games, Aussie Adventure lives up to its name, taking players Down Under as the reels and symbols turn upside down. More free spins can be triggered by landing additional bonus scatters – a feature known as the Retriggeroony! Technically, there is no limit to the number of retriggeroonies (extra free games) a player can receive. However, if the player does not run out of free spins, the feature will end immediately if and when the jackpot value of 250x the triggering bet is won.

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Jun 10

Beavis and Butt-Head Online Slot – Inadvertently Celebrating Legal Pot in Canada! Heh, heh-heh, heh-heh-heh-heh…

Beavis and Butt-Head Online Slot - Inadvertently Celebrating Legal Pot in Canada

No form of entertainment has been more influential on the last century than television. It began as a colorless box with limited viewing options, and over the decades, grew into a vast selection of myriad channels where shows, movies, music videos, and of course commercials, brought vivid realities and wild fantasies direct into our homes.

In the early days, cartoons were animated to entertain our youngest commodity, but even those evolved over time to become a 20-something fascination. One of the original ‘not for kids’ cartoons, Beavis and Butt-Head, captured the hearts (and THC-filled lungs) of the ’90s generation of MTV viewers. Now, the two dim-witted grunters are taking the interactive gambling realm by storm in the all new Beavis and Butt-Head Slot Machine, brought to us by Blueprint Gaming.

Branded Beavis and Butt-Head Online Slot

Beavis and Butt-Head Cornholio

The comedic team of Beavis and Butt-Head are unlike any sitcom duo before them. They are mindless idiots who do little more than watch old MTV music videos and offer grunt-giggling commentary. It was funny, in a seriously face-palm-worthy kind of way.

Most people either loved them or hated them, and odds are, if you loved them, there was a little something extra in your blood stream inducing that euphoric appreciation – which leads this fellow generation X’er to believe the legalization of pot in Canada may very well have something to do with Blueprint Gaming’s choice to build the Beavis and Butt-Head game in the first place. But I digress…

Blueprint has become rather famous for striking deals with popular – but not too expensive – licensing brands. Their previous branded slots include titles like The Naked Gun, The Goonies, Mars Attacks, Inspector Gadget, Spinal Tap and Ted. No doubt, the players that have been entertained by those games are the same ones that will find a Beavis and Butt-Head branded slot machine hilariously appealing.

Obnoxiously Funny Bonus Features

On the outside, it’s a basic 5-reel, 20-line slot machine. As usual, it’s what’s under the hood that counts, and there’s a lot of branded memorabilia in this one. Blueprint took the most famously funny moments from the MTV show, as well as the hit movie, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, and infused them all into the game as bonus features.

Beavis and Butt-Head Bonus Features

When three of their Movie Star scatters appear, it triggers a Bonus Stuff wheel spin. The result of the spin will determine the feature to be played. They include things like Don’t Be a Buzz Kill, Customers Suck, To ‘B’ or Not to ‘B’ Free Spins, Maxi Mart Free Spins, and The Great Cornholio Free Spins.

I don’t want to give away too much here. The screenshots provided paint a pretty obvious picture as it is. Suffice it to say, anyone who loved the show/movie will get a real kick out of the new Beavis and Butt-Head Online Slot. Anyone who didn’t enjoy their reprehensibly animated high-jinks probably isn’t going to play the game anyway.

One brief recommendation before I wrap this up – I don’t advise playing this (or any other casino game) for real money while under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. I know pot was recently legalize here in Canada, and a remarkable number of people who enjoyed Beavis and Butt-Head during its hay day were surely partaking in the herb at the time. But watching a show and wagering cash are two very different things. Please gamble responsibly, and if you do choose to smoke weed while spinning the reels, do so in practice mode, not for real money.

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May 02

How to understand online casino bonus rules & requisites.

How to Understand Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

I’ve visited this topic before, but it’s been a few years. Times have changed a lot since then, and immensely since the birth of the online gambling industry. Most of those changes have been for the better, but not all.

The most positive change has been a legal shift in which transparency of online casino bonus terms I now mandated by reputable regulators. Ambiguous, misleading or otherwise convoluted rules are no longer permissible, and could get an operator in hot water with licensing authorities.

Conversely, some of the more alluring casino bonuses of yesteryear are just that – a thing of the past. Gone are the free play time bonuses that gave players a huge chunk of chips and an hour to spend them, keeping the profits if the right conditions were met. You can hardly even find a small no-deposit bonus anymore, thanks to rules surrounding pre-authorization through ID verification.

Nevertheless, the bonuses that are available are certainly worth taking advantage of. The key is to understand what you’re getting into, and to know what to look for when reading the fine print.

Understanding Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

Bonus terms can be very long-winded, even in today’s age of obligatory transparency. Somewhere within all that confusing text are four key elements to look for. They include:

Wagering Requirements (WR, aka Play Through)

Eligible Games



Wagering Requirement / Play Through

Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Every bonus comes with wagering requirements (WR), which relate to the amount of play through you must conduct before you get to keep any of that money for yourself. It only makes sense that WR would be required. Without it, any new player could claim a bonus, withdraw it as cash and walk away. Online casinos will go to great lengths to compete for players, but they are not in the business of throwing away money.

To find the wagering requirements in the terms, search within the text (Find in Page) for the terms “wager”, “require” or , “WR”. One of these, if not all, will hit the right section of the fine print, wherein you’ll discover a number associated with WR. It’s probably going to be listed as 30x, 35x, 40x, etc. This number denotes the number of times you’ll have to play through the bonus., or the deposit + bonus combined.

So you’re looking for two elements; the WR number and its multiple of the bonus, or deposit + bonus.

Here’s an example of how to calculate play through requirements when the WR is 35x and it applies to deposit + bonus. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Deposit of $100 grants a bonus of $100. Therefore deposit + bonus = $200. At 35x WR, the total play through is 35*200 = $7,000 in wagers.

Eligible Games

Some online casino bonus terms will limit game eligibility, such as “Slots Only” bonuses. These are very common. Some will even limit you to one or a few slot machines the operator is trying to promote. Others will cater to game play on all sorts of gambling.

When all (or most) games are eligible, not all will count 100% towards WR. Those that do count 100% are slot machines, and sometimes specialty games like keno, bingo, and scratch cards. Table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat usually generate a smaller percentage, ranging anywhere from 10-50%. Games with the absolute lowest house edge, such as favorable blackjack rules (classic blackjack, single deck blackjack, etc) and video poker, may not contribute to WR at all. If they do, it will only be 1-10% at most.

Search for the terms “games”, “eligible” or “eligibility” within the online casino bonus fine print to discover what games you can play, and what contribution rate they accumulate towards WR.

Also note that offsetting wagers will not be permitted! You can’t wager on Red and Black in Roulette to clear a bonus. If you do, and the casino catches you (and they will because it’s all electronic), at best you’ll forfeit the bonus and winnings you may have derived from it. At worst, your account may be closed and your deposit returned – or not. This is why reading the fine print matters!


This section is pretty simple. The terms will identify who will and won’t qualify for a casino bonus. Many bonuses are designated for “new players only” making a “first deposit”. If you’re not new and/or have already deposited, you can’t claim that bonus. Others may restrict players from certain countries where such bonuses are illegal. Look for the terms “qualify” or “eligible” to find any such stipulations.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Browse through the rules to see if there are any time restrictions on the bonus. Look for the terms “expire”, “expiration” or “days” (i.e. you have 90 days to complete WR) within the text.

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Mar 20

Betting on Dice Games: How, where and why (or why not).

Betting on Dice GamesWhen we think of gambling, most of us picture slot machines, card tables, or horse tracks. These are the most traditional ways to place a wager. But they’re far from the only ways. Some people especially enjoy taking a risk on dice games.

Craps isn’t the only casino game to employ dice, either. Sure, it’s the most common, and by far the most popular. But standard craps isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve decided to create this brief profile of five fun ways to bet with dice.

Betting on Dice Games – How, Where, Why (Not)

The following descriptions of casino dice games are meant to help readers decide which games they might enjoy most, how to play them, and where they can be found. Enjoy!

#1 Craps

Obviously, craps has to top the list. It’s been available for decades, from every multi-billion-dollar gambling establishment in Vegas, to back street alleys in every major city around the globe.

Most popular dice betting games crapsHow: Generally, craps requires just a few accouterments to play. You’ll need a pair of dice, a shooter, a croupier (to take bets), and at least one other person to bet with or against the shooter; the more players the better. The number rolled determines whether bets are won or lost.

Learn more about How to Play Craps.

Where: Virtually any casino that offers tables game will have a craps table running 24/7. Listen for the raucous cheering of a crowd and head in that direction. You’ll also find it at every online casino known to man.

Why / Why Not: Craps is considered one of the most exciting games ever played at a casino. Don’t let the crowds or complexity of the betting diagram fool you. There’s nothing more exhilarating on the live casino floor!

#2 Die Rich

Is craps proving too hard to wrap your brain around? Check out the simplified, single-die version of the game known as Die Rich.

How: Die Rich is played just like traditional craps, but with a single die instead of two. Players can bet with the shooter on the Pass Line, but not against (no Don’t Pass bets). If a 6, the bettor wins. If a 1, the bettor loses. Any other number (2, 3, 4, 5) becomes the point. The shooter has 3 chances to roll the point again, or all bets are lost!

This G2E demo video explains How to Play Die Rich Craps.

Where: Die Rich isn’t available at too many casinos, but you can find it in several Las Vegas locations, including The Luxor.

Why / Why Not: This is a very quick and super-simplified way to shoot dice, and for that reason a lot of people do enjoy it. However, the odds are about 2x worse than traditional craps.

#3 Crapless Craps

What is a good craps game without craps? It’s crapless craps, of course! (aka Never Ever Craps)

How: As the name implies, crapless craps doesn’t offer any number rolls that cause a player to crap out on a new shooter. Normally, rolling a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll is an instant loss, and an 11 an instant win (for pass line bettors). In this version, all numbers except 7 will establish a point.

Where: There are a few casinos around the globe, mostly from Vegas to Atlantic City USA, that offer this unique craps variant. I have yet to find it at any online casinos, though.

Why / Why Not: It would seem that having 6 ways to win on the come out and no ways to lose is a good thing. In reality, because the rarest rolls (2, 3 11 and 12) can become points, the shooter is less likely to make their point before rolling a 7. As a result, the pass line house edge rises from 1.41% to 5.38%. Ouch! I’d recommend passing on this one.

#4 Sic Bo

Sic Bo Dice Betting GameSic Bo is a famous Chinese gambling game. The name Sic Bo literally means “precious pair”. It’s extremely popular in Asia culture, and spread to North America in the late 1900s.

How: Sic Bo involves the rolling of three dice. Players can bet on a variety of outcomes, depicted on the table’s diagram. Common wagers include Big (11-17), Small (4-10), Odd or Even (except triplets), Combinations, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Totals, etc.

New Jersey DGE details how to play Sic Bo in Rules of the Game: Sub-Chapter 9 (page 280).

Where: Once restricted to Asian casinos, especially in Macau, China, Sic Bo is now available in every major casino around the globe, and every online casino worth visiting.

Why / Why Not: Sic Bo is essentially a three-dice version of craps, where many more combinations can be rolled and wagered on. The game is quite exciting to play! It’s got some unsavory odds though, ranging anywhere from 2.78% (Big, Small, Odd, Even) up to18.98% (9/12).

#5 Family Dice Games

This last section of fun ways to bet with dice covers not a single game, but all traditional ‘family dice games‘. I’m talking about the games most of us grew up with as kids – Farkle,Yahtzee!, Backgammon, Monopoly, Qwixx, Bunko, etc.

How: Pick up one of these great games at your local toy store and read the instructions. You can bet on them in many ways. Play for penny-a-point, build a pot, take straight-up bets; it all depends on the game you choose and what the players agree on.

Where: Anywhere you like! All dice games can be played at home, and most on computer, or any mobile device with an internet connection. As the saying goes – there’s an app for that!

Why / Why Not: Betting on dice games is fun; plain and simple. When it comes to high-strategy games like backgammon, it can be a nice way for the best players to make a little extra cash.

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Mar 15

Two decades later, legitimate online casinos firing up a win for all involved.

It’s truly amazing what time can do. It heals wounds, turns playful children into responsible adults, and in the business world, separates the successful from the unfortunate. Without question, time has looked favorably upon the online gambling industry and all who partake in its pleasures. Not just the players, mind you, but the countless people working in the background to provide this seductive form of potentially profitable entertainment.

Twenty years ago, internet casinos struck trepidation in the hearts of many. Were they secure? Honest? Safe? Trustworthy? Would a withdraw of winnings be honored? There were so many uncertainties, and no authorities to turn to if a player’s worst fears were realized.

Did that stop people from playing online slot machines and table games? Absolutely not.

If you build it, they will come…

And come they did! They came in droves, so fast and furious that more and more gambling websites were born. They provided casino games, poker games, bingo games, sports betting, race betting, lottery ticket sales – anything and everything that could be wagered on began appearing on the world wide web.

With the good always comes the bad, and the evil side of the industry did rear its ugly head. For every legitimate online gambling website, ten more rogue operators would appear to capture players and abscond with their deposits. This led to watchdog websites and player-managed review sites, all aimed at pointing new players towards the reputable online gambling options, while exposing the rogues for what they were.

This, of course, wasn’t good enough for the multitude of governments who had stood by idly, watching it all happen. Some lawmakers argued that players needed protection., but they largely went unheard. More argued that prohibition was the only way; criminalize it and it will go away. That didn’t work at all. It wasn’t until legislators began pointing out just how much money their respective tax coffers might hold that more and more governments began listening. And with that, the iGaming industry finally began to blossom into a respectable business.

Legitimate online casinos were a game changer for everyone.

The UK and Canada were among the first adopters of internet gambling regulation. As word of their success spread, others hopped aboard regulatory bandwagon. Now, most jurisdictions either regulate the activity, or are debating legislative action to do so.

The end result is an industry that people can trust. One that began growing at a much more rapid rate, and benefiting absolutely everyone with a hand in it.

For players, it means a readily available source of entertainment, whether from home or in the palm of their hands. Not just entertainment, but a pastime that begets life-changing rewards for the luckiest among them.

Online gambling operators benefit just as land-based casinos do, ensuring their profits through a built-in house edge. But that’s not the end of the line. It goes so much further, literally circling the globe. Online casinos benefit the website developers who bring each operation together. They benefit the multitude of software companies that produce countless, HD-quality games. And what about the IT staff; the customer support reps; the live stdio dealers and developers of superior video and audio equipment that supply web streaming capabilities to them; right down to the custodians that work a thankless night shift to keep all of these offices clean?

When you look at the big picture, the rise of legitimate online casinos has truly been a blessing for so many people. Far more than the big winners who’ve made headlines over the years, like the 71 instant millionaires that have been fortunate enough to strike the progressive jackpot of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online slot machine since 2006. Those big winners may be the most famous, but all beneficiaries are worthy of praise for making this one of the most successful online industries in existence.

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Mar 11

Ontario Lottery wins its second award for teaching players to gamble responsibly via PlaySmart.

OLG named Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program 2018Ontario’s provincial lottery and gaming authority, OLG, made history in November 2018, and no one even knew it until last week. Turns out, the regulatory body was recognized by the World Lottery Association (WLA) for its superior efforts towards responsible gambling. But no announcement was made until Thursday, nearly four months later, confirming that Ontario had won the WLA’s Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program Award.

Receiving an international award of this magnitude is huge for the provincial regulator, earmarking the OLG’s consistently growing efforts to protect players, employees and community business partners from the potentially adverse impacts of gambling. But this isn’t the OLG’s first trophy. This is actually the second time the Crown Corporation’s PlaySmart responsibility program has been named best-in-the-business; a milestone no other regulatory body in the world has achieved.

Ontario Lottery Encouraging Players to Gamble Responsibly

The awards were announced at the WLA’s biennial World Lottery Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 18-22, 2018. The very first WLA Responsible Gaming Awards ceremony was held in 2008, making this the sixth time international lottery operators have been eligible to win the honor. The OLG was bestowed with the title of Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program for the first time in 2014, and now again in 2018.

According to the award’s criteria, WLA “aims to recognise excellence in Responsible Gaming and reward the best overall program at level 4, showcasing best practices and innovations across all program elements.” That description sums up OLG’s PlaySmart program perfectly.

As the lottery regulator’s President and CEO Stephen Rigby describes it, “OLG’s Responsible Gambling program is driven by a simple vision: to provide a healthy and positive gambling experience for all players.”

Rigby takes the corporation’s role in harm prevention very seriously. “We have a responsibility to our customers, employees, as well as our business and community partners,” he said. Rigby believes the PlaySmart initiative accomplishes that goal by providing, “the most effective programming that promotes positive play and mitigates harmful gambling.”

PlaySmart Responsible Gambling Program

Ontario Lottery wins 2nd Award for Teaching Players to Gamble Responsibly

PlaySmart isn’t just a catchy piece of advice for Ontario gamblers. It’s a complete, multi-faceted program that offers information and interactive tools to increase knowledge and awareness of how to gamble responsibly. Those who recognize that they have a problem can sign up for a time-restrictive voluntary self-exclusion program that enforces preventative control.

Ontario is especially diligent in getting the word out. Players will find a PlaySmart Lounge located in every casino in Ontario. Links to the program are on every page of the OLG’s online gaming website, PlayOLG. Information pamphlets are available at every Ontario Lottery retailer in the province. PlaySmart billboards can be seen on major highways all across the province.

The program helps customers by teaching them everything from how gambling really works, to providing a logical series of judgment-free steps to recover from compulsive behavior. To top it all off, the responsible gambling program is always expanding and evolving to better serve the community – one of the reasons it was chosen for the award in the first place.

“We work closely with government and independent agencies to find newer, better ways to support people who are concerned about their gambling,” explains the OLG. The regulator does so by focusing “on key areas like employee training, player education, game design, advertising, treatment, and community involvement.”

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