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How to understand online casino bonus rules & requisites.

How to Understand Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

I’ve visited this topic before, but it’s been a few years. Times have changed a lot since then, and immensely since the birth of the online gambling industry. Most of those changes have been for the better, but not all.

The most positive change has been a legal shift in which transparency of online casino bonus terms I now mandated by reputable regulators. Ambiguous, misleading or otherwise convoluted rules are no longer permissible, and could get an operator in hot water with licensing authorities.

Conversely, some of the more alluring casino bonuses of yesteryear are just that – a thing of the past. Gone are the free play time bonuses that gave players a huge chunk of chips and an hour to spend them, keeping the profits if the right conditions were met. You can hardly even find a small no-deposit bonus anymore, thanks to rules surrounding pre-authorization through ID verification.

Nevertheless, the bonuses that are available are certainly worth taking advantage of. The key is to understand what you’re getting into, and to know what to look for when reading the fine print.

Understanding Online Casino Bonus Rules & Requisites

Bonus terms can be very long-winded, even in today’s age of obligatory transparency. Somewhere within all that confusing text are four key elements to look for. They include:

Wagering Requirements (WR, aka Play Through)

Eligible Games



Wagering Requirement / Play Through

Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Every bonus comes with wagering requirements (WR), which relate to the amount of play through you must conduct before you get to keep any of that money for yourself. It only makes sense that WR would be required. Without it, any new player could claim a bonus, withdraw it as cash and walk away. Online casinos will go to great lengths to compete for players, but they are not in the business of throwing away money.

To find the wagering requirements in the terms, search within the text (Find in Page) for the terms “wager”, “require” or , “WR”. One of these, if not all, will hit the right section of the fine print, wherein you’ll discover a number associated with WR. It’s probably going to be listed as 30x, 35x, 40x, etc. This number denotes the number of times you’ll have to play through the bonus., or the deposit + bonus combined.

So you’re looking for two elements; the WR number and its multiple of the bonus, or deposit + bonus.

Here’s an example of how to calculate play through requirements when the WR is 35x and it applies to deposit + bonus. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Deposit of $100 grants a bonus of $100. Therefore deposit + bonus = $200. At 35x WR, the total play through is 35*200 = $7,000 in wagers.

Eligible Games

Some online casino bonus terms will limit game eligibility, such as “Slots Only” bonuses. These are very common. Some will even limit you to one or a few slot machines the operator is trying to promote. Others will cater to game play on all sorts of gambling.

When all (or most) games are eligible, not all will count 100% towards WR. Those that do count 100% are slot machines, and sometimes specialty games like keno, bingo, and scratch cards. Table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and baccarat usually generate a smaller percentage, ranging anywhere from 10-50%. Games with the absolute lowest house edge, such as favorable blackjack rules (classic blackjack, single deck blackjack, etc) and video poker, may not contribute to WR at all. If they do, it will only be 1-10% at most.

Search for the terms “games”, “eligible” or “eligibility” within the online casino bonus fine print to discover what games you can play, and what contribution rate they accumulate towards WR.

Also note that offsetting wagers will not be permitted! You can’t wager on Red and Black in Roulette to clear a bonus. If you do, and the casino catches you (and they will because it’s all electronic), at best you’ll forfeit the bonus and winnings you may have derived from it. At worst, your account may be closed and your deposit returned – or not. This is why reading the fine print matters!


This section is pretty simple. The terms will identify who will and won’t qualify for a casino bonus. Many bonuses are designated for “new players only” making a “first deposit”. If you’re not new and/or have already deposited, you can’t claim that bonus. Others may restrict players from certain countries where such bonuses are illegal. Look for the terms “qualify” or “eligible” to find any such stipulations.


This is pretty self-explanatory. Browse through the rules to see if there are any time restrictions on the bonus. Look for the terms “expire”, “expiration” or “days” (i.e. you have 90 days to complete WR) within the text.

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Mar 20

Betting on Dice Games: How, where and why (or why not).

Betting on Dice GamesWhen we think of gambling, most of us picture slot machines, card tables, or horse tracks. These are the most traditional ways to place a wager. But they’re far from the only ways. Some people especially enjoy taking a risk on dice games.

Craps isn’t the only casino game to employ dice, either. Sure, it’s the most common, and by far the most popular. But standard craps isn’t for everyone. That’s why I’ve decided to create this brief profile of five fun ways to bet with dice.

Betting on Dice Games – How, Where, Why (Not)

The following descriptions of casino dice games are meant to help readers decide which games they might enjoy most, how to play them, and where they can be found. Enjoy!

#1 Craps

Obviously, craps has to top the list. It’s been available for decades, from every multi-billion-dollar gambling establishment in Vegas, to back street alleys in every major city around the globe.

Most popular dice betting games crapsHow: Generally, craps requires just a few accouterments to play. You’ll need a pair of dice, a shooter, a croupier (to take bets), and at least one other person to bet with or against the shooter; the more players the better. The number rolled determines whether bets are won or lost.

Learn more about How to Play Craps.

Where: Virtually any casino that offers tables game will have a craps table running 24/7. Listen for the raucous cheering of a crowd and head in that direction. You’ll also find it at every online casino known to man.

Why / Why Not: Craps is considered one of the most exciting games ever played at a casino. Don’t let the crowds or complexity of the betting diagram fool you. There’s nothing more exhilarating on the live casino floor!

#2 Die Rich

Is craps proving too hard to wrap your brain around? Check out the simplified, single-die version of the game known as Die Rich.

How: Die Rich is played just like traditional craps, but with a single die instead of two. Players can bet with the shooter on the Pass Line, but not against (no Don’t Pass bets). If a 6, the bettor wins. If a 1, the bettor loses. Any other number (2, 3, 4, 5) becomes the point. The shooter has 3 chances to roll the point again, or all bets are lost!

This G2E demo video explains How to Play Die Rich Craps.

Where: Die Rich isn’t available at too many casinos, but you can find it in several Las Vegas locations, including The Luxor.

Why / Why Not: This is a very quick and super-simplified way to shoot dice, and for that reason a lot of people do enjoy it. However, the odds are about 2x worse than traditional craps.

#3 Crapless Craps

What is a good craps game without craps? It’s crapless craps, of course! (aka Never Ever Craps)

How: As the name implies, crapless craps doesn’t offer any number rolls that cause a player to crap out on a new shooter. Normally, rolling a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll is an instant loss, and an 11 an instant win (for pass line bettors). In this version, all numbers except 7 will establish a point.

Where: There are a few casinos around the globe, mostly from Vegas to Atlantic City USA, that offer this unique craps variant. I have yet to find it at any online casinos, though.

Why / Why Not: It would seem that having 6 ways to win on the come out and no ways to lose is a good thing. In reality, because the rarest rolls (2, 3 11 and 12) can become points, the shooter is less likely to make their point before rolling a 7. As a result, the pass line house edge rises from 1.41% to 5.38%. Ouch! I’d recommend passing on this one.

#4 Sic Bo

Sic Bo Dice Betting GameSic Bo is a famous Chinese gambling game. The name Sic Bo literally means “precious pair”. It’s extremely popular in Asia culture, and spread to North America in the late 1900s.

How: Sic Bo involves the rolling of three dice. Players can bet on a variety of outcomes, depicted on the table’s diagram. Common wagers include Big (11-17), Small (4-10), Odd or Even (except triplets), Combinations, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Totals, etc.

New Jersey DGE details how to play Sic Bo in Rules of the Game: Sub-Chapter 9 (page 280).

Where: Once restricted to Asian casinos, especially in Macau, China, Sic Bo is now available in every major casino around the globe, and every online casino worth visiting.

Why / Why Not: Sic Bo is essentially a three-dice version of craps, where many more combinations can be rolled and wagered on. The game is quite exciting to play! It’s got some unsavory odds though, ranging anywhere from 2.78% (Big, Small, Odd, Even) up to18.98% (9/12).

#5 Family Dice Games

This last section of fun ways to bet with dice covers not a single game, but all traditional ‘family dice games‘. I’m talking about the games most of us grew up with as kids – Farkle,Yahtzee!, Backgammon, Monopoly, Qwixx, Bunko, etc.

How: Pick up one of these great games at your local toy store and read the instructions. You can bet on them in many ways. Play for penny-a-point, build a pot, take straight-up bets; it all depends on the game you choose and what the players agree on.

Where: Anywhere you like! All dice games can be played at home, and most on computer, or any mobile device with an internet connection. As the saying goes – there’s an app for that!

Why / Why Not: Betting on dice games is fun; plain and simple. When it comes to high-strategy games like backgammon, it can be a nice way for the best players to make a little extra cash.

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Mar 15

Two decades later, legitimate online casinos firing up a win for all involved.

It’s truly amazing what time can do. It heals wounds, turns playful children into responsible adults, and in the business world, separates the successful from the unfortunate. Without question, time has looked favorably upon the online gambling industry and all who partake in its pleasures. Not just the players, mind you, but the countless people working in the background to provide this seductive form of potentially profitable entertainment.

Twenty years ago, internet casinos struck trepidation in the hearts of many. Were they secure? Honest? Safe? Trustworthy? Would a withdraw of winnings be honored? There were so many uncertainties, and no authorities to turn to if a player’s worst fears were realized.

Did that stop people from playing online slot machines and table games? Absolutely not.

If you build it, they will come…

And come they did! They came in droves, so fast and furious that more and more gambling websites were born. They provided casino games, poker games, bingo games, sports betting, race betting, lottery ticket sales – anything and everything that could be wagered on began appearing on the world wide web.

With the good always comes the bad, and the evil side of the industry did rear its ugly head. For every legitimate online gambling website, ten more rogue operators would appear to capture players and abscond with their deposits. This led to watchdog websites and player-managed review sites, all aimed at pointing new players towards the reputable online gambling options, while exposing the rogues for what they were.

This, of course, wasn’t good enough for the multitude of governments who had stood by idly, watching it all happen. Some lawmakers argued that players needed protection., but they largely went unheard. More argued that prohibition was the only way; criminalize it and it will go away. That didn’t work at all. It wasn’t until legislators began pointing out just how much money their respective tax coffers might hold that more and more governments began listening. And with that, the iGaming industry finally began to blossom into a respectable business.

Legitimate online casinos were a game changer for everyone.

The UK and Canada were among the first adopters of internet gambling regulation. As word of their success spread, others hopped aboard regulatory bandwagon. Now, most jurisdictions either regulate the activity, or are debating legislative action to do so.

The end result is an industry that people can trust. One that began growing at a much more rapid rate, and benefiting absolutely everyone with a hand in it.

For players, it means a readily available source of entertainment, whether from home or in the palm of their hands. Not just entertainment, but a pastime that begets life-changing rewards for the luckiest among them.

Online gambling operators benefit just as land-based casinos do, ensuring their profits through a built-in house edge. But that’s not the end of the line. It goes so much further, literally circling the globe. Online casinos benefit the website developers who bring each operation together. They benefit the multitude of software companies that produce countless, HD-quality games. And what about the IT staff; the customer support reps; the live stdio dealers and developers of superior video and audio equipment that supply web streaming capabilities to them; right down to the custodians that work a thankless night shift to keep all of these offices clean?

When you look at the big picture, the rise of legitimate online casinos has truly been a blessing for so many people. Far more than the big winners who’ve made headlines over the years, like the 71 instant millionaires that have been fortunate enough to strike the progressive jackpot of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online slot machine since 2006. Those big winners may be the most famous, but all beneficiaries are worthy of praise for making this one of the most successful online industries in existence.

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Mar 11

Ontario Lottery wins its second award for teaching players to gamble responsibly via PlaySmart.

OLG named Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program 2018Ontario’s provincial lottery and gaming authority, OLG, made history in November 2018, and no one even knew it until last week. Turns out, the regulatory body was recognized by the World Lottery Association (WLA) for its superior efforts towards responsible gambling. But no announcement was made until Thursday, nearly four months later, confirming that Ontario had won the WLA’s Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program Award.

Receiving an international award of this magnitude is huge for the provincial regulator, earmarking the OLG’s consistently growing efforts to protect players, employees and community business partners from the potentially adverse impacts of gambling. But this isn’t the OLG’s first trophy. This is actually the second time the Crown Corporation’s PlaySmart responsibility program has been named best-in-the-business; a milestone no other regulatory body in the world has achieved.

Ontario Lottery Encouraging Players to Gamble Responsibly

The awards were announced at the WLA’s biennial World Lottery Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from November 18-22, 2018. The very first WLA Responsible Gaming Awards ceremony was held in 2008, making this the sixth time international lottery operators have been eligible to win the honor. The OLG was bestowed with the title of Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program for the first time in 2014, and now again in 2018.

According to the award’s criteria, WLA “aims to recognise excellence in Responsible Gaming and reward the best overall program at level 4, showcasing best practices and innovations across all program elements.” That description sums up OLG’s PlaySmart program perfectly.

As the lottery regulator’s President and CEO Stephen Rigby describes it, “OLG’s Responsible Gambling program is driven by a simple vision: to provide a healthy and positive gambling experience for all players.”

Rigby takes the corporation’s role in harm prevention very seriously. “We have a responsibility to our customers, employees, as well as our business and community partners,” he said. Rigby believes the PlaySmart initiative accomplishes that goal by providing, “the most effective programming that promotes positive play and mitigates harmful gambling.”

PlaySmart Responsible Gambling Program

Ontario Lottery wins 2nd Award for Teaching Players to Gamble Responsibly

PlaySmart isn’t just a catchy piece of advice for Ontario gamblers. It’s a complete, multi-faceted program that offers information and interactive tools to increase knowledge and awareness of how to gamble responsibly. Those who recognize that they have a problem can sign up for a time-restrictive voluntary self-exclusion program that enforces preventative control.

Ontario is especially diligent in getting the word out. Players will find a PlaySmart Lounge located in every casino in Ontario. Links to the program are on every page of the OLG’s online gaming website, PlayOLG. Information pamphlets are available at every Ontario Lottery retailer in the province. PlaySmart billboards can be seen on major highways all across the province.

The program helps customers by teaching them everything from how gambling really works, to providing a logical series of judgment-free steps to recover from compulsive behavior. To top it all off, the responsible gambling program is always expanding and evolving to better serve the community – one of the reasons it was chosen for the award in the first place.

“We work closely with government and independent agencies to find newer, better ways to support people who are concerned about their gambling,” explains the OLG. The regulator does so by focusing “on key areas like employee training, player education, game design, advertising, treatment, and community involvement.”

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Mar 05

Play blackjack to win, and other casino games for fun.

iGaming Tips: Play Blackjack to Win, and Other Casino Games for FunCasinos are teeming with endless ways to place a wager; especially the online variety. Unencumbered by capacity, internet gambling sites can host thousands of games, never running short on seats. The key to enjoying an online gambling experience is to understand what you want to get out of it, and choose your games accordingly.

There are only two reasons a responsible person plays casino games. They are either looking for a good time, or as a professional expecting to win some cash. If you were hoping for both, you’re already tip-toeing on the borderline of at-risk behavior. The fact is, entertainment is the easiest thing to obtain from a casino. A profit is not a realistic goal unless you’re capable of swaying the odds into your favor. That can be extremely difficult to do, but not impossible. For those who manage it, it really is a job, and anything but fun.

Play Blackjack to Win

Blackjack players concentratingIf you’re hoping to make a living off gambling, or at least a few extra dollars, blackjack is the only game casinos offer that can, under the right circumstances, deliver a positive expectation for players. Don’t expect to have a good time playing it, though.

If you’ve ever been in a live casino and really paid attention to the players around you, blackjack tables aren’t the most lively bunch. The craps table is rocking. The roulette players are on their toes. Slot fans are wide-eyed with wonder as the reels go round. But blackjack players are a whole different breed. At least, the good ones are.

A dedicated blackjack player who’s incorporating enough strategy to get that oh-so-slight edge on the house must concentrate deeply, yet appear not to. That’s because they’re counting every card that appears. They must make the right decisions and the right bets at every turn. One false move, and hours of work goes down the drain. They are the most sullen, if not depressing gamblers in the place.

And, for the record, you cannot count cards at an online casino’s blackjack game. In RNG games, the deck is reshuffled after every hand. In live casino games, a new shoe is brought in prior to 50% deck penetration. If you want to play blackjack to win, you have to play in a land-based casino.

Play Other Casino Games for Fun

play casino games for funIf the experience above doesn’t sound like a very good time, steer clear of the blackjack tables altogether. The fact is, gambling is meant for entertainment. It always has been. Casinos make money just like movie theaters and ice skating rinks make money. They provide a form of entertainment, and we pay to enjoy it. The difference is you could get lucky and leave the casino with more money than when you entered. Outside of gambling, no form of entertainment can offer such an opportunity.

So, if you’re ideal visit to a casino involves having a great time, any other casino games will get the job done. If you like the camaraderie of a group experience, head to the table games section. Play baccarat, craps, roulette, pai gow poker, 3 card poker, etc. If you enjoy the solitude of a one-player machine, head for the slots or video poker games.

So long as you set a spending limit, take your time, and place small bets, playing casino games for fun will provide more than enough entertainment.

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Mar 01

Wazdan online slots at Microgaming Quickfire online casinos.

I’ve been researching and writing news for the iGaming industry for well over a decade now. It takes a lot to surprise me. I can honestly say I did a double-take when I saw the latest press release regarding Microgaming, announcing yet another new content sharing deal. Microgaming signs these contracts all the time, integrating the productions of small gaming labs into its Quickfire platform. But this time, I’m positively shocked!

Double-take! Wazdan Online Slots now at Microgaming Quickfire Online CasinosMicrogaming’s latest partner is none other than Wazdan Gaming, creator of some of the most gorgeous graphic rendering in the digital slots business. Their games aren’t just beautiful, they are innovate, feature-rich, and immersive, drawing players into each story and increasing the entertainment value ten-fold. Wazdan’s multi-award-winning games are some of the most unique I’ve found, and finding interesting games is what I do!

I don’t just write about online gambling. My passion for the games is what brought me to this position. I play them, I win or lose just as much as you guys, and I write about those experiences. Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love Microgaming casinos, for a wide variety of reasons – trust being paramount among them. So learning that I can now visit my favorite haunt, Royal Vegas, and play Wazdan’s latest creations is fantastic news.

Wazdan Online Slots Coming to Microgaming

The press release by Wazdan confirms the new supply deal. According to the Malta-based software firm, the agreement “will ensure that the very best titles from Wazdan are made available to Microgaming’s extensive customer base, which includes some of the biggest names in the business.”

Wazdan Head of Sales Andrzej Hyla elaborated on the company’s enthusiasm to be working with such an established and respected member of the online casino software industry. “This deal with Microgaming is a significant win for us here at Wazdan, and we are excited about the potential growth and exposure for our business,” said Hyla.

“We are pleased that Microgaming has acknowledged the quality and player demand for our tech-rich games,” the spokesperson continued, noting Wazdan’s “pride on working alongside “one of the largest, most respected suppliers in the industry.”

Microgaming Director of Global Operations James Buchanan is equally “delighted” to offer Wazdan’s growing portfolio of online slots via their Quickfire platform. He believes the company’s “proven ability to create innovative slots that engage and entertain players” is a perfect fit with Microgaming’s mission to bring “diverse and trusted content” to their customers.

Brief History of Wazdan Slots

It’s truly amazing what this company has accomplished in such little time. Wazdan was founded in 2010, immediately welcoming a software license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Their first games went live in 2012, but it wasn’t until Wazdan embraced the HTML5 build for interactive games that began making a name for themselves. That, combined with a UKGC license in 2017, Wazdan has soared to success and never looked back.

There are currently 98 titles in the Wazdan online slots portfolio, with 9 more in the works, plus a small assortment of table games, video poker and specialties. They’re rate of game production has more than doubled in the last year alone; a clear sign that they deserve a place at Microgaming’s Quickfire online casinos.

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Feb 27

Static jackpots, progressive jackpot games and other not-so-random slot machine musings…

Static Jackpots, Progressive Jackpot Games and Other Slot Machine Musings

There are more types of slot machines on the market than the vast majority of their players ever come to realize. It’s not just about the number of reels, the cost of play, or whether there’s a jackpot up for grabs. Modern machines now offer a complex amalgamation of features and thousands—sometimes tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands—of ways to line up a win in a single spin.

Today we’re going to talk about two very specific types of slot machine that sound similar by description, but have little else in common. I’m referring to slots with static jackpots, as opposed to progressive jackpot slot machines. Let’s have a closer look…

Static Jackpot Slot Machines

Static jackpots can be found on a wide assortment of slot machines; everything from 3-reel and 5-reel varieties, to basic 5-liners and mega-ways paying games. The presence of a static jackpot simply means that there’s a special jackpot prize, usually ending in at least three zeros, that is awarded for combining a special line-up of symbols, or accomplishing a certain goal during a bonus feature.

The size of this jackpot never wavers. It could be $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or as high as $500,000. It could even be multiple jackpot tiers of all those amounts, often labeled as Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpot prizes. Whatever the value, it does not change, remaining static at all times.

Progressive Jackpot Games

These slot machines can come in just as many varieties as their static jackpot cousins. They can even carry the same multi-tier jackpots, rising from minuscule to enormous heights. The difference is that each jackpot grows in size until it is won. Hence the “progressive” nature of their name.

Progressive jackpot slot machines come in all starting sizes. Some will begin with an amount as low as $100 or $1,000, scaling up to $100,000, $250,000, even $1,000,000. No matter where it starts, there’s no limit to how high it can climb.

A progressive jackpot continues to climb higher each and every time the reels are spun. It’s usually a tiny amount, such as 2% of each bet, that goes into the progressive jackpot. However, by networking similar games across a city, country, continent, the entire globe, or all of cyberspace, the jackpots can grow to incredible heights in very little time.

The Mega Moolah by Microgaming is among the most famous progressive slot networks online, due to its million dollar seed and multi-national availability. Likewise, IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Slots series is among the land-based gambling realm’s most famous offerings.

Static vs. Progressive

Now that you know how they work, you might be wondering which one is better to play. Based on the information above, you may think progressives are the clear way to go. But that’s not necessarily the best choice for players.

If you were hoping to win a progressive slot machine jackpot, don’t hold your breath. The odds on these games are always 1 in many-millions. They’re actually a lot better than winning an international lottery draw, but still, it’s not a realistic goal. It takes sheer luck and a whole lot of it.

Static jackpots aren’t too much easier to win, but they do tend to strike a lot more often. It’s easier for a slots manufacturer to pay out a $10,000 jackpot once a month without breaking a sweat. Paying out a $1,000,000+ prize however is no laughing matter.

Sure, progressives are built on the money that goes into them, but not the seed amount. The creator and casino have to cover that out of their own profits. So the less they strike, the better. Having said that, though, it’s worth noting that Microgaming’s Mega Moolah pays its top prize, on average, every 9 weeks, worth (also on average) more than $5 million per strike.

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Feb 25

$46k jackpot winner duped by unconscionable online casino terms.

$46k Jackpot Winner Duped by Unconscionable Online Casino TermsIt’s a real shame what some of today’s unconscionable online casino operators are able to get away with. Every day, players are getting duped out of deposits and/or winnings for one absurd reason or another. Most often, it’s either because the website operator goes rogue, or the player failed to read the fine print. Sometimes, it’s a little bit of both.

A recently alleged case of jackpot thievery took place at Grand Eagle Casino. It’s one of 14 iGaming operations under the long-standing wing of Genesys Technologies. The fact that it is licensed in Curacao—a jurisdiction that puts very little restrictions on their operators, and fails to invoke any semblance of ameliorating player protections—should be an instant red flag for any player. However, the proprietor has spent more than 10 years building a reputation as being one of the ‘good guys’ operating from this circumspect jurisdiction.

If what we’re hearing this week is true—and based on emerging evidence, it certainly appears to be—that reputation could soon come crashing down. Here’s the story, as it’s being told from a reliable source that’s been operating as an online casino watchdog for many years.

$46k Jackpot Winner Duped by Unconscionable Online Casino Terms

The incident dates back to January 12, 2019, when a member of Grand Eagle Casino turned to the watchdog’s forums to complain about being denied a massive amount of winnings. She said she won a jackpot worth over $46,000, and provided screenshots to prove it. The next day when she attempted to login, she found the account locked. Customer support said she’d breached the terms and conditions.

She said she had claimed a free spins bonus upon sign-up. She met the playthrough requirements, but did not win anything from it. She collected 10 more credits from loyalty points and made a deposit to the account. The player also provided emails to the watchdog showing that she was being strung along and told various stories over the ensuing weeks. The operator finally settled on the reasoning that she had accepted two no deposit bonuses prior to making a deposit.

The casino watchdog investigated the matter and found that she had, indeed, broken this rule. Section 8 of the terms state:

8.4.1 A player is only permitted to claim one free bonus offer on their casino account, where no deposit is required. This includes free money offers and free spins offers. Should a player claim more than one free bonus offer (in succession without making a purchase at the specific casino in question), any winnings generated from this bonus will be null and void.

By these definitions, players automatically forfeit any winnings if they are derived from redeeming two or more no deposit promotions in a row. So that much was settled – the player did breach the online casino’s T&C, denying access to the winnings. But according to the watchdog, it’s a baited trap. And the rabbit hole goes deeper yet…

First of all, were this online casino regulated in a jurisdiction where the importance player protections supersede the value of licensing fees and other revenue, such terms would not exist. Curacao takes no responsibility. So long as the operator abides by its own terms—something players instantly agree to by using the website—no wrong has been done.

Jurisdictions like Malta and the UK would go ape-shit over such unconscionable online casino terms and policies. In these jurisdictions, if accepting two no-deposit bonuses in succession breaks the rules, then the operator cannot make it possible for a player to accept back to back no deposit bonuses. The simple fact that it’s possible is a disgrace to the iGaming industry, trapping players into forfeiture should they happen to get so lucky as this woman did.

To make matters even worse, the watchdog reports that, after denying the player the winnings, Grand Eagle Casino did not put the $46k jackpot back into the prize pool. The operator pocketed the cash, reseeding the jackpot at its starter amount, as if it had been won and paid out.

It all boils down to one thing, and I’ve said this countless times. The online casino community can be a fantastic, entertaining and rewarding place for those who are educated in the ways of this global industry, and a monster to those who are not. Do your research, stick to reputable licensing jurisdictions and please, always read the fine print!

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Feb 23

Be the Better Bettor: Walking the fine line between conservative and professional gambling.

Be the Better Bettor – The Fine Line Between Conservative & Professional GamblingGambling is one of those pastimes that everyone seems to have an opinion about. Some believe it’s a vice. Others believe it’s a classic source of entertainment. Then there are those who believe gambling is the quickest way to get rich. Each of these opinions comes with a flaw of some sort.

Those who turn their nose up at casino goers are seen as prudes and, most often, hypocrites. People who enjoy it for entertainment value rarely put enough time and effort into game methodologies to get the most from each experience. And those who see gambling as a money-making opportunity are either A-grade savants, first-class cheaters, or just plain delusional.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a “perfect gambler”, at least, not by the term’s natural implications. It would suggest that a gambler always wins; always makes the right selections at the track, or the right decisions on the blackjack table. No one is perfect. Even so-called psychics cannot predict the lottery, or there would be multiple winners every week.

The goal should not be to exude the persona of a perfect gambler, as such people simply do not exist. Instead, the proper mission is to be the “better bettor”.

What Does it Mean to be the “Better Bettor”?

The better bettor is someone who isn’t disillusioned by the fallacies of professionalism, nor convoluted by the flippant ways of conservationists. It’s the ability to walk that fine line between the two. Let me explain…

Profile of a Professional Gambler

These players do generally have the peace of mind to stick to games they can beat. In a casino, blackjack is their preferred poison. They may also play poker, handicap sports betting, or parlay on the ponies. Whatever they do, they put a great deal of research into it first. No bet is made on a whim, but with calculated strategy and poise.

This all sounds wonderful, but egos tend to be their worst enemy. A professional gambler is someone who believes they’ve got it all figured out. This gambler will risk anything and everything for the win, because their confidence in their abilities is so high that they can’t see the disaster that may befall if and when they fail.

Profile of a Conservative Gambler

The conservative gambler is the complete opposite. This person is only playing casino games for the entertainment and excitement of it all. They tend to enjoy games like slot machines, roulette, and scratch-off lottery tickets—games where strategy will not assist in the propagation of a higher return. That doesn’t concern them, though, because these players aren’t interested in studying strategies or odds. Many times they aren’t even concerned with total comprehension of the rules because, again, fun is the only goal.

To have such a good time, these players must not lose a significant amount of money. They fear big losses above all else. Therefore they will only place small wagers, playing penny slots or $1 happy-hour table games.

Walking the Fine Line Between…

Odds are, you have already recognized some flaws with each of these patterns. Professional gamblers are high risk takers, while conservative gamblers are too careless. To walk the tightrope directly between them is the be the better bettor.

Learn the rules. Study game mechanics. Know the odds. Understand that the casino always has the advantage, and stick to games that have a higher rate of return. At the same time, keep your bets low, pay close attention to your bankroll and be cautious about your spending. By doing so, you can enjoy gambling for the entertainment and excitement it was meant to provide, and enjoy the maximum playing time, while never exceeding your budget. With just a little luck and conscionable awareness, you may even walk away a winner!

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Feb 21

Take a romp through the jungle with Relax Gaming’s new 6×6 reel Temple Tumble Megaways Online Slots.

Relax Gaming releases new 6x6 Reel Temple Tumble Megaways Online SlotThe Amazon jungle is famous for a lot of things, like dangerous rivers, venomous creatures, and mysterious ancient ruins. This treacherous, largely uncharted territory makes the perfect backdrop for everything from action films to video games. This month, it is the cryptic setting for Relax Gaming‘s latest online slot machine release.

Temple Tumble Megaways isn’t your ordinary video slot. It’s not a classic 3-reel game, nor is it your typical oversized reel grid, which tends to feature cluster pays. It’s more an amalgamation of classic and modern games, wherein the symbols must appear on each consecutive reel, starting on the left-most end. But because there are so many columns—twice as many as traditional slot machines—the number of ways to win increases dynamically.

All together, this creates for a massive possibility of win combinations. It’s part of Relax Gaming’s partnership with BTG, allowing them to utilize that brand’s trademark Megaways Slots feature. This one presents players with a mind-boggling 46,656 ways to win. Line up the right symbols in enough positions, left to right, and this Temple can spew forth a wealth of 776,770 credits.

Let’s take a closer look at what the experienced design crew at Relax Gaming studio has put together in our…

Temple Tumble Megaways Online Slot Review

As stated above, Temple Tumble Megaways is a 6×6 reel slot set amidst the ancient ruins of the Amazon. Archaic relics and vibrant gems grace the reels as high paying symbols, with jewel-encrusted playing card values of J, Q, K and A on the lower end.

Temple Tumble Megaways SlotThe rugged explorer is the wild in Temple Tumble. He only appears on reels 2-6, and is just a simple wild, with no special abilities outside of assisting in standard-symbol wins.

When a winning combination appears, the symbols involved explode to make room for new symbols to drop in their place. This style of re-spin is commonly known as an Avalanche feature, wherein an unlimited number of new winning combinations can be created each time an old one explodes.

You’ll notice when playing that, with each new spin, some of the positions cascading onto the reels are encased in stone, and do not portray game symbols. Aligning any winning combination next to an encased stone will break it open, allowing symbols to fall into its place. If all stones are opened in this manner, it triggers the game’s free spins bonus.

Temple Tumble Slot Free Spins Feature

You’ll receive 6 free spins, and you get to choose between one of three features that will determine what appears under special runic stone blocks. You can choose Extra Spins, wherein special blocks contain +1, +2 or +3 free spins, or Extra Multipliers of 1x, 2x or 3x. Or, you can take the best of both worlds, Extra Free Spins & Multipliers. Your decision will effect the volatility of the game, of course. The better the choice, the more volatile the payouts.

Overall, I’ve found the game to be entertaining in terms of graphics, animations and frequency of wins. Temple Tumble Megaways Online Slot has a 96.25% RTP, which is on point with today’s averages for online slots games. However, its low variance ensures that the cast majority of wins are for incredibly small amounts. You could strike a repetition of 4-6 payouts via avalanche symbol drops, and be lucky to win twice your bet.

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