Mar 24

Live dealer casinos feeling the crunch of COVID-19 closures.

Live Dealer Casinos Now Feeling the Crunch of COVID-19 Closures

When news of the Corona virus first erupted, none could conceive of the disruption it would soon cause to everyday existence; not just in our home towns, but on a global scale. When the phrase “social distancing” became a household term, everyone began looking for ways to conduct their daily activities online. That included entertainment verticals, of course.

Online gambling was thought to be a perfect solution for those who already enjoy the occasional casino rendezvous. However, most online casino games are RNG-based. They are computer generated, offering no source of social interaction. Live casinos, on the other hand, are virtual mirrors of the table games played at land-based casinos, where real people gather virtually, and communicate digitally, as they play.

This particular iGaming vertical has harvesting more players than ever before in the last week. Now, it looks like this form of virtual gambling entertainment may not be around much longer.

Live Dealer Casinos Feel the Crunch of COVID-19 Closures

On Monday, March 23, news came down the pipeline that Evolution Gaming, the world’s premier producer of live casino games, had been ordered by the Georgian government to cease operations at its live casino studio in Tbilisi, Georgia. This marked the first – and at present, only – known mandatory closure of a live gambling studio.

A statement from Evolution Gaming confirmed the situation:

The Tbilisi studio adheres to current guidelines regarding social distancing and the company has taken an extensive number of infection prevention measures in the studio. Evolution Gaming is in close contact with local authorities in order to verify the taken measures and to be able to reopen the studio. The situation is developing, and Evolution will adapt continuously.”

Evolution stated that the vast majority of its operation would continue, as the Tbilisi studio represented just one of its 8 live studios around the world. It was a message meant to reassure audiences, but one that was surely given with a foreboding grain of salt as it predicated a similar future for its remaining properties.

Latvian Gov. Considers Suspension of Gambling Licenses

Today, evidence of that impending future is coming to light, slowly but surely. Word has it that the Latvian government is considering suspending the licenses of all its gambling operators. No official announcement has yet been made. It’s only a consideration at this time, but one I’ve no doubt will come to fruition in the coming days.

Evolution Gaming has been headquartered in Riga, Latvia since the company’s founding in 2006. Its oldest and largest studio is located in Riga Old Town. If the Latvian government goes through with this proposed plan, it could spell a quick domino effect of closures for all of Evolution’s live dealer casinos.

Don’t mistake the meaning in this. It’s not just Evolution Gaming that would be effected by the COVID-19 related suspensions. Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, every live casino operator licensed from here to Malta could soon feel the crunch of Coronavirus closures.

If and when it does come to it, we here at support the effort to protect the health of live dealers and all other staff members at these operations who’ve worked so hard to give us this unique entertainment vertical. To you, we say thank you. Go home, stay inside, stay safe, and we look forward to your return when the strange days of this global pandemic come to an end.

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Feb 06

NetEnt unveils communal rewards system with its revolutionary new Starburst PowerPots jackpot network.

NetEnt Unveils Communal Rewards with Starburst PowerPots Jackpot

Imagine playing a slot machine with a progressive jackpot for hours, days, weeks, maybe even months, only to discover some other player has come along and unleashed that massive, life-altering jackpot prize. For many of us, this isn’t hard to imagine at all. It happens all the time. Countless players contribute to a progressive jackpot in hopes of claiming its bounty, but only one can be the lucky winner.

What if there were a way to guarantee that you would at least share in a slice of that oh-so-sweet jackpot pie? That’s the exact question the visionaries at NetEnt asked themselves before coming up with the revolutionary concept of Starburst PowerPots. It is a jackpot network that rewards every single one of its contributors – not just one lucky person who pressed the right button at the right time.

NetEnt Unveils Starbusrt PowerPots Jackpot Network

Don’t get too excited, now. This is not a sequel to NetEnt’s astronomically popular Starburst Online Slot. It is, however, a shameless exploitation of that immensely famous title. If you want to plug a new product, what’s the harm in naming it after your most celebrated product? It got your attention, didn’t it?

But alas, no, this is not a new game. It is a jackpot network that can be attached to a game. Not just the Starburst slot, either, but any jackpot-worthy game in the NetEnt portfolio. I’ve no doubt it will grace the facade of the namesake slot at many of the software brand’s partner casinos. But the fact is, this jackpot can be attached to pretty much any game those casinos want to slap it on. In fact, NetEnt is lauding this as one of their most customizable creations to date.

The Starbusrt PowerPots network allows licensing operators to tamper with the volatility of its release trigger, thereby catering to different types of players. NetEnt designed the platform with maximum customization in mind, allowing operators to choose from “multiple RTP configurations, contributions and prize set ups”. The network’s interface can also be molded to suit any casino’s brand.

As NetEnt Director of Games, Bryan Upton, explains it:

This product can fit into any operator’s portfolio and deliver any experience, from large life changing prizes to super-fast hitting jackpots.”

Starburst PowerPots Games w/ Community Jackpot

The PowerPots jackpot comes with a unique progress bar. As players collectively spin the reels of any games that feature the jackpot network, that progress bar fills up. Once it reaches capacity, the community jackpot is paid out, and everyone who contributed to that progress will earn their fair share of the prize. Players don’t have to be online to win, either. All contributors will receive their winnings directly into the casino account they used to play Starburst PowerPots games.

Upton went on to explain how they came up with the idea, and why NetEnt’s executives ran with it. “Starburst PowerPots was developed in line with our customers’ and players’ expectations,” he said. Their crew infused everything from popular art assets (the Starburst brand), to proven mechanics (everyone’s a winner), to create the revolutionary new Starbusrt PowerPots Jackpot. The end result was a “simple” yet “compelling” feature that’s sure to impress casino operators and players alike.

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Jan 21

iGaming Gold: Remarkable Casino Software Providers of 2020

iGaming Gold: Remarkable Casino Software Providers of 2020

For more than twenty-five years now, internet gambling has been growing, shifting, evolving into one of the world’s largest eCommerce industries. In that time, we’ve seen a massive explosion of casino games, the software companies that build them, and – of course – the number of players that log on to enjoy them.

Hundreds of digital games creators have entered this market in that time. Most of them didn’t survive, but more than enough have. Some thrive on quantity; others on quality. Then there are those who make a name for themselves by producing unique content – something outside the box – something that makes players stop and think, “Whoa… that’s different!”

Remarkable Casino Software Providers of 2020

Today’s write up is dedicated to the online casino software developers that have changed the way we gamble online; not just ten or twenty years ago, but those that continue to do so in 2020. I’m talking about the ones that make iGaming the mega-sized entertainment industry that it is today. So without further ado, here are the top five digital game changers operating in the global online casino business.

#1 Microgaming

Microgaming Online Casino Games

I know what you’re thinking. Microgaming is old. Microgaming represents what the iGaming industry used to be. You’re not wrong, but there’s so much more to it than that. Yes, Microgaming laid the foundation for online casinos, with roots dating all the way back to 1994. This company had a hand in the development of the world’s very first genuine online casino in 1996. But Microgaming is no has-been. To this day, the Isle of Man-based company is producing – or at least commissioning the production of – world class gaming content.

Most of all, I have to commend them for their foray into exclusivity contracts. Microgaming has commissioned a throng of small companies (ones that could never thrive on their own) to develop games just for their Quickfire platform. Not only has it increased the production rate of Microgaming’s vast portfolio, it’s bringing fresh ideas and features to the iGaming community. And let’s not forget Microgaming’s ever-rewarding Mega Moolah online slot; the only online progressive to seed at $1,000,000.

#2 Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming Best Live Casino for Mobile

Evolution Gaming has brought about a true evolution in iGaming. After launching their first “live casino” product in 2006, this company has managed to produce live dealer games in beast-mode. They have the best software, the best hardware, the best game variety, and by far the most impressive trophy case of any casino software brand in the world. Evolution has been named the eGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year for 10 years running, and I have no doubt they’ll claim yet another this year.

#3 NetEnt

Gonzos Quest by NetEnt

For the last twenty years, NetEnt (formerly Net Entertainment) has delivered the full iGaming package, and then some. That extra effort has gone towards the fabrication of some of the most immersive 3D slot machines ever to hit the virtual shelves. They wowed us with Gonzo’s Quest in 2011, and teased us with Gonzo’s Quest VR, slated for release in 2020. They are responsible for the Starburst slot, which has, for seven years, popped in and out of the ‘most popular slot machine game’ position. At time of writing, it’s back at #1. Long story short their focus on 3D graphics and immersive game play is unparalleled.

#4 Habanero Systems

Habanero Systems Slot Machines

It was only a few years ago that Habanero Systems erupted onto the market. They were looking for a niche, and they found it in a unique concept – storytelling. Every slot machine they create comes with a complete backstory. Players who don’t skip the intro are drawn into the plot of each game, giving them more reason to play than winning or losing money. They combine this skill with HTML5 programming, impressive 3D visuals, and proven features.

#5 Playtech

Playtech has been making games almost as long as any of their competitors. Most of their games are on par with the industry standard, but there is one thing that sets them apart from all other casino software providers. Playtech has built some of the world’s most interesting license-branded slot machines. Sure, Microgaming has the Jurassic Park and Playboy Slots series, and NetEnt has Vikings and Guns N’ Roses, but I believe Playtech has the more impressive portfolio overall (and those other companies are already on this list, anyway).

DC Comics Slots from Playtech

Playtech brought us The Matrix, Rocky, Kong, Gladiator, Top Gun, American Dad, and a multitude of super-hero branded games, inlcuding a complete series of Superman titles, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, just to name a few.

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Jun 06

Is H5G’s Otterly Adorable Slot the cutest animal slots game ever? See how it stacks up against the “awww”-inspiring competition!

Most of today’s digital slots games are centered around widely popular themes, like sports, movies and holidays. Scary motifs like vampires and zombies appear often, as do fruit-filled titles, oriental themes and sci-fi fantasy games. What you don’t see nearly often enough – I’ve recently come to realize – are seriously adorable slot machine games!

Could H5G's Otterly Adorable Slot be the Cutest Animal Slots Game Ever?

Every once in a while we’re graced with cute and cuddly panda bears. Those are always super popular among online casino fans, especially if there are good features to back it up. Since late 2016, I haven’t found any game to be more “awww!”-inspiring than Microgaming’s delightfully charming Dragonz Slot.

Then today, I came across a game that I thought might be precious enough to live up to the cutest competition. It’s a game called the Otterly Adorable Online Slot, built by the veteran digital entertainers at High 5 Games. The name alone was enough to get my attention, but I had to take a closer look! Here’s what I found…

High 5 Games’ Otterly Adorable Slot

Otterly Adorable is an aquatic video slot with a unique 5-reel grid that spans variable rows of 3-4-5-4-3. As such, the game yields payouts on 720 fixed, all-ways paylines, zig-zagging all across the screen from left to right. Set in a tranquil lagoon, each reel spins on a leaf of seaweed, carrying with it a range of symbols that include the cuddly trio of otters, logs, lily pads, clam shells and playing card values.

There are a few features worth mentioning. Three or more purple clam shells award Free Spins. These are basic free games, played at the rate of the triggering bet, with no multiplier or other specialties.

The Find Your Fortune Bonus is triggered when 3 yellow clam shells appear anywhere on the reels. Those ‘otterly adorable’ otters take over the screen, each holding a colorful clam shell of green, yellow or red. The player picks one of the shells, and the prize inside is theirs to keep.

The Pick a Shell Bonus is another rewarding feature wherein clam shells appear on the screen, one reel at a time. The player picks a shell on the first reel, and if its credits, the next reel spins down more shells to choose from. Again, reveal credits and another reel fills with shells. Reveal a puffer fish at any time, and the feature ends, awarding any credits won up to that point.

Is This the Cutest Animal Slots Game Ever?

Unfortunately no – not even close. I had very high hopes for this game, as I absolutely love otters! I could watch them swim for hours and hours and never get bored. But High 5 Games failed to capture their best qualities. For one, these guys are basic 2D cartoons. They look nothing like a real otter. Secondly, they have no natural motions. They just kind of fidget, waving their tails and blinking – there’s nothing realistic about them.

The most flawed aspect (in my opinion) of High 5 Games is the same flaw that exists in their new Otterly Adorable Slot. The company is so focused on producing a rapid quantity of games, that their quality is being forgotten. I feel like this game could have been so much better.

I would love to have seen it developed by NetEnt, or one of Microgaming’s exclusive partners, like Triple Edge Studios, JFTW or Stormcraft Studios. As it is, the graphics are poor and immersion non-existent. Throw in an undefined RTP and it’s not a game I would ever recommend.

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May 06

The neutral nuance of NetEnt’s Live Perfect Blackjack game.

What’s in a name? Sometimes, it’s just a catchy title, often using just 5-6 letters to entice easy brand recognition. Other times, it’s the clever use of a hyperbole or pun that attracts so much attention. In the case of NetEnt‘s latest live casino table game, it’s the use of absolute apt cognomination that takes the cake.

The Apt Cognomination of NetEnt's Live Perfect Blackjack Game

I’m talking, of course, about the release of Perfect Blackjack Live earlier this year. One might say it takes a lot of confidence for a company to call its own creation “perfect”. Those in the know, however, are more likely to admit this egocentric title couldn’t possibly be any more “perfect”.

NetEnt’s Live Perfect Blackjack Game

What makes this game so perfect? It’s not that its rules are any better than other blackjack games. They’re quite standard, in fact. It’s not because the video/audio equipment is of the utmost supreme quality on the market, although the streaming technology is commendable. No, it’s none of these things. It’s a simple matter of providing everyone with a perfect blackjack strategy, without any mental strain on the player’s part.

Think of it like a game of baccarat, wherein the players themselves aren’t necessarily making decisions. They place a bet then sit back, waiting for the dealer to make all card placement decisions base don house rules. But in this blackjack game, the house rules dictate the use of perfect strategy. Whichever move has the highest probability of producing a player win is the action the dealer will take, whether it be a hit, stand, double, split, etc.

The game’s strategic perfection and house rules combine for a house edge of just 0.5%, translating to a favorable RTP of 99.5% for players.

Because strategies can align in regards to doubling and splitting, players are asked before taking a seat if they’d like to auto-split or double down in certain situations. Otherwise, the game really takes care of itself, giving players the chance to incorporate perfect decision making just like the pros, without requiring any mental enlightenment or advanced skills of memorization.

To make things even more interesting, because all decisions are automated by perfect tactics, the 3-seater table design is capable of accommodating an unlimited number of players. Embracing the latest live casino technology, NetEnt also designed the game to seamlessly cater to multiple currencies.

Perfect Blackjack Live Debuts at ICE 2019

Where better to introduce such a perfect product than the world’s biggest iGaming stage? NetEnt unveiled this modern marvel in February at the 2019 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London, garnering the attention of all in attendance with a genuinely unique, first-in-class live dealer game.

“Perfect Blackjack truly is an industry-first for live casino and we are certain that this game will appeal to all levels of players,” extols NetEnt Live Director Andres Rengifo. “Whether you’re a seasoned player wanting to sit back whilst being dealt flawlessly, or if you’re a beginner who wants an intro to blackjack and its strategy.”

NetEnt didn’t go this project alone. The company worked in tandem with fellow UK native Rank Group, a former motion picture production company that evolved into a live and online casino group in the mid 2000s. Rank Group is now the parent of Mecca Bingo and the largest UK casino group, Grosvenor Casinos.

As such, Rank earned the right to launch Perfect Blackjack exclusively at following its initial debut; something Rank Group’s Head of Live Casino, Richard Walker has lauded with great pride.

“We are delighted to launch this innovative new game,” says Walker; particularly excited by the opportunity to label it an “educational game” geared towards “new and seasoned players alike.” He’s especially impressed by the game’s ability to evaporate the common barrier of nervous tension that often prevents newer players from trying a live casino game for the first time.

For the time being, Grosvenor’s online casino remains the exclusive provider of Perfect Blackjack Live. No word yet on when the game will revert to a world-wide launch at all NetEnt-licensed casinos.

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Nov 22

Yggdrasil releases new Nitro Circus Online Slot.

Yggdrasil Blasts Away the Competition with Nitro Circus Online SlotThe wait is finally over! Yggdrasil‘s first contractually branded online slot machine, Nitro Circus, was released today, November 20, 2018. The game depicts the biggest stars and actual footage from the popular daredevil stunt tour, and it’s now available in a compact 5×3 reel, 25 payline version that’s blasting away the competition on desktop and mobile.

Branded Online Slots All the Rage

Only the industry’s largest and most recognized companies have been delving into the branded online slots business for the last few years.

Microgaming brought us games like Tomb Raider, Phantom of the Opera, and Halloween, based on the original John Carpenter horror classic. Playtech built online slots mimicking things like Top Gun, Grease, and all your favorite Terminator movies. NetEnt has the largest portfolio of branded slots, spanning television, film, and musical talents like Jimi Hendrix, Guns and Roses, and Spinal Tap.

Yggdrasil has followed in the footsteps of all these great creators. They’ve entered the digital slots arena with a mobile-centric template, focusing on superior graphics, animations, and innovative features—all of the things that made their largest rivals so successful. Now, they’ve taken a huge leap, being the smallest iGaming software company in history to get ink on the paper alongside a major production company. And boy-oh-boy did they choose a good one!

Nitro Circus Online Slot is Here!

After months of rumors and speculations, we finally got a crack at the new Nitro Circus Slot this morning. I’d have to say its energy level matches that of the televised series, but not the live experience. I’m not sure anything could match the experience of visiting their live show!

The main cast of characters are present, as are their favorite stunt items—rocking horse, LazyBoy, bathtub on wheels. Oh yes, it’s all included! Nitro Circus is packed with so many features, it almost plays more like a video game than a slot machine.

In the base game, you can hit winning combinations the usual way – lining up matching symbols left to right. At the same time, you’re collecting items that lead to special features. 5 Rocking Horses, Recliners, Mini Cars or Bathtubs will trigger 1 Nitro Jump in that “vehicle”. Landing all the letters of the word N-I-T-R-O in one spin awards the full Nitro Jump, complete with vehicle selection and a trio of practice jumps that award special items.

With vehicle selection, you’ll actually have some control over the feature. There are three vehicle stats—tricks, boost and size. Tricks award more coins (credits), boost gives a higher chance of a good prize multiplier, and the larger the vehicle, the more items you’re likely to collect from the air during jumps. All the items you collect will be used on the final jump, where the real prizes are awarded.

There’s a lot more to this game as far as cinematics and features go, but I don’t want to give away too much. If you’re already a member of any Yggdrasil-powered online casinos, such as LeoVegas, log in and give it a go. If not, you can demo the Nitro Circus Online Slot for free at

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Oct 26

Halloween Jackpot Online Slots from NetEnt will scare your reels off!

Halloween Jackpot Online Slots from NetEnt will Scare your Reels Off!I’ve played a lot of Halloween themed online slots in my days; at least 90% of what’s out there. One complaint I’ve always had—being a major horror movie buff—is that they just aren’t scary. The first (and until today, only) game I ever played that managed to send tingles up my spine was Triple Edge Studio‘s 2017 release of the movie-branded Halloween Online Slot, exclusive to Microgaming powered casinos.

Michael Meyers and the eerie Halloween soundtrack are enough to give anyone a fright! And today, I can finally say there’s another creepy slot machine on the web that’s worthy of turning out the lights and cranking up the volume. It’s the new Halloween Jack Slot, released by NetEnt on Thursday.

The game tells the story of a once-happy woman who’s now haunted by terrible voices, emitted from the depths of a mysterious jewelry box—a box that seems to pulsate from within, much like a beating heart. In her terrified desire to be rid of the box, and the horrifying voices, she prepares the horses, dons the darkest clothing, and heads out into the night on All Saints’ Eve to bury the evil treasure beneath the bows of an ancient elm…

Halloween Jack Online Slot

The most frightening thing about this game is the musical score and sound effects. After all, what good horror flick is complete without a bone-chilling soundtrack of pianos, pipe organs, creaky doors, breathy sighs and shrill scrapes? The added effect of thunderous booms and lightning strikes in the background doesn’t hurt, either.

The creators of the Halloween Jack Slot surely had a great time coming up with the graphics, too. Ominous ravens and vampire bats, the webbed jewelry box, emanating with an eerie green glow, card values of (10 thru A) caressed, almost lovingly, by undead arms, and the unsettling visage of one malevolent looking lady with a sinister make-up job!

NetEnt's Creepy New Halloween Jack Slot Symbols

The macabre jack-o-lantern, Halloween Jack, is a Walking Wild in this 5×3 reel, 20 fixed-payline game. Whenever he appears on a reel, he acts as a standard wild. Once that spin ends, he moves left one position and triggers a free re-spin. The re-spins continue until he reaches and re-spins on the left-most reel.

The Mysterious Jewelry Box…

The web-coated jewelry box is the Scatter symbol, awarding 10 Free Spins whenever 3+ appear anywhere on the reels. If 3 or more Scatters appear during free spins, another 5 freebies are awarded. Also during free spins, Lanterns can appear on reel 5. Each lantern is collected, unlocking special features for the rest of the free games.

3 Lanterns: Unlocks 2-high stacked Hell Hound Wilds.

6 Lanterns: Unlocks 3-high stacked Jack-o-Lantern Wilds.

9 Lanterns: Unlocks 3-high expanding Death Reaper Wilds.

NetEnt’s most menacing creation to date, the Halloween Jack Online Slot is available on all devices; desktop, laptop, and mobile. Built in HTML5, it’s compatible with all operating systems as well, from Windows and Mac, to Android and iOS, even Windows Phone and Blackberry.

If you’re a fan of the macabre, like myself, I definitely recommend giving this on a spin. The only thing up for debate is which one’s scarier—the new Halloween Jack Slot, or Microgaming’s reel-spinning reproduction of the 1978 John Carpenter film, Halloween Online Slot? I’ll let you decide…

Halloween Online Slots by Microgaming in 2017

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Sep 03

Five old NetEnt online slots to get the ax on Wednesday.

Farewell to 5 Old NetEnt Online Slots Getting the Ax on September 5After more than two decades in the online gambling software business, NetEnt has produced hundreds upon hundreds of interactive slot machines. The company’s development crew is so active that we’re accustomed to reading about the launch of new and innovative games with spectacular 3D graphics and ground-breaking features. That’s what makes today’s news all the more brow-raising.

NetEnt has announced that it will be removing 5 of its online slot titles from the brand’s extensive portfolio of digital games. There’s been no indication as to why they’re deleting the titles. It could have something to do with branding licenses, or perhaps muffled allegations of copyright infringement. But there isn’t much evidence in that regard, or any clear links between the games. They are all quite different in their concepts.

The only visible similarities between them is their age—all were released between 2014 and 2015—and their notable lack of popularity in 2018. None of the games have an average popularity rating above 400 at NetEnt online casino. Three of them actually rank as far down as 1,200+. This doesn’t mean there aren’t players out there who still enjoy them, but statistically speaking, they are all among NetEnt’s most unpopular online slots.

5 Old NetEnt Online Slots Getting the Ax

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, the following NetEnt slots titles (in alphabetical order) will cease to exist. We’ll describe them briefly, and try to evaluate why they are so unpopular.

Big Bang Slot by NetEntBig Bang Slot – Launched in January 2014, Big Bang is a 5-reel, 25-line video slot. It has beautiful graphics, but very little in the way of features. There’s a standard wild symbol, but no scatters or bonuses. To hit a big payout, players need repetitive wins, which increase the multiplier up to 32x. However, the game’s high volatility makes it incredibly hard to reach a lucrative multiplier, which could explain its impending deletion from NetEnt’s slots portfolio.

GLOW Slot by NetEntGLOW Slot – Online since April 2015, GLOW has a vibrant Northern Lights/nature theme across 5 reels and 15 paylines. It offers 2x wild multipliers and free spins with 2x multipliers throughout, which players generally enjoy. What this game lacks, in my observance, is a visible RTP. Today’s online gamblers are a savvy bunch, and when slots games fail to display their RTP, it can turn a lot of players off.

Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot by NetEntFantasini: Master of Mystery Slot – Released in January 2015, this game takes players into the mystical realm of a clever illusionist. It’s got 5 reels and 243 ways to win, a very basic wild symbol, and only one other feature, known as linked reels, which can trigger at random. It doesn’t even guarantee a win when active, making it fairly clear why this game is miserably failing the popularity contest.

NRVNA The Nxt Experience Slot by NetEntNRVNA: The Nxt Experience Slot – NRVNA went live in June 2015, equipped with 5 reels, 30 paylines and some pretty nice features. Wins involving wilds pay 3x, and scatters award up to 30 free spins with a random NRVNA Wheel for extra free spins and up to 10x multiplier. Unfortunately, I think it’s the design that killed this one. The symbols are tiny compared to the screen, making it rather unappealing to look at. Add in a medium/high volatility, and it’s just not that fun to play.

Tornado Farm Escape Slot by NetEntTornado: Farm Escape Slot – This game, launched in January 2015, has a very comical, cartoon-style theme and some attractive features. Its failure is evident in the pay table, though. NetEnt gave it a lowly 93% RTP, presumably hoping the entertainment value would override its cheap payouts, which are well below the average for NetEnt online slots. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson with this one.

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Aug 22

Narrowing the search for a good online casino by software provider.

Narrowing the Search for a Good Online Casino by Software ProvidersWhether you’re new to the online casino gaming community or not, searching for new online casinos worthy of your deposit can be a long and tedious process. There are many, many aspects to be considered. Things like longevity, integrity, licensing and regulation, regional player acceptance, baking options, game variety, bonuses and promotions; the list goes on and on.

One of the most important factors you’ll want to consider is the online casino software provider(s) that powers the games. If you can choose which software you’d like access to, you can filter the results to a narrow margin, greatly speeding up the overall process.

Narrow the Search for a Good Online Casino by Software

There are dozens of software companies that provide solid gaming platforms for online casinos. Some have an immense game variety, while others offer smaller portfolios. The larger ones, like Microgaming, often supply their software exclusively. Smaller ones tend to be employed by online casinos that utilize a bulk of software, making up a larger studio of games from different providers.

The one you choose should be based on your preference of games, as well as your desire to either download the software, or play instantly in your browser. If you’re the type to download the platform, granting full access to all games with the fastest speeds and highest graphic quality, a larger, exclusive software is the way to go.

Top Online Casino Software Providers

Some of the oldest and most reputable brands in the business include Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Microgaming: This company has the largest portfolio of games, with hundreds of online slots—classics, video slots, bonus slots, progressives, etc.—plus dozens of tables games, video poker games, instant wins, specialties and more. There are well over 800 to choose from in the download client, and about 500 in the instant-play platform. No less than two new games are released monthly.

NetEnt: Formerly Net Entertainment, NetEnt is another long-time developer of games with an immense portfolio of slots, table games, and more. Their production rate is lower, but the selection of 3D slots is phenomenal.

Playtech: Much like NetEnt, Playtech’s game variety is quite large, numbering in the high hundreds. They offer a fantastic selection of all game types. However, Playtech provides software for so many types of gaming operators—casino, poker, bingo, sports, etc.—that they’re a bit behind the times with new content.

Best Live Casino Software Providers

Another aspect you’ll want to consider is live casino accessibility. The number of live studio providers is much lower than RNG-based gaming software companies. Live casino games are played from a real casino studio—in some cases, a real land-based casino. Players participate on their desktop or mobile via live streams of the action, where real professional dealers administer the games; just like in a bricks-and-mortar casino.

In this category, there’s only one software provider that’s really worth looking for. Evolution Gaming has worked exclusively in the live casino sector since 2006, and has been the number-one provider in this arena from the start. They’ve won the EGR Casino Supplier of the Year Award 9 years straight; ever since the inaugural EGR Operator Awards were held.

If you’re looking for a good online casino with both RNG-based and live casino games, Microgaming or NetEnt casinos that also employ the Evolution brand are your best bet. Playtech provides its own live casino, and while it’s of decent quality, it doesn’t compare to Evolution’s supremacy in this area. Online casinos like Royal Vegas offer a two-point combination of Microgaming and Evolution Gaming for the best overall experience, with or without a download.

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Jul 24

NetEnt’s upcoming Max Series to cater to casual and high roller slots players.

NetEnt is always looking to diversify its online slots portfolio. The brand has been pioneering innovative creations for more than two decades. The latest announcement from the Swedish games developer indicates another upcoming success on the digital horizon. They call them Max Series Slots.

Max Series Slots to cater to Casual and High Roller Slots Players

This new series of online slot machines are a special breed. Twins, so to speak, with only slightly varying qualities to tell them apart. The first edition is a low volatility slot machine with all of NetEnt’s usual features and aesthetic appeal. The second Max version is incredibly similar to the first, in almost every way except that its mechanics are altered to deliver higher volatility; thus, higher potential for big wins.

Max Series to Appeal to Casual and High Roller Slots Players

The beauty behind NetEnt’s engineering is that the games in the Max Series should appeal to every type of slots player. Those who prefer low stakes and equally low volatility slots—casual players—will find the standard edition of these games most gratifying. They are low-cost games that frequently land small payouts, perfect for keeping a player’s bankroll stocked through a long session.

Big spenders rarely play those types of slots, though. They aren’t looking for the consistent chime of bells and whistles. They are seeking one thing, and one thing only—a big payout. And they don’t mind funneling a bit more cash into a machine to find it. As such, they are drawn to high-volatility slots, and that’s exactly what the Max edition in the new series brings to the table.

NetEnt reports that each dual-edition will share similar RTPs and game mechanics, giving NetEnt casinos the chance to promote near mirror images of the games for all types of players.

“It is important for us to diversify the volatility in our games,” explains Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer for NetEnt. “We know that our partners are demanding more flexible games catering to different player needs, and we are a supplier that listens to our customers and deliver quality.”

First Max Series Slots BerryBurst coming August 2018

BerryBurst Max Series by NetEntThe first titles on the pending roster of this innovative new slots series are called BerryBurst and BerryBurst Max. They are set to launch just four weeks from now, on August 23, 2018.

A NetEnt Official promo video for the Max edition reveals a super fruity graphic overlay with a tropically groovin’ soundtrack to match. Not all of the features are revealed in the teaser—hence the name, teaser—but it’s clearly charged with expanding wilds and sticky wild respins, adding to the lucrative nature of the game.

Kudos to the development crew at the Stockholm-listed software firm for once more doing an amazing job fusing all the qualitative parts together to deliver yet another sure-to-be crowd pleaser. Mr. Fagerlund is among the biggest fans of the new Max Series Slots, commenting his positive enthusiasm for yet another immensely successful launch to their already immense portfolio of digital online and mobile slots.

“We are certain that the MAX releases will add another dimension to our already hugely popular portfolio,” said Fagerlund, adding that the upcoming launch will no doubt “increase the standard of the gameplay experience” for casual and high-roller slots player alike.

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