Mar 31

Three worst online casino game ideas that bombed.

What Were They Thinking? Worst Online Casino Game Ideas that Bombed

The online gambling industry is unique in many ways, one being that each internet casino presents limitless borders. An operator can pack in as many games as it wants and never run out of space. As such, virtual gaming floors are the perfect forum for testing out new game ideas.

In the last two decades, we’ve seen a lot of new games rise to ultimate glory. Microgaming’s 243 ways to win slots were a smashing success! Lottery-style sit-n-goes, first introduced by French operator Winamax in 2013, revolutionized internet poker. Live dealer casinos, debuted in 2003 by Playtech and perfected by Evolution Gaming in 2006, solved the lack of realism in RNG-based gambling.

Worst Online Casino Game Ideas that Bombed

Not every game created is an instant success. In fact, just like land-based table game inventions, the majority of them die on the virtual gaming floor – some faster than others.

7-Card Stud video poker was a perfect example. It made the games more complicated than they needed to be. Similarly, 7-reel slot machines failed to attract players, who found them to confusing to keep up with. Duplicate Poker turned players off by elimination the luck factor entirely. Yes, poker players love the skill element, but without the marginal influence of the luck of the draw, no one wanted to play anymore.

Those games were historically bad ideas, but none more so than the three games I’m about to tell you about. These titles died so quickly, today’s players may have completely missed their short-lived appearance.

#1 Showtime Hold’em Poker

Showtime Holdem Poker

Showtime Poker was an online poker variant introduced by PokerStars in May 2018. It was conceived under the premise that players believed it was “about time poker players show their folded cards”. At the end of a hand, all mucked cards would be revealed.

PokerStars wanted this game to take off like a rocket! They were so enthused about it that they contracted some of their most famous pros to build hype by streaming Showtime Poker tables on their live Twitch feeds.

There were two major problems with this format. Pro players hated it, because it forced them to give away their game play secrets. Amateurs hated it because they don’t give a crap about seeing mucked cards. End result – everyone hated it!

#2 Live Casino Slot Machines

In 2011, the creative minds at Evolution Gaming believed they’d had an epiphany. Live casinos are a perfect playground for table games, but they were unable to accommodate players of the most popular casino games on the planet – slot machines. Enter stage right, live dealer slots.

This bold introduction was meant to revolutionize the live casino industry. Evolution put a lot of thought and detail into its debut, going so far as to replace virtual reels with actual spinning wheels. A dealer would host the game, offering commentary and providing live chat interaction with players.

What went wrong? Well, slots players enjoy traditional slot games for a reason. They like the singularity. They like controlling the pace of the games. Turning slot machines into a social affair was unnecessary, uninvited, and unwelcome.

Of worthy mention, live dealer slot machines are attempting a comeback this year, although I don’t expect the results to be any different.

#3 Virtual Reality (VR) Gambling

VR Casino Gambling

This is one concept most of you will remember. It wasn’t long ago, around 2015-16, that the virtual reality movement made its push. The concept was spot on. Throw on a headset and enter a virtual casino world, where your real-life actions transfer into the virtual realm in the most realistic digital casino games ever imagined exist!

Yes, it was quite a concept, but it did not catch on, and for one very simple reason. The technology necessary, and availability of that technology, has not yet reached mainstream households. That’s not to say that VR gambling doesn’t still have a chance in years to come.

Microgaming was making mobile games back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2007 that the first smartphones appeared. Who wanted to play slots on a flip phone? No one. Another five years would pass before the mobile gambling revolution actually gained a foothold, and now, it’s the number one way to play over the internet, and enjoy all the new online casino game ideas that developers are constantly spitting out – the good and the bad.

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Mar 10

All new Pickering Casino Resort to open in GTA next month.

Pickering Casino Resort Opens in Toronto Area April 2020

A huge celebration will take place just four weeks from now. Great Canadian Gaming (GCG) has announced it will host the long-awaited grand opening of its newest casino next month. Situated just east of Toronto, the all new Pickering Casino is sure to attract a lot of attention from both locals and tourists.

Construction crews are still on site, working at full speed to complete the final stages of the build. GCG is confident that the project will be completed by the second week of April; so confident they’ve set an official date for the grand opening. It’s a launch several years in the making, and one that comes with additional phases in the months ahead.

Pickering Casino Resort Grand Opening April 8, 2020

GCG has scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Wednesday, April 8, 2020. The mid-week party date was intentional, no doubt, as these events tend to come with door prizes for the first however-many guests. Hosting the celebration on a Wednesday should cut down on the number of tourists, making it more convenient for locals to enjoy the festivities.

The grand opening celebration is expected to draw a decent amount of attention as the city’s residents have been hearing about this project for the last few years. No doubt thousands of locals will be eager to explore the property and see what GCG has spent so much time, money and effort putting together.

It was initially believed that the opening of Pickering Casino would spell the end of Ajax Casino at Ajax Down. After all, the new Pickering site is only a 10-12 minute drive from the Ajax gambling destination, also managed by GCG. However, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG) decided to keep the Slots at Ajax Downs, thereby preserving racing venue, as well as the jobs of many of that location’s employees. The attraction to Pickering’s new casino will be a) its proximity to Toronto, and b) the availability of live dealer table games.

According to the official website, the Phase One launch will include “over 2,000 Slot Machines, 100 Live Table Games, and 167 Live Dealer Stadium Gaming terminals.” Restaurant menus are said to offer fine dining, pub fare, an “upscale buffet”, and more.

Opposition Still Wary of Market Saturation

The Grater Toronto Area (GTA) is already home to several gambling facilities. Many did – and still do – argue over the need for new gambling property in the Durham region. GCG may have dibs on most of the area’s gambling revenue, but the owners of Casino Rama aren’t so pleased with the situation.

Casino Rama, located 115km north of Toronto, was opened in 1996 by the Chippewa of Rama First Nation. For more than two decades, it was the area’s largest and most visited casino; among the most famous in all of Ontario, outside of the Niagara Falls region. Now, its owners fear the property will eventually be unable to sustain operations as they lose patrons from Ajax, Markham and Pickering. Additional expansions at GCG’s Casino Woodbine and Great Blue Heron Casino in western GTA don’t bode well for them, either. And no doubt it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Hotel and Arena to Open by End of 2020

Before the year is out, construction on Phase Two of the Pickering Casino Resort should be complete as well. When it is, the property will be welcoming the first guests to its 275-room luxury hotel tower. Adjacent to that will be a 2,500 seat arena, promising to host year-round concerts, theatre performances, and other live events.

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Feb 14

How It’s Played: A detailed review of Evolution Gaming’s new and lightning-quick Live Dealer Speed Blackjack games.

How It’s Played: Evolution Gaming’s New Live Dealer Speed Blackjack

Evolution Gaming is universally recognized as the most innovative pioneer of the live casino gaming industry. It is more decorated than any other live studio supplier, by-far, and has published a host of the industry’s most beloved live dealer games; falling into the categories of both class-style table games (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, etc), as well as some more unique, game show-style varieties (Dream Catcher, Lightning Dice, Monopoly Live, etc.)

A few weeks ago, the company announced the launch of a brand new game they call Speed Blackjack Live. It is, for all intents and purposes, the fastest live dealer blackjack game on the world wide web to date. In order to ensure the quickest game speed, this new title breaks the most traditional rules of etiquette. It’s not the seating arrangement, but rather speed that determines who’s hand is played first.

How It’s Played: Live Dealer Speed Blackjack

For the most part, this is your standard variety blackjack game. The usual rules of classic blackjack are employed, including the following:

  • Up to 7 players
  • 8 decks of cards
  • Dealer stands on all 17s
  • Double on any first two cards
  • Split up to two hands
  • No double after split
  • No drawing to split aces
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Blackjack pays 3:2

What sets this game apart from all the others are these more unique rules, designed specifically to promote faster game play.

Faster Timer: Once all hands have received their first two cards, a single timer starts with 7 seconds fewer than Evolution’s standard tables.

First Come, First Serve: additional cards are dealt to players on a first-to-act basis. For example, the first player to press the Hit, Double or Split button will be dealt cards accordingly. The next fastest to act will get the next card, and so on, until all player hands have been completed (Stand or Bust).

Auto-Hit: Any player who fails to act before the timer runs out with a hand total of 11 or less, will automatically take a Hit.

Auto-Stand: Any player who fails to act before the timer runs out with a hand total of 12 or more, will automatically stand on the current total.

Overall Game Speed: Evolution attests – and typical game play confirms – the overall speed of Live Speed Blackjack is approximately 30% faster than a standard, 7-seat live dealer game.

Experience Review and Recommendations

As a long-time blackjack player and stead-fast strategist, I found this game quite interesting, but not necessarily my cup of tea.

The speed of the game is only a plus if you’re a good strategy player looking to increase your rate of hands-per-hour; or, if you play for entertainment purposes only and like the heart-pounding challenge of trying to beat your fellow players to the punch.

Personally, I like a slower paced game with a higher RTP. The house edge here, according to its creators, is 0.71% (RTP 99.29%). There are far better paying games, both online and on land. As for the entertainment factor, I find that making rushed decisions can easily result in strategic mistakes. So again, unless you’re an extremely experienced strategist, or a recreational, gut-instinct type of player who loves an adrenaline rush, Evolution’s new Live Dealer Speed Blackjack may not be the game for you.

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Jul 23

Dealing with obnoxious blackjack players and dealers.

Blackjack is widely regarded as the most entertaining game in a land-based casino. Socialites who enjoy the communal atmosphere of a multi-player game gather at the tables, alongside those who prefer blackjack for its supremely high, strategy-driven RTP. It’s a win-win for all but the most casual, solitary-minded casino goers.

Casino Casualties: Dealing with Obnoxious Blackjack Players and Dealers

But sometimes, the experience at a blackjack table isn’t quite up to par. Every once in a while, you may run across an obnoxious player who doesn’t know how to keep his opinion to himself. Sometimes, the dealer may forget his place, treating customers like second-class citizens instead of the bread and butter they are for their employers, the casino.

What do you do when this happens without losing your cool? Here’s some pro tips to help you out…

Dealing with Obnoxious Blackjack Players

The last thing we want to put up with at the blackjack table is another player who thinks he’s smarter than we are. If you’ve ever had your game play criticized by another, you know what I’m talking about.

Some do it because they’ve had a few too many drinks. Others do it because they’re under the impression that your decisions are effecting their game, and they’ve decided to take out their bad luck on you. Either way, it’s not appropriate.

You could just get up and leave, but you shouldn’t have to feel bullied in such a way. You could explain to him why you made the move you did, and that mathematical probabilities do not change based on the decisions of others. But I promise you that won’t go over well. And there’s always the chance that his argument is correct – not yours – and you come off looking like a total idiot.

The best thing you can do here is completely ignore him. Don’t leave. Don’t argue. Just remain calm, play your game to the best of your ability, and don’t show any emotion whatsoever towards this player. So long as you don’t appear perturbed by him, odds are he’ll become so frustrated he gets up and leaves first.

How to Handle a Rude Blackjack Dealer

The job description for any professional blackjack dealer will include supporting the players in their endeavor to beat the house. No dealer is ever told to root for his employer. They are trained to be polite, helpful, and give the best advice whenever a player asks for it. His boss doesn’t care, because he already knows the rules of the game give the house an edge.

If you happen across a dealer who’s blatantly hoping you lose, something is terribly wrong. This dealer is obviously in a very bad mood. Maybe he’s running a double shift and/or has had too many run-ins with obnoxious players of his own. Maybe he’s a disgruntled employee hoping to get himself canned so he can collect unemployment. Whatever the case, he’s out of line, and you’re left to deal with it.

There are three ways you can deal with this blackjack dealer, depending on the severity of their attitude. If they’re just being annoying, don’t tip them. If they’re beyond annoying, you may want to get up switch to another table. As an absolute last resort, you can report them to the floor manager, but only in extreme situations. Again, it could just be they’re having a really bad day, and we’ve all had those before.

The best advice I can give you is to think before you act. Consider all angles – all reasons why a fellow blackjack player or dealer might be acting the way they are. Then approach the situation with a cool, calm and collected demeanor. The high road is always the best road!

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May 20

Switch Studios installs new online European Blackjack and American Roulette at Microgaming casinos.

Microgaming adds New Online European Blackjack & American Roulette

One of Microgaming‘s most talented exclusive content partners, Switch Studios, is expanding the Quickfire platform once again. This latest installment is bringing the casino software brand’s countless players access to the culturally diverse games of European Blackjack and American Roulette.

Switch Studios is the supplier responsible for revamping the platform’s online table games selection. Microgaming announced their partnership with the software lab in November of 2018, right about the time their first table game, known simply as Roulette, went live. As that first installment clearly showed, the development team at Switch Studios has a knack for creating beautifully rendered, 3D-quality games with an immersive realism that’s hard to beat in the digital realm.

New Online European Blackjack Game

There’s not much you can do to make a blackjack game more classical than it already is – or at least, that’s what I thought prior to this release. Microgaming’s newest electronic dealer addition plays out on a brilliant felt of cerulean blue. The graphics are extremely crisp, giving it a realistic feel that’s bolstered by the tranquil sound of classical piano music reverberating in the background. The cherry on top is the sophisticated voice of a female dealer, commentating the game with an elegant European accent.

Microgaming 3D European Blackjack by Switch Studios

The game offers all of the usual elements of a European Blackjack table. Dealer stands on soft 17, player’s can split any two matching cards except 4s, 5s and 10s, which are strategically taboo anyway. Doubling down is permitted on hand totals of 9, 10 or 11 only, and can be placed following a split. The payout for a natural blackjack is a respectable 3:2.

Microgaming’s New American Roulette

I won’t spend too much time glorifying this new online table games selection. As any moderately experienced gambler knows, the American version of roulette is the worst option for fans of this famous wheel game – among the worst of all games in the casino. Due to the presence of the double zero (00), American roulette offers a house edge of 5.26%; nearly twice that of European roulette’s 2.7%, and almost four-times that of the even-money bets in French Roulette with the La Partage rule (1.35%).

Microgaming 3D American Roulette by Switch Studios

With that being said, I can’t fault Switch Studios for its astoundingly pristine visual effects. The roulette wheel is stunningly realistic, endowed with a 3D quality rarely seen in today’s digital casino world. My only suggestion would be to skip the new American Roulette game and play the developer’s original release of (single-zero) Roulette. They are the exact same games, but with better odds in the original version.

Microgaming and Switch Studio Exchange Compliments

In a press release announcing the new additions last week, the games were referred to as providing the “ultimate online casino experience” on any device – desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Here’s what the heads of each company’s gaming department had to say about them.

Switch Studios Tom David went first. “We’re delighted to release not one, but two new games under the Switch Studios brand, exclusively to Microgaming,” he said. “Both European Blackjack and American Roulette demonstrate our ambition to refresh the table-game market with exciting, modern and mobile-friendly gaming experiences.”

Next up was Microgaming’s Head of Games, Jagoda Barber. “Switch Studios has done it again, taking a fresh look at traditional table games and reigniting them for a new era of players,” commends Barber. “With immersive gameplay and customisable features complemented by stunning visuals, new and seasoned players can enjoy the thrill of European Blackjack and American Roulette both at home and on the go.”

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Apr 02

Get your horse race betting on at Alberta’s new Century Mile Racino in Edmonton.

The province of Alberta is geared up for some fine horse racing this year as the Century Mile Racetrack, Edmonton’s brand new racino, held its grand opening on Monday, April 1, 2019. It was a unique choice, as it matches the former grand opening of the company’s Century Downs in Calgary, inaugurated on April 1, 2015. The two will share their anniversary celebrations for many years to come.

Get your Horse Race Betting On at Edmonton's New Century Mile Racino
Ribbon cutting ceremony at Century Mile Racetrack in Leduc County, Alberta, April 1, 2019.

Located at 4711 Airport Perimeter Rd., near Edmonton International Airport, Century Mile has historic significance as well. The new facility is an emblem of the industry’s growth in Canada, being the first mile-long horse racing track this side of Ontario. Community and provincial leaders all turned out to share in the festivities with champagne, honorable speeches, and a grand tour of the Canada horse racing industry’s newest entertainment complex.

Horse Race Betting & More at Century Mile Racino

Although officials aren’t using the term “racino”, that’s exactly what Century Mile is. A racino is a race track that features casino games on the side. This new facility fits that bill to the letter. It features a state-of-the-art, mile-long track, an impressive grandstand and a capacious casino floor with gaming machines and tables. Add in a wide selection of F&B options, and you’ve got a complete entertainment package.

All told, the 3-story facility spans 89,700 sq.ft. The first floor is dedicated to casino patrons. It’s equipped with 550 slot machines and a variety of electronic table games, plus a selection of 14 video lottery terminals (VLTs). It also features a full restaurant, bar and lounge area.

The second floor belongs to the property’s prominent grandstand building. An extensive betting area is provided for live and simulcast race fans. Indoor and outdoor seating is available, along with a trio of private suites, a bar, a grill, and buffet dining.

Up on the third floor, visitors can enjoy an open patio with excellent views of the racetrack below – an exquisite option in the summer months when weather is at its finest.

Alberta, Canada Horse Racing Industry “Rejuvenating”

Horse Racing Alberta CEO Kent Verlik is extremely proud of what the province is doing for the Canadian horse racing industry. At yesterday’s grand opening celebration, he pointed out that horse racing generated $300 million for the province in 2015, and is poised to generate much more now following the launch of two more racetracks since then.

“We really believe this industry is rejuvenating, and it’s exciting to be part of that,” said Verlik.

“The first horse races took place in Alberta in the 1880s,” he continues. “We’ve had a proud racing history in and around the city of Edmonton for the past 118 years.”

Paul Ryneveld, Managing Director of Century Casinos – the company that laid the groundwork for Western Canada’s only one-mile track, featuring one of North America’s longest homestretch distances of 1,280 feet – is equally proud to be a part of the resurgence of horse race betting across Alberta.

“We can pursue better races and subsequently better horses over the next years for the benefit of horse racing and horse racing fans,” he said on Monday.

Century Downs in Calgary and the new Century Mile in Edmonton will each feature thoroughbred, standardbred and quarter-horse racing throughout the year.

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Jan 18

Yggdrasil introduces new real money blackjack games in 2019.

Yggdrasil's new Lucky Blackjack and Sonya Blackjack Side Bets

Yggdrasil broke the digital gambling mold in mid-2018 with the release of its very first interactive table game. It was unlike anything the iGaming community had seen before; certainly not typical of the RNG-based table games released the last two decades by their competitor brands.

It was, instead, a perfect meld of the more modern live dealer casino tables, featuring multi-player capabilities and a professional dealer, except that all of these features are visualized in HD-quality, 3D animation—even the not-quite-human, avatar of a dealer.

That dealer’s name is Sonya (hence the game’s title, Sonya Blackjack), and she’s become quite the popular little lady. So popular that Yggdrasil has decided to expand upon that success by introducing a new Lucky Blackjack game—a similar concept but with an Irish theme—and enhance its original release with side bets.

Yggdrasil’s New Real Money Blackjack Games

Lucky Blackjack is the newest game launched on Yggdrasil’s trademark REDUX gaming platform. Like Sonya Blackjack, it blends RNG and Live Dealer aspects. The game itself is RNG-based, while the dealer’s actions utilize motion-capture technology derived from the body language and gesticulations of a real life, professionally trained dealer.

The new Lucky Blackjack game closely mimics its first-born sibling, Sonya Blackjack, in a number of ways. Most notably, it is capable of supporting multi-player access. The game supports up to 3 individual human players at once, proffering what Yggdrasil calls, “a truly interactive, shared casino experience”.

Lucky Blackjack is an immersive new table game that abides by all the traditional rules of blackjack, with two thematic side bets available. These include the Lucky Lucky side bet, and the Lucky Ladies side bet; both honoring the game’s beautifully rendered dealer of the same name.

This latest edition is endowed with swifter animations, speeding up the pace of the games. It also gives players the option to make ‘pre-decisions‘, such as choosing to Hit or Stand before it becomes their turn to act. This also helps to speed up game play.

Yggdrasil introduces two new Real Money Blackjack Games in 2019Fans of the Sonya Blackjack game will find these expedient features now available. The updated version includes both the swifter animations and pre-decision functions described above, and also comes with its own pair of optional side bets. They include Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

The Perfect Pairs side bet pays out bonus winnings when a player is dealt a pair as their first two cards. The rank and suit of those cards will effect the size of the bonus payout. The 21+3 side bet plays out similar to a 3-card poker hand that is completely separate from the blackjack game. Players use their first two cards, plus the dealer’s up-card, to create a 3-card hand. If this hand ranks within the range of winning hands on the 21+3 pay table, the player wins the corresponding pay out.

Yggdrasil Head of Table Games, Marcus Honney, comments:

The release of Lucky Blackjack and the new Sonya Blackjack features is really exciting for us as it marks the evolution of our interactive table game offering.”

Honney goes on to praise the company’s new real money blackjack games for providing a superior level of “player engagement in the form of side bets,” ranking them among “the most engaging, immersive table titles on the market today”.

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Nov 30

Legal challenge puts new casino in Sudbury on ice.

Legal Challenge puts Gateway's Plans for a New Casino in Sudbury on IceThe people of Greater Sudbury, Ontario have been promised a fantastic new community gathering space to be called the Kingsway Entertainment District. Funding for the project is coming from Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, estimated to cost $55.5 million. With Gateway at the helm, it would, of course, include a new gambling facility, to be called Starlight Casino Sudbury.

Some love the idea. Some despise it. Even Sudbury City Council has shown mixed feeling for the concept. But that didn’t stop them from voting in favor of granting initial municipal approval for the project. And now, following a legal challenge from adverse parts of the community, even Gateway admits the new casino “may not be completed…at all”.

Gateway Displays Doubt for New Casino in Sudbury

On November 20, 2018, Gateway Casinos filed documentation with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding many of its Ontario gaming properties. Within that near-500-page document (found on page 12) is an assessment of Sudbury Downs Slots; the property Gateway gained in its $79,349,000 acquisition of Ontario’s Northern Gaming Bundle in December 2016, and the very one it plans to relocate in its construction of the Kingsway Entertainment District.

The current Sudbury Downs Slots facility is attached to the Sudbury Downs racetrack in Chelmsford, 23km northwest of downtown Sudbury. Its 33,000sq.ft. gaming floor is home to 427 slot machines. Gateway’s lease on the property is good through March 31, 2020—right about the time the company had hoped to complete construction and hold the grand opening of the new casino property on the Kingsway on Greater Sudbury.

Now, it seems the whole process is guaranteed to be delayed. Whether the delay is short-term or long-term, temporary or permanent, is yet to be decided.

Timeline for Starlight Casino Sudbury Indeterminable

In its SEC filing, Gateway notes that, regarding the “initial municipal approval for the relocation” of Sudbury Downs Slots to the Kingsway location:

…an appeal of that decision has been filed in the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal by certain individuals and community groups which, if successful, would delay the proposed relocation pending further appeals or court challenges.”

If all goes according to best-case scenario, the first tribunal hearing should occur sometime next summer, with a ruling to come in September 2019, “at the earliest”. That’s an at-best assessment, though. Tribunal hearings are always subject to potential extensions, delays, and subsequent challenges.

Gateway concludes in its risk factors for hopeful investors that a number of its Ontario casino properties –including the intended future home of Starlight Casino Sudbury—may suffer temporary, if not permanent, delays.

The expansion, rebranding and/or relocation of the Cascades Casino Langley, Chances Mission, Dresden Raceway Slots, Point Edward Casino, Western Fair District London Slots, Sudbury Downs Slots, Hanover Raceway Slots and Gateway Innisfil may not be completed on a timely basis, on anticipated terms or at all.”

If the new casino in Sudbury does come to fruition, on time or not, the gaming floor would be a bit smaller at 32,000sq.ft. However, it would contain a wider variety of gambling amusements, upping the slot machines to 600 and throwing in a selection of 21 table games. The property would also offer visitors a steakhouse, buffet and sports bar.

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Oct 22

Exploring the 5 largest casinos in Canada.

Alberta to Quebec: Exploring the 5 Largest Casinos in CanadaDomestic and foreign tourism is one of Canada’s most lucrative industries. Millions of people travel here each year to see the majestic landscape, natural wonders, historical sites, and so much more. Gambling is also big business in the Great White North, where Canada’s largest casinos attract countless visitors from far and wide.

Today, we’ll be taking a close-up look at the largest casinos and what they have to offer. They span the entire nation, from coast to coast. So, if you’re looking to visit one of these grand gambling halls, you’ll have plenty of major destinations to choose from.

Exploring the 5 Largest Casinos in Canada

#1 Casino de Montreal – Montreal, Quebec

Casino de Montreal (aka Montreal Casino) boasts, by far, the largest casino gaming floor in all of Canada. In fact—although often erroneously overlooked in global surveys—it’s home to the third largest casino in the world, coming in at a staggering 526,488 square feet. Only the 600,000sqft Winstar World Casino (Thackerville, Oklahoma, USA) and 540,000sqft Venetian Macao (Macau, China) are bigger.

That massive floor is teeming with gambling opportunities. There are 3,000 slots, 75 table games, and a 26-table live poker room. Outside of gaming, guests will find four restaurants for dining, and four bars for wetting their whistles. However, there is no hotel on site.

#2 Caesars Windsor – Windsor, Ontario

Situated just across the Detroit River from Michigan, USA, the Caesars Windsor is a part of the global Caesars Entertainment Corp brand of gambling and hospitality properties. That company specializes in doing things on a grand scale. Thus, it’s little wonder Caesars Windsor takes the second place spot with its 100,000 square foot gaming floor.

Caesars Windsor really knows how to pack ’em in, lining the walls and aisles with 2,261 slot machines and video pokers, 74 table games and 14-table poker room. Guests can dine in one of six restaurants, and book accommodations in one of the property’s twin hotel towers—Forum Tower and Augustus Tower—with a combined 758 rooms.

#3 Casino Niagara – Niagara Falls, Ontario

Overlooking Niagara Falls, one of the nation’s most gorgeous natural wonders, is the third largest gambling hall in Canada, Casino Niagara. The gaming floor comes in at 95,000 square feet. In this case, it’s not what’s inside that counts for most visitors. It’s the majestic view outside that draws so many people to this property, where a ‘Fallsview‘ guest room is a must.

Casino Niagara is packed with 1,600 gaming machines, 38 table games, and a 26-table poker room. It also features four restaurants, one bar and the 234-room Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls hotel.

#4 River Rock Casino – Richmond, British Columbia

The River Rock Casino Resort is the largest casino in British Columbia, and fourth largest in Canada. It’s located in Richmond, overlooking the beautiful 144-berth marina along the Fraser River, just south of Vancouver. Its gaming floor spans 70,000 square feet.

Gaming options include 1,110 slots and video poker machines, 99 casino table games, and a rather small 5-table poker room. There are four versatile restaurants and a 4-Diamond hotel with 222 rooms and suites.

#5 River Cree Resort & Casino – Enoch, Alberta

Last, but most certainly not least, is the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta. Coming it at number five among the largest casinos in Canada, it’s located just west of the Edmonton city limits. River Cree is a Native American casino with a 62,600 square foot gaming floor and lot of extra amenities, including a pair of full-size ice hockey rinks where the Edmonton Oilers have been known to pop in for a practice session.

The casino packs a punch with 1,000 gaming machines, 39 table games and a 12-table poker room. Guests can choose from four dining restaurants and two bars, including the renowned OTB sports bar, Tap 25.

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Apr 20

Rules and strategy for Let it Ride at live and online casinos.

Rules and Strategy for Let it Ride PokerOf all the casino table games out there, Let it Ride isn’t the first one I’d recommend. It’s not even in the top 5; at least, not for the strategic-minded gambler who’s looking for the most profitable games. However, it can be extremely fun to play. And since entertainment should be the number one priority in gambling – after all, no game delivers a player’s edge – it may be one worth learning.

Beyond ascertaining the rules, a Let it Ride strategy isn’t difficult to memorize or adhere to. We’ll go over the basic rules of the game and standard pay tables, then talk about ways to maximize your odds of winning.

Rules for Let it Ride Poker

First of all, this game goes by several names, thanks to the expansion of so many online casino software platforms. Other common adaptations include Let ‘Em Ride, Let Them Ride, and Free Ride. If you see the word “Ride” in it, it’s safe to say it’s probably the same game (although the pay tables may vary slightly).

This is a rather simple game, where players aren’t forced to make any decisions outside of reclaiming a bet, or letting it ride. Here’s how it works.

  • The player makes three equal bets, placing one chip in each of the circles, generally labeled 1, 2 and $.
  • Each player receives 3 cards.
  • Two more cards are dealt face down as community cards.
  • Each player looks at their own cards, determining whether to reclaim (take back) Bet 1, or let it ride (leave it in play).
  • The dealer turns up one community cards.
  • Each player decides whether to reclaim Bet 2, or let it ride.
  • The dealer turns up the second community card. Bet $ (3) cannot be reclaimed.
  • Based on each players’ 3 cards, combined with the two community cards, their hands are evaluated. If a hand ranks high enough for a pay out (see Standard Let it Ride Pay Table below), all of their bets remaining on the table are paid at the corresponding rate. If not, all remaining bets on the table are lost.

Standard Let it Ride Pay Table

There may be some variation to the pay table, depending on where you play. The following is the most common Let it Ride pay table used.

Hand Ranks (Highest to Lowest)


Royal Flush

1000 to 1

Straight Flush

200 to 1

Four of a Kind

50 to 1

Full House

11 to 1


8 to 1


5 to 1

Three of a Kind

3 to 1

Two Pair

2 to 1

Pair of 10s or Better

1 to 1

Easy Strategy for Let it Ride

A player’s strategic decisions – reclaim a bet, or let it ride – can be split into two sections; 3-card decisions, and 4-card decisions. The following charts detail how to react in any situation, based on mathematical probabilities of developing a winning hand.

Three Card Hand

Let it Ride?

Any Winning Hand (Paired 10s or Better)


3 card Royal Flush


3 card Straight Flush


3 card Straight or Flush with 2+ 10-value cards


Suited J-9-8 / 10-9-7 / 10-8-7


Off-suit K-Q-J / Q-J-10


Off-suit A-K-Q / 9-10-J


Pairs 2-9


Anything Less


When the first community card is revealed, the situation changes drastically. At this point, there’s only one card left that can help you, essentially cutting your odds of developing a winning hand in half (unless you already have one).

Four Card Hand

Let it Ride?

Ant Winning Hand (Paired 10s or Better)


4 card Royal Flush


4 card Straigh Flush


4 card Flush


4 card Open-ended Straight with a 10+


4 cards to a High Straight, all 10+


Anything Less


If you’re new to the game, or new to invoking a strategy for Let it Ride, stick to these guidelines. You’ll have much higher odds of winning than playing on basic instinct.

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