May 24

The thin line between advantage players and casino cheats.

Advantage Players versus Casino CheatsCasinos have some of the tightest security protocols on the planet. Like government banks, they handle exorbitant amounts of money, and will do anything it takes to keep that money safe. They also want to ensure they get to keep their fair share of it from the countless patrons who tread their gaming floors each day.

In order to accomplish that goal, land-based casinos employ a variety of security measures. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to place state of the art security cameras all over the premises, leaving no square-inch without continual supervision. Many of those cameras are equipped with facial recognition technology, instantly alerting security if a player who’s previously been banned happens to enter the establishment. And that’s just the electronic side of the process.

A multitude of muscle-bound security guards are tactfully positioned in key areas throughout casino. Specially trained employees man the security monitors 24/7/365 to spot any unsavory activity that may take place, and to review the recordings should a question arise. Dealers receive extensive training in spotting casino cheats, as well anyone attempting use advantage play to turn the edge in their favor.

Advantage Players vs Casino Cheats

On the surface, a player who uses mathematically skillful methods to gain an advantage over the house seems much less threatening than someone who’s outright cheating the casino. One act is perfectly legal, and the other is not. But casinos draw a very think line between the two.

By law, casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, without prior notice. This gives them the right to remove, and/or ban, any player from the premises they deem fit. Players who compromise the intended house edge—for example, gaining an advantage by counting cards in blackjack—make up the majority of banned patrons. Despite being wholly legal, anyone caught trying to gain an advantage over the casino may find themselves subject to an abrupt and gruff dismissal by casino security.

Cheating the casino, on the other hand, can induce a whole other level of malevolent anger from security staff. This illegal activity won’t get a player immediately ousted, but they’ll wish it had. Instead, they’ll be detained in a back room, interrogated, stripped of their winnings, likely threatened, possibly roughed up, and—before it’s all over—taken into police custody. How long it takes authorities to arrive will generally determine the displeasure of the overall experience.

Advantage Play is Okay, Cheating is Not

If you want to count cards in blackjack, my advice to you is to get in a lot of practice first. The MIT Blackjack Team didn’t succeed for so many years by sending amateurs to the tables. They also didn’t work alone, so don’t expect to get rich quick, even if you do manage to be inconspicuous enough not to get caught.

If you’re thinking of cheating the casino, however, think again. Every casino cheat gets caught, sooner or later. Casino security is simply too high-tech these days. Fortunately, due to the same technology, they can’t just drag cheaters out back and ‘take care of them’, either. But the fact remains, only an intelligent and crafty advantage player can turn the tides into their favor.

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May 22

Could expansion of Canada sports betting law lead to illegal match fixing?

Canada Sports Betting LawWhen the US Supreme Court ruled to overturn a 26 year old law prohibiting sports betting in all states but Nevada, it ignited a fire beneath political agendas all across Canada. One after another, advocates of legalizing single game sports betting bled from the woodwork, touting numerous benefits. At the same time, opponents began pleading their case, with a single, but ominous, message.

Sports Betting Expansion leads to Match Fixing

Anti-gambling expansion crusaders fear, above all, that such an expansion would potentially compromise the integrity of Canada’s professional sports leagues. Their theory is a simple one, and one that government officials don’t seem to have an answer for; at least not yet.

How do you ensure that the athletes and/or referees won’t be swayed by generous ‘donations‘ to throw a game, or make an erroneous call? If organized crime is able to infiltrate Canadian sports for profit, it could not only destroy a multi-billion dollar industry, but the beloved pastimes of fans all across the country.

Sandy Garossino has spent years lobbying against the expansion of gambling. In 2011, she co-founded an organization called Vancouver Not Vegas; a successful campaign that helped to dissuade Vancouver City Council from approving the expansion of a downtown casino.

She is leery of the potentially corruptive effects of single game sports betting. “You can do a lot of damage to the integrity of your oversight and regulatory culture when you make [officials] responsible for a field that is inherently at risk of infiltration by organized crime,” says Garossino.

Support Mounts for New Canada Sports Betting Law

Despite those fears, the support for expansion is mounting. The very moment the US Supreme Court decision was announced, the Canada Gaming Association (CGA) spoke out in favor of single-sport betting. Others were quick to follow.

The British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC) is another long time proponent of expansion. BCLC told Business in Vancouver in no uncertain terms that it’s on board with the idea, having supported altering the Criminal Code to permit wagers on individual games for many years.

Legislation was submitted to do just that in 2012. The House of Commons unanimously passed the measure, but it failed miserably in the Senate. Manitoba MP Brian Masse renewed the charged in 2016, but this time it was the House of Commons that turned it down by a vote of 156-133.

An optimistic Paul Burns, President of the CGA, believes ‘the third time’s the charm‘. In his assessment, the support of North American sports leagues, like the NBA and MLB, had everything to do with nationwide legalization in the US. He thinks similar lobbying efforts will usher in a new legislative era here in Canada, as well.

“We know that there’s an appetite for single-event wagering because of the volume of money that we’ve been able to ascertain that goes to overseas sports books,” asserts Burns. “It’s in excess of $4 billion annually.”

Single Event Sports Betting = More Money for Gov’t

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that money makes things happen. In this case, provincial governments are looking at millions, if not billions, of dollars that could be flowing into their coffers. Instead, that money is siphoning offshore to international, online sportsbooks that offer single-event betting.

It’s not illegal for Canadians to access these websites. Burns points out that the Criminal Code says gambling can only be regulated and conducted by provincial governments. But since these operators are offshore, the bets don’t take place in Canada. Therefore no court challenge has ever arisen. No Canadian has ever been charged with illegal betting for using the sites. And no government agency is collecting any revenue from it.

In a statement, BC Attorney General David Eby agrees that a change to Canada sports betting law just might be the perfect answer to a growing problem. “It may be that legalization and regulation of single-sport betting is ultimately the most appropriate route to address this ongoing issue of unregulated sites.”

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May 19

The craziest video poker strategy that just might work! (Given enough time and money)

Craziest Video Poker Strategy EverLately, I’ve been researching some rather strange online casino cheats and questionable strategies. For the most part, I’m on a mission to debunk the truly inane ones in hopes of steering players in the right direction. But I came across one that literally had me scratching my head and saying, “Hmmmm”.

I’m talking about an online video poker cheat that is either outright ridiculous, or pure genius! I’m honestly not sure which. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, patience, discipline or bankroll to test this theory for as long as it would take to find out. If any of you want to give it a shot, please let me know your results in the comments below!

UPDATE: No, this strategy does not work! See complete update at the end of this article for details.

Crazy Video Poker Strategy that Just Might Work

The goal of this video poker cheat is to force a machine to award its highest payout for a Royal Straight Flush. Those who tout its validity—which aren’t too many, bringing into great question whether it would work—say it’s a flawless trick. But we hear lots of crazy untruths on the world wide web, and seriously, how large would your bankroll need to be to pull it off?

The theory is that a player can force the machine to produce its highest-paying hand by simply avoiding any and all other payouts. How do you do that? By throwing away any good cards that would likely produce such a hand.

According to the online video poker cheat, a player should only hold cards if they include 3 or more cards that would make up a Royal Straight Flush. For example, an Ah, Qh and Jh should be held, but an Ah and Kh alone should not.

The problem with this plan…

…is that you must throw away any other potentially winning hand. If dealt a high Pair, or even 3 of a Kind, you must discard it. Three of a Kind generally pays about 15x the stake. How easy will it be for you to throw away a hand that pays for your next 15 attempts? It would take severe discipline and unwavering trust in this video poker strategy for anyone to bring themselves to do it.

However, the idea is that, since video poker machines run on a computerized random number generator (RNG), which produces a probable return to player (RTP), it will work. If the machine is taking in too much money, it will eventually have to make up for that by paying out a higher prize. And for this reason, it is at least possible that it could work.

On the other hand…

The theory behind this video poker cheat actually working is that the games operate on a combined RNG and RTP, the same way slot machines do. But is that really the case?

The RNG is the mechanism that randomly decides what cards will be dealt. The probabilities of being dealt any card are based on the exact same, random probabilities, of a real deck of cards that were shuffled and dealt by a live person. Therefore, it should not be required for a video poker machine to meet an RTP. In order to be certified for fairness, as all reputable iGaming software must be, it is only required that its RNG be accurate.

If the machine is not built to notice that it’s paying out at a lower rate, who’s to say that it will suddenly try to produce high-paying hands? How would that be as random as a real, live deck? And if that’s the case, players are throwing away one potentially winning hand after another on the false belief that they’ll produce a massive win.

This is something I’m going to have to look further into, because there’s no known information about it on the web (that I’ve found). I’ll be sure to update this page as soon as I gather more info. Until then, be careful about trying out this video poker strategy, unless you have a lot of extra cash to burn.

UPDATE: This Video Poker Cheat CANNOT Work

My previous fears were confirmed today. I’ve asked several experts with inside sources in Las Vegas and the online gambling industry. This is not a hack, and will not work. Video poker machines, both online and on land, do run on a genuine-probability RNG, but are are not required to meet an RTP.

According to one of my sources, a video poker expert and professional actuary whose business it is to study odds and probabilities, “The law states that the manufacturer can assume that the player always acts in his/her best interest… meaning that they play perfectly.”

Most, if not all, gambling regulators enforce similar laws. The end result… DO NOT attempt this highly erroneous video poker strategy!

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May 17

Canada single sports betting immediately on CGA’s lobbying menu.

Canada Single Sports BettingFollowing the US Supreme Court‘s decision on Monday to overturn a 26 year old anti-sports betting law, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) took immediate action. The CGA wasted no time in announcing their intention to lobby—and lobby hard—for the legalisation of single event sports betting in Canada.

US Dissolves 1992 PASPA Law

Sports betting of any kind has been illegal in all but one US state (Nevada) since 1992. That was the year the federal government enacted the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, aka PASPA.

Prior to this, sports betting was only legal in four US states. Each of the four were given an opportunity continue with legal sports betting by grandfathering in their existing laws. Only Nevada chose to do so, making sportsbooks a fiery hot commodity in Las Vegas.

On Monday, May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favor of abolishing PASPA. As such, every state now has the right to legalise and regulate land-based and/or online sports betting activities at their discretion. Anticipating this event, more than one-third of all US states have already passed the required legislation. Their hope is to have sportsbooks open and operating before the start of the 2018-19 NFL season.

CGA Push for Canada Single Sports Betting

Opportunistic US state legislators were not the only ones anticipating this day would come. The CGA published a statement immediately following the SCOTUS decision. It was issued so fast, in fact, there’s little doubt that it was scripted before (if not long before) the ruling came down. The press release outlines their intent to vigorously lobby for single event sports betting in Canada.

The opening statement announces the CGA’s approval of the US Supreme Court decision. However, it goes on to detail the detrimental effects it could have on Canada’s own sports wagering system; unless changes to existing laws are made, and swiftly.

While sports betting has been legal in Canada for decades, punters are restricted to participation in sports lotteries, or parlay betting. We must pick multiple outcomes, and all of those picks must be accurate, or the wager is lost. The odds are not appealing, to say the least. Thus the CGA’s goal is to convince Canada’s Liberal Party that amending the laws to permit single event wagers is paramount to the continued success of provincial sports gambling markets.

The SCOTUS ruling “further reinforces that the Canadian Parliament needs to act,” says CGA Chief Executive Paul Burns. He warns the government that, “Sports betting is a product enjoyed by millions of Canadians who spend billions illegally to access it.”

Can CGA Break the Seven Year Curse?

Provinces have been pushing for single event bets for the last seven years. A simple amendment would have granted the request, giving their regulators a greater opportunity to protect consumers, professional athletes, and the integrity of sports, by permitting single-event wagers.

“This request has fallen on deaf ears,” says Burns.

Bill C-290, introduced by MP Joe Comartin in 2011, spent five years floating through Canada’s lawmaking cabinets. When it languished, Bill C-221 was introduced by MP Brian Masse in 2016. Both had the same directive—to “allow for wagering on the outcome of a single sporting event”. Both failed.

Competition Could Drive Change in Canada

Despite years of opposition to single event sports betting in Canada, there’s one thing the CGA has on its side… Competition.

Throughout history, the US and Canada have remained highly competitive in many major industries. What one does, the other follows. Sometimes Canada pioneers the movement; other times it’s the US that prompts our nation to act. Either way, things tend to get done much faster when there’s a challenge to remain competitive.

That’s exactly where we stand now. Canadian provinces may have generated millions from its less-than-appealing parlay system up until now—with billions more going to illegal single-event gambling—but now, Canadians will have the option to head south across the border and place all the legal wagers they want. If the laws regarding Canada single sports betting don’t change soon, millions more could be lost.

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May 15

Canada to feel the burn as government ruling legalizes sports betting in US.

Canada Trembles as Government Legalizes Sports Betting in USFor decades now, Canadians have been restricted to a very limited form of legal sports betting activities. Parlays aren’t the most advantageous type of betting. But they are the only type permitted here in Canada. Then again, for most of those years, we could at least bask in the knowledge that Americans had it much worse.

Ever since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed in 1992, US punters in all but one state have been unable to bet on sports—at least, not legally. Before PASPA went into effect, four states were given the option to grandfather-in legal sports betting, but only Nevada chose to do so. Thus, any American who wanted to make a legal sports bet, traveled to Las Vegas to do it.

Those days are about to be over…

Government Legalizes Sports Betting in US

On Monday, the US Supreme Court did away with the federal law that banned sports betting in most states. By a vote of 6-3, history was made—PASPA was repealed. This opens the doors wide for any US state to regulate sportsbooks. Not just sports betting, but the most popular form of single event sports betting.

PASPA Overturned, US Sports Betting Laws ComingNot only are most states sure to jump aboard this lucrative market—in fact, several have already passed the necessary laws to do so in anticipation of this day—chances are it will trigger a mass expansion of US online gambling legalization as well. After all, online sportsbooks are sure to make a fortune, especially considering the exponential growth of mobile gaming.

Canada Must Play Catch-Up w/ Sports Betting Laws

Overnight, Canada has become the underdog in the North American sports betting market. The nation’s provinces, which are currently allowed to offer nothing more than sports lotteries (parlay tickets), stand to lose millions of dollars. They’ll have to play some very quick catch-up in the legislative ledgers to prevent it.

It would only make sense now for provincial governments to beseech federal lawmakers to amend the laws, post-haste. Until that’s done, major provincial gaming regulators in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and elsewhere won’t be able to provide their punters with equally appealing odds.

No doubt, officials are already scrambling to take action. Several provinces rely very heavily on the revenue generated from land-based and online gambling. Losing millions of dollars isn’t something they’ll take kindly to. And a history of competition between Canada and their neighbors below the 49th parallel should only help to expedite the process.

Uncertainty Looms as Canadians Play the Waiting Game…

While this all sounds well and good, the Canadian government isn’t exactly known for its consonance. As much as regulators and experts alike know the correct path to take, there’s every chance political figureheads will spend months, even years, debating the future of sports betting laws in Canada.

The country already passed up on a chance to generate millions, if not billions, of dollars from Americans in the northern states. MP Brian Masse spent years touting the benefits of legalizing single-event sports wagers, which would inevitably draw punters from all bordering US states to place their wagers at nearby Canadian casinos. But alas, every effort was dismantled.

Harley Redlick, a sports writer and regular columnist for the Toronto Sun, is confident that—despite Canada’s missed opportunities of the last few years—single event sports betting will be legalized in the Great White North.

“Canada will follow the USA and legalize single sports betting within a couple years to ensure its casinos and economy do not lose jobs and money to the U.S,” writes Redlick. “It is just a shame we always have to react to the U.S. versus proactively doing the right thing when we have the chance.”

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May 12

Does it matter if online casino blackjack games re-shuffle every hand?

Online Casino Blackjack GamesAlmost every online casino blackjack strategy on the world wide web points out this crucial aspect of the rules. In online games, the cards are re-shuffled after every hand. This is important because it means strategists will not be able to count the cards in an RNG-based game. But the real question is… does it matter?

If you planned to count card, then yes, it matters very much. But how does it impact the player’s overall expected return? The truth is, there are actually benefits to shuffling after each hand of online blackjack. For one, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the card count! But there’s more to it than that.

Benefits of RNG Online Casino Blackjack Games

I’ve read numerous speculations by actual online players as to the benefits of automatic reshuffling. They include things like not having to tip a live dealer, playing one-on-one without other players, and getting in more hands per hour. It’s also been said that shuffling the deck after a specific depth is reached (at live casinos) works against the player.

We’ll examine each of these theories and see whether they really do afford an advantage to playing blackjack online.

No Tipping

Obviously this is true. You can’t tip a computer. In a land-based casino, it’s not required to tip, but it is good etiquette. Unless you lose all of your chips before walking away, a kind dealer always deserves a little something extra. Common procedure is to tip a few dollars if you’re placing $5-$10 bets, and a least $5 if your wagering $25-$100. If you win, a more generous tip may be in order.

Playing online blackjack means you don’t have to tip at all. Every tip comes out of your profits, so this really is a notable advantage to players of online blackjack games., having a significant effect on your rate of investment (ROI).

1-on-1 Player vs Dealer

Playing heads-up against the dealer with no other players might seem like an advantage, but it’s really not. The odds of receiving a specific card or set of cards does not change no matter how many players are present.

More Hands per Hour

Playing online will definitely increase your hand rate. Not only are you the only player, it’s all automated. Playing more hands in any given period of time isn’t necessarily a good thing, though. It will not increase or decrease your odds of winning in any way. It can, however, increase the speed at which you lose money. With an strategic RTP of 99.5%, playing 120 hands an hour at $5 per bet comes to a probable loss of $3 per hour. Playing the same odds with other players, at a rate of about 30 hands per hour, would result in a theoretical loss of $0.75 per hour.

Shuffling After Depth Deck

In a land-based or live casino blackjack game, the deck or shoe is usually reshuffled after reaching a specific depth. This actually works against the player. As the famous Wizard of Odds, Michael Shackleford, advises:

…more cards will be dealt when the shuffle point is reached in a deck rich in small cards than one rich in big cards. In other words, in a physical casinos the player will see slightly more small cards than large cards over the long run, which is bad for the player.”

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May 10

Online poker pro suing PokerStars for $692k SCOOP tournament win; says he was in Canada, not US.

Online Poker Pros Sues PokerStarsWhat’s the biggest difference between live and online poker? No, it’s not the ability to read opponents, or ease of pulling off a successful bluff. It’s the way winners get paid. At a live event, you collect your check on the way out the door. In an online poker tournament, you must rely on the operator to deposit the winnings in your account balance.

PokerStars is largest, and arguably most respected and trustworthy poker operator in the world. For more than 15 years, it’s seen exponential growth in players, tournaments and monumental prize pools. Even when the US cracked down on them and other poker sites in 2011 for accepting American players, PokerStars took the high road. The company paid an enormous settlement, and returned hundreds of thousands in funds to players of Full Tilt Poker (which it purchased in doing so).

But now, PokerStars’s integrity is in question, and it’s got a lot of online poker players angry. None more so than American poker pro Gordon Vayo, who’s suing the Canadian iGaming juggernaut for failure to pay nearly $700,000 in tournament winnings.

Live and Online Poker Pro Gordon VayoUS Online Poker Pro Sues PokerStars

Gordon Vayo is a professional live and online poker player from Illinois, USA. In 2016, he placed second in the World Series of Poker Main Event for $4.66 million. Then in 2017, he placed first in Event #1, $1,050 NLHE, in PokerStars famous Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) tournament series. That win should have earned him $692,000. But it didn’t…

Instead of receiving the 6-figure payout in his account, Vayo got a message that his winnings were frozen pending investigation of his location during the event. PokerStars requested Vayo supply them with evidence that he was not in the US at the time of the tournament.

According to a lawsuit filed by Gordon Vayo on April 7, 2018, the poker pro supplied that evidence. Yet PokerStars continues to withhold the winnings.

VPN Failure Costs Vayo $692,000

PokerStars claims that Vayo may very well have been in the US, because he was using a virtual private network (VPN) during the SCOOP event. VPNs are often used to mask a persons true location by connecting to a proxy server elsewhere in the world. Thus the server a player is connecting to – in this case PokerStars – is made to believe the player is in the location of proxy server.

PokerStars’s servers were able to verify that Vayo was using a VPN, but were not able to verify that the SCOOP tournament winner wasn’t in the US. Vayo is adamant that he was in Canada at the time, and says that using a VPN isn’t out of the ordinary. Even players in legal geographic locations sometimes use a VPN for security reasons.

Vayo claims that his VPN malfunctioned during the online poker tournament, and that’s why PokerStars’ geolocation system was unable to verify his Canadian position. That may very well be… but if it can’t be proven beyond a doubt, it’s a gamble PokerStars wasn’t willing to take.

Catch 22 for Canadian Online Poker Room

Realistically, PokerStars had no choice but to freeze the online poker pro’s winnings. If the company pays out the $692,000, it could face tremendous retribution from the US government for potentially allowing someone in the US (outside of New Jersey) to access its real money poker games. I’m sure most of you will remember the catastrophic fallout of April 15, 2011 (i.e. the Black Friday of Online Poker).

However, by refusing to take that risk, PokerStars’ integrity is being dragged through the mud by this lawsuit. And I if Vayo wins the case, the poker room’s reputation will surely suffer. Especially since Vayo is accusing them of a lot more than erroneous withholding of winnings. The lawsuit also claim a “pattern and practice of conduct intended to defraud users”, “retroactively” verifying geolocations of winners, and using the US law as a “whipsaw to maximize its profits”.

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May 02

Evolution snags another award for Best Live Streaming Casino.

The live dealer casino industry is more than a decade old, but it’s been thriving in more recent years. Advancements in technology have elevated player interest, and the market is responding with more studios, better quality equipment, and more operators distributing their services.

In the earlier days, Evolution Gaming was the stand-alone leader in live casino streaming. No wonder really… It was the only company taking a live-centric approach, dealing in no other form of digital entertainment. Year after year, award after award proved their superior status. Now, as the industry grows and competition abounds, it’s become crystal clear that Evolution remains the crème de la crème.

Evolution named Best Live Streaming Casino

Evolution wins Best In-Casino Streaming Live Casino Provider at Live Gaming Summit 2018Evolution Gaming may soon need to add a few more shelves to its trophy case. The Latvia-based live dealer group was one of the foremost attendants of the Live Gaming Summit at Casino Barcelona in Spain last week. And as usual, it was a heavy favorite to take home honors at the LGS Awards ceremony.

There were six gaming studios up for the Best In-Casino Streaming Live Dealer Provider award. That category covers brands that stream live casino games directly from a land-based casino, rather than a mock studio. Voting took place on the LGS website, where players, operators and other industry aficionados chose Evolution as the superior performer for its Dual-Play systems.

Dual-Play is a unique platform that allows Evolution to stream live roulette and baccarat games directly from land-based casinos. In this way, the casinos can entertain physical patrons at the tables, as well as taking bets from online players around the world, and even mobile players from elsewhere within the same casino; their hotel room, lounge bar, poolside, etc.

Evolution’s Dual-Play live casino systems are employed by a multitude of major land-based casino operators. An impressive list of clients include The Hippodrome and The Ritz in London, Grosvenor Casino Victoria, Resorts World, Genting International and others.

Momentum Boost for Dual-Play Streaming Live Casino

Evolution Gaming’s Director of Land-Based Operations, James Stern, shared his excitement over the company’s latest award and the fast-developing future of their Dual-Play live casino software.

Evolution wins another best live streaming casino award“We are extremely proud of our Dual Play solution and of this award win,” said Stern. “2018 is off to a great start with two further Dual Play launches already, including our first Dual Play Baccarat. Further exciting Dual Play developments are in the pipeline for later this year, and this award will give us even further momentum.”

He went on to praise Evolution’s development team for creating a revolutionary product that continues to evolve with each passing year. “Since its launch in 2015, Evolution Dual Play has established itself as the convergence solution of choice for the world’s premier land-based casinos. Dual Play is enabling those casinos to bridge the gap between on-premise and online play and helping them to deliver a better service and a more seamless service to existing players.”

Also worth mentioning, LeoVegas accepted an award at LGS last week, thanks to its choice of installing Evolution’s best live streaming casino technology. LeoVegas was named Best Branded Studio for its integration of bespoke live dealer tables, airing direct from Evolution’s studio in Riga, Latvia.

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Apr 30

Gateway announces full plans for Canada’s newest casino in Delta.

Gateway plans for Canada's newest casino in DeltaFor months now, residents in the City of Delta in southwest British Columbia have heard tale of a new casino coming to their area. They’ve sat in on extensive meetings between City Council and Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the company proposing the project. They’ve anxiously awaited the chance to weigh in on the potential property.

Until last week, one question has remained unanswered. What will the newest casino in Canada entail?

That question was finally answered when Gateway unveiled the full scope of its plans last week. In a press release on Thursday, the company officially gave the impending gambling establishment a name, revealing a bevy of information about the proposed complex.

Full Plans for Canada’s Newest Casino in Delta

First things first, Gateway announced the title of the property, to be located upon the current lot of the Delta Town and Country Inn (6005 Hwy 17A) in Ladner, BC. It will – upon approval – take on the Cascades brand of Gateway establishments; the official name being Cascades Casino Delta.

The casino will feature the usual Cascades brand ornamentation, with a thematic design revolving around the concept of “Play”. Gracing the gaming floor will be 500 slot machines and 24 table games. Gateway’s ultimate goal is to provide players with the “casual ambiance” of a locals casino, but on a grander scale like that of larger, full-service entertainment destinations.

Gateway lauds the success of its previous BC Cascades casinos in Langley, Kamloops and Penticton, and is already preparing to launch the first Cascades casino in Ontario. Construction on that property in Chatham-Kent will begin this Spring. The Delta property, upon approval, is slated to open in 2020.

Cascades Casino Delta – Other Features and Amenities

Other features of the casino complex are sure to bring in locals, as well as tourists, to the Delta area. The plans for the property’s hotel will see up to 124 rooms and meeting space for business conferences and and conventions, and call for a capacious, 800-space free parking lot.

Patrons will have bountiful dining opportunities, including a number of Gateway’s signature eateries. Among the many restaurants will be a MATCH Eatery and Public House, Atlas Steak + Fish, and The Buffet. Cascades Casino Delta will also play host to Halley’s Club, a modern approach to classic food, cocktails and live music in a bygone, speakeasy environment.

Public Hearing Tomorrow, May 1

Tomorrow at 6pm in the Main Hall of the Ladner Community Centre (4734 51st Street), residents are invited to take part in a public hearing, where they’ll get their first chance to weigh in on the topic of Canada’s newest casino in Delta. City officials will be discussing everything from Gateway’s request for rezoning of the property along Highway 17A, to the BCLC’s interest in allowing Gateway to develop Delta into the province’s next host gaming facility.

Gateway CEO Tony Santo is heralding the project as an economical boon for the locality and surrounding areas.

“The proposed $70 million investment in Delta would bring up to 700 new jobs and careers to the area when we open, and millions in economic spin-offs throughout construction and beyond,” says Santo. “We look forward to bringing this state of-the-art entertainment destination to this rapidly growing community.”

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Apr 25

Build your own reels for 99.91% RTP with Moody Fruits Slot.

How to Play Moody Fruit Slots by Relax GamingThousands of slot machines exist in the online space. Aside from the number of reels, pay lines, and applicable features, they’re all pretty much the same. Press spin and watch the symbols roll around until they stop, hopefully on a winning combination. But not this one…

Moody Fruits, a mid-2014 release by Relax Gaming, is an exceptional online slot machine. It allows players to incorporate the ultimate level of skill by building their own reels. Imagine the concepts of slot machines, Tic-Tac-Toe and Tetris (minus the time restraints), all rolled into one.

With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99.91%, this is the absolute highest RTP online slot game known to exist!

Moody Fruits Slot – How it Works

Moody Fruits is actually four games in one. There are four reel sets to play. Each contains a 3×3 grid with 5 pay lines that run horizontally and diagonally. In total, there are 20 pay lines, and they’re always active; (no need to bet one credit per line to activate).

The player’s job is to fill each of the reels with symbols. There are 10 in all. The lower paying symbols are all fruits. On the higher end are crowns, bells, bars and horseshoes, plus a horn as the bonus symbol. Bear in mind the value of each symbol as you go.

One at a time, you’ll be given a top-to-bottom column of 3 symbols. You’ll get to choose what reels go where. However, you can’t rearrange the symbols within a reel, and once you place a reel, you can’t move it. Also, when positioning a reel, it will always go into the left-most available space of the chosen game board.

This set up gives you a lot of control over the game, allowing you to line up matching symbols on different game boards. But remember, you won’t know what’s coming next until you place the current reel, so be careful!

You’ll need to line up as many Tic-Tac-Toe style combinations as possible to win a prize. With the right strategy, Moody Fruits delivers a fantastic 99.91% RTP! It’s a medium-variance slot, so be patient.

How to Win on Moody Fruits

How to Win Moody FruitsThe object is to line up matching symbols on the pay lines of four game boards. Each line of 3 alike symbols is worth a set number of points, ranging from 20 for 3 cherries, strawberries or oranges, up to 120 for 3 crowns, and a Bonus for 3 horns (see below). You’ll need to reach at least 100 points to win a prize.

You can earn additional points by lining up special combinations. For example, if at least one winning line appears in each of the four games, all points are doubled. If wins appear in three of the four game boards, all points are multiplied by 1.5x. Fill an entire game board with the same symbol for an instant 200-point bonus.

Bet sizes range from 1 to 100 credits. Winnings are multiplied by the total bet size. A 100 point game will pay 2x the bet, scaling up to the highest payout of 100x the bet for a 1,000 point game.

Moody Fruits Bonus Game

The horn is the Bonus symbol. They are very rare, but extremely valuable if you get lucky enough to line up a combination of three on any pay line. This will trigger the Moody Fruits Bonus Game.

How to Play Moody Fruits Bonus GamesThe bonus gives players 15 shots from the horn. Each shot places a symbol on a large grid. Or, the horn may shoot out a number (+2, +3, +4 or +5). These numbers award extra shots.

It doesn’t matter where symbols appear on the grid. Once three alike symbols appear, they award points (same as the base-game pay table). When the bonus game ends, all points are added to the player’s current total and the base game continues.

You can play the Moody Fruits Slot for real money at any online casino powered by Relax Gaming. Or, if you want to try it out first, play Moody Fruits for free here.

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