Mar 27

Playtech Casinos say Goodbye to Marvel SlotsIn the iconic word’s of Shirley Bassey, “The party’s over”. Or at least, it’s going to be in a few days when the complete collection of enormously popular Marvel Slots is removed from Playtech casinos. As of April 1, these epic titles will no longer be available.

Sadly, no – this is not a tactless April Fool’s joke. The news was validated by a hoard of affiliates for Playtech casinos, who confirmed reception of emails from various Playtech-licenced operators. Each email was essentially the same, detailing a statutory request that any promotional material utilizing the Marvel slots themes be removed on or before April 1, 2017.

Playtech Casinos Confirm Marvel Slots Departure

Affiliates of William Hill received emails confirming that Playtech casinos will be “removing their Marvel-branded games on March 31,” presumably effective by midnight GMT. Thus they were asked to have all relative creatives depicting these games off their respective websites no later than this coming Saturday.

A spokesman for Playtech revealed the reasoning behind the quick departure of Marvel slots and all corresponding advertisements. Simply put, the digital software firm’s contract with Marvel Studios is due to expire, and the latter has no desire to renew or renegotiate the deal.

Disney Aims For Family Friendly Entertainment

In 2009, Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment, which possess all rights to the brand and its comic book characters. Since then, Disney has undertaken the task of exuding a ‘family friendly‘ atmosphere around all of its entertainment assets, including all Marvel-branded products.

The company went so far as to spend countless amounts of money lobbying against Florida legislatures attempting to authorize casino gambling anywhere near its enormously lucrative Disney World theme park in Orlando.

A spokesperson for the company formally announced in 2013 that Disney had decided not to “initiate or renew slot machine licensing arrangements” for any of its intellectual property. That directive forced Canadian-based Amaya Gaming to remove all Marvel slots from its then-owned Cryptologic software enterprise in 2014.

A similar contract between Playtech and Marvel Studios is set to expire – you guessed it – at the end of this month. And while the Marvel slots will soon be a thing of the past, the company secured a new contract with another comic book brand that’s already delighting slots fans of Playtech casinos.

Playtech’s DC Slots Now Live

DC Comics Slots from Playtech Superman SlotJust last month, the gaming software company announced it had struck a new deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to integrate a full DC Slots Series at Playtech casinos. The first installments have already been released, and include popular titles from former blockbuster movie hits like Superman, Superman II, Man of Steel, Green Lantern and others.

Furthermore, in preparation for the expiring contract with now Disney-owned comic brand, Playtech began replacing its Marvel Slots with a new, parallel series entitled Age of the Gods last year. Each new addition was designed to mirror the game play of one of the company’s Marvel slots, meaning players will still have access to the exact same games, with the exact same features, but with a different graphic overlay.

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Mar 26

Winning the lottery – it’s something we all dream of, but never genuinely expect to happen. Well, most of us don’t. The Hammonds, of Mackenzie, BC, danced and sang with every Lotto 6/49 ticket they purchased, and now they’re dancing all the way to the bank.

Roscoe Hammond and his wife were confident that, one day, their ship would come in. Their docks were teaming with ships on March 11, 2017 – half a million of them, to be exact – following Roscoe’s decision to play the ‘Extra‘ on that night’s ticket.

Hammond’s $500k Happy Dance

Roscoe Hammond Winning The Lottery in BC

“I usually do a happy dance and she sings for me,” Hammond laughed as he and his wife participated in the obligatory interview with staff members at the BC Lottery prize claim centre. “We haven’t stopped since I won. It’s been non-stop hugging and tears of joy!”

Although Mr. Hammond and his wife believed in their heart of hearts that this day would eventually come, he had to admit that it winning the lottery to the tune of $500,000 feels even better than he’d anticipated.

“It’s amazing to know you can do a few extra things you couldn’t before,” said Hammond, unable to keep the broad smile from his face. “I can invest in my retirement and travel all around our beautiful province!”

$7 Million for Langley Couple

The Hammond’s weren’t the only ones celebrating that day. Richard Bourgeois and Michelle Wishard of Langley had even more reasons to dance as they were the proud owners of that same day’s overall winning lottery ticket.

Bourgeois and Wishard Winning the Lottery in BC

Mr. Bourgeois and Ms. Wishard were on ‘Could 6/49‘, collecting the top prize of $7,000,000.

“I was checking the ticket online and saw we had one number. Then two and then all six!” he exclaimed in recollection. “This is just surreal and unbelievable!”

The Langley couple have already made quite a few plans as to how to spend their new-found fortune. After winning the lottery, they’re going to purchase a new home, a new truck, and are looking forward to traveling all across Canada. But they are most excited about following in the tradition of the British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC), and ‘playing it forward‘.

Ms. Wishard told prize claim staff they will share their wealth with their loved ones.

“Richard’s helping his family and I’m going to take care of my three kids.” A wide smile creased her lips before adding, “This is amazing!”

Mr. Bourgeois winning lottery ticket was purchased in Chilliwack, BC, from the Save on Foods mart on Yale Road. Mr. Hammond’s fortuitous Extra play ticket was bought from the lottery ticket centre at the Mackenzie Mall.

Winning the Lottery Means Playing It Forward

The BCLC encourages all players to say “Yes” to the Extra, as the Hammond’s did on that fateful day, and hopes to see all of their lucky millionaire winners ‘play it forward‘, as the Langley couple is doing.

BCLC’s Play It Forward program ensures that $0.88 of every $1.00 spent on the province’s lottery goes right back into the community, helping to fund all sorts of important projects, like health, education, and improvements to local infrastructure.

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Mar 23

Playtech, one of the world’s oldest and most successful developers of online and mobile casino content, has reason to celebrate this month. The company just launched its newest Super Hero Slots series, and is sharing in the festivities with all players of Playtech casinos by presenting a special £500,000 Giveaway promotion.

Playtech Super Hero Slots 500k Giveaway

The new Super Hero Slots series, revolving around famous DC Comics characters, were released last month across the software’s massive network of more than 140 iGaming operators. As such, each Playtech powered online casino will host the new network promotion, including a multitude of prize drawings worth £5,000 up to £200,000 per draw.

The £500k promo – the largest cash giveaway in Playtech’s 18 year history – will last 28 days. Prize drawings will be held throughout the 4-week duration, paying out a grand prize of £200,000, two similarly impressive cash prizes of £100,000, and a series of headliner prizes worth up to £5,000.

This latest promotion follows last year’s £250k cash prize giveaway that was held to celebrate the launch Playtech’s first DC-themed Super Hero Slots series. This time around, the prizes are doubled, and the new slots titles are better than ever.

How To Win Super Hero Slots Promo

In order to earn an entry to the prize draw, players must place real money wagers on select online and/or mobile slot machines. As you might have guessed, all of the new DC-branded games are on that list, along with a few other popular titles – even one Halloween themed slot.

The full list of eligible games (and their original movie release dates, where applicable) includes:

Superman: The Movie Slot (1978)

Superman II Slot (1980)

Man of Steel Slot (2013)

Green Lantern Slot (2011)

Space Invaders

Halloween Fortune 2

Buffalo Blitz

Age of the Gods™ (complete 4-title series)

Plenty O’ Fortune

“We are delighted to announce our biggest ever casino network promotion across a selection of our most popular and best-performing games,” said Playtech COO Shimon Akad. “I’d like to thank all our participating licensees for their continued support and making this our biggest ever giveaway.”

Playtech Says More Big Promos To Come

Once the Super Hero Slots celebration and half-million cash giveaway promotion come to an end, Playtech promised it will be followed by another great promotion later this year. No specifics for the new promo were revealed, except that it will coincide with the start of the upcoming football season.

“We have meticulously planned the last nine months’ content release schedule and strategically aligned it with a series of fantastic marketing promotions,” commented Akad with evident enthusiasm.

“Yet again, I’m thrilled to say that our industry-leading content teams have delivered some incredible products. We’re already looking forward to our next promotion,” he concluded.

Playtech, established in 1999, has grown exponentially into one of the world’s largest digital gambling software suppliers. Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, Playtech has offices in 17 countries, employing more than 5,000 staff members.

Playtech supplies a range of interactive gambling software platforms, including online casino, poker, bingo, sports betting and live casino.

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Mar 22

Taxes on Gambling Winnings from US CasinosAs tempting as a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City may seem for Canadians – especially after a long, cold winter – there’s one very god reason why Canada casinos are the best place to stay and play. Taxes!

In Canada, we aren’t subject to taxes on gambling winnings. In fact, the majority of first world countries consider winnings from gambling to be a windfall; categorized in the same manner as a monetary gift. Players keep every bit of their winnings, with no taxation applied.

The United States doesn’t see it that way. While the US government actually has one of the lowest state and federal tax rates in the world in terms of traditional income sources, taxes on gambling winnings are outrageous. Even if you’re a nonresident, you may be forced to give up nearly a third of your winnings to the nation’s prehensile government.

Taxes on Gambling Winnings from US Casinos

Not all gambling winnings are taxable. It depends on how much you win. A Canadian who walks away a few hundred dollars richer isn’t going to be subject to US tax withholding laws.

If you strike a slot machine or bingo jackpot of $1,200 or more, or get lucky at Keno to the tune of $1,500+, the situation changes drastically. Likewise, if you win a state or national lottery, wagering pool, or pari-mutuel pool (horses, dogs or jai alai) worth $5,000 or more, or at least 300 times the total stake, the US will want its cut.

When such winnings occur on US soil, Canadians can expect to fill out some forms when they visit the cashier. In addition, they’ll only be handed 70% of the overall winnings. The rest is withheld by the gambling facility to cover the mandated taxes on gambling winnings.

Keep Your Receipts! Form 1042-S

During the withholding process, the casino, racetrack or lottery facility will provide the player with Form 1042-S, Foreign Person’s Us Source Income Subject to Withholding.

Make sure to keep any receipts, tickets or other documents that can prove how much money you lost while gambling in the US. If a Canadian is able to prove their losses, that amount can be deducted from any withheld taxes on gambling winnings.

Stick With Canada Casinos

If you’d rather avoid all this hassle, the easiest way to do it is to simply refrain from gambling in the US. Canada casinos offer the same variety of gambling amusements, and never collect taxes on gambling winnings.

If it’s the opulence of Las Vegas you seek, we have some pretty fancy casinos right here. The Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario is quite lovely, as is Quebec’s Casino de Montreal.

It’s also worth noting that Las Vegas – despite being the most famous gambling mecca in the world – has the absolute worst odds on slot machines. The rest of the world regulates that slots must have an RTP (return to player) averaging 87.5% (standard range of 85% to 92%. In Nevada, state regulators allow Las Vegas casinos to set deplorably low RTP’s of just 75%.

If Canada casinos and race tracks didn’t look very appealing to you before, hopefully the US government’s taxes on gambling winnings and lamentable slots payouts in Vegas will change your mind.

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Mar 20

It’s finally here! The very first Live Dealer VR Casino game has been launched. The brand new Live VR Roulette game was released by Medialive Casino, a supplier of digital software that specializes in live dealer studio gambling, following its debut at a gaming expo last week.

Medialive launches first Live VR RouletteEstablished in 2005, Medialive Casino first revealed its live VR roulette platform at the ENADA Spring 2017 exhibition, hosted by Rimini Fiera Expo Centre in Italy. ENADA is lauded as Southern Europe’s most prominent “International Amusement & Gaming Machine Show”.

According to a recent publication by Juniper Research, Virtual realityVR for short – is the future wave of the online and mobile gambling industry. The research firm predicts that, from 2016 to 2021, VR casino wagers will rise 800% from 58 million to more than 500 million.

The new Live VR Roulette game entirely alters the way players experience live dealer casino games. By utilizing a VR headset, players can literally place themselves within the casino, despite being potentially thousands of miles away.

Instead of strictly viewing the live casino table and its real live dealer, players will be able to turn their heads and see a genuine, 360 degree view of the live dealer studio. They can even move around in the casino, viewing all of the other tables and the live dealers operating them.

For the moment, Live VR Roulette is the only virtual reality casino game supported by the new software. The variety will surely expand in the near future, but one thing will remain a constant. Medialive Casino will forever be ensconced in the history books for launching the world’s very first live dealer VR casino game.

Live Dealer VR Casino to Attract Millennials

“Our aim is to find innovative solutions to conquer a new target of players,” Medialive Casino’s Head of Sales & Marketing, Angelo De Gobbi, told iGamingBusiness. “Thanks to virtual reality we can finally attract Millennials who until now were not very interested in live games.”

Media Live VR Casino HeadsetMr. Gobbi went on to explain the company’s unique marketing tactics, which include a gift box for VIP members. “This solution also allows you to retain customers by offering them a VIP gift box already configured to be able to enjoy the new gaming experience.”

The Malta-based company licences its live dealer platform to 35 online and mobile casino operators. The majority are localized to the Italian market, with a few other operators facing popular iGaming jurisdictions like Australia, Canada, and the UK.

It’s unknown which of these operators may begin distributing the VIP gift boxes mentioned by the Medialive executive, or when those gift boxes will become available.

Based on his statements, we can assume that players of high regard, dependent upon the size and regularity of their wagering, will be eligible to receive a free Medialive Casino-branded VR headset, compatible with the developer’s live VR roulette and any future live dealer VR casino games.

VR Casino or AR Casino?

Mr. Gobbi also touched on the topic of Augmented Reality (AR), saying that that term may be more appropriate in describing the new live dealer VR casino platform.

“It would be correct to speak of augmented reality,” he said, “in fact there is nothing virtual, throughout the game experience is based on real elements.”

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Mar 17

Crazy Online BettingLinesOnline betting is a nothing new. Canadians have been doing it for the last two decades. Sports bets are by far the most popular, followed by things like politics and reality TV. But there are some very crazy online betting lines you probably never knew existed.

It seems every year, bookmakers come up with more and more wacky things to wager on. Now here we are in 2017 and there are some truly insane betting lines out there!

We’re Not Alone…

At some online betting sites, including the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power (who else?), you can actually place a bet on whether alien life will be discovered. In fact, it’s not a matter of ‘if‘, but rather ‘when‘.

Punters can wager on the discovery of aliens occurring in 2017, 2018, 2019, or “2020 or later”. To win this bet, Paddy Power specifies that the bet will be:

Settled on the sitting President of the USA making a statement confirming without doubt the existence of alternative, intelligent life beings from another planet.”

Bingo – How ‘Ferret’ Is!

Ferret Bingo – yes, it actually exists – is another one of the craziest online betting lines now available. Ferret Bingo is an English lottery/sport that involves placing ferrets into a cage with 7 numbered drain pipes as exit routes. Whichever exit the first ferret takes determines the winning number.

But is this lottery style game fair? In the past, conductors have been accused of ‘tunnel tampering’. However, it’s become a rather serious sport these days. Rules for the official matches that managed to make it onto bookmaker’s radars are strictly enforced.

On Your Marks, Cheese Set, Go!

If you thought Curling was a strange Olympic sport, how about Cheese Rolling? This racing event is exactly what the name suggests. Contestants roll large rounds of cheese down a hill, and the first across the finish line wins.

Could you imagine such a thing becoming an official sport of the Olympic games? Its strongest supporters can. An application was actually submitted to the International Olympic Committee, but not surprisingly, it was rejected. That doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy the action with some cheesy online betting lines.

Hoist Up The John B Wives!

Got a wife? Got a strong back? Hoist her up and get moving, because it’s time for the World Wife-Carrying Championship! Don’t have a wife? No problem, you can bet on the strong-arms that do at various internet bookmakers.

What started as a comedic way to pass some quality family time has become an international phenomenon. Established in the 1990’s, the WWCC is held in North America annually, while other countries like Australia and Asia hold their own regular wife-carrying competitions.

WWE Wrestling

We’ve all seen the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstars slamming each other head-first into the turnbuckles, suplexing them to the mat, and bashing metal chairs across their backs. Unless you’re under the age of 10, you know very well that it’s all fake – choreographed as seamlessly as a Broadway ballet. And that, my friend, is what makes this one of the craziest online betting lines in the world.

How can a bookmaker offer odds on something that is pre-determined? That’s not a contest, it’s a sham. But it’s also a very popular form of entertainment, and it’s become more and more common to find matches posted at online bookmakers.

In order to keep things fair, bookies offer lines that can be (are often are) immediately rescinded or heavily reduced if information regarding the upcoming winner gets leaked.

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Mar 16

For the last few years, mobile gaming has been the major focus of the digital gambling industry. As always, relative businesses are looking towards innovations for the future, and right now, the general consensus is that AR and VR gambling will be the next big thing.

VR Gambling AR Gambling

AR, (or Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality), have taken the world by storm in the last two years, but both are still in early development in terms of what they can do now, and what we know they are eventually capable of.

VR & AR Gambling Conference 2017

The very first (presumably annual) VR | AR Gambling Conference has been scheduled for April 3, 2017 in Prague. It’s being lauded as a “global specialized business event”, where leading professionals in the field will gather to discuss the future of the VR and AR gambling industry.

The conference has been divided into two categories. They include a Developers section for the companies that help to create iGaming technologies, and a Business section for the operators and marketers who make such products accessible to customers.

Throughout the conference, a Networking Demo will provide attendants with an opportunity to get their hands dirty, testing out a range of VR and AR gambling and novelty products that have already been developed.

On the Business end of the conference, two speakers are currently scheduled for presentations on AR and VR gambling and marketing tactics.

Advir CEO Samuel Huber will deliver a speech entitled, “The Immersive Media Revolution: How VR and AR are changing the advertising paradigm”.

Viasys Founder Konrad Gill will follow that up with his presentation on, “Virtual Reality and the Future of Gaming Convergence”.

Other speakers from all over the world, including Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Matla, the United States and more, are expected to attend.

VR Gambling Now And In The Future

VR Roulette MicrogamingWe haven’t seen any AR gambling apps just yet, but VR gambling already exists. Microgaming debuted its new VR Roulette platform in early 2016 at the ICE Totally Gaming expo in London. Despite being one of the first VR gambling apps to market, it was incredibly well developed, setting a very high standard for others to follow.

The VR experience transcends anything we’ve seen before. Requiring a VR headset such as the Oculus Rift, players are transported into a virtual world with limitless capabilities. Microgaming’s VR Roulette is designed so that players can reach out, pick up chips, and place them on the table, just as they would in a real casino environment.

Potential for AR Gambling

AR gambling has great potential, when you consider what we’ve seen in development so far. The PokemonGo craze is a perfect example. Millions of people took to the streets, collecting those cute little Pokemons from anywhere in the world they could travel, preferably on foot.

In an augmented reality, real world maps are used to bring players together. AR gambling apps could utilize the same technology to put slot machines, blackjack tables and roulette wheels on every street corner, or inside restaurants, coffee shops, bars, airports, etc.

Unlike VR worlds, AR gambling could open a whole new realm of regulation, wherein social businesses could apply for licences to facilitate gambling, implanting AR casino games within their establishments that could be accessed by any adult with a mobile device. Casinos could put a virtual gambling floor in their hotel rooms.

The market for AR and VR gambling is, quite literally, boundless.

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Mar 15

We’ve all seen the big Hollywood movies, depicting high-class gentleman in Armani suits betting on blackjack, roulette or baccarat. They usually win, too. Reality isn’t scripted in Vegas, but there are some things we may be able control, like valuable casino comps – if we play our cards right.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a wealthy, sophisticated, professional gambler to earn a succulent meal or a free night in a luxury suite. You just have to appear to be wealthy and sophisticated. Convince just one member of upper staff that you’ve got money and are willing to spend it, and they’ll be eating out of your hands.

The Power of Significs

Betting on Blackjack EtiquetteCasino employees are trained to watch out for high rollers. Convincing them you’re a VIP-level player is a simple matter of significs, or the semiotic relationship between signs and what they denote.

In essence, people see (and believe) what they expect to see.

Walk in the doors with a finely pressed suit, perfectly trimmed head/facial hair, and a lovely lady on your arm, and it sets off their sensors before you even make your way to the casino floor. You won’t be approached with comp offers at this point, but continue to exude the air of a comp-worthy patron, and the results can be astounding.

Looking The Part

There will be hundreds of people betting on blackjack. You won’t get anywhere if you can’t stand out among that crowd.

If you don’t have a fine suit, you need to get one. Even if it’s a rental or borrowed, pulling off the right look is imperative. Get a tight, business-professional hair cut and some good styling gel (not the flaky stuff).

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if all this work doesn’t give you a look of sophistication – maybe you are overweight, underweight, or, for lack of a better term, too nerdy to sophisticate – you’ll need a sexy lady on your arm to complete the ensemble.

Even if you have to convince your sister, or a friend’s sister, to play the role, make it happen. Surely they’d love to stay in a swank, penthouse suite as much as you would. And if a less than handsome gentleman has a far more beautiful woman by his side, the casino will have no trouble believing you’re beyond wealthy.

Securing a Bankroll

This part is entirely up to you. You must be able to buy a substantial number of chips, at least a few thousand dollars worth. I would never suggest borrowing this kind of money. Betting on blackjack may afford the lowest house edge, therefore highest odds of holding onto that cash, but there is always a risk in gambling.

To put it simply – don’t do anything stupid.

Betting on Blackjack Etiquette

Finally, you need to be well educated in blackjack. I don’t just mean you need to know the rules of the game, either. You need to learn perfect strategy and the proper etiquette to use when betting on blackjack.

Never play out of turn, never touch the chips once their on the table, and for God’s sake, never ask the dealer for instructions on anything. Your job is to exude ultimate sophistication. You are a veteran blackjack player who knows all the rules and never hesitates to make a decision. If you can’t pull this off, you’ll have failed before you ever stepped foot in the casino.

Step one, practice perfect strategy online or at home with a few friends. Unless you’re already a math whiz, don’t worry about card counting – just the basics will do.

What do you do when dealt a 12 with the dealer showing a 6? What if you have 17 and the dealer is showing 10? You must be able to answer these question and more in a split second, and play your hand accordingly.

This notifies the casino that you know what you’re doing, but more importantly, it guarantees the lowest possible house edge. Even if you don’t win any money here, the real goal is not to lose any. The profit comes from the comps.

Your demeanor is as important as your skill in betting on blackjack. Losses don’t bother you, and wins are nothing more than are whimsical fancies. There’s no pouting or excessive celebration allowed. Play it cool, like money means little to you, and the casino will be more than happy to comp you everything they can in hopes of getting their greedy hands on the fortune they think you possess.

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Mar 13

Last month, leading interactive games developer Playtech announced it would be opening a new Live Casino Games studio from Riga, Latvia. The company already operated live dealer games from a smaller location in Riga, but this new location in Riga Old Town was to become the “world’s largest next generation casino studio”.

Live Casino Games from Playtech's New Riga Studio

When the plans were originally announced, the company offered very little information as to what games would be available, or when we could expect the new tables to go live. That information was finally revealed when the new live dealer games were launched earlier this month.

Playtech’s latest addition opened its virtual doors on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. While the posh tables and background décor are notably more opulent than the original studio, the current list of live casino games leaves something to be desired.

Live Dealer Games from New Studio

There are currently just four live dealer tables operating in Playtech’s new studio. That seems a bit low for the world’s largest live casino studio.

They include two variations of blackjack, one roulette table, and one baccarat table. Not only is the table variety low at the moment, it was a bit disappointing to see that all four games mimic tables already provided in the original Riga location.

It goes without saying that Playtech will be launching additional tables in the near future. The company is obviously pushing ahead with the launch of a few games with proven popularity, just to get things underway and alleviate the growing anticipation of its players.

Current size and innovation issues aside, here’s what the new live casino games studio has to offer at the moment.

Live Dealer Blackjack Tables

Live Dealer Games from Playtech's New Riga StudioPlaytech opened a pair of live blackjack tables this month. They include Grand Blackjack and Royal Blackjack. Both games exhibit the exact same house rules and side bets as their predecessors, found at the old Riga location. The bet behind feature is also available.

Both live dealer games are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are played on elegantly designed tables with deep, earthy tones, perfectly offset by the each dealer’s shimmering gold attire and gold beaded curtains in the background. That same description applies to all of the games at Playtech’s new studio.

Live Dealer Roulette

The menu also offers streaming of Grand Roulette, a European version of the classic favorite. The table features multiple cameras, streaming from different angles to provide a more realistic, live casino games experience.

While it doesn’t quite compare with Evolution Gaming’s ‘Immersive Roulette‘, where the cameras alternate dramatically from real time to slow-motion cinematics, it’s definitely more appealing than a single camera perspective.

Playtech’s Grand Roulette is not currently streamed 24/7. The live roulette table goes offline somewhere between 3-6am, and reopens at 9:00am GMT each morning. Knowing Playtech, it will join the other live dealer games in being offered 24/7 before long.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Playtech’s Grand Baccarat mirrors the same Punto Banco tables at its original Riga studio. The rules, basic bets, side bets, and payouts are exactly the same.

More To Come…?

It would certainly seem that Playtech is working to get the most basic live casino games on the market before going ahead with the launch of additional tables. It will be interesting to see what games, if any, are eventually provided in new variations, such as Speed Baccarat or French Roulette.

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Mar 10

Online Casino ScamsChances are, anyone who ventured into the online gambling arena more than ten years ago, probably came across some online casino scams. Unfortunately, countless people fell victim to them. The only positive that came from it was a more keen awareness of the situation, and better knowledge in how to avoid them.

Today’s most reputable operators take palpable steps to ensure players that their websites and casino games are 100% safe, secure and fair. They provide a level of transparency that was almost unheard of back in the day, when the industry was still in its infantile stages.

Online Casinos Scams Less Prevalent in 2017

While online casinos scams will always exist in the enigmatic realm of cyberspace, they are much less prevalent than they used to be. Twenty years ago, the majority of gambling sites were either rogue operators looking to make a quick buck before disappearing into the shadows, or financially unstable businesses that inevitably fell off the map. Either way, players were left high and dry.

There was little or no regulation of internet betting sites back then, either. It was an emerging business unlike anything before it. It took years for governments to grasp the importance of regulation, and then develop a regulatory framework, as well as special government bodies to oversee licencees and enforce their laws upon them.

Now days, not only have a large number of jurisdictions from all over the world embraced the internet gambling industry, they’ve imposed an infrastructure for regulation that is heavily fortified with legal consequences for anyone that fails to comply.

Although it hasn’t discouraged all rogues operators from attempting to lure unsuspecting players into their websites, it’s certainly cut their numbers. Today, of the 3,500+ gambling websites on the market, the vast majority of them now are upright businesses.

How To detect Online Casino Scams

Avoid Online Casino ScamsThere are several easy ways to determine if an operator is reputable. First, you need to see what software they use, what payment methods are available, and if they are licenced by a reputable jurisdiction.


If you’re new to the game, you may not know the names of top software suppliers. They include companies like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, NYX Gaming, Amaya, Evolution Gaming, 888, Aristocrat, Bally, IGT, Betsoft, GameSys, Scientific Games, GTECH, and Yggdrasil.

These are just off the top of my head (I’ve had years of experience to learn them), and is far from a complete list, but if any of these suppliers are employed, it’s a safe bet you’re in good hands.

It’s worth noting that operators must pay to employ each brand of casino software. The more reputable the software, the more expensive it will be. Thus the more the operator is willing to spend on its user experience, the greater it speaks towards their reputation.

Payment Methods

Like software brands, operators incur a fee for each payment method they employ. The general rule here is, “The more the merrier”. Any online casino that offers only two or three options, like bank transfers and cheques by mail, isn’t investing much to accommodate their players. They could just be saving money before they cut and run.


All upright gambling websites will be licenced, and will proudly display their licence status at the bottom of their website. If you don’t find licencing information here, leave immediately. If you do, pay attention to where the licence came from.

The most reputable jurisdictions are Isle of Man, Malta, the UK, Kahnawake (Canada), and Gibraltar. For the most part, you’ll want to avoid online casinos licenced in Curacao. It’s not a definite sign that the operator is rogue, but it is a red flag. Curacao offers licences to anyone who will pay for them.

Ask Questions

Test out the customer support team. Ask the tough questions, like how long have they’ve been in operation, what is their parent company (owner), where are they located, and what is their licence number? See how long it takes them to respond, and how knowledgeable they are about these things. Online casino scams will quickly give themselves away if they dodge these questions.

Proper English: Is the website written in proper English, or broken English? Did the response to your support questions come back with text obviously written by someone who doesn’t speak English fluently? Misplacement of words and bad grammar can be the fastest sign of an online casino scam.

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