Feb 23

Dream Catcher: A New Live Casino game from Evolution

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The Live Casino industry just got a lot more interesting. Evolution Gaming has introduced a whole new genre of live dealer games with the introduction of Dream Catcher earlier this month at ICE Totally Gaming 2017.

Dream Catcher is the company’s first release in an upcoming series of Live Lucky Wheel games. As the classification implies, it’s a wheel game where players bet on numbers from an over-sized wheel, spun by a live dealer.

Dream Catcher Live Lucky Wheel

New live casino game Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is reminiscent of the ‘Big Wheel‘ or ‘Money Wheel‘ games found at many land-based casinos. It’s represented by a large, vibrantly colored wheel, filled with numbers and special multiplier slots. The precision engineered, bespoke wheel was built exclusively for Evolution by TCS John Huxley America, Inc., an amusement games developer out of Paradise, Nevada.

The new live casino game is another one of Evolution’s now-famous ‘Immersive‘ live dealer titles, following in the footsteps of the enormously successful (and award winning) Immersive Roulette.

It features a series of HD cameras set up all around the wheel, giving players a number of dynamic camera angles – some delivered in slow motion – to really draw players in. The experience is further enhanced by special lighting and sound effects that are auto-synchronized to the game.

The studio set up is similar to a game show, where the Dream Catcher live dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel with each new betting round, and interacting with the players the same way dealers of the brand’s other live casino products do.

To play the new Live Lucky Wheel game, players will click on the amount they wish to bet, and the number they want to bet on – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. Like other wheel games of this nature, the number matches it’s payout, and the lower it is, the more often it appears on the wheel.

Located at opposite end of the wheel are two special segments labeled 2x Multiplier and 7x Multiplier. Hitting these instantly pays out to all players the corresponding multiplier, according to their bet size.

New Live Casino Game For All Players

Evolution Gaming’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter, was especially excited about the big reveal at 2017 ICE on February 7, and said these new Live Lucky Wheel games are being designed to appeal to all types of casino players.

“This is a momentous launch for us because Dream Catcher will expose live casino to players who don’t play table games and therefore don’t play live casino. There are millions of slot, bingo, and other players who we are reaching out to with this product,” he said.

“It is intentionally simple and friendly to play, and with the potential for the 2x and 7x multipliers to keep hitting sequentially, players can win thousands of times their initial bet, just like in slots,” lauded Haushalter.

He went on to describe Dream Catcher Live Lucky Wheel as being “almost like a game show that you can play along with at home.” The CPO is confident that the new live casino game will appeal to both slot and table game fans.

“We really tried hard to make Dream Catcher a game that will expand the live casino space and we hope the players find it as fun as we do,” he said.

Dream Catcher is now live streaming from Evolution’s live casino studio in Riga, Latvia, and is available for desktop, mobile and tablet.

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Feb 23

eCheck Deposit & Withdrawal Sportsbooks Canada

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Sports Interaction

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eChecks are a great way to get money into gambling accounts. They only require you to have a bank account or even a web wallet, and they are as safe as can be. As a result, eChecks have become one of the most popular methods to gamble online in Canada. And when it comes to Canadian sportsbooks that accept them, Sports Interaction stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Sports Interaction is actually licensed here in Canada and is devoted to the Canadian market. It offers markets on sports that Canadians love, but sports that aren’t always covered by other sites. What’s more, because it is licensed here, you know that you are gambling legally, safely and within the confines of Canadian law. With so much ambiguity around surrounding these laws at the moment, that’s a good thing to know.

What is Sports Interaction?

Sports Interaction was launched way back in 1997. It classes itself as an all-in-one gambling destination, which is to say that it offers all forms of gambling under one virtual roof. Sports Interaction is a leading Canadian sportsbook and casino and is regulated both within this country and Jersey, which allows it to offer its services to players across Europe and further afield.

Sports Interaction was once open to US players as well. However, they stopped allowing them to join in 2013, with only those who had accounts prior to that date still allowed to play on the casino and use the sportsbook.

eCheck Bonuses

Sports Interaction have often been criticized for not offering bonuses as big as some of their rivals in Asia and Europe. And to some extent this is true. However, they have upped their game a lot in the last few years and the bonuses on Sports Interaction now far exceed what you can get on sites like SkyBet and BetFair, two of the biggest betting sites in Europe.

Sports Interaction announced a $100 Betting Bonus in 2017 that all new players were welcome to. There were terms and conditions attached to this bonus, of course, but there was nothing you wouldn’t expect.

This bonus is also available whether you use a credit card, a debit card or an eCheck to deposit. One of the many issues gamblers have with sportsbooks and casinos is that they try to funnel players toward a certain payment method by limiting the deposit bonus to those methods. That’s not the case with Sports Interaction. You choose whatever method you like and they give you the welcome bonus—simple as that.

eChecks to Withdraw

eChecks are not best suited to withdraw with. In fact, many gambling sites won’t let you use them. They are a great deposit method, but when it comes time to collect your winnings you’re much better off using an alternative method. Luckily, on sites like Sports Interaction you have many of these to choose from.

You can use any of the following methods to get your winnings:

  • Virtual Visa
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • uKash (UK only)
  • Check
  • Skrill
  • EcoCard

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Feb 22

Live Blackjack Dealer at BeOnline caught Cheating

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Viral videos are all too common these days. Most deal with comical incidents, but this latest video published by a self-professed professional gambler shows a live blackjack dealer clearly cheating. The incident occurred at BetOnline, who’s since parted ways with the live dealer software platform.

The video (see below) was uploaded to YouTube by Michael Morgenstern on February 18, 2017. It shows the hand being dealt all the way to completion, then shows it again, this time pointing out the dealer’s obvious and blatantly intentional error. Then, a third time, it’s shown in slow motion to further prove the fact.

The video clearly shows the live casino dealer making a duplicitous maneuver known in the blackjack world as ‘dealing seconds‘. This occurs when the dealer gives a player the second card in the deck, then deals the original top card to himself. In this case, dealing seconds gave the dealer 18 – just enough to win the player’s double-down bet on 17.

Dual Responses From BetOnline

In an apparent effort to regain the trust of its members, BetOnline issued a pair of press releases relating to the live dealer cheating scandal.

The first didn’t explicitly mention the underhanded dealings, instead confirming that the supplier of the live blackjack dealer tables had been replaced with a new, “superior live casino vendor”.

18 February 2017, BetOnline.ag announces that they have cut third-party vendor Global Gaming Labs (GGL), in favor of Live Dealer Casino third-party vendor Visionary iGaming (ViG) – effective immediately!

The press release went on to identify the source of the conversion as a result of “client-side complaints regarding the number of available tables, games offered, lackadaisical dealers, and poor hand reporting…”

BetOnline said it began searching for a “superior Live Casino Vendor” a month ago, and integrated the new platform on the day of the notice, Feb 18. “Client feedback has been very positive since the switchover!” read the release.

The use of so many exclamation marks is quite uncommon in an official notice such as this, and is a clear indication that the move was in response to customer dissent. The second press release, issued on Feb 20, deals more specifically with the live blackjack dealer’s blatant cheating.

BetOnline Confirms Live Dealer Cheating

After noting the viral video, and the previous software provider’s replacement with Visual iGaming’s live dealer product two days prior, the online casino operator said:

BetOnline.ag is currently looking into the issue with help and careful cooperation from the previous Live Dealer provider. BetOnline.ag asks that anyone who feels they may have been affected by this dealer’s actions to contact them by email at Casino[at]BetOnline.ag.

As always, BetOnline.ag takes client feedback seriously. And nothing is more important to BetOnline.ag than the integrity of its gambling offerings and the enjoyment of its players.

Is BetOnline Free of Blame?

The press releases from BetOnline would certainly seem to insinuate that the cheating incident was by no fault of their own, and that they’ve taken every possible action to ensure it never happens again. But is that really the case?

The sad truth is, when a product is proven unsavory, most companies are quick to react with a positive notice that points the finger at someone else. A scapegoat, if you will.

While it’s entirely possible that GGL was 100% to blame – after all, what incentive would the dealer have to cheat other than a kickback from their employer? – it could be just as probable that BetOnline was involved, either directly or indirectly.

It could be that the online casino operator had some sort of under-the-table contract with GGL in which the live dealer casino supplier would receive an incentive if the overall win percentage came out above a certain rate. But again, there’s know way of knowing for sure without further investigation.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story to see if the live blackjack dealer cheating scandal turns out to be something more than meets the eye.

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Feb 21

Experts says Canada Provinces should Regulate DFS Betting

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Daily Fantasy Sports betting (aka DFS) is immensely popular throughout North America, and has been for years. It’s not an illegal betting activity in Canada, but is not explicitly legal or regulated either, as it is in some US states. Now, an expert in gambling research is calling for regulation of DFS betting in Canada.

Derevensky calls for DFS Betting Regulation in CanadaProf. Jeffrey Derevensky of McGill University says that, ultimately, DFS is a gambling activity. As such, he believes it’s the responsibility of Canada’s provincial lottery corporations to regulate the activity, providing the same player protections afforded to traditional live and online gamblers.

“When you’re putting money down to win money and there’s a probability that you’re not going to win money, then that’s gambling,” said Prof. Derevensky.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Basics

Daily fantasy sports betting is unlike standardized gambling activities, such as lottery, poker and casino games, and also differs from season-long fantasy sports leagues. With DFS betting, players pay a fee to enter a contest, then draft a roster of players from all teams scheduled to play that day.

Each player earns points based on their roster’s performance, and compete against other DFS fans for the total prize pool. Thus, as Derevensky said, money is being paid in hopes of winning more money back. And the fact that DFS sites collect a portion of each prize pool – much like the rake in a poker game – makes it difficult to deny the activity’s definition as gambling.

Call For DFS Betting Regulation

The gambling researcher is urging Canadian provinces to integrate daily fantasy sports betting into their current regiment of regulated gambling activities. He says lottery corporations, like the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG), Loto-Quebec, and British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC), are best equipped to regulate DFS betting.

Provincial gambling regulators already have the power and know-how to enforce player protection services – the same player protections that currently exist in all forms of regulated gambling. These include such services as identity verification and age verification, as well as self-exclusion programs and the option to set daily betting limits.

“Any form of fantasy should have those same kind of responsible gambling features built into their site,” Derevensky said.

Regulation Unlikely Anytime Soon

Up to this point, the Canadian government has taken no solid position on the matter of DFS betting – whether it’s legal, illegal, or even worthy of being defined as gambling. If legislators were to deem the activity gambling, it would become illegal by default, unless regulated by provincial governments. But as we’ve seen with other online gambling activities, most provinces don’t bother to take action against “illegal” gambling operators unless the operations has a physical presence on Canadian soil.

The situation is different in the US, where some states have moved to criminalize DFS betting, and others have taken steps to regulate the activity. This variable legal stance has caused major DFS operators like DraftKings to evacuate some US jurisdictions, while obtaining the proper licences in states where it’s now legally regulated.

According to the professor, daily fantasy sports betting would provide provinces with a new opportunity to grow their existing commodities with a new and proven-popular product. Derevensky is scheduled to speak at today’s New Horizons in Responsible Gaming Conference, hosted by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

BCLC spokeswoman Angela Koulyras said the regulator has no plans to incorporate daily fantasy sports betting on its website at the moment. However, she did note that that BCLC recognizes “that DFS is growing in popularity and interest and we’re just keeping a close eye on it at this time.”

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Feb 20

History of 21: Blackjack Then and Now

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Where did Blackjack come fromThe history of 21, or Blackjack as it’s more commonly known, isn’t entirely clear. It’s become one of the most popular games at land-based casinos – and more recently, online casinos – but no one seems to know for sure the answer to one simple question. Where did blackjack come from?

Many historians have a different opinion on the true history of 21. Some say it was born in Spain prior to the 1600’s, while the majority are of the opinion that the game originated in France during the 1700’s. Take a look at the following theories and see what you think.

History of 21 – The Spanish Theory

The only evidence that supports the theory that blackjack was first played in Spain came from a book written at the start of the 17th century. The book was part of a series entitled “Novelas Ejemplares”, (or Exemplary Novels), penned by Miguel de Cervantes, a known gambler and famous author of “Don Quixote”.

In one of these books, “Rinconete y Cortadillo”, written between 1601 and 1602, Cervantes referenced a card game in which the object was to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The game was called “Ventiuna” (Spanish for Twenty-One), and used a Spanish deck of cards known as baraja. Except for the exclusion of 8s and 9s, it was a standard 2-thru-Ace deck.

The main characters of the novel were a pair of gambling cheats who traveled Seville, in the historic Castilla region of Spain. Thus it can be implied that the true history of 21 dates back to at least the start of the 17th century, if not sooner.

It’s Spanish roots were likely another game known as Trente-Un, (or Thirty-One in Spanish). Similar to the Ventiuna rules noted in Cervantes’s book, Trente-Un required players to work towards a hand totaling 31 with a minimum of three cards.

History of 21 – Blackjack in France

The French version of the story is not a theory, but known fact – hence it’s wider acceptance in answering the question; where did blackjack come from? Around 1700, a game appeared in French casinos called Vingt-et-Un, (or Twenty-One in French). The rules were basically the same – achieve a hand closest to 21 without going over.

It’s believed that this game, which most closely resembles the blackjack games played in modern casinos, was derived from other, older French card games, such as French Ferme, Chemin de Fer (the original Baccarat), and Quinze, (same rules, but aiming for 15, not 21).

Blackjack Becomes Global Phenomenon

Over the years, as European exploration of other continents became more extensive, the history of 21 expanded along with them. It wasn’t a huge hit in the Americas – at least, not at first. Then in the 1930’s, newly legalized casinos in Nevada sought a way to attract more gamblers to the 21 tables.

Someone came up with the idea to offer a big bonus payout of 10-to-1 to any player who was dealt a natural hand containing the Ace of Spades and any Black Jack (club or spade). This hand was called a “Blackjack”, thus the new name was born, and it was attractive enough to get a lot of players interested.

The bonus payout was soon revoked, though. It was replaced with a lower bonus payout for any hand that totaled 21 in just two cards (Ace + 10 or Face Card). Such a hand was still referred to as a Blackjack, and the name has stuck ever since.

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Feb 16

Canadian Tennis Star honors boastful Online Sports Bet

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Sports Interaction

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We’ve all heard the story by now, or at least bits and pieces of it. It was the online sports bet of the century. Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard bragged that the Falcons would win Super Bowl LI. In the end, she lost an online sports bet via Twitter in which she said she would go on a date with a young college student – and obvious Patriots fan – if New England came back to win.

Genie Bouchard Super Bowl Twitter DateAt the time the innocent but boastful wager was made, the Atlanta Falcons were leading the New England Patriots by a very lop-sided score of 21-0. QB Matt Ryan and RB Devonta Freeman dominated the offensive side of the game, while the Patriot’s couldn’t put anything together to overcome the Falcon’s mighty defense.

At that point, Genie posted on Twitter that she knew the Atlanta Falcons would be victorious. In response, 20 year old Patriots fan John Geohrke, suggested that, if Tom Brady were to mount another one of his epic comebacks – something he’s done time and again throughout his career – she should go on a date with him.

Entirely confident that the Falcons had the Super Bowl all wrapped up, she cheekily agreed.

Oh, what a mistake that was! The Patriots began slowly clawing back into contingency in the third quarter, then outscored the Falcons 17-0 in the fourth to tie it up and throw the game into overtime.

As we all know, the Patriots went on to win Super Bowl LI 34-28.

To Date, Or Not To Date…

22 year old Genie Bouchard, currently ranked the 44th best tennis player in the world, was quite possibly more shocked than anyone. “Omfg”, she tweeted as the Patriots scored the game winning touchdown. That was quickly followed by another sentiment, “Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady”.

But I’m happy to report, she was neither a sore loser nor one to renege on a bet. Just 10 days after the shocking game ended, she hinted that she might be honoring the online sports bet with Geohrke.

Yesterday morning, the Canadian tennis star tweeted, “Busy day with @si_swimsuit and then tonight… I’m going on a date.”

Hours later, the first pictures showed up on the social media site, confirming her payment of the unusual debt.

She followed that up with a short comical video of John and herself, seated courtside at the game. (Yeah, she secured some nice tickets, too!) Then, as the evening came to an end, a final picture appeared on her Twitter, this time showing the young college student giving her a kiss on the cheek just before they parted.

Match Made In Heaven?

Are the adorable couple meant to bet? They sure looked cute together in all those pictures, and I’m sure much of the world would love to see this turn into a magical love story. Imagine the story they’d tell their grand-kids one day? But we’ll just have to wait and see if anything else happens from here.

In an interesting twist, TMZ intercepted the beaming couple on their way out of Barclays Center in New York City to snag a quick interview. Both seemed in good spirits throughout the chat, which ended with the reporter asking if there might be another date in their future.
To the grinning delight of John, Genie immediately replied, “For sure!”

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Feb 15

Live Dealer Studios: Is Bigger Really Better?

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Live dealer casinos have become all the rage in the digital gambling world, ever since they first appeared in the early 2000’s. Since then, technology has progresses greatly, and live casinos have grown right along with it.

Live Dealer Casino GamesPlaytech, one of the earliest developers of live dealer software, having built it’s first studio in Manila, Philippines in 2003, announced a monumental expansion project earlier this month. The company signed an agreement with Greek gambling monopoly OPAP to build a new live dealer casino in Riga, Latvia.

Riga is one of the most popular hot-spots for live dealer studios, already home to many other brands like Evolution Gaming, Unibet, and others. Playtech has operated a smaller Riga studio since 2009, but is now building a new studio in the city’s Old Town that is destined to become the largest live dealer casino studio in the world, encompassing 8,500 square meters (91,493 square feet).

Live Casinos – Is Bigger Better?

In the grand scheme of things, Playtech’s live dealer platform is a great one, ranked among the top 3 live casino options on the planet. But when you narrow it all down, even with such an esteemed claim-to-fame as being the largest live dealer casino studio, it’s important to see just how well Playtech stacks up to its biggest competition, Evolution Gaming.

Evolution wasn’t even a blip on the radar until 2006, when it launched as a pure play game supplier. Since then, they’ve grown so rapidly that – despite being late to the game – they’ve become the benchmark for what a live dealer platform should represent.

Evolution Live Dealer Casinos

In the last decade, Evolution has opened new studios in Riga, Latvia (of course), Portomaso, Malta, and their latest addition, located within the walls of the famous Grand Casino in Bucharest, Romania. It’s software is indisputably the best in the business, offering superior customization, simultaneous table play, and TV-quality streaming that even works well on slower connection speeds.

Evolution provides its licencees with a wide range of live dealer games, including 20+ variants of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three card poker, Caribbean stud and casino holdem. Some of their specialty titles include Baccarat Controlled Squeeze, Immersive Roulette and live tables played directly from the Hippodrome in London, Dragonara Casino in Malta, and (as previously mentioned) Grand Casino in Bucharest.

Playtech Live Dealer Studios

Playtech’s live dealer casino has a lot going for it, too. This platform actually has a slightly larger variety of tables, with a similar game selection that also includes live dealer hi-lo and sicbo. Like Evolution, it’s list of jurisdictional licences is impressive, and all games are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

However, Playtech still has some work to do before it can truly rival Evolution. There are sporadic downtimes in the software; the result of bug issues in the audio and video department both for desktop and mobile versions. This is, perhaps, the only real problem with Playtech’s live casino platform, but it’s a rather big one for players seeking a reliable, streaming service.

Whether the newer, larger studio in Riga will be any better is yet to be seen, but it won’t make a difference for Canadian players. The new studio will only cater to the brand’s European market.

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Feb 14

Microgaming gets Musical with Phantom of the Opera Slot

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We’ve seen a lot of new online slots based on blockbuster films, hit television series and famous rock bands in recent years. But when is the last time you played a musical slots game? No, not like musical chairs, but a game based on a famous musical production. They just don’t exist. But it’s finally happening as Microgaming has announced a new partnership with will see them create the Phantom of the Opera Slot.

Phantom of the Opera Slot

Last week, a press release from Microgaming proclaimed the new online slots creation is in the works. The world’s oldest real money digital gaming software brand secured a contract with The Really Useful Group to produce the Phantom of the Opera Slot, due to be released sometime in Q3 2017.

While the game is actually being created in the fashion of the 2004 movie, directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum and Minnie Driver, that film was an adaption English composer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous novel, and award-winning 1986 theatrical performance.

Phantom Of The Opera Slot

Microgaming has confirmed that the Phantom of the Opera Slot will feature “the main characters, musical numbers and original footage from the film.” We can look forward to the iconic musical’s most recognized songs to play in the background and during special feature sequences, like “Phantom of the Opera”, “The Music of the Night” and “All I Ask of You”.

“The Phantom of the Opera has had unequivocal success, played to over 140 million people worldwide!” said Microgaming Games Publisher David Reynolds, who could barely contain his enthusiasm over the new online slots deal.

“It’s exciting to be working with a musical, a new genre of branded content for Microgaming, extending and broadening our portfolio of games,” Reynolds continued. “Due out in Q3, this game will be a true celebration of the world’s biggest opera, balancing a healthy mix of base game features with a feature-packed free spins round.”

About Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera new online slotsThis mysterious tale of forbidden passion takes the audience to a shadowy world far below the picturesque beauty of the Paris Opera House, where the Phantom resides. Feared by all who encounter him – shamed by a hideous misformation – his love for Christine Daae, his beautiful and beloved protegee, is so strong, her heart cannot resist his romantic advances.

Phantom of the Opera is one of the most successful theatrical exhibitions the world has ever known. Inspired by the original 1909 novel by French author Gaston Leroux, it’s been performed in 166 cities, across 35 countries, to more than 140 million people, grossing an estimated $6 billion.

In 1986, the musical opened at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, and it’s continued to tour the globe for the last 31 years, claiming 70 major theatre awards along the way. It’s sure to draw an immense fan base later this year when Phantom of the Opera is released as a musical slots game.

The company shared the news with an extravagant celebration at ICE Totally Gaming on February 8 with elaborate decorations at the Microgaming Bar that included opulent drapes, chandeliers and original props from the movie.

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Feb 13

Legal Sports Betting embraced by Pro Leagues

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Sports Interaction

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There aren’t many jurisdictions in North America where legal sports betting takes place. Wagering straight up on the Toronto Blue Jays isn’t an option in Canada, and only four US states allow punters to lay odds on athletic contests. That could change in the coming years as more professional leagues may be embracing sports betting as a way to regain their audience in today’s digital age.

Sportsbook & Racebook at Bellagio, Las Vegas

It’s become observably evident in viewership ratings that not nearly as many sports fans are tuning in to major league events these days. Even some of the most devoted fans are skipping the games on television, keeping up with scores on their mobile devices instead. Apparently some pro leagues believe that, if fans were able to conduct legal sports betting, they would be more likely to tune in.

Adam Silver, head of the National Basketball Association (NBA), was the first to embrace the concept of legalization. He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times back in 2014, declaring his support for the regulation of legal sports betting and encouraging other pro leagues to follow his lead.

Silver argued that, legal or not, sports betting still happens all across Canada and the US. While the NBA opposed legalization for about two decades, being a staunch supporter of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) that officially banned sports betting in all but four US states, the organization now believes regulation is necessary to protect bettors and athletes from the estimated $400 billion in illegal wagers that are placed through underground methods each year.

Last week, Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he’s initiating a review of baseball’s wagering ban. Manfred responded supportively to Silver’s op-ed in 2014, and while he wouldn’t disclose what options they are considering in the review, he did tell Yahoo Finance:

Sports betting happens. Whether it’s legalized here or not, it’s happening out there.”

Legal Sports Betting Just Makes Sense

Daniel Wallach of Becker & Poliakoff, a legal firm in Florida, is an expert in sports law, and he believes the MLB is finally recognizing that sports betting must be embraced as a natural evolution or pro athletics.

“I don’t think this is so much baseball’s evolution on the issue as much as it’s a recognition of the reality that’s occurring,” said Wallach.

NFL, NHL, NCAA Still Opposed

Not every pro league is on board with legal sports betting, though. Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), commented during last week’s Super Bowl that the integrity of the game must be upheld by making “sure that there’s a fine line between team-sports gambling and the NFL.”

The National Hockey League (NHL) has maintained a similar stance, opposing any efforts to legalize sports betting in Canada and the US. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has also been strictly opposed to legalization for years, and with logical reasoning.

Emily James, a spokeswoman for the NCAA said ports betting “threatens both the integrity of the game and the well-being of student-athletes.”

Victor Matheson, a sports economist with College of the Holy Cross, elaborated on that sentiment. “The NCAA is at risk for corruption in a way that the NFL isn’t because the NFL is paying even their lowest-paid guys $450,000,” he said. College athletes, on the other hand, receive no monetary compensation for their performance.

NJ Push To Invalidate PASPA Just May Work

The state of New Jersey has been pushing hard for legal sports betting since 2013, taking up the argument shortly before Super Bowl XVLIII was held in East Rutherford, NJ in 2014. Governor Chris Christie’s efforts have been taken all the way to federal court, and Wallach believes the state’s attempt to have PASPA invalidated are likely to succeed.

Wallach pointed out that the Supreme Court has invited the US solicitor general to give an official opinion on the law, and whether the case should be heard. The fact that the Supreme Court has done so, said Wallach, indicates that court’s interest in the case. And if the court is interested, they are more likely to side with New Jersey.

“That was a game-changer. Many were skeptical that New Jersey would ever be able to convince the Supreme Court to hear the case,” he said.

“If the court reviews the case, it’s probably more likely than not that the federal law will be invalidated on constitutional grounds, and that will open everything up,” conclude Wallach.

Giving more merit to a future transition towards legal sports betting is the NFL’s declining TV ratings. Brooklyn Law School’s Associate Professor, Jodi Balsam, explained the forced position of pro leagues. “They’re confronting a new digital world order in which their reliable revenue streams may be shrinking.”

When it comes to revenue, even the NFL may be willing to alter its stance to get the numbers back up.

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Feb 09

Castle Builder II, the Next Social Slots Game from Microgaming

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Three of the most successful industries in the digital world right now are social gaming, mobile gaming, and real money gaming. What would happen if we managed to smush them all together? If done right, you’d get the most prolific product on the market. That’s exactly what Microgaming was hoping for when it debuted Castle Builder II this week at 2017 ICE.

Castle Builder II Social Slots GamesAs with most things in the interactive gambling realm, Microgaming pioneered the integration of social slots games with the original release of Castle Builder in 2013. That ground-breaking title introduced players to a whole new genre of slot machines, where they could progress through the game, reaching achievements while unlocking new quests and characters.

It was a phenomenal success – so impressive that it won Microgaming the EGR Game of the Year award in 2013. But like most progress-based titles, players eventually lost interest after accomplishing most or all of the goals the game had to offer.

Following the same awarding-winning format, Castle Builder II presents a whole new environment, including 15 new kingdoms to explore, 75 unique castles to build, and more than 300 individual characters to interact with throughout the game.

The sequel – built in conjunction with Microgaming’s closest partner, Rabcat Gamesmade its debut appearance at the Excel London this week during the 2017 ICE Totally Gaming convention, giving insiders a closer look at what’s in store.

Castle Builder II – The Experience

Castle Builder II CharactersPlayers will begin their adventure by selecting one of three avatars to represent them on their journey throughout the kingdoms – Sam, Mandy or Igor. Each character has a different feature set, altering the player’s experience within the social slots game.

An enormous game map gives players freedom of choice in choosing their path and ultimate destinations, from the insouciant Meadowlands, to the Great Plains of Silence, to the foreboding Desert of Death. Along the way, they’ll meet and interact with graceful queens and mighty kings, all while collecting the necessary materials to build their own impressive castles of various sizes ans styles.

All the while, there’s a romantic undertone to the adventure. Players will be assisting the beautiful princess in finding her perfect mate, whether it be a proverbial prince charming, a cunning alchemist, a burly viking warrior, a studly athlete, or pretty much anything else in between (even a living, breathing snowman).

Social Slots Game with Romance

Like any proper role-playing game, Castle Builder II also features level-ups. Players will gain experience for all achievements, rising in the ranks with new jobs and additional achievements and greater challenges to unlock. All this, packed into a wonderfully imaginative social slots game from the world’s leader in mobile gaming innovation, Microgaming.

“We have had great success with Castle Builder, launching the game to over 80 operators worldwide,” commented Rabcat Founder and CEO Thomas Schleischitz.

“The second installment provides extended gameplay and high replay value by way of more kingdoms, more levels, and more achievements,” he said. “By embracing the concept of unlocking content and continuous progression, the game encourages players to come back for more.”

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