Aug 14

Canada online poker giant PokerStars continues axing professional poker players in favor of casual gamers.

Canada Online Poker CEO PokerStars Rafi AshkenaziRafi Ashkenazi has been the CEO of The Stars Group (formerly Amaya) for almost two years. He replaced the company’s immensely successful, but legally challenged founder, David Bazzov, in November 2015. Since then, Ashkenazi’s reign has been a prodigious one.

Following a number of substantial changes to the company, everything from managerial roles to the latest name change, The Stars Group has seen spectacular growth. After paying down a lot of company debt, Q2-17 revenue beat out industry estimates.

One of the most controversial changes came to the PokerStars platform, wherein the CEO is clearly taking the ax to as many professional poker players as possible. He views them as the proverbial head of the snake that’s driving the overall online poker business into the ground. And in this case, cutting off the head of the snake means giving less treats to the site’s most prominent pros.

Stop Winning, You’re Scaring Away the Fish!

For many years, PokerStars thrived on professional poker players. Their salient faces told the world that they, too, could become poker pros by joining the online poker site. It was a successful campaign – apparently, too successful. Now, the company finds the opposite to be true.

There are so many professional poker players now inhabiting the Canada online poker site that there’s no room left—or more appropriately, no enjoyment left—for the little guys. Ashkenazi believes amateur poker players are no longer spending much time at PokerStars because the overflow of pros are preying on them from the moment they place their first wager.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the CEO said recreational players “want to enjoy the game as a fun entertainment experience that offers many winning moments and the dream of the big payout.”

Unfortunately, the professional sharks are preventing them from doing so. Thus PokerStars began slowly, but progressively, altering their rewards program.

New Loyalty Scheme Benefits Casual Players

Stars Rewards No Good for Professional Poker Players

A scheme that once offered fantastic rake-back rewards for the highest volume players, now provides minimal rewards for those players, and more benefits alluring for the casual variety. They also target all player types, sharing Stars Rewards across the brand’s three iGaming platforms, PokerStars, StarsCasino and BetStars.

Furthermore, online poker tournaments, which don’t attract nearly as many players as they once did, have seen their payout schedules altered. Professional poker players looking for the big payout no longer find PokerStars so appealing, whereas casual players are drawn to the new schedules. The prize pools have been spread out, delivering lower payouts overall, but to a lot more players.

According to The Stars Group’s Director of Operations and Innovation, Severin Rasset, a healthy player base is dependent upon a level playing field. “We were starting to have too many professional players for what we could maintain for a good, healthy eco system,” said Rasset.

The alterations began about 18 months ago, much to the dismay of professional poker players. Despite their protests, the changes continued, with the latest adjustments coming last month. And Ashkenazi says they are working.

“We see exactly what we wanted to see: a higher degree of engagement of our players,” he told Bloomberg.

Awaiting Results for Canada Online Poker Giant

We won’t know for sure just how effective the latest casual-player campaign is until the next quarter’s results are published. In the previous quarter, of the 113 million registered players at the Canada online poker site, only 2 million actively participated.

That’s still a significant number, though. PokerStars is in a position of handling an estimated 70% of the global online poker player base. 888Poker and PartyPoker are running a very distant second and third.

And while revenue may be down on the poker side of the business, shares have risen 41% for The Stars Group since Ashkenazi took over. From an investment prospective, he’s clearly doing something right.

It’s unlikely PokerStars will ever enjoy the fame and freedom it did prior to its unceremonious exit from the US market in 2011. But with steady growth in the brand’s online casino and sports businesses, things are clearly looking up for the company as a whole.

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Aug 03

The past meets the future in Playtech’s new mobile slots, Hologram Wilds.

New Mobile Slot Games Hologram WildsNo, it’s not Back to the Future all over again. It’s the latest edition to Playtech’s new mobile slot games. It’s called Hologram Wilds, and it combines a futuristic design with retro reel symbols.

Playtech is one of the world’s leading developers of digital gambling content. For nearly two decades, the company has been introducing the latest and greatest in online and mobile slots technology. This new mobile slots title takes the classic, fruit machine theme, and transforms them into something well ahead of their time.

New Mobile Slot Games – Hologram Wilds

New Mobile Slots Hologram Wilds Cherries, oranges, apples, limes, grapes, pears, bananas, plums, pineapples – all of your favorites fruits are back. And it qualify as genuine old-school without some 7s on the reels, either. They’re all thrown together on 5×4 reels and 40 paylines with a minimum $0.01 per line bet, or $0.40 per spin.The unmistakable black background with neon blue overlay in this new mobile slots game are sure to remind you of the 2010 hit film, Tron. Below each reel is a circular base from which the blue light pours upward onto the symbols. It’s reminiscent of another classic film and television series, Star Trek. Can you say, “Beam me up Scotty!

Hologram Wilds clearly has a distinct graphic style to it, and the holographic effects on each reel are pretty intense. Even more unique is the Playtech development team’s decision to send the reels spinning upward. Instead of rolling down, like every prior slot machine ever created, these float heavenward. It’s a pretty neat effect, and one that I’m honestly surprised hasn’t been done before (at least, not to my knowledge).

You’ll never miss seeing a winning combination either. Those delectable symbols are bathed in iridescent blue light most of the time. But whenever they appear in a winning combination, they come to vibrant life, transforming to their true color.

Hologram Wilds – Features

The Wild does the typical job of replacing any standard symbols to help produce wins. It can appear stacked on any reel. It also pays 1000x for 5 on a line—the highest base game payout on the new mobile slot games paytable.

New Mobile Slot Games Features

The golden crowns are the Scatter in Hologram Wilds. They only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, and you’ll need to land three of them in a single spin to trigger the game’s free spins features. You only get 5 free games, but Wilds appear in higher abundance during those spins. They can also be retriggered with 3 more Scatters.

Hologram Wilds – High Variance

Several of Playtech’s new mobile slot games are endowed with a high variance, and Hologram Wilds is no exception. On the plus side, the payouts tend to be generous ones, especially during the free games feature. Unfortunately, it can take quite awhile to trigger that feature.

If you’re the type to get bored easily, or have a relatively small bankroll that may not last the time it takes to land a trio of Scatters, I can’t recommend Hologram Wilds. However, if you live by the old saying “good things come to those who wait”, this new mobile slots game may be right up your alley.

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Jul 27

For the second time this year, a LeoVegas online casino promo is banned.

Online Casino PromotionsOnline casino promotions are the name of the game among today’s highly competitive operators. Delivering the largest number of free spins, or offering the highest deposit bonus, can draw a lot of customers. Well thought out ad campaigns in the media—especially humorous or edgy ones—get a lot of attention, too.

LeoVegas is a Swedish operator that splashed onto the mobile gambling scene a few years ago. It’s seen great success with its online casino promotions, particularly in the UK where television ads are permitted during prime-time viewing hours.

The operator has also drawn the ire of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) on more than one occasion. The situation isn’t nearly so far-gone as one of its major rivals, Paddy Power, who’s come under fire more times than most could count in the last decade. But LeoVegas will need to be more careful about its advertisements in the future to avoid getting a similarly bad rep.

ASA Bans ‘Misleading’ Online Casino Promo

LeoVegas Online Casino Promo BannedThe ASA identified one of LeoVegas’s recent online casino promotions as “misleading”. The operator was subsequently ordered to remove the ad. However, the fault may not lie solely with LeoVegas on this one.

According to reports, LeoVegas was promoting free spins on its mobile slot machines. One of the operator’s advertising partners, Nyheter, ran a social media campaign for the site on its Twitter channel.

The ASA report pointed to a Tweet published by Nyheter in December of 2016. The post, which was linked to the free spins promotion offered by LeoVegas, read:

It still hasn’t been fixed! Big wins for Brits after online casino’s ‘glitch’.”

UK regulators flagged the ad as being misleading. After reviewing the content, they argued that the advertisement suggested players of LeoVegas would be able to win more money based on a system glitch.

The ASA investigated the matter and ruled in favor of the UK regulator, agreeing that the online casino promo was misleading. The operator was given a stiff warning and ordered to discontinue any online casino promotions of this nature, now and in the future.

This marks the second ASA ruling against LeoVegas this year. Back in March, the operator was rebuked for a similar violation of the Authority’s strict social responsibility standards. That ban revolved around online casino promotions run in November of 2016.

The ad in question promoted a £1,500 offer available to players because of an “online loophole”. That so-called ‘loophole’ was merely a link that led players back to another online casino promo. The ASA declared the ad to be unclear, and therefore in violation of advertising guidelines.

Coral Ad Also Banned by ASA

Coral Promo BannedLeoVegas isn’t the only UK gambling operator whose ads have been pulled lately. Coral suffered the same fate when one of its promotions was deemed to be using “peer pressure” to attract bettors.

That ad, aired in April, depicted stylized characters playing football. It was called a “beautiful game” suggesting, “you can watch it or you can get involved”, with the tagline:

So are you a spectator or are you a player? You decide. Coral. Get in on the action.”

The ASA determined that Coral was using peer pressure by suggesting that true fans don’t just watch, they participate, either by playing the games or betting on them. Like the online casino promotions of LeoVegas, Coral’s ads were pulled by the ASA, and the company was issued a staunch warning to avoid such content in the future.

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Jul 26

Be the dealer in player vs. player 21st Century Blackjack.

21st Century Blackjack RulesDid you ever wish you could be the dealer in a blackjack game, but still profit like a player? Dealers get all the advantages, but playing your hand by their rules won’t help you one bit. Now, thanks to some very innovative game inventors, you can.

21st Century Blackjack is like no other blackjack game you’ve ever played before. There are three major differences.

First, a player can act as the dealer, claiming all the winnings just like the house would. Second, there’s a Joker in play, bringing the total cards per deck to 53. And third, the best possible hand is 22, not 21. Perhaps a more appropriate name would have been 22nd Century Blackjack?

Oh, and one there’s more little detail I should mention. You can’t bust by 21st Century Blackjack rules!

Why Player VS Player?

This game is only found in land-based casinos, and—for the most part—only where legal restrictions prohibit the casino from presenting traditional, house-banked blackjack games. In order to provide players with a game that didn’t violate the laws of ‘no house banked card games‘, a player vs. player version was created.

It’s become popular enough that some casinos now offer 21st Century Blackjack, or some variation thereof, alongside traditional blackjack tables.

21st Century Blackjack Rules

21st Century Blackjack RulesMuch like Texas Hold’em Poker, this game uses dealer button to signify which player is acting as the bank. The dealer button is passed around the table, giving each player a set number of hands to participate as the banker. A player can choose to pass the dealer button early, or not act as the dealer at all, if they so wish.

The game uses anywhere from 2 to 8 decks in the shoe and accommodates 8 to 10 players per table. The best possible hand is 22, which is achieved as a “natural” 2-card hand with an Ace+Ace, Ace+Joker or Joker+Joker. This hand beats all others. A 22 of 3+ cards is the next best.

Other rules for 21st Century Blackjack include:

Player Rules

  • Players hits any hand of 12 or below.
  • Player stands on hard 20+.
  • Player stands on soft or hard 21/22.
  • Player can double on 11 or 12, and can draw 1 or 2 cards when doing so.
  • Splitting is allowed (number of splits varies by casino)
  • Player cannot hit if the dealer has a Joker showing.
  • Player pays a fee to the casino to participate, usually 1% of total bets ($1 per $100 wagered)

Dealer Rules

  • Dealer hits any hand up to hard 17 or soft 18.
  • Dealer stands on soft 19+ or hard 18+.
  • Dealer pays a flat fee to the casino to participate, usually $2 to $3.

General Rules

  • If player and dealer have a natural 22, it is a push.
  • A player’s natural 22 pays 6:5; for the dealer, it’s a straight win.
  • There is no busting in 21st Century Blackjack. A hand of 22-25 is a push, if it closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. Otherwise, dealer wins.
  • Jokers have no value unless paired with an Ace or another Joker to make 22.
  • Surrender and/or Late Surrender is offered at some casinos.

For additional information, check out the 21st Century Blackjack rules as stated by California’s Bay 101 Casino.

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Jul 14

Learn how minimum deposit casinos Canada can help stretch your bankroll a lot farther with a nominal investment.

Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada and No Deposit Casinos CanadaFor those of us who love to shop around for the best bargain, the goal is always the same. We want to pay the least amount, but still get the most out of it. We may scour the world wide web, comparing deals on products. Some of us clip coupons from the local paper, and only go shopping on double-coupon days.

Gamblers may be considered risk takers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be frugal at the same time. We want to save money as much as everyone else does. Thankfully there are minimum deposit casinos Canada gamers can invest a nominal amount of money in, and get a big boost to their bankroll.

And what if I told you that minimum investment could be nothing at all? A $0.00 commitment for a free starting bankroll. These are available at what bonus hounds call no deposit casinos. Canada players would do well to look for these also, but they aren’t worth too much, so we’ll start with the minimum deposit variety.

What are Minimum Deposit Casinos?

If the name didn’t give it away already, it’s a fairly simple delineation. Minimum deposit casinos are online gambling websites that offer big welcome bonuses to new players who make a very small investment on their initial deposit.

With minimum deposit casinos Canada players can turn an insignificant amount of cash into a sizable bankroll. Some of the best promotionally-driven casino sites will amplify their member’s first deposit by 4x or even 5x the players investment.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I see 75% or 80% discount sale at one of my favorite stores. That’s essentially the same thing minimum deposit casinos are offering as an incentive to sign up an account when they advertise 400% to 500% match bonuses.

What are No Deposit Casinos?

Canada gambling sites sometimes offer these promotions to their new members. They are the equivalent of a free trial, or free sample. A ‘try it before you buy it‘ kind of deal.

Imagine you are in the market for a new car. There are dealerships on every other street corner, giving you lots of options. But in this scenario, most of the car dealers you visit say no when you ask to take a car for a test drive. So you keep visiting different car lots until you find one that happily hands you the keys and says, “Go ahead, take her for a spin!

You can’t go gallivanting across the countryside for hours, but you can at least get a good feel for the product. No deposit casinos work similarly. You’ll only be given a small amount of free credits to try the games. However, with a little luck, you could actually win some money before investing a single dime.

A few years back, there were plenty of no deposit casinos Canada players could test their luck on before making an investment. Unfortunately, like the analogy above, that’s not the case today. You’ll find an endless supply of minimum deposit casinos, but very few who start their members out with a free test drive.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now here’s the kicker – all of the no deposit casinos Canada players can access will also offer a minimum deposit bonus! You can actually get the best of both worlds. However, the deposit bonus tends to be less lucrative at no deposit casinos. More often than not, it’s going to be a trade off.

Minimum deposit casinos that don’t offer a free trial may promote a welcome bonus of 400% with a minimum deposit of just $5 or $10. That would boost your bankroll to $25 or $50 respectively. That’s quite generous.

No deposit casinos, on the other hand, will give you something like $5 or $10 worth of free credits to start. But when you make you first deposit, the bonus is going to provide only a 100% match; maybe 200% at best. Thus your minimal investment doesn’t stretch nearly so far.

No Deposit vs Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada

Only you can decide which promotions are best. Every gambler is different. Those free trials are excellent for testing out an operators software and game variety, but minimum deposit casinos with a high percentage match could be a lot more valuable in the long run.

Think it over, check out the available offers, and as always read the fine print. No promotion is worth accepting if you can’t collect the winnings.

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Jul 11

Hackers are constantly attacking land-based casino customer data, while millions of players enjoy secure casino gambling online.

Secure Casino Gambling OnlineIf I told you it was safer to gamble over the internet than in a land-based casino, would you believe me? Probably not. Who am I to offer such criticism of distinguished resort properties? I’m not a scholar. I have no background in computer science or security management. I don’t even work in IT. Heck, I wouldn’t trust me either!

But what if I told you there was evidence to back up that claim? Evidence and hard facts are what all beliefs should be based on – not unsolicited word of mouth. Just look at how many social media hoaxes go viral these days, like the ‘Anwar Jitou / Jayden K. Smith Facebook hacker‘ rumor. Yeesh!

Secure Casino Gambling Online

Players have experienced secure casino gambling online for years now. The only notable breaches in security occurred when an inside source with upper-management access in a company abused their power.

The Absolute Poker / UltimateBet Super User Scandals of 2006-2008 are a perfect example. However, it wasn’t customer information that was stolen. A high-ranking employee created a ‘super user’ account to spy on player’s poker hands, cheating them out of millions at the tables.

Since then, no super user account have been identified, but what we’re talking about here is the security of every player’s personal and financial information when accessing an online casino website from their desktop or mobile device. Compliance with data encryption standards is mandatory, and all major operators adhere to these guidelines.

There’s no evidence or reports of any reputable operator suffering from a breach in personal and/or financial data. That information is protected by extremely powerful security protocols, include minimum 128-bit SSL encryption algorithms. It’s the exact same technology utilized by government banking institutions.

Encryption Algorithms

Encryption Secure Casino Gambling OnlineWhen a player participates in secure online casino gaming, every aspect of sensitive data transmission is protected by encryption algorithms. Encryption takes place when signing up an account with your real name and address. It’s utilized to secure username and password data when logging in. All financial information during banking operations (deposits and withdrawals) is encrypted as well.

To better explain the process, we’ll take a look at some of the relative definitions of data encryption provide by Network Sorcery:

Encryption: The process of making a message unrecognizable with a cipher algorithm.

Cipher Algorithm: A mechanism used to encrypt or decrypt a message.

Encryption Key: A sequence of values that are used with a cipher algorithm to encrypt a message. The choice of random (or cryptographically pseudorandom) keys, a secure key exchange mechanism, frequent key refreshments, and good secrecy protection of keys are all essential ingredients for the security of the integrity verification mechanism.

That’s a lot of big words, I know, but what it boils down to is this. Your information is altered to look like something no one could possibly read during transmission. It provides the assurance of entirely secure online casino gambling to customers all over the world.

Land-Based Casino Security Questionable

Land-based Casinos HackedThe security of land-based casinos has been compromised time and again, including a rash of recent incidents that customers are still dealing with. Just last month, the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas admitted to a data breach involving customer payment cards after malware was placed on the resort’s card processing system.

Between 2013 and 2016, reports confirmed a strain of Canadian casinos were victims of a sophisticated hacking group. The cyber-attack laid claim to everything from corporate records the customer information. The hackers were so brazen, they demanded a ransom, lest they release the information to the public. No ransom was provided, and customer data was publicly posted.

Last year, Affinity Gaming, operator of seven major casinos across the United States, filed a lawsuit against Trustwave, the security firm it hired to investigate a 2013 data breach of its customer accounts. During that investigation, after Trustwave assured the group its systems were safe, another data breach was identified.

These are just a few of the bigger stories to surface in recent times. Land-based casinos are constantly being hacked; their customers’ information being compromised. And all the while, millions of internet users have enjoyed secure casino gambling online.

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Jul 03

Slots Tournaments in OntarioOn the whole, there aren’t too many slots tournaments in Ontario. There are more than 60 gambling destinations in the province, 25 of which present genuine, “class iii” sot machines. But among them all, there are only three places that host regular slot machine tournaments.

These tournaments are all found at casinos operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG). They include the OLG Casinos at Brantford, Flamboro Downs and Grand River Raceway. You can find more information about each of these OLG Slots location below.

Winning Wednesdays Slots Tournaments in Ontario

The slots tournaments are branded Winning Wednesdays. They offer members of the Winner’s Circle Rewards program a chance to claim their share of over $1,000 in cash prizes each week, including the 1st place prize of $500 cash. The top 10 finishers will share in the prize pool.

As the tagline implies, these slots tournaments are held every Wednesday. But they won’t last forever. They are part of a special tournament promotion lasting through the summer, with the final tourney scheduled for August 30, 2017.

The Winning Wednesdays slots tournaments start at different times in each location (see casino-specific details below). That’s good news, because it means the tournament prizes are not linked across all sites. Participants can enter with $10 in cash, or $10 worth of Winner’s Circle Rewards points.

You must be a member of the OLG Casinos Winner’s Circle Rewards program to participate. Click here, or visit any Winner’s Circle Rewards desk to sign-up a free membership, and gather more information about the Winning Wednesday slots tournaments.

OLG Casino Brantford

OLG Casino Brantford is located in southeastern Ontario, about half an hour southwest of Hamilton along the Grand River. Open 24/7, the casino is packed with over 540 slot machines, including the immensely popular Buffalo Gold slot by Aristocrat, and an array of table games and a live poker room.

Winnings Wednesday Slots Tournaments run from 12:00 noon to 8:00pm, with a guaranteed $1,000 prize pool and $500 top prize.


40 Icomm Drive
Brantford, Ontario N3S 7S9 Canada



(519) 752-5004 or 1-888-694-6946

OLG Casino at Flamboro Downs

Twenty minutes west of Hamilton, or an hour southwest of Toronto, lies the OLG Casino at Falmboro Downs. While the slots tournaments are certainly a draw for weekday visitors, it location atop the Niagara Escarpment makes for a lovely view. The site offers 800+ slot machines and a variety of electronic table games, including Texas Hold’em poker.

Winning Wednesday slots tournaments run from 12:00 noon to 6:00pm, with a top prize of $500.


967 Highway 5

Dundas, Ontario L9H 5G1 Canada



(905) 628-4275 or 1-866-746-6600

OLG Casino at Grand River Raceway

This Ontario casino is a bit smaller than its cousins, but more than enough to accommodate the rural atmosphere. It’s located in scenic Elora, ON, and draws most of its patrons from the Geulph and Kitchener-Waterloo regions. The casino hosts over 230 machines but no table games.

Die to its modicum stature, the Winning Wednesdays slots tournaments at Grand River Raceway aren’t really tournaments at all. Instead, player’s who are spotted in a Hot Seat, with their rewards card inserted between 11:00am and 7:00pm, are entered for a chance to win $25 in free slots play, and a $25 gift card to the casino’s Gateway Restaurant.


7445 County Road 21

RR2, Elora, Ontario N0B 1S0 Canada



(519) 846-2022

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Jun 27

Play Online Casino Game for Real Money

Royal Vegas Mobile

If you’re just now wondering if you can really play online casino games for real money, you may be surprised to know a few things. First of all, yes – you really can! And second, people have been doing it for more than two decades.

The first real money online casino games appeared in 1996, and the industry has only progressed—much for the better—since then. Now, you can play online casino games for real money on any desktop or laptop computer, as well as all smartphone and tablet devices. If you can get an internet connection, you can play.

There are three main steps to playing online casino games for real money. You need to be able to make a deposit, navigate the games menu, and request a withdrawal.

Funding Your Account

Deposit to play real money online casino gamesBefore you can play real money online casino games, you must first fund your bankroll. Once you’ve registered an account, you’ll be asked if you want to make a deposit. Make your way to the Banking section and choose to Deposit.

You’ll have a number of payment methods to choose from. These will include basic options like credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, etc. Online payment processors often include Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, and a few others. Bank transfers and instant eChecks are also common.

Select the method that suits you best, follow the instructions, and your account will be funded in no time. You’ll be offered a sign-up bonus as well, maybe 100% up to $100 or better. Be sure to read the terms of the bonus first so you can take full advantage.

Playing The Games

Play Online Casino Games for Real MoneyWith cash (and a nice bonus) in your account, it’s time to play. From the lobby, look for the Games tab. They’re usually segregated by type, such as Slots, Table Games, Progressives, Video Poker, Casual Games, etc.

Because the slots menu is so vast, it will likely have sub-categories as well, like 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, fruit machines, and progressive jackpot games.

Click on the game you wish to play, and it will load up in a few seconds. From there, you’ll be able to click on a Help/Info link for rules and pay table information. If you’re not entirely familiar with the game, be sure to read over this section.

Cashing Out Winnings

Cash Out Real Money Online Casino Games If you get lucky, you’ll have a nice balance to cash out. If you claimed a bonus and made some money off it, make sure you’ve completed the wagering requirements first, or the bonus + winnings will be forfeit.

When you’re ready to cash out, go back to the Banking section. This time, choose the Cashout or Withdrawal option. Select your preferred method of withdrawal. In some cases, you must use the same method you used to deposit. If that’s the case, you’ll be instructed to do so.

Once the method is chosen, simply enter the amount to be withdrawn, follow any other directives, and submit the request. The time it takes to receive your cash will vary depending on the method of choice, but you can expect to wait 2 days minimum. Almost every online casino requires a 48 hour waiting before processing.

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Jun 20

Royal Vegas Real Money Blackjack App for iPhoneThere’s a long-standing debate between Apple iOS and Android users. Which system is better? Which is faster? Which is more navigable, user-friendly, worth its cost, etc.? There are advantages on either side of the coin, but there’s one area where the Apple is golden. You can find a real money blackjack app for iPhone.

The Google Play Store has a global policy against gambling apps. Simulated gambling—that’s fine. But real money games are strictly forbidden. Apple’s iTunes Store restricts gambling content in some countries, but here in Canada, it’s easy to find a real money blackjack app for iOS devices.

Perhaps, a little too easy…..

Real Money Blackjack App for iPhone / iOS

A quick look in the App Store under Games > Casino reveals thousands of items to choose from. That’s a lot of gambling apps, right? It would be, if they were all genuine gambling apps. But the vast majority of them are not.

Like every other game genre ever fabricated for mobile devices, an overwhelming number of the titles available are designed as ‘free to play‘ games, teeming with ads and in-app purchases. There’s no actual gambling involved, and no way to cash out your winnings.

It’s all virtual coins. They encourage you to buy more chips, but will never pay back any money in your pocket, no matter how lucky you get.

So now, you’re left to weave your way through countless “casino” titles, looking for a real money blackjack app for iOS. I can tell you right now, more than 99% of them aren’t what you’re looking for.

Another alternative, you could try typing this in a Google search”

“real money blackjack”

You know what you’ll come up with? A bunch of search results for apps that are not real casinos, but rather “online casino guides”. These are apps that merely review casinos. A waste of a few hours of your time.

If all you want is to download, open and play a real money blackjack app for iPhone, iPad, etc., I’ll save you some time. The following are four real money blackjack apps, created and operated by some of the oldest, most reputable casinos in the iGaming business.

I won’t bother getting into too many details here—just the important stuff. If you like the brief description, click the link provided to visit the App Store and read more.

Royal Vegas Real Money Blackjack App for iPhone

Royal Vegas Real Money Blackjack App for iPhoneThis is my absolute favorite. I’ve been playing Royal Vegas for years. It’s been online since 2000, and launched its iOS app for iPhone and iPad years ago. It’s updated very regularly with additional games, including Microgaming’s old and new titles.

The game variety is immense—the absolute largest in mobile gambling—and includes blackjack and roulette, video poker, and a throng of Microgaming’s most popular online slots. This app offers the highest progressives on the Apple iTunes Store, with jackpots worth over $1 million.

New members can claim up to $1,200 in welcome bonuses and take advantage of weekly and monthly promotions. The games are all certified ‘Safe and Fair‘ by eCOGRA, and there are plenty of secure deposit options to suit everyone.

Click Here to visit iTunes and learn more/download the Royal Vegas real money blackjack app for iOS. Real Money Blackjack App for iPhone Real Money Blackjack App for is another great app for real money players, featuring many popular titles like blackjack, roulette, slots and other classic casino games. The latest update jumped the game variety to over 200, so there’s something for everyone. The software is solid and easy to navigate.

New members get 20 free spins on sign-up, plus a 100% up to $400 match bonus on the first deposit. Log in for the next 9 days straight to enjoy another 20 free spins per day, up to 200 in all.

Click Here to visit iTunes and learn more/download the real money blackjack app for iOS.

PartyPoker Real Money Blackjack App for iPhone

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Jun 15

In May 2016, a special task force was assigned to investigate alleged money laundering through BC casinos. What they found was millions of dollars being trafficked through British Columbia’s Lower Mainland casinos by an organized crime group. So far, nine have been arrested on allegations of multiple offenses.

Cash seized in BC casinos money laundering investigation

Cash seized by authorities in BC casinos money laundering investigation

The year-long investigation seeks to unravel a deep strain of illegal gambling operations. Authorities determined nine members of an organized crime unit had been heavily involved in a multi-million money laundering scheme through BC casinos. The alleged criminals are said to have been laundering drug trafficking money.

List Of Offenses Growing

Kevin Hacket CFSEUA list of other alleged offenses includes everything from kidnapping and loan sharking, to extortion. The allegations and multiple arrests were confirmed this week by Kevin Hackett (left), Assistant Commissioner of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU).

In a news conference with local reporters Tuesday, Hackett said, “It’s safe to say that we’re looking at millions of dollars being laundered.”

Authorities believe the individuals involved in the money laundering scheme through BC casinos have ties reaching far and wide. They’ve been linked to organized crime throughout Canada, stretching all the way to mainland China and beyond.

“Money laundering, loan sharking and illegal gaming provide an attractive source of income for organized crime,” explained Hackett.

“Clients who utilize these services need to be aware that often the cash being provided to them is from illegal activity, and that using such services provides financial support to criminals and funds their illegal enterprises and operations,” he said.

No Charges Filed Yet

The names of the individuals arrested this week have not been released. Authorities are being very discrete, releasing few details at the moment. Hackett told reporters that, to date, no charges have been filed, and all of the individuals who were arrested are not in police custody at this time.

The CFSEU does expect more arrests to come, and that charges will be assessed. Multiple counts of drug trafficking, money laundering, proceeds of crime and affiliation with organized crime are all possible.

Involved BC Casinos Unnamed

Hackett also declined to reveal the specific BC casinos in which the money laundering allegedly took place. He did, however, claim that three or four illegal gambling houses had been identified. The CFSEU official confirmed that a search warrant was executed on at least one of those operations, located in Richmond, Monday evening.

Law enforcement officers have search six homes in connection with the BC casinos money laundering case so far. In the process, they’ve confiscated an abundance of evidence, including bank drafts, cash, cell phones, computers, drug paraphernalia, and a number of luxury vehicles. On of the vehicles is said to have been equipped with a hidden compartment, but no word on what—if anything—was found within.

Investigation Continues

For now, the investigation is still underway. Until charges have been officially filed, authorities are reluctant to issue any further details.

The investigation is being conducted by a new branch of the CFSEU, the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team (JIGIT). That branch works in tandem with members of BC’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB).

Authorities are urging anyone with information relating to the organized crime group or the multi-million dollar money laundering scheme through BC casinos to contact the JIGIT at 778-290-2288, or leave an anonymous tip with the Canada Crime Stoppers Association.

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