May 22

BC hosts New Gambling Games ContestDid you ever have an idea for a new gambling game that you thought people would really love? Is there any potential to turn it into a live and/or online game? Does it have a social aspect to it (i.e. play with friends)? If so, the BCLC wants you!

The British Columbia Lottery Corp is hosting a new program called Innovation BCLC. Consider it the Shark Tank of the online gambling realm. They want new ideas from creative individuals, entrepreneurs, star-ups and existing companies, and if it meets the necessary criteria, it could be worth some big bucks!

We’re not exactly sure how many bucks. The website doesn’t specify that detail just yet. But they sure make it sound like a good deal for the winner(s) of their upcoming contest.

What They’re Looking For

BC’s gambling regulators are looking to “shake up” their existing iGaming content with new gambling games. In particular, they want something that has a social aspect to it, meaning it can be played amongst a group of friends (al la Words with Friend).

It has to meet the legal criteria for being a gambling game, have a social gambling aspect to it, and above all, be something totally unique and innovative. BCLC asks for the following criteria:

Must Be Suitable for Real Money Gambling

The gambling laws of Canada specifically mandate that three element be present in order for a game to be defined as “gambling”. Thus the program asks potential game developers to employ the following:

  • Stake – players must pay something of value to be eligible to participate

  • Reward – player receive something of value if they win

  • Chance – the outcome is determined by how some event happens to turnout. Chance can be influence by skill, odds, and liquidity.

Must be Innovative & Add Business Value

To be considered for implementation, all new gambling games submitted for the contest must be fresh, new, innovative. They must be capable of engaging new players in the market. BCLC is especially hoping to implement new social gambling games that will attract younger gamblers and develop loyal relationships.

BCLC asks potential developers, before submitting their ideas, to consider the following:

  • Is the game or experience different from typical gambling game (e.g. slots, poker, and lottery)?

  • Does the game or experience leverage breakthrough technology (e.g. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, social gaming)?

  • Will the game or experience attract new players or players who occasionally interact with BCLC products, and do so in a profitably sustainable way?

If you think you’ve got the winning idea, the submission form is now open. You can Submit a New Concept to BCLC with complete details. If the big-wig regulators are keen on the idea, who knows? You or your company just may strike a munificent contract with the provincial government.

New Social Gambling Games

New social gambling games have been released in rapid succession lately, especially in the US. From California to Atlantic City, casinos have been installing skill-based games; mostly designed to enhance the social experience.

With the skill aspect being such a new avenue in regulated gambling, this opens the doors wide for creative minds to bring many new concepts to the table. I imagine Innovation BCLC is going to be swamped with submissions before the week is out.

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May 18

Did you ever wonder how Microgaming, the oldest online casinos slots developers in the world, is able to churn out so many games every month? Its portfolio is overflowing with over 800 titles; far higher than any of its competitors. The answer lies in one simple word: Teamwork.

In 2016, the casino slots makers introduced what it calls the Microgaming Idea Factory. It’s based on the premise that every innovative idea from every staff member is worth looking into. Think of it as a typical work place’s Suggestions Box, but on a much more immersive scale.

Microgaming Casino Slots Innovation

Microgaming Idea Factory

The concept for the Microgaming Idea Factory was born from a global workforce movement called Spark the Change. The initiative tasks all large-scale businesses with finding new ways to empower their employees and create a happier work environment.

Lydia Barbara, Head of Innovation Strategy for Microgaming, spearheaded the Idea Factory as a way to invoke Spark the Change within the Isle of Man-based company. It’s been so successful thus far, the Microgaming Idea Factory was honored with the 2017 Spark Award, which celebrates companies who experiment with innovative ways to get their entire team more involved.

More Than a ‘Suggestions Box’

Microgaming’s initiative is so much more than a standard suggestions box. As we all know (or vehemently suspect), most companies rarely bother to look at, much less implement, the suggestions of their staff.

At Microgaming, they don’t only investigate every idea submitted, they make a contest out of it, and reward those employees who conceptualize a productive, workable innovation. Submissions can be made on any idea that refines the Microgaming culture, whether it’s an enhancement to the work environment, a way to improve or expedite services, or an idea for a new casino slots game.

Every idea is considered, and much like all those reality TV talent contests, there are multiple rounds to each contest. Members of senior management play the role of the judges, deciding whether each submission is workable and worth implanting.

In its inaugural debut (2016), 5 staff members won the contest, and their ideas were employed by the company. The winning submissions were:

  • MGS House Lotto – an internal charity initiative using scratch cards and lotto games

  • Emoticoins Online Slot – an emoji-themed slot, scheduled for release this summer

  • The Market – an in-house classifieds

  • New Compliance Portal – an overhaul of the due diligence process for onboarding new operators

  • Ideas Workshop – a new process for target-oriented brainstorming

23 Years of Microgaming Casino Innovation

Microgaming’s roots date all the way back to 1994. Being the very first – and for several years, only – casinos slots maker in the online realm, it’s little wonder their level of innovation over the last 23 years has never been matched.

To put that into perspective, lets’ take a look at what else was happening in 1994. At the time of Microgaming’s founding, there were just 623 websites on the internet. This company was giving people a means of playing real money casino slots online a full year before Amazon ever started selling books. Now, both companies are the distinct leaders in their fields, setting the bar for all others to attempt to keep up with.

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May 17

Canada-based online gambling brand Bodog is expanding its presence in South America. In an effort to increase awareness of its already popular online poker venue in Brazil, Bodog has inked a deal to become the official sponsor of the H2 Poker Club.
Bodog Online Poker sponsors H2 Poker Club in Sao Paul Brazil

Located in São Paul, H2 is renowned as the biggest live poker venue in Brazil, attracting countless players to its tables every year. The new sponsorship deal between Bodog and H2 will see the online gambling operator integrate a branded lounge within the poker club, where players will be privy to a genuine “Bodog experience”.

The Canadian firm’s online poker arm, Bodog Poker, has already initiated a marketing campaign to promote the upcoming opening of the branded lounge at H2 Poker Club, scheduled to launch in summer 2017.

In a press release announcing the new partnership on Tuesday, Bodog PR Director Ed Pownall explained why he believes this is an important step for their brand, and for the evolution of online gambling in Brazil.

“We don’t want Bodog to be remote from its Brazilian customers,” said Pownall, knowing all too well that a visible connection between the merchant and customer is crucial to building trust and loyalty. “So we wanted to have a place where players can come a get the real Bodog experience and the H2 is the perfect fit.”

Pownall went on to detail the timeline for the project, and what visitors to the Bodog lounge can expect in the coming months.

“We are currently building the Bodog Lounge and over the Summer we’ll start hosting some fun tournaments with all the bells and whistles that we are famous for; models, celebrities, drinks and, of course, a party,” he said.

H2 Marketing Director Luana Bran was equally enthusiastic over the new partnership with Brazil’s popular online poker brand.

“We are excited to have a global brand like Bodog sponsoring the club,” she said. “We are proud to welcome poker players from all over Brazil and we are very confident that this partnership will help both parties grow in the region and cement our reputation as the best in our areas.”

Future of Online Gambling in Brazil

Bodog is one of the oldest and most respected names in the online gambling business, with roots dating all the way back to 1994. Based in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada, Bodog’s latest maneuver not only exhibits the growing multi-channel link between land-based and online gaming operators, it has the potential to lay the foundation for what could easily become the world’s largest regulated online gambling market.

Internet gaming is not exactly legal in Brazil, nor is it explicitly illegal, due to the antiquated status of the law. However, in the last few years, politicians have undertaken strong legislative efforts to regulate online gambling in Brazil.

Analyst predictions vary, with some saying it could easily happen before 2017 is out, and others certain nothing will change before the October 2018 election. Whatever the case, whether sooner or later, if Brazil does move to regulate online gambling, all the experts agree that the region has a large enough gambling population to become the world’s most successful regulated iGaming market.

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May 15

RealMoey Gambling Firms Fear UKGC ReviewDid you ever receive a notice from the tax office that you’re being audited? If so, it probably made you very nervous. If the auditors come knocking, there’s usually cause to do so, and you’ll probably pay a nice hefty fee before it’s all over. That’s surely how the heads of real money gambling firm 888 are feeling right about now.

888 isn’t being audited, but there’s a very similar process going on at the moment. And based on past history, odds are the company will end up owing at least 6-figures to regulators in the Unite Kingdom before all is said and done.

A concise statement was released this morning in which 888 confirmed that its UK-based real money gambling operations are currently under the microscope of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The Commission is reviewing the services of 888 to ensure full compliance with regulatory laws, particularly in terms of social responsibility.

UKGC Social Responsibility Policies

Real money gambling firms licenced in the UK are required to maintain a voluntary self-exclusion program for all customers. These betting firms must take appropriate measures to prevent customers who’ve opted-in to the self-exclusion program from accessing their services.

They must also incorporate sufficient monitoring services to identify users who are wagering in excessive amounts, helping to identify potential problem gamblers and promote social responsibility.

Whether 888 has successfully done so or not is yet to be seen. However, the mere fact that the UKGC is investigating the matter indicates the company’s probable failure to do so, and it’s clearly had an impact on their stock market value.

Following confirmation of the UKGC’s review early this morning, shares in 888 plummeted 10% on the London Stock Exchange. The stock is trying to rally back, down -6.96% at time of writing.

LSE 888 May 15

Fines for Real Money Gambling Ops

What makes shareholders so nervous is the UKGC’s track record for investigating real money gambling licencees, and the fact that no operator yet has survived a review without being issued a fine.

Since the UK updated its licencing policies in late 2014, three companies have endured the Commission’s microscope – Paddy Power Betfair, Gala Coral Group and Betfred.

In February of 2016, Paddy Power Betfair was found to be in violation of the UKGC’s anti-money laundering and social responsibility policies. The company was fined £280,000 and ordered to update their systems to comply with regulations.

In April of 2016, Gala Coral Group was fined £846,000, also for breaching the UKGC’s anti-money laundering and social responsibility mandates. Gala’s settlement was much higher, because it equaled the amount one of their retail and online customers had stolen from a “vulnerable adult” to gamble with the company. Gala’s fine was used to compensate the victim.

In June of 2016, Betfred underwent a review, was found to be in violation of the same policies, and was punished with a similar fine of £800,000.

Confirmation Notice from 888

888’s confirmation of the UKGC’s review came as a brief statement promising the real money gambling licensee’s full cooperation with the investigation.

The company is dedicated to providing players with a responsible as well as enjoyable gaming experience and the licensee will be proactively engaged in a cooperative and collaborative manner with the UKGC throughout this review.

The company will make a further announcement as and when appropriate.”

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May 10

Gateway Ontario CasinosIt’s official – Gateway will be hosting a big celebratory bash at all Ontario casinos this summer, and everyone (old enough to enter) is invited! The date is set for June 22, 2017, as Gateway Casinos prepares to celebrate its new customers in style.

Why all the fanfare, you ask? Gateway Casinos & Entertainment has quite a lot to celebrate this month. Following the expansion into Ontario, Gateway has positioned itself as “Canada’s largest and most diversified gaming and entertainment company”.

Gateway’s Transition Into Ontario

In 2010, Gateway Casinos was responsible for the operation of just 9 gaming properties in Canada. That year, the company underwent restructuring by its proprietor, Catalyst Capital Group. With new management at the helm, Gateway transitioned to a customer-centric business, and the brand has soared ever since.

Late last year, Gateway inked a 20-year contract with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) that guaranteed immense growth for the brand. Gateway was granted day-to-day management of all Ontario casino properties, building the firm’s portfolio to 28 gaming facilities across Canada.

On Tuesday, May 9, the first of two transitions was completed.

“Today is a very exciting day and an important milestone for Gateway as we expand our footprint into Ontario with the completion of the transition process in Southwestern Ontario,” said Gateway CEO Tony Santo.

“We thank the OLG for the hard work throughout the transition process and we look forward to our long-term partnership,” he continued. “On behalf of our 4,200 employees in Western Canada, we are very proud to officially welcome the OLG colleagues to our Gateway team.”

Gateway’s New Ontario Casino Properties

Gateway Casino is now the proud manager of all Southwestern Ontario casinos, identified in the 20-year contract as the “Southwest Gaming Bundle”. These properties include:

  • Point Edward Casino & Slots

  • Slots at Woodstock Raceway

  • Slots at Western Fair District, London

  • Slots at Clinton Raceway

  • Slots at Dresden Raceway

  • Slots at Hanover Raceway

Before the month is out, Gateway’s Ontario casino properties will increase further with the transition of the OLG’s “North Gaming Bundle”. The company said it expects to undertake control of those properties in late May 2017. They include:

  • Thunder Bay Casino & Slots

  • Sault Ste. Marie Casino & Slots

  • Slots at Sudbury Downs

  • And two proposed casino properties in Kenora and North Bay, pending final approval and construction.

$200 Investment in Southwest Ontario Casinos

A press release announcing yesterday’s successful transition came with a message that Gateway Casinos will be investing $200 million towards improvements to the customer experience at their new Southwest Ontario casinos.

“Gateway’s growth strategy and focus on a superior customer experience revolves around investing in the company’s unique gaming properties and creating a broader attraction across numerous demographics,” said Gateway Executive Chairman Gabriel de Alba.

“We are bringing this same approach to Southwestern Ontario with a planned investment of over $200 Million to revitalize and enhance the gaming and entertainment landscape.”

Customer Celebration at All Ontario Casinos

On June 22, 2017, with the transition behind them, Gateway is planning a customer celebration that will encompass all of their newly acquired Ontario casino properties. According to yesterday’s press release:

The daylong celebration will include new and exciting promotions and prizes, live entertainment, Gateway merchandise giveaways and delicious food and drink specials.”

The announcement directed readers to visit for more information on the upcoming party, but try as we might, we were unable to find any mention of it beyond the original press release. We can only assume more details will follow as the date approaches.

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May 09

Canada Online Casino LawsCanada is one of the few nation’s in the world where online casino laws continue to remain murky. Such jurisdictions are deemed a “grey market” by legal analysts. A few attempts have been made to clarify Canada online casino laws, but so far nothing has worked to change the turbid legal climate.

It’s been predicted that Canada will, one day, follow in the legislative footsteps of one country or another. In order for that to happen, the government must agree on a direction to take, and choose a legislative framework that’s proved successful.

There are several prominent jurisdictions in which they could mold new Canada online casino laws from. We’ll take a look at a few of them now.

Canada Online Casino Laws – Mirroring the UK

UK Online Gambling LawsFor internet gaming fans, this would be the most positive direction Canada could take. Online gambling has been legal in the UK for many years, but in 2014, new regulations were passed to licence both homegrown and international operators, and it’s proved highly successful thus far.

The UK Gambling Commission regulates all licensed operators, while the government collects a 15% point of consumption tax on all wagers (plus all those hefty licencing fees). In this way, the operators are forced into compliance with local laws, players are protected, and the UK’s coffers are constantly overflowing with iGaming revenue.

Canada Online Casino Laws – Mirroring the US

US Online Gambling LawsIn the United States, the federal government gives individual states the right to legalize and regulate online gambling, just as Canada has given its provinces. However, instead of operating a single, state-run iGaming website, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey allow operators to apply for a licence and compete within their respective markets, so long as the servers are located in a land-based casino.

This would be a vast improvement on the current Canada online casino laws, but not something provinces are likely to do. The iGaming markets in those three US states failed to produce much revenue. Thus the framework does little to entice mimic.

Canada Online Casino Laws – Mirroring Australia

Australia Online Gambling LawsAustralia is in the process of passing new laws that will prohibit international operators from accessing Australian players without a licence. Those who obtain a licence must abide by the nation’s gaming laws.

In essence, Australia is following the path of the UK, but in a much more restrictive manner. Aussies are only permitted to play casino games and poker in licenced, land-based gaming establishments. Online casinos and poker rooms are – or will soon be – strictly forbidden. Internet wagers are limited to sports bets, horse racing and lottery only.

Canada won’t take this route, since several provinces are already making millions of dollars off provincially-run, multi-channel gambling websites.

Canada Online Casino Laws – Mirroring South Africa

South Africa Online Gambling LawsLike Australia, South Africa is in the process of implementing new laws in regards to online gambling. However, the goal here is to prohibit the activity once and for all. Internet wagering is already illegal, but the nation has failed to stop online casino operators, or to stop players from accessing them.

Last year, SA took a new route, scripting laws that would allow the nation to intercept withdrawals of South African players. Government bodies have been organized to investigate all angles of internet gambling, including the operators, players, and the financial institutions that facilitate payments between the two.

SA took the official stance that, while they can’t stop players from making wagers at illegal gaming sites, they can confiscate the withdrawals of players en route to their bank account.

While Canada online casino laws won’t be altered to criminalize provincially-run operations, there’s always the possibility that – if SA’s new laws prove successful – the nation could begin intercepting player withdrawals from illegal gaming websites.

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May 08

Live Dealer Casino Games Blocked by Chrome Flash DefaultFor millions of users, Google Chrome is the browser of choice. It’s quick, it’s clean, it gets us where we need to go without the incessant lag so often associated with Microsoft Edge. But if you play live dealer casino games, you may be frustrated by the latest Chrome update.

It’s no secret that Google Chrome doesn’t like Flash content. Why not? Who knows. Maybe because they didn’t create it, or buy out the company that did. Whatever the reason, they don’t like Chrome users playing Flash content, and have finally put a stop to it by automatically blocking all Flash content by default.

If you updated your Chrome browser and tried to play live dealer casino games (or any other Flash-based content) recently, you have probably already seen the latest blocking notice. It looks like this:

Crhome Flash Block - Live dealer casino games

Yes, the new default settings are more annoying than ever. In the early days of Chrome, Flash content loaded right up, no delays, no prompts – it just worked.

In recent years, Google’s aversion to Flash became quite evident. Every time a user attempted to access any content that runs off Adobe Flash Player, they were asked to choose whether they really wanted to see it or not.

Now, Google is making the assumption that we don’t want to see Flash content, and exerting that control via the default ‘Flash Block‘ setting. The good news is, you can fix it with a few clicks, and never have to see this message again. Well, at least not until the next update!

How To Enable Flash Content On Chrome

To fix the problem for good, open your Chrome browser and look in the top right corner for the More Options button. It looks like three dots in a vertical line, and will read “Customize and control Google Chrome” when you mouse over it. Like this:

Customize Chrome Settings - Live dealer casino games

Click on those vertical dots, and the full menu will pop up. Then slide your mouse down to the word Settings, and click on it.

Chrome Settings - Live dealer casino games

A new browser tab will open with a full list of Settings options. Scroll down to the very bottom of that page, and you’ll see “Show advanced settings”. Click on that.

Chrome Advanced Settings - Live dealer casino games

Where that text was (that you just clicked on), more options will appear. The first one says, “Privacy”, followed by two buttons underneath that read “Content settings” and “Clear browsing data”. Click on Content Settings.

Chrome Content Settings - - Live dealer casino games

Almost there now… Scroll down the pop-up window that opened until you see “Flash”. There are three options here. You’ll notice that, by default, the option labeled “Block sites from running Flash” is already selected for you. Thanks Google for your presumptuous behavior.

And, on a side note, why is “Ask first…” recommended, but “Block sites…” set as the default? Hmmm?

Anyway, the other two options are “Allow sites to run Flash”, and “Ask first before allowing sites to run Flash (recommended)”.

Chrome Fix Flash - Live dealer casino games

If you just want all Flash content to load, click that top option that reads, “Allow sites to run Flash”. This way, every time you attempt to play live dealer casinos games, they’ll start right up with no delays or interruptions.

If you are a creature of habit and enjoy telling Chrome every time that you want Flash to run, choose the second option, “Ask first…

As an alternative, you could always click the “Manage Exceptions” button and tell Chrome exactly what websites are allowed to run Flash. All others will be auto-blocked. It’s a lot of rigmarole, but if your the techy type who really enjoys customizing everything you possibly can, go for it.

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May 04

Vancouver iGaming company GeoComply wins GCA AwardDoing a great job at whatever it is you do deserves a little pride. Being awarded as a leader in your field – that’s something special. Earning your fourth award in that field, from four different panels of judges – now that’s exceptional! Such sentiments easily describe Vancouver iGaming firm GeoComply.

Established in 2011, GeoComply is one of the world’s top geolocation system suppliers. In fact, after just six short years of operation, GeoComply has been overwhelmingly accepted in North America. The company supplies 100% of all geolocation services for online gambling operations in the United States.

GeoComply’s multitude of clients include major industry leaders like Caesars Palace, MGM, the Georgia and Delaware Lottery corporations, and even DFS mogul DraftKings.

Vancouver iGamng firm GeoComply wins GCA RegTech ProviderBased out of Vancouver, the iGaming geolocation supplier was recognized for its superior technological advancements at the 2017 GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards (GCA) in London last week. GeoComply was the proud recipient of the RegTech Provider of the Year Award.

This particular award is designed to recognize operators and technology providers who deliver a successful, regulatory-compliant, and cost-effective product to the live and/or online gaming industry. GeoComply’s provision of geolocation services, including all iGaming operators in the US, are clearly worthy of such praise.

In the United States, like many other jurisdiction, the few locations where online gambling is regulated (Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey) only permit players who are physically located within their respective state to login and play for real money. It is the Vancouver iGaming firm’s job to ensure that all payers are truly located within the corresponding borders before they are permitted to place a wager.

According to the company, GeoComply runs 10 million verification checks every single day, and its services have been utilized on more than 250 million devices to date.

Fourth Award for Vancouver iGaming Firm

Attesting to GeoComply’s reputation as a true innovator in the North American market and beyond, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the firm’s first awards rodeo.

In 2015, GeoComply was awarded with Best Innovation in North American iGaming at the iGaming North America Awards, followed by EGR North America’s choice as Best Geolocation Supplier of the Year.

Then in 2016, GeoComply took home its third trophy at the prestigious Global Gaming Awards ceremony, where the team was bestowed with the esteemed title, Responsible Business of the Year.

Another Proud Moment for GeoComply

Company CEO Anna Sainsbury was just one of the many iGaming executives on deck at the inaugural GamblingCompliance Global Regulatory Awards in London, England on April 25, 2017, hosted as part of Gambling Compliance’s 10th anniversary celebration.

“We are really honoured to have won this prestigious award. The finalists for this category are all at the cutting edge of technologies to enhance regulated markets globally,” extolled the CEO as she accepted the award.

“We thank the judges for recognising the efforts we have made at GeoComply thus far, and we look forward to doing even more in the future to support our customers to ensure compliance and to fight fraud through technical innovation in location confidence,” said Ms. Sainsbury.

Complete list of the inaugural 2017 GCA award winners:

Vancouver iGaming - 2017 GCA Award Winners

Head of Risk/Fraud of the Year – Tania Johannisson, Evolution Gaming

Head of AML/MLRO of the Year – Neil Lambert, William Hill

Compliance Officer of the Year – George McCann, Genting

Chief Compliance Officer of the Year – Dietmar Hoscher, Casinos Austria

Best Regulatory Lawyer or Law Firm of the Year – Harris Hagan

RegTech Provider Of The Year – GeoComply

GambleAware Award For Outstanding Individual Contribution To Responsible Gambling In A Customer-Facing Role – Maris Bonello, Kindred

Compliance Innovator of the Year – BetConstruct

Most Significant Contribution to Responsible Gambling Research – Jeanne David, Amaya

In-House Counsel/Legal Team of the Year – Kindred

Compliance Lifetime Achievement Award – Roger Parkes, Betway

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May 02

Why Men play Poker, women play slotsWalk into any active live poker room, and you’ll notice right away that the vast majority of the players – if not all of them – are men. Now, walk into a slots parlor or bingo hall, and the opposite is true. Most of the players here are going to be women.

The question I’d like to explore today is why so many men play poker, while so many women are more attracted to slot machines. There’s clearly a psychological pattern fueling the phenomenon.

Why Men Play Poker, Women Play Slots

The poker segment is the most divided of all. It’s evident in every major live poker tournament in the world. Unless it’s specifically labeled a “Ladies Event” (and even some of those have been known to draw men), at least 95% of the field tends to be of the male persuasion.

Based on numerous clinical studies throughout history, there are some clear psychological reasons why more men play poker than women.


Studies have shown men are more competitive than women. They have a need to feel superior to other men, and will take any opportunity to show off that superiority. It’s a trait not just found in humans, but in nature, as well.

Take birds for example. The male species is vibrantly colored and often puts on a big show (aka the mating ritual) to attract a female. Other animals have been known to fight to the death to impress a female, earning the right to mate with her.

Such competitive behavior is inherent among males. Poker provides the perfect arena for competition, pitting numerous players against one another in the ultimate challenge for mental and monetary supremacy.

While some women are competitive, the majority feel no need to outwardly exude their authority over others. If they deem themselves superior, just believing it is enough for them. Women don’t necessarily have the desire to prove it. Thus they are perfectly comfortable playing slot machines by themselves.

The Size of the Prize

Men are also considered the ‘providers’ of the family. A married couple may both have jobs, but a man’s natural desire to provide will often result in conflict if the woman happens to make more money than him.

In any case, many men play poker because the imminent prize is so appealing. In a 8-seat cash game where the buy-in is $500, the male is looking at the potential to increase his cash value by 8x, up to $4,000. Likewise, entering the $10k WSOP offers a shot at millions!

When the prize is a large multiple of the investment, men are much more likely to be attracted to it.

Women, on the other hand, are perfectly satisfied with instant gratification. A win is a win, so to speak. If they start playing a slot machine with $50, and end up with $60 in their purse, their desire for gratification is perfectly fulfilled.


In an already male-dominated sport, it’s easier for men to play poker than it is for women. There’s a clear intimidation factor here, and psychologically speaking, women are more intimidated in male-dominated areas.

A man can walk up to a poker table full of other men and take a seat, but if a woman walks up to the same table, whether the men visibly or verbally react in an intimidating manner or not, it can still be a very intimidating experience.

I’m not suggesting that it should be this way. Woman have proved to be very successful poker players, and fearsome foes against male opponents.

However, throughout the history of the WSOP, only one woman has made it to the final table of the Main Event. That honor went to Barbara Enright in 1995. And as much as some men have argued that the reason for this is that men are better poker players, that’s simply not the case.

It’s a statistical probability that the final table – the November Nine – will be made up of all men. In the last few years, female participation in all events of the WSOP has only been about 5%. Based on that alone, with only 9 players eligible to compete in the final table of the main event, statistically speaking, all of them will be male.

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May 01

Ezugi Live Casino Hold'em DemoLive casino software supplier Ezugi may not be as large or famous as its biggest rivals, like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming or Playtech, but they’re sure trying to get there. In mid-April, the firm launched a new Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (aka Live Casino Hold’em) table from its studio in Bulgaria, and it’s been quite the hit with live dealer fans.

A house-banked versions of the popular Texas Hold’em poker game, played solely against the dealer, Live Casino Hold’em has developed a loyal fan base with card game enthusiasts. I’ve played the table at least four times now, and I’ve never seen under 10 players at the table.

Ezugi’s version is optimal for live dealer gaming, with fast-paced hands and a reliable platform that offers clean visuals and uninterrupted game play.

Live Casino Hold’em Rules

Ezugi Live Casino Hold'emThe rules of Live Casino Hold’em are fairly simple, especially if you’ve ever played Texas Holdem, and any other type of house-banked poker game, before.

Like Hold;em, it’s a Hole-Card/Community-Card based game. Players place an Ante bet to get started, for which they receive two hole cards and a look at the 3-card Flop.

From here, the player can Fold (forfeit the Ante), or place a Call bet, equal to 2x the Ante. Note that, because this is a live table with other players partaking in the same hand, if any player folds, the hand will still be dealt to completion.

Once all Call bets are placed, the two remaining community cards are dealt, completing the player’s hand. The dealer’s hand is revealed, and the two are compared. Standard poker hand ranks apply to determine the winner.

From here, there are three things that can happen:

If the player’s hand beats the dealers hand, the player’s Ante bet is paid according to the Live Casino Hold’em Ante Pay Chart (see right).

If the dealer’s hand qualifies with a Pair of 4s or better, and the player’s hand is higher than the dealer, the player will also receive an even payout on the Call Bet.

If the dealer’s hand beats the player’s hand, the Ante and Call bets are both lost and the hand is over.

Live Casino Hold’em Ante Pay Chart
Royal Flush 100 to 1
Straight Flush 20 to 1
4 of a Kind 10 to 1
Full House 3 to 1
Flush 2 to 1
Anything Lower 1 to 1

Live Casino Hold’em Bonus Bet & Pays

Live Casino Hold’em also allow players to wager a Bonus Side Bet.

This is an optional wager that only pays out if the player’s hand qualifies. The lowest winning Bonus hand is a Pair of Aces. The payouts range anywhere from 7 to 1, up to 100 to 1. See the Live Casino Hold’em Bonus Pay Chart on the right for more information.

Bonus bets are paid irrespective of whether the player’s hand beats the dealer’s or not. If a player loses the hand with a Flush, they will lose the Ante and Call bet, but will still be paid the Bonus bet payout of 20 to 1.

Live Casino Hold’em Bonus Pay Chart
Royal Flush 100 to 1
Straight Flush 50 to 1
4 of a Kind 40 to 1
Full House 30 to 1
Flush 20 to 1
A-A, Set or Straight 7 to 1

Ezugi Live Casino Games

Ezugi has been around for many years, but didn’t truly gain fame until the group inked a contract last year to launch the first US-based live dealer tables at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Ezugi streams live casino games of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette from multiple studios in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Costa Rica and New Jersey. For now, Ezugi’s Live Casino Hold’em tables are only available from its Bulgaria studio, and can be played 24/7 at LeoVegas.

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