Apr 11

Portomaso Gaming launches Live Casino Roulette 360 from Oracle Casino in Malta; same tables, with new cameras angles.

Live Roulette 360 at Oracle Casino by Portomaso GamingPortomaso Gaming, a collaboration between Grinder Ltd and Wirex, is upgrading its live, in-casino services this month. Last week, the announcement came down that the live studio group’s enhancements to their live roulette tables at Oracle Casino are complete. They’ve even fancied up the name, as well, changing it from plain old Live Roulette, to Roulette 360.

First things first, let me clear up any probable confusion. The new Roulette 360 games streaming from the Malta casino are not the same as the new 360 Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming.

That platform, also launched last week, offers an augmented reality version of live roulette. Portomaso Gaming’s version, Roulette 360, is a physical, in-casino table game. It would seem the numerical label 360 is trending at the moment.

Live Casino Roulette 360 – What’s New?

Portomaso Gaming is the producer of a live casino stream platform headquartered in its namesake location of Portomaso, Malta. The company hosts live dealer games direct from the gaming floors of Malta’s Oracle Casino and Portomaso Casino, as well as from a studio located within Portomaso Casino.

For the last few years, they’ve been streaming high-quality action from Oracle’s in-casino roulette tables. There’s nothing new in that regard. The tables, croupiers, rules, and payouts are all the same. What is different, however, is the technology they’re using to do it.

Portomaso Gaming Live Casino Roulette 360Over the last few weeks, the tech crews of Portomaso Gaming have been installing new equipment at Oracle Casino. It includes a whole new range of cameras, positioned to give viewers a lot more angles of the roulette table and wheel. Maybe not an entire 360-degree angle view – no one wants or needs to see that much – but a lot more angles of the table and wheel, including a perfectly straight-overhead aerial view.

The User Interface is also brand new. Portomaso completed a structural overhaul of the UI to give players a more user-friendly experience. It’s crisp, clean, easy to navigate – a far cry better than the previous edition.

Live Roulette 360 Conversion to HTML5

While the above upgrades are sure to be noticeable for players, this last one may not. But I assure you, it’s a vast improvement over the old version. It may very well be the single item on the revamp menu that drove the platform’s creators to upgrade their services in the first place.

The new Live Casino Roulette 360 tables nowinstitute HTML5 programming. Prior to this, PC was the best way to play, as many users had trouble accessing the tables via mobile. Converting to HTML5 means that the software is, by default, optimized for all devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet); and all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.)

Aside from increasing accessibility, there’s another advantage here. The big difference that most veterna users will identify is that Flash is no longer required. Although HTML5 does run on Flash, it’s built in. That means no more pop-up messages requesting the user download or enable Flash to continue. It just works, on any device, anytime.

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Apr 03

Extreme Gaming introduces Augmented Reality Live Roulette 360

Extreme Live Gaming launches Augmented Reality Live roulette 360For the last few years, the iGaming industry has claimed virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the upcoming wave of the future for online casinos. Well, my friends, the future is now. Live casino studio producers at Extreme Live Gaming are launching Roulette 360, an AR gambling game for desktop, mobile and VR headsets.

This is by no means the inaugural presentation of AR/VR gambling technology. Microgaming debuted its immersive VR Roulette back in 2015, followed by NetEnt‘s Live Beyond Live AR casino games earlier this year. However, Extreme Live Gaming is the first to incorporate VR headset compatibility into its new live roulette game.

Augmented Reality Live Roulette 360

According to last week’s press release, Extreme Live Gaming, a subsidiary of the Novomatic Group, merged AR and HTML5 technology to create Roulette 360. That combination of programming allows players to access the new AR gambling game from any operating system, on virtually any desktop, smartphone, or tablet (with Flash installed). For a wholly immersive experience, it is recommended to utilize a mobile device and VR headset combination.

The company refers to its new Live Roulette 360 as “a virtual multi-gaming experience like no other”. The game provides players with an opportunity to observe a 360-degree view of the casino, placing bets on multiple tables at once.

Some of its shining features include:

  • Standard European Roulette rules

  • Fully immersive 360-degree environment

  • Desktop, mobile and VR headset compatibility

  • Multi-gaming functionality while playing roulette (on desktop version)

  • Fully interactive environment

  • All languages available

  • All currencies available

  • Customization of table limits (for operators)

  • Customization of environment (for operators, perfect for product branding)

AR Gambling Game Debuts at ICE 2018

Extreme Live Gaming CEO debuts AR Gambling Roulette 360

Extreme Live Gaming CEO Darwyn Palenzuala showed off Roulette 360’s capabilities at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London earlier this year. He was especially proud to introduce their AR gambling product as “the first out there that allows a player to take full control of their environment, move it around, and get a feel of the roulette game”.

Palenzuela believes the biggest draw of the 360 interface is brandable customization. “You can also link in other games,” he explains. Every position within the navigable area can be another live table game, or even a slot machine or video poker interface. “We can launch any slots game within the game, so it allows you to play roulette, plus any other side games,” says Palenzuela.

With a VR headset, the player can simply move their head to view the 360-degree atmosphere of the AR gambling environment. Using any touch-screen computer or mobile device, players can swipe the screen to change their view, also with 360-degree range of motion.

“We’ll be extending this soon to the full 360 studio environment,” Palenzuela says. “It won’t be just roulette. It will be blackjack and baccarat and other table games.”

Following its initial debut at 2018 ICE, the new augmented reality live Roulette 360 officially launched on March 26, 2018. There’s no word yet on which casino operators have shown interest in licensing the live studio platform. We hope to provide more information on that as it becomes available.

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Jan 26

Vivo Gaming boasts new interface on Live Roulette for mobile.

Vivo Gaming Mobile Live Casino with Live Roulette for MobileLive dealer has been one of the fastest growing verticals in the online gambling industry. Most companies deeply embedded in the business for the last decade are performing exceptionally well, investing in innovations to better their products. Vivo Gaming is, well… trying to be one of them.

Launched in 2010, they have the longevity and experience to be a high-profile rival in the industry. However, they’ve made quite a few mistakes over the years. Perhaps this latest announcement of an updated, more user friendly product will mark a turn-around for their business model and reputation.

With that being said, Vivo is introducing a new Live roulette mobile interface. This new tech is developed in HTML5 for universal device compatibility, offering players a more versatile and customizable experience.

New Interface on Live Roulette for Mobile

Vivo Gaming Live Roulette for MobileVivo Gaming has given their existing live roulette tables a complete makeover. The interface has a whole new graphic scheme that is more crisp and easy on the eyes. By default, the table’s digital betting diagram takes up the majority of the screen on mobile devices. However, it now comes with a floating, resizable window to view the live action from their studios in… um, wherever they are. They don’t actually divulge that information.

According to a company press release, the new interface also provides for all possible side bets, including those found on traditional French roulette tables. The new games have already been integrated at Vivo’s existing live casino clients.

Vivo Gaming is preparing to debut its fresh live casino product portfolio at ICE 2018 in London next month. They’re surely hoping to attract a wider variety of partners, with the “super light” software application as a prominent selling point.

“We are happy to present our super light roulette application, that supports all mobile devices available including widescreen and has all Improved full screen handling in iOS and Android,” said… someone quoted in the press release. In 8 years of operation, they’ve never revealed who owns or manages Vivo Gaming, either.

“The Vivo Tech Team is always motivated to come up with solutionsthat supports our partners and allies with our best side of tech capacity,” the mystery quotation continues. “Altogether, considering the design, game options, optimized light version, we believe we are currently offering one of the Best Mobile Roulette this year”.

Lack of Transparency, Lack of Trust

I have a hard time speaking positively of a brand that is so clandestine about their operations. They claim multiple times on their website to host “studios from around the world”, but never say where they host them from.

We do know that one streams live from the Naka Palace Entertainment Hotel Resort in Laos (Southeast Asia). We have to assume there are more. Vivo claims its “operations fall under strict regulation of some of the world leading land based casino”, and Naka Palace can’t possibly fit that description.

The live casino operator does seem to have one of the most extensive game varieties in the live arena, if their textual bragging can be believed. There’s no evidence on the website – no demos, pictures, or videos that exhibit live craps – to back up the claims.

I spent quite some time searching through dozens of online casinos this morning that employ Vivo software. I finally managed to find one that displays an image of Live Casino Craps on its menu. Of course, that site is licenced in Curacao – as is Vivo Gaming (that’s the only thing they disclose) – so I didn’t bothering signing up an account to find out if it’s true. Being “regulated” in “Curacao” is kind of a contradiction in terms.

If nothing else, there’s one thing I can say for Vivo Gaming. What they lack in transparency, they make up for in boastful marketing. Hopefully their desire to go big at ICE 2018 with the new product line and interface on live roulette for mobile will drive them to become more transparent in their future endeavors.

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Jan 24

BC Canada exploring virtual casino games for real money.

There’s a huge difference between the real world and virtual world. However, the two realms collide when it comes to real money gambling. Aside from scenery and excessive crowds, there’s not much that separates land-based and virtual reality casino games.

Virtual Casino Games for Real Money

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is taking the same line of thought into its latest endeavor. The provincial gaming regulator said in a statement this week that they’re exploring the possibility of launching VR casino games on the Playnow.ca website.

A report this morning in BC-CTV News reveals that BCLC is already negotiating a deal with Archiact Interactive, a virtual reality software design firm with offices in Vancouver and Shanghai, China. The current deal on the table would see BCLC investing $250,000 into a virtual ‘escape room‘ architecture.

Players would be able to access the game via the BCLC’s interactive gaming website. Using VR technology, they would be given a time limit in which to navigate a virtual space, solving challenges and deciphering clues to escape from the room.

This isn’t exactly a form of gambling. Ostensibly, players would pay to use the software – or perhaps pay to unlock progressive levels following a free trial demo. Or, maybe they will pay to play, winning a prize if they escape fast enough. The exact details are unclear at this time. But BCLC did admit that virtual casino games could be part of the package, with the appropriate approval.

BC Virtual Casino Games for Real Money

CTV wasn’t able to get too much information out of BCLC or Arhciact Interactive prior to thismorning’s publication. The software company did not response to their emails, while BCLC officials waved off the majority of their questions.

What they did find out from Lara Gerrits, a media management spokesperson for BCLC, is that virtual casino games are on their to-do list. And based on her statement, they may already be seeking advisement on the issue from higher-ups.

“Further development, testing and approvals from our regulator, the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, are required,” Gerrits told reporters. “Additionally, the Gaming Control Act stipulates that the minister responsible must provide written approval for new games or lottery schemes before they go into operation.”

So essentially, it will be quite some time before BCLC goes virtual. But the potential is there, and the deal making is already underway.

Virtual Casino Games Come With Real Risks

Not everyone was thrilled by the news. Clinical cyber-psychologist and Canada Research Chair Dr. Stephane Bouchard believes it’s a terrible idea. Having previously researched VR gambling and published a paper on its effects on gambling addicts, Dr. Bouchard is worried that it will only serve to proliferate problem gambling in BC.

“It’s amazing how real virtual reality is to a gambling addict,” explained Bouchard, whose extensive research in VR shows that gambling addicts experience the exact same cravings in a virtual casino as they do in a land-based casino.

Dr. Bouchard uses VR casinos as a treatment method, helping patients deal with the compulsive urge in a safe, risk-free environment. But virtual gambling won’t offer the same level of GameSense presence found in BC’s land-based casinos. The floor won’t be teeming with real people who can recognize and intervene on a problem as it’s occurring.

But the BCLC is looking at its own evidence, which clearly shows that its lottery generated $23 million less in the last fiscal year, while the online sector rose by $22 million. Online and mobile gambling is clearly on the rise, and many analysts believe that virtual casino games for real money will be the next big wave of the future. Presumably, gaming regulators are trying to get in on that vertical from the ground floor.

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Jan 23

Sifting through the attributes for the best CA online casinos of 2018.

Best CA Online Casinos 2018We want the best of everything in life. If we go shopping for a car, we don’t just want an engine that starts. We want a car with low mileage, good tires, regular service maintenance, and an engine that purrs like a kitten. Only the best car will do. We want to know that we’ll be safe and secure, and won’t break down on the side of the road. But we also want one that’s aesthetically appealing and fun to drive.

This applies to everything in life, from clothing to kitchen appliances. So why shouldn’t we demand the best from Canada’s online and mobile casinos? If we’re paying for entertainment, we deserve the best in every aspect. Skimping is not an option!

Finding the Best CA Online Casinos of 2018

There are multiple factors to weigh, just like buying a new car. You’ll want a casino website that is safe and secure. It needs to have a proven performance record, as well as an appealing game variety and lucrative promotional package. The following aspects should be scrutinized closely.

The Bonus

Although not the top priority, I know bonuses are important to everyone, so I’ll start here. We all want a big, fat bonus that will at least double our starting bankroll. But the size of the bonus is equally important as the terms involved. Can you cash out the winnings? Does it have a reasonable expiration date? Can you play all the games you want with it? Read the terms – know the terms – abide by the terms!


An operator’s reputation is crucial to a positive experience. You need to know that your deposits and withdrawals will be honored. A site with a bad reputation is obviously the wrong choice, and reputations are all-too easy to come by in this day and age of social media. It won’t take much digging to learn an operator’s true reputation.

However, to obtain a reputation, good or bad, a site must have longevity. Don’t sign up with an operator that just launched. Stick with tried-and-true CA mobile casinos that have been around for years, and have built a good reputation based on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Safety & Security

Today’s gambling websites are much more secure than they were ten or twenty years ago. Technology has come a long way. The most responsible operators employ the highest standard of security measures, including 128+ bit SSL data encryption. This ensures all personal and financial information is ivisible to prying eyes during transmission.

Game Selection

This is more of a personal preference than anything. What types of games do you expect to play? If you’re a slots lover, you’ll want a site with a wide variety of slot machines – classics, video slots, multi-feature slots, etc. If you prefer table games, make sure all your favorites are available. Check out the live casino offerings as well. Live dealer blackjack can be way more interesting than the traditional, RNG-inspired games.

Software & Compatibility

This is another crucial aspect to look into. If the software is slow or twitchy, it will undermine the entertainment value. It also needs to be regularly tested and certified for fairness. Choose a brand that provides RTP transparency, exhibiting the theoretical payback percentage for each game within its information tab.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s compatible with any and all devices you intend to play on. Is a download required, or even offered, for desktop play? Can you login and play from a smartphone or tablet? Is it optimized for your mobile operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.)?

Payments Options

Take a look at all the payment options available. Make sure you have a convenient and cost effective way to get money in (deposit) and out (withdrawal) of the casino. What brands of credit/debit cards are accepted? Can you use a web wallet like Skrill, or a prepaid card/voucher? You should always plan ahead. Know what withdrawal method you’ll use before you make your first deposit.

Local vs International Regulation

Last but not least is the matter of local versus international regulation. Several Canadian provinces offer a home-grown gambling website. Let me start by saying both are perfectly legal. By law, players cannot be penalized for choosing to deposit and play real money casino games at an offshore gambling website. However, there are benefits to both sides.

Playing locally guarantees compliance with the regulations of your province. There’s no question as to whether payments will be honored, or whether the games are fair. Local regulation provides the ultimate player protection package.

As for international websites, the best CA online casinos of 2018 offer the exact same assurance, and provide a much wider variety of games. They are also able to deliver regulars bonus promotions you won’t find at local websites. The key is to follow the guidelines above to ensure you’re playing at a safe, secure, and reputable website.

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Jan 17

Top 3 mobile casino games developments of the last decade.

Mobile Casino Games #1 in 2018Last year, the inevitable finally occurred. For the first time in history, mobile gaming superseded the traditional avenue of gaming on a desktop or laptop computer. The mobile revolution is clearly upon us. Today, we’ll take a look at the top three driving factors behind the prevalence of gambling at mobile casinos.

Top 3 Developments in Mobile Casino Games

In the last decade, so much has changed about the way we access and play internet casino games. It’s not just the fact that so many of us now choose to play on a smartphone or tablet, but the resounding reasons behind that transition.

Conversion to HTML5 Supports Mobile Gambling

HTML5 online and mobile casino gamesYou may be surprised to know that mobile casino slots and table games have actually been around for many, many years. Microgaming pioneered the first mobile casino technology all the way back in 2003. Those were the prehistoric days of mobile technology, when all the cool people had a flip phone. Remember those? Yeah, I’ve tried to forget them, too!

It took another staggering ten years for mobile casino gaming to develop into something people actually want to utilize. Touch-screen technology came about in 2007, but it wasn’t until gaming software developers began using the latest and greatest HTML5 mark-up language that the concept really took off.

By programming games in HTML5 format, there was no longer any need to develop each game multiple times. For years, that was the biggest hindrance in mobile gaming technology. Every title had to be reproduced; one for desktop operating systems, one for Android devices, one for iOS, etc.

HTML5 is compatible with them all! This form of optimization made mobile gambling a feasible avenue of pursuit for all online casino operators and software companies. Without this single development in technology, smartphone and tablet casinos would not be what they are today.

Live Online Casino Gambling

Live Mobile Casino GamblingThis is one of my favorites. Being a huge fan of blackjack, the introduction of live dealer casinos was mind-blowing to me. Professional croupiers in a live casino studio, dealing cards and spinning roulette wheels for real players at home? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, like mobile gambling, it took over a decade to really develop. The first live casino studio was opened in 2003 by Playtech, but hardly anyone used it. Internet connection speeds and video quality weren’t ready to pick up what internet casinos were putting down.

In the last few years, however, technology has finally caught up with live gaming capabilities. The video streams are exquisite. The audio is seamless. Now, the game play truly mimics what land-based casinos have always offered – an interactive, communal experience with other players.

Virtual Reality Mobile Gambling

VR Roulette by MicrogamingThis particular avenue of gaming is still in development. It has been for three years, since Microgaming debuted its revolutionary VR Roulette tables at the 2015 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London. However, that demonstration has yet to move out of the demo phase and into the tangible realm of realmoney online gaming.

I believe virtual reality is the future of internet gambling. But like mobile casino games and live dealer tables, it’s going to take a lot more time to develop into something the iGaming community can really appreciate. Until then, a whole new era of interactive gambling awaits just over the horizon.

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Dec 27

Old company breathes new life into mobile gambling games.

In 1991, a company called SYNOT Group was born. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and serving the smaller regions of Europe, SYNOT slowly began expanding its business interests. Before long, it became the largest lottery supplier in Czech Republic. Now, its traditionally land-based gaming systems are spreading into new markets.

SYNOT Mobile Gambling Games

In 2016, the SYNOT Group began extending its wings into the digital realm. A new division, SYNOT Games, was launched. That department is now developing new online casino games to rival the existing content of its long-established competitors.

SYNOT Mobile Gambling Games

Still in its infantile stages, SYNOT currently boasts a menu of 27 online and mobile casino games. Most of them – 22 to be exact – fall into the category of digital slot machines. The others are variants of roulette, including a special version exclusively designed for mobile devices.

SYNOT Games touts its relatively new online casino platform as providing a “brand new gaming experience” for players. Interactive casino operators are encouraged to employ SYNOT’s software to give their customers access to, “Original gaming content through a wide range of exciting casino games suitable for any platform”.

New Online Casino Games – SYNOT Slots

The games developers at SYNOT made sure to cover all the bases when releasing their first wave of digital gambling content. Their slots include the most popular themes, including Oriental good luck charms in 88 Pearls, the Sci-Fi fantasy realm in Moonlight Fortune and Wild Warp, holiday games like Lucky Pot and Halloween Fruits, and dragons of legend and lore in Fire Spell.

SYNOT delivers everything from 3-reel classics, to modern 5-reel video slots, to niche-market fruit machines like Fruit Awards and Joker 40. They’ve even covered the popular social gaming arena with jewel-themed games like Gem-o-Rama and super-sweet candy games like Sweet Dream.

Flexibility & OS Optimization

Building a platform from the ground floor up in only a year is applause-worthy. For a new company, being licenced and certified by a multitude of respected authorities is even more impressive. New companies tend to draw suspicion in markets such as this. However, SYNOT’s youth gives their developers a distinct advantage over the competition.

SYNOT Games hit the ground running in 2016, having access to all the benefits of modern technology. Thus its online and mobile gambling games already feature the most affable components their rivals spent years upgrading to.

SYNO Games boasts ultimate flexibility in platform integration, giving casino operators seamless installment options right out of the virtual box. The software offers multi-resolution (HD, FHD, and qHD) for all screen sizes. The HTML5 building model ensures all games are compatible with most any operating system, whether it be desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet. The software is also available in multiple languages (EN, ES, CS, SK and RO).

Future of SYNOT Games

A spokesperson for the digital gaming division says the future is looking very bright for SYNOT, their casinos licencees, and their customers. In early 2018, the software will receive a major update. SYNOT promises an expansion to the table games menu, with blackjack, baccarat and poker games on the way. A 256 ways-to-win vampire themed slot machine is also in the works.

Come February, SYNOT will unveil many of its new mobile gambling games, as well as fresh lottery equipment at the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming expo in London. The company attends this event each year, and is guaranteeing its booth at ICE 2018 “will showcase the most comprehensive portfolio to date”.

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Dec 12

PokerStars’ internet sports betting cousin launches BetStars News UK.

BetStars News Internet Sports BettingWhat’s more exciting than watching a good sports match? Putting a little action on the games. When we aren’t watching or betting on sports, there’s always the option of reading about it. Okay, maybe reading doesn’t sound all that exciting, but if you enjoy the first two activities, you really should make more time for the latter.

BetStars, the online sports betting arm of The Stars Group, is on board with that assessment. They’ve just launched a brand new website, BetStars News. It’s currently available in the UK only, but the operator has plans to expand the service to more regions in the coming months.

Online Sportsbook Launches BetStars News

BetStars News is a new website dedicated to athletic media content for sports bettors in the UK. It will feature engaging and informative news relating to all manner of sports and wagering opportunities, including media, videos, photos and acumen from expert analysts.

BetStars Managing Director, Zeno Ossko, was proud to announce the launch of their latest product. “BetStars News is an exciting development for us that will help our customers hone and improve their sports knowledge through the vast content that the news site will feature,” he said.

Ossko went on to confirm the upcoming expansion of BetStars News to more jurisdictions. “Starting with the UK, we plan to roll out BetStars News in many other regions in the coming months, continuing to demonstrate our commitment to enhance BetStars and create a better experience for our customers.”

Taking Internet Sports Betting to a New Level

BetStars is confident that this news site will take sports betting to a whole new level for their members. The site will feature daily publications in a wide range of betting markets. While sports will make up the brunt of analysis by nature, BetStars News will also cover additional markets, including things like entertainment and politics – virtually anything the sportsbook offers bets on.

Handicappers will be privy to match-up previews with in-depth statistical data analysis. By taking advantage of this information, BetStars hopes its casual punters will no longer rely on favorites or better records to make their picks. Being well informed is what promotes skill in wagering, separating an online sportsbook from an online casino. The more one knows, the more likely they are to make wise decisions.

BetStars – New Brand From a Trusted Name

BetStars is a relatively new online sportsbook that went live in December of 2015. Celebrating its second anniversary this month, the sportsbook may still be new, but its parent company has attained universal recognition as a top performer in the internet gambling realm.

BetStars is the product of The Stars Group (formerly Amaya Inc); the same company that acquired PokerStars parent, Rational Group, a few years back. In those days, PokerStars was a single entity, run by executives who had no desire to expand into other avenues of iGaming. That all changed when Amaya took over in mid-2014.

Since then, PokerStars has become the proud cousin of two new offerings, StarsCasino and BetStars. While the online poker giant continues to be the biggest money maker for Stars Group, its online sportsbook and casino are both experiencing exponential growth in revenue.

BetStars offers its members a wide ranging of betting products, including a vast selection of athletic contests from all over the world, plus specialist betting markets. Member accounts are linked seamlessly across all Stars Group products, allowing players to fund one account for all their wagering needs; sports, poker and/or casino.

The service can be accessed on desktop or mobile, with a highly functional and intuitive mobile internet sports betting apps optimized for Android and iOS devices.

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Dec 08

Five reasons why it’s better to play real money casino games on a tablet.

Play Real Money Casino Games on a TabletIn this technology-driven age, there’s no longer any need to visit a land-based casino. You can go with a group of friends for kicks, but if you’re just looking for the entertainment of a thrilling slot machine or table games experience, why travel? These games can be played on a desktop or laptop computer, or any internet-capable mobile device.

In the last few months, I’ve really come to appreciate the option of playing tablet casino games. I’ve done it all. Desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablet devices. Today, I’ll give you five good reasons why I think it’s better to…

Play Real Money Casino Games on a Tablet

If I took enough time, I could probably come up with a lot more reasons. But based on my own experience, these five came to mind immediately. In short, they include convenient portability, better visibility, heightened security, exclusive promotional offers, and access to everything else you’ve come to expect from your favorite internet gaming site.

#1 Portability at Home

Playing casino games on a laptop does give you a higher rate of portability, but it’s not nearly so convenient as a tablet. You can’t really curl up on the couch with a laptop. Tablet’s on the other hand, can go anywhere you go. Even those elongated trips to the little boy’s/girl’s room. You could do the same with a smartphone, but…

#2 Larger Screen Size / Visibility

Tablet casino games are a lot easier to see and play than the smartphone variety. Most mobile phones have a screen size of between 4 and 5.5 inches. The resolution is great, but clumsy fingers can easily tap the wrong button. And if you happen to have poor eyesight like myself, they just aren’t as easy to see. Tablets, boasting screen sizes of 7-10 inches, definitely win in this category.

#3 Home WiFi is More Secure

Unlike smartphones, most people don’t have a dedicated network for their tablet devices. You could take your tablet on the road and use it at a free WiFi hot-spot, but they aren’t very secure. I would never recommend doing anything that involves monetary transactions over an insecure WiFi connection. Your home WiFi, on the other hand, should be secured. So long as you use a strong password, and don’t give it out to all of your neighbors, tablet gaming from home is much safer.

#4 Exclusive Mobile Offers

When mobile gambling was just catching on, a lot of online casinos began promoting exclusive offers for smartphone and tablet users. These offers aren’t as prevalent today, but they do still exist. You can snag some nice extra bonuses and/or free spins if you keep your eyes out for them.

#5 Same Great Benefits

When you play real money casino games on a tablet, you still get all the same great benefits of playing on a desktop or mobile device. You can use the same login, take advantage of the same promotions, and generate the same comp points that convert to real cash. You won’t have to download any software or apps, either, although it is usually an option.


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Oct 30

It’s been one busy week for King of Mobile Casino LeoVegas!

The team behind LeoVegas Casino has been awfully busy in the last week. On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the company announced its intention to acquire Royal Panda Casino, a major competitor in the UK mobile casino sector. Two days later, the management team was in attendance at the 2017 EGR Operator Awards in London, where they proudly accepted the title of Mobile Casino Product of the Year.

King of Mobile Casino LeoVegas

Things are looking straight up for LeoVegas these days. That’snothing new, though. The company has been on an upward streak ever since the Swedish office opened in 2012. In the last five years, their goals have been steadily deployed, and easily exceeded.

The acquisition of Royal Panda will no doubt meet those goals. The utmost mission for the oft-lauded King of Mobile Casino is to expand its presence, especially in the UK, and especially in the mobile sector.

King of Mobile Casino LeoVegas: Lion takes on Panda

In a press release issued Tuesday, it was confirmed that LeoVegas AB has completed negotiations to purchase Royal Panda’s parent company, Web Investments Limited. The price includes dual payments of €60 million upfront, and another €60 million when the deal is finalized ( on or before December 1, 2017), so long at Royal Panda meets specific criteria.

In order to receive the second €60 million payment, Royal Panda must achieve the following revenue generation prior to the deadline:

  • Meet or exceed Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) of €50 million
  • Meet or Exceed UK-derived NGR of €34 million
  • Meet or exceed EBITDA of €15 million
  • Meet or exceed UK-derived EBITDA of €5 million

Royal Panda Casino Worthy of LeoVegas Demands?

King of Mobile Casino LeoVegas to acquire Royal Panda CasinoAs things stand, Royal Panda should have no trouble meeting the criteria detailed above. The digital casino product earned more than 50% of its Q3-17 revenue from UK clients. Plus, 65% percent of their overall yield came from mobile. From Q3-16 to Q3-17, the company grew at an enormous rate, with revenue rising 61% to €9.8 million.

Gustaf Hagman, CEO of the LeoVegas Group, had no doubts when he issued the following statement about their upcoming investment.

Royal Panda has in a short time built up an efficient business with an exciting and strong brand. This is a major acquisition that we are carrying out following a carefully executed process. With the help of the strong symbolic value in the panda, the company has built a premium brand among gamers, and we will complement LeoVegas with Royal Panda. This gives us two great brands with global appeal, which makes the scalability in the continued growth strong while strengthening our position in the UK.”

Assimilation in the Cards for Royal Panda?

The plan seems to be to keep the two entities separate. LeoVegas Casino and Royal Panda will remain on their own platforms. As for live casino gaming, each will maintain their own bespoke private tables, at least for the time being. That could certainly change in the future, with the option to reduce costs and raise brand awareness by sharing private tables.

Such tandems in the live dealer sector have been successfully maneuvered by other companies in the past, including enterprises of the Betsson Group, Clubhouse by GVC, and Paddy Power Betfair.

There’s also heightened potential for Royal Panda to sign agreements with additional software brands. The King of Mobile Casino LeoVegas earned its stellar reputation in part by integrating 39 software brands to date. Royal Panda currently employs 10 software groups, 8 of which are already found in the LeoVegas portfolio.

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