Nov 27

Mobile sports betting in Ontario could get very interesting, very soon.

Expanding Mobile Sports Betting in OntarioOntario gaming regulators are constantly brainstorming new ways to expand authorized gambling services. The ultimate goal is, of course, to increase revenue generation for the province. But there are certainly benefits involved for those who (responsibly) enjoy gambling.

Let’s take a brief look at how the gambling laws have changed in the last four decades

Gambling in Ontario, Then and Now

First, the province legalized lottery ticket sale in 1975, creating the Ontario Lottery Commission (OLC) to regulate the industry. In 1999, the laws were amended to legalize casino gambling and limited forms of sports betting. To reflect those changes, OLC was reformulated as the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp (OLG).

OLG has since launched numerous casinos and slot machine parlours, and regulates an assortment of commercial and charitable gambling activities in the province. Years later, the regulator pushed for online gambling legislation that saw the launch of a provincially-run iGaming website,, in 2015.

The one thing OLG does not offer in an online/mobile capacity is sports betting or PRO•LINE. All forms of sports wagering must be conducted in person at an authorized retailer. But that could change very soon.

Online & Mobile Sports Betting Expansion

On its iGaming website, the OLG hosts a page dedicated to Future Products FAQs. One of the top questions and answers here reads:

Will sports betting or PRO•LINE be available on PlayOLG?

PRO•LINE and sports betting may be offered on PlayOLG in the future. All of our products will be reviewed and refreshed on an ongoing basis, and we will keep you informed of upcoming product launches.

Apparently the time for expansion into online sports betting has arrived. OLG has launched a proposal to expand its services into online and mobile editions of its sports betting products. Not only that, the regulator thinks it’s time to branch out from traditional PRO•LINE and sports wagers.

The proposal includes options to regulate novelty prop bets. These would include wagers on entertainment, media and politics, such as the future winner of the next Canadian Idol, or whether US President Donald J. Trump will be impeached. Even eSports betting could become an authorized activity in Ontario.

OLG Spokesman Advocates Novelty / eSports Betting

Toni Bitonti is the Senior Manager of Media Relations for OLG. He was unable to confirm exactly what the final online sports betting product will look like, if approved. However, he is confident that e-sports and novelty betting have a rightful place in Ontario.

In a statement, Bitonti writes that eSports betting—wagering on the outcome of a PC/console video game tournament—“has surged in popularity” in recent years. “There are hundreds of eSport tournaments [and] events held each year, many in Ontario.”

He describes novelty betting as, “placing a bet on an outcome that’s not part of a sports or athletic event. For example, the winner of an election or the gender of a baby about to be born to royalty.

Bitonti adds that the “OLG sports offering will include new products that will provide more betting options on a wider variety of events, including all major North American sports leagues and major international sports”.

The expansion falls in line with OLG’s current modernization plan. The primary focus of the expansion is online and mobile sports betting, and could even include further steps to regulate live betting during sports events. That is something Ontario doesn’t currently permit, online or on land.

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Nov 03

How to Gamble: If you don’t know the rules, don’t play the game

Learn How to Gamble for FreeEvery gambler on the face of the planet was a novice at some point in time. We all had to learn how to play various games, how to place specific wagers, and how to understand payout schedules. It’s not nearly so easy as they make it out to be in the movies or on television.

If there’s anything at all you need to know about gambling before you do it, it’s that you should never, ever, place a real money bet on anything if you don’t fully comprehend the rules. It’s hard enough to win a bet that you do understand.

Learning How To Gamble First

Most of us learn the most basic principles of gambling at a young age. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to teach children to gamble, but how many of us played five card draw around the kitchen table with a relative growing up? In my family, it was a favorite Friday night pastime. We didn’t gamble for money, though. We went down to the local store and grabbed a few dollars worth of penny candy, split it up, and spent quality family time around the table.

Not everyone grows up in this fashion, though. For many of you, the urge to gamble doesn’t arise until you come of age. This is where lack of knowledge can be very dangerous.

Pick a Game to Learn

The first thing you’ll want to do is a pick a type of game or wager that you find interesting. Maybe you’re a sports fan, or want to learn the rules of poker or blackjack. Perhaps you’d like to take a whirl on the slot machines, or visit the track to bet on the ponies.

Whatever it is that piques your interest, take a little time to learn more about it. Some games are fairly simple to learn, while others can take a great deal of study.

Blackjack, for instance, has an easy objective – achieve a higher total than the dealer without going over 21. But even then, there are many decisions to be made, like doubling, splitting, taking insurance, etc. And just knowing how to play doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it. Blackjack is generally a game of great strategy.

Slot machines may seem like the simplest game of all, but again, there are finer points to be learned. Knowing how to read a paytable, and what it takes to trigger a feature or unleash a progressive jackpot, will help you make better decisions on what games to play and how much to bet.

Sports betting and horse race betting are also much more complicated than they appear. Just understanding how to read the odds on a sportsbook can be a trial, not to mention learning all the different types of wagers and prop bets available. As for horse racing, it operates on a pari-mutuel basis. That’s something you’ll want to research in detail before undertaking.

How To Learn to Gamble For Free

One final tip – don’t lose your money learning to gamble. Online casinos provide all of their games for free in practice mode. There are tons of mobile simulator apps for more difficult games, like sports betting and pari-mutuels. Make use of this free knowledge, and you’ll know how to gamble the right way in no time.

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Oct 04

More jurisdictions are choosing to regulate gambling on eSports as this popular wagering activity gains momentum both live and online.

Gambling on eSports Regulation worldwideThe eSports industry is young, but it’s budding fast, thanks to its prevalence in both land-based and digital realms. Comparable to traditional sports betting, eSports gambling takes place on non-athletic, electronic events – particularly competitive video gaming tournaments.

In May of this year, key members of the global gaming law community got together for a Roundtable on eSports. The minutes of that discussion were published by earlier this week by Gaming Law Review, shedding a great deal of light on the push for specific eSports betting regulations.

Panelists in the discussion include:

André Wilsenach: Executive director of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Center for Gaming Regulation.

Steve Brennan: Chief executive of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

A.G. Burnett: Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Nicholas Khoo: Co‐founder and chairman of the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association.

Ian Smith: Integrity commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition (Bristol, UK).

Status of Current eSports Gambling Regulation

Burnett described Nevada’s stance on eSports regulation as active. Last year, the Gaming Policy Committee reviewed the matter and agreed that betting on eSports falls under the “other events” section of Regulation 22, which regulates race book and sports pool activities.

“In Nevada, what we have done up to this date is allow wagering in a sports betting type of fashion on certain esports events,” said Burnett. Establishments offering such wagers are required to “meet certain criteria that satisfies us as regulators that it is going to be judged appropriately, it will be governed fairly, the results will be adequately determined and made available.”

As moderator, Wilsenach asked Mr. Brennan for the Isle of Man’s position on eSports. He noted that their regulatory make-up is “not too dissimilar” from that of Nevada’s.

Some of their larger online sportsbook operators previously sought permission to provide betting on eSports. After reviewing the topic, the Isle of Man Gaming Commission gave them the heads up.

“Our approach is to ensure an appropriate risk evaluation has been undertaken,” said Brennan. Unlike Nevada, however, the risk falls upon the operator, not the regulatory body. “We put the onus on the license holder to make sure that they have done the risk evaluation of the markets and the tournaments that they are looking to offer wagering on.”

UK to Regulate Gambling on eSports

Mr. Smith was proud to announce that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has agreed to sign off on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding eSports betting. The commission is keen on regulation, but also realizes that some of its offshore iGaming licensees are already providing the service.

Having dealt one-on-one with the UKGC in getting to that point, Smith relayed his discernment of the commission’s stance. In his words, their message to eSports operators is to “sort yourselves out and behave sensibly with regard to betting and the element of chance in what you do or we will come looking more deeply at you.”

Hope for eSports Betting Regulation in Singapore

Mr. Khoo’s role in the meeting was to gather more information on successful forms of regulation. Wagering on eSports is not currently lawful in Singapore, but the goal of his organization is to change that. Working with various stakeholders and government organizations, Khoo explained the role of the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA).

“We are a nonprofit that looks to lead and develop the esports ecosystem in Singapore,” said Khoo. He describe Singapore as a nation that is still in the “very early days” of eSports development. Existing laws revolving around traditional sports betting are still very limited.

“I think there is a lot of learning, and a lot of studying going on, especially from what other jurisdictions are doing,” he said. Khoo believes it is just as important to “understand the impact of not regulating or not getting involved.”9999

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Sep 18

WCLC Sport Select: Sports betting rules in Canada

Sports Betting Rules in CanadaCanada has some rather interesting laws when it comes to betting on sports. The activity is perfectly legal throughout every province and territory. However, the types of bets we’re permitted to place are highly restrictive.

Today, we’ll turn to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) for a close-up look at Canadian sports betting rules. WCLC Sport Select is the lottery organization that supplies all sports wagering services in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as well as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territories and Yukon Territories of Canada.

Suffice to say, if you’re located in one of these regions and want to place a bet on sports, you’re expected to do so through WCLC Sport Select. The types of wagers presented by WCLC meet the same legal restrictions as those provided by all other Canadian provinces.

Parlay! It’s Not Just for Pirates

Before I continue, I should point out that, of all sports betting rules in Canada, one causes more controversy than any other. It is not legal to place a straight-up bet on any contest in any form.

I could not, for example, place a bet for the BC Lions to beat the Edmonton Eskimos. Nor could I simply bet on the Over/Under or Point Spread in such a game. All sports bets must be placed as a Parlay.

Per Canadian law, parlay betting requires a wager to be placed on no less than 3 contests, and no more than 6. So if I wanted to bet on the BC Lions, I would have to pick at least two other contests as well. And, all of the picks must be correct, otherwise the entire bet is lost.

The prohibition of straight-up betting is the number one complaint among Canada’s sports gambling community. Fortunately, there is an alternative route wherein straight-up bets can be placed, without breaking any laws.

Online sportsbooks operated by offshore companies provide a much more diverse range of sports betting options, including straight-up bets. The key is to only place wagers with a reputable operator, such as Sports Interaction. While local governments frown on us betting through international websites, there’s nothing illegal about it.

Sports Betting Rules in Canada

The following is a complete list of all legal forms of sports betting in Canada. Please refer to the WCLC Training Camp for more in-depth information.

Note: Aside from Pool Betting, all wagers must be placed as Parlays, selecting 3-6 contests. All picks must win or the bet is lost.

Over/Under: This is a wager on the total score at the end of a contest, and whether it will be over or under the established line. The winner of the contest is inconsequential. [Ex: Game ends at Lions 14, Eskimos 10. Total score is 24. O/U Line is 22. If you bet Over, you win, because the total score is over the line.]

Point Spread: A point spread is set as the amount of points the favored team will win by. This is a bet on whether the point spread will be covered (bet on the spread), or not (bet against the spread). [Ex. The Lions are favored to beat the Eskimos by 3. If the Lions win 14 – 10, a bet on the spread wins because they won by 3 or more points.]

Pool Betting: Pools are bets placed among a group of people on a large number of games. Each bettor chooses who will win each contest. The bettor with the most correct picks wins the pool, or in the case of a tie, the pool is split.

Prop Betting: In prop betting, the bettor can choose various in-game results, like the total bases run in a baseball game, number of points scored in a basketball period, or net passing yards by a quarterback.

Pro-Lines: Pro-Line bets are made by choosing whether the home or visiting team will win, or if the game will result in a tie. However, in Pro-Line, some sports have a different definition of a “tie”. In Hockey and Soccer, the same score is a tie. In Baseball, there can be no ties. But in Football, a game decided by 3 points or less is considered a tie. The same goes for Basketball, where 5 points or less is a tie.

Double Play: This is an amalgamation of Pro-Line and Over/Under wagers. Bettors can bet on the Pro-Line and Over/Under for a single contest at the same time. Each Pro-Line and Over/Under wager is counted separately, so a bet on both would be two bets towards the required 3-6 parlay.

Combo Play: Combo plays are often used to hedge bets on multiple contests. They can include Pro-Line, Over/Under and Point Spread betting. Instead of betting one ticket on 4 contests, a bettor could place up to 5 separate bets on one ticket, covering a combination of them all. The ticket might look something like this:

  • Game 1 + Game 2 + Game 3
  • Game 1 + Game 2 + Game 4
  • Game 1 + Game 3 + Game 4
  • Game 2 + Game 3 + Game 4
  • Game 1 + Game 2 + Game 3 + Game 4

The total cost for this ticket would be 5x the selected bet size. [Ex. $2 bet per contest = $10]

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Aug 26

Mayweather vs McGregor could deliver worst knockout blow to bookmakers in sports betting history.

Ask anyone what’s going to happen tonight, and most will tell you Floyd Mayweather is going to destroy the younger, far-less experienced Conor McGregor. Others say the 29 year old Irish youngblood is primed to decimate Pretty Boy’s good looks with a devastating knock-out blow.

Mayweather vs McGregor could make sports betting history

The bookies in Las Vegas and cyber-la-la-land are of the former opinion. They’ve set the stakes high for a Mayweather win, with odds fluctuating around -500 and -600 for the last few days. In the meantime, cheap, high-yielding bets on McGregor are getting more attention than bookmakers would like.

If the latter turns out to be reality, and Conor McGregor somehow sends Mayweather to the mat for a 10-count (because the odds of an outright 12-round, judge-rule victory are ridiculously mycoplasmic), sports betting history will be made this Saturday night. It’s not just the volume of bets coming in, either, but the sheer size of them, some exceeding the million mark.

According to USAToday, MGM took in a $1M bet on Floyd at -550, worth $180k for a win. A bettor at William Hill Nevada dropped $1.2M on the Pretty Boy at -500; a $240k payout for the likely win. Other reports of multiple $300k wagers are coming in.

These huge bets are driving Mayweather’s odds ever farther into the minus, up to -600 at many bookmakers. But at the same time, it’s driving the profitability of a McGregor victory to phenomenal heights. And that’s got a lot of punters taking the low-risk, high-yield option.

At this point, if McGregor pulls out a miracle, the amount of money bookies will have to shell out is expected to far surpass any single-event loss in sports betting history. It’s not that millions are being dropped on McGregor, but rather, as Will Hill bookie Nick Bogdanovich told CNBC, the frequency of smaller bets on the Irishman adding up.

“This isn’t professional money, just the regular Joe,” said Bogdanovich. “The butcher and the barber are putting their $100 on McGregor and it’s added up.”

He said bookmakers could be pounded with multi-million dollar losses, the worst in sports betting history on a single event, if McGregor wins in any capacity. Should he fulfill his promise of an early KO, the losses for Vegas would be far worse.

Asked how he’s holding up under the pressure, Bogdanovich said, “I’m OK now, but you might want to have a heart monitor on me when the bell rings and Conor starts throwing wild lefts!”

Bookies are adjusting their odds in the other direction now, but they say it’s not helping to hedge their bets. Mayweather opened with an average 11-1 favor, as has since dropped to 5-1 or less at many sportsbooks. Still, bettors are dropping C-notes on McGregor left and right, hoping for a huge payoff.

At +450, a $100 bet on McGregor would be worth $450. As one bettor reportedly did at South Point this week, dropping $50,000 on the Irish MMA expert—who, might I add, has never fought a genuine boxing match in his life—will pay out $225,000 for a win.

Despite bracing for potential record losses, Bogdanovich said Las Vegas will survive, and survive well, if the unthinkable happens following tonight’s bell. Reminding bettors that they can win, and win big, will keep them returning to the sportsbooks in the future.

“We don’t mind a large decision on a big spectacle like this,” said the WH bookie. “It gets people in our books.”

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Jul 10

Betting on Wimbledon, the tournament king of kings in the tennis world, has been underway for the last week now. Racket-weilding athletic phenoms from all around the world gather within the confines of the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, as they have every year since 1877, to complete in “The Championship”.

Sports Betting on Wimbledon

Millions of viewers are tuning in to watch the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament. Many of them have a vested interest in the event, as sports betting on Wimbledon grows to new heights each year. Helping in the proliferation of tennis betting is the presence of online bookmakers, who make the process more convenient than ever before.

One such bookie, Paddy Power, is making headlines this week, and not necessarily in a good way. The operator is known worldwide as one of the largest betting sites, with the most controversial marketing tactics. Even in Canada, experienced sports bettors are familiar with the company, and its reputation for over the top publicity stunts.

Paddy Power’s propensity for controversial (and often political) satire has gotten them in hot water before, but this time, some say they’ve taken their promotion for betting on Wimbledon a bit too far by defacing a 55 metre (180 ft) cultural icon.

Centuries Old Giant of Cerne Abbas

Cerne Abbas GiantThe Cerne Abbas Giant is a massive, centuries old depiction of—well, no one is entirely sure what it was meant to be a depiction of, but at face value—a club-weilding man with an honourable erection.

The Cerne Giant is located upon a hill top just outside Cerne Abbas, a small village in Dorset, England. It’s been the subject of historical archaeological debate for centuries, believed by most to date back to the 17th century. Many believe it is a symbol of fertility, due to its phallic nature.

Paddy Power’s disregard for the significance of the antiquated carving, and the angry mob of locals they’ve infuriated with this latest stunt, is being heavily criticized by global media.

The original Cerne Giant is carved into the white chalk hillside, depicting a giant with a knobby club in his right hand. The left hand is held out to the side, doing nothing in particular. At least, not anymore. Archaeologists confirmed it once had a cloth-like shape draped over it, adding merit to the theory that it’s a representation of Hercules, holding the skin of the Nemean lion.

PP ‘Excited’ About Betting on Wimbledon

Cerne Giant Publicity Stunt by Paddy PowerUnder the cover of dark, a group of 6 Paddy Power henchmen spent 3 hours altering the engraving so that the club now imitates a tennis racket. They etched a ball high above the left hand, as if the giant is tossing it into the air. And, to claim responsibility for the act, the letters “PP” were engraved below the figure.

While this latest publicity stunt has tickled the funny bone of countless people—the intended effect of all Paddy Power’s controversial stunts over the years—it’s also enraged many—as the majority of their stunts do. Paddy Power was clearly promoting sports betting on Wimbledon, and at the same time sending an odd message of congratulations to tennis star Andy Murray, who recently announced he and his wife are expecting.

Commenting on their actions, a representative quipped, “‘We didn’t need Hawkeye to help us spot that the Cerne Abbas Giant was ‘excited’ about Andy Murray’s baby news.”

Humor Lost On Local Preservation Society

A spokeswoman for the National Trust, the agency that preserves the historic Cerne Abbas Giant, didn’t find the comment so humorous.

We’re fans of tennis as much as anyone and pleased to hear of Andy Murray’s news, however we do not encourage any defacing of the Cerne Abbas Giant, however it was done. The Cerne Abbas Giant is protected and we are very concerned about any publicity stunt that may in future encourage damage to this fragile site.”

In apology, the Irish bookmaker donated 5,000 pounds to the National Trust. The alterations to the historical figure were not permanent, and in no way damaged the Cerne Giant. They merely poured white chalk onto the grounds to extend the effects of the carved image. The memories may take much longer to fade, but a few good rains will erase all evidence of the stunt.

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Jun 08

Land-based casinos provide an abundance of gambling experiences across a vast gaming floor. Online gambling operators offer the same variety, making them available on desktop and laptop computers, as well as smartphones and tablets. A new slots design from a Japanese manufacturing company is merging the two via slots kiosks.

New Slots Kiosks Fuzion by JCM

JCM Exec Tom Nieman (right) shows off new slots kiosks at G2E Asia

These new multi-tasking slot machines, called Fuzion, were proudly displayed by Japan Cash Machine Co Ltd (JCM) at the annual Global Gaming Expo Asia. The annual G2EA is one of the largest industry exhibitions and conferences on the continent, attended by all major operators in the gambling industry.

Tom Nieman, Vice President of Marketing for JCM, told GGRAsia the new slots design is the company’s “most important breakthrough…in quite some time”.

JCM showed off the extensive capabilities of the new slots kiosks. They are able to perform a wide variety of betting tasks. Aside from playing a multitude of casino slots, users can also purchase and redeem of lottery tickets, place bets on sports and racing events, and participate in daily fantasy sports betting.

The new machines can accept multiple currencies, and facilitate an instant currency exchanges as needed. The machines even offer obligatory tax forms for high-volume winners that can be filled out and submitted directly from these slots kiosks.

“The early response has been very strong,” said Nieman, who extolled the new technology’s ability to be “more productive” than any previous design concept.

“We took the time to talk to customers and understand the challenges they face,” explained the JCM executive. After brainstorming their responses, the end result was “the idea of turning slot machines into a gaming kiosk that sells multiple things, not just slot machine entertainment, but it could sell sports book, lottery and so on.”

Instead of displaying a single game screen, the new slots technology displays a screen filled with game titles and other menu options. It’s similar to a computer or tablet device in the way it displays a selection of apps on the desktop screen.

This latest innovation can be best described as the land-based casino industry’s first genuine foray into mimicking the convenience of online gambling. In this case, it’s actually more convenient than most iGaming websites. It offers so many wagering capabilities from a single screen, whereas the average online gambler would have to log into various websites to access casino games, sports bets, DFS, lottery, etc.

Of course, these machines aren’t the hand-held variety, and you can’t take them home with you. Players will have to visit a land-based casino to make use of them. But as Rob Tercek, founder and President of General Creativity Consulting, explained during a one-day innovation conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, the land-based casino industry absolutely must innovate to survive.

Tercek spoke of many other industries that he described as being “vaporized” by digital technology. Movie rental stores, land line telephones and travel agencies have already been consumed by advancements in technology. Casinos could suffer the same fate if they can’t find an innovative way to keep customers walking through the doors, instead of turning to mobile social gaming and gambling.

While these new slots kiosks could be the answer, JCM is still awaiting approval of the design by regulators in various markets, and that could take quite some time.

“As excited as we are, we can’t make it happen sooner unless we have the [casino] operator pushing for it,” said Nieman. “In certain markets we have that, in others we need to go and win an operator over to support that.”

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May 23

Members of the popular Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power Betfair, have enjoyed the operator’s convenient ‘Text to Bet‘ technology for quite some time now. But thanks to new chatbot betting app, punters can now view odds and text their bets to an AI robot over Facebook Messenger.

Chatbot Betting Paddy Power new text to bet app

The new chatbot app, officially titled Onionsack SaaS, is the brainchild of Onionsack, a software company that specializes in texting apps. Onionsack has a long history of business relationships with UK bookmakers, and its latest technology is sure to appeal to avid punters with a Paddy Power account.

When the technology first debuted in April at the F8 Facebook Developers Conference in California, Paddy Power jumped on the opportunity to be first to market with a real money chatbot betting option via Facebook.

This actually marks the operator’s second attempt to launch a Facebook betting option. The first attempt was in 2013, but Paddy Power abandoned the project in late 2014 due to a miserable lack of interest from UK punters.

Times have changed, though. Mobile gaming has overtaken the former superiority of desktop betting, and today’s younger generation of gamblers are texting via social networks more than ever.

“We know our customers love mobile messaging apps,” said Michael Healy, Product Director for the Irish bookmaker, “so having a chatbot on Facebook Messenger is the obvious first step. Nearly all of Paddy Power’s customers are on Facebook, and now they can actually place a bet through the Facebook Messenger app.”

Text to Bet Chatbot – How it Works

The term “chatbot” pretty much says it all. Punters will communicate via text message with a chatting robot. Users can download the Paddy Power bot, then log into their betting account via Facebook. From there, they can send the bot text messages via Messenger requesting one desired service or another.

Users can chat with the Paddy Power bot the same as they would with their friends. Its advanced AI technology allows it to read text messages and respond appropriately. Punters can do a lot more than text to bet. They will also be able to view odds on any available bets, including sporting events, entertainment, politics, etc., and receive live updates on any events they have wagered on.

Learn more about using PP Chatbot

The new chatbot betting technology has additional benefits for Paddy Power. The service can be used for a personalized marketing service, delivering odds on relevant match ups to users, encouraging them to place bets based on customized settings and preferences.

Chatbot Betting: Security and Responsibility

The UK Gambling Commission (IKGC) has very strict policies regarding responsible gaming and the protection of punters. This is one issue Paddy Power and Onionsack have yet to verbalize with the emergence of this enhanced text to bet technology.

What happens if a punter loses their mobile device? If it’s not locked, and is accessed by another person, they may be perfectly capable of infiltrating the original user’s account via the Facebook Messenger chatbot betting app.

Such risks already exist for mobile users who do banking over their devices. The UKGC may have to come up with all new regulatory guidelines for social media betting, designating how chatbots are and are not permitted to behave.

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May 15

RealMoey Gambling Firms Fear UKGC ReviewDid you ever receive a notice from the tax office that you’re being audited? If so, it probably made you very nervous. If the auditors come knocking, there’s usually cause to do so, and you’ll probably pay a nice hefty fee before it’s all over. That’s surely how the heads of real money gambling firm 888 are feeling right about now.

888 isn’t being audited, but there’s a very similar process going on at the moment. And based on past history, odds are the company will end up owing at least 6-figures to regulators in the Unite Kingdom before all is said and done.

A concise statement was released this morning in which 888 confirmed that its UK-based real money gambling operations are currently under the microscope of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The Commission is reviewing the services of 888 to ensure full compliance with regulatory laws, particularly in terms of social responsibility.

UKGC Social Responsibility Policies

Real money gambling firms licenced in the UK are required to maintain a voluntary self-exclusion program for all customers. These betting firms must take appropriate measures to prevent customers who’ve opted-in to the self-exclusion program from accessing their services.

They must also incorporate sufficient monitoring services to identify users who are wagering in excessive amounts, helping to identify potential problem gamblers and promote social responsibility.

Whether 888 has successfully done so or not is yet to be seen. However, the mere fact that the UKGC is investigating the matter indicates the company’s probable failure to do so, and it’s clearly had an impact on their stock market value.

Following confirmation of the UKGC’s review early this morning, shares in 888 plummeted 10% on the London Stock Exchange. The stock is trying to rally back, down -6.96% at time of writing.

LSE 888 May 15

Fines for Real Money Gambling Ops

What makes shareholders so nervous is the UKGC’s track record for investigating real money gambling licencees, and the fact that no operator yet has survived a review without being issued a fine.

Since the UK updated its licencing policies in late 2014, three companies have endured the Commission’s microscope – Paddy Power Betfair, Gala Coral Group and Betfred.

In February of 2016, Paddy Power Betfair was found to be in violation of the UKGC’s anti-money laundering and social responsibility policies. The company was fined £280,000 and ordered to update their systems to comply with regulations.

In April of 2016, Gala Coral Group was fined £846,000, also for breaching the UKGC’s anti-money laundering and social responsibility mandates. Gala’s settlement was much higher, because it equaled the amount one of their retail and online customers had stolen from a “vulnerable adult” to gamble with the company. Gala’s fine was used to compensate the victim.

In June of 2016, Betfred underwent a review, was found to be in violation of the same policies, and was punished with a similar fine of £800,000.

Confirmation Notice from 888

888’s confirmation of the UKGC’s review came as a brief statement promising the real money gambling licensee’s full cooperation with the investigation.

The company is dedicated to providing players with a responsible as well as enjoyable gaming experience and the licensee will be proactively engaged in a cooperative and collaborative manner with the UKGC throughout this review.

The company will make a further announcement as and when appropriate.”

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May 03

Canada Sports Betting LawsLas Vegas sports betting is big business – bigger than it’s ever been before. Yet in Canada, sports betting remains on the low end of the gambling revenue totem pole. The obvious reasoning is a lack of interest from punters, who have continually pleaded for a positive change in Canada sports betting laws.

The way wagers are placed on sports in Nevada, compared to Canada, is drastically different. In Las Vegas, sports betting is offered on any and all sports, with everything from straight-up bets and point spreads, to in-play betting and props. In Canada, parlays are the only option, and there aren’t too many punters who find those attractive.

Las Vegas Sports Betting Booming

From 2007 to 2009, sports betting across Nevada was a profitable venue, but held steady at an annual $2.3 billion in wagers throughout those years. Since 2010, the market has increased a phenomenal 63.2%, having risen to a record handle of $4.5 billion in 2016.

Bellagio Las Vega Sports Betting VenueLas Vegas sports betting is clearly booming, and there are several good reasons for it. The rise of mobile technology tops the list. It seems like everyone carries a smartphone these days, and people simply love to use them. The ability to place mobile sports bets at any given time is just one factor in Nevada’s exponential market growth.

Public media is also attributing to the fact. Commentators on ESPN’s Sports Center aren’t just talking about the games these days. They’re discussing point spreads and odds, as well as fantasy players and prop bets. The media has shined a spotlight on the sports betting scene, highlighted by a barrage of DFS advertisements in between, and it’s having a notable impact on how many Vegas tourists are visiting sports books along The Strip.

It’s also worth noting that Nevada is the only state in the US where sports betting is legal. A law passed in 1992 prevents all other states from offering sportsbooks in their casinos. However, federal legislators are currently examining that law, pondering whether to legalize sports betting in all 40 states where gambling is available.

Considering the fact that Las Vegas sports betting now makes up 2% of the Silver State’s overall gaming revenue, chances are the other 39 states will push for a change.

Canada Sports Betting Law Hinders Revenue

The question Canada sports betting fans would like answered is whether the booming market to the south will have any impact on the laws here at home. It’s no secret that provincial governments love to generate revenue from gambling products, but the current legal status is a bane to our market.

Canada sports betting laws restrict us to meager parlay bets. That means we have to select at least three teams/contestants to win, and if all 3+ don’t win, we lose our entire bet. The payouts are great, but the odds are just terrible. It’s not nearly as attractive as placing a skilfully chosen straight-up bet on a single team, or betting in-play on a live match.

With sports betting finally becoming a substantially profitable form of gambling for Nevada, and the US government considering national legalization, maybe – just maybe – the Canadian government will finally take a second look at its prohibitive sports betting laws and make the changes necessary to please the punting public – and fill their tax coffers with new and much needed tax dollars at the same time.

Until then, we Canadians will continue to visit offshore online sportsbooks – oh, how our government hates that! – to gain access to the (non-taxable) variety of wagers we really want.

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