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Sports Betting: Popularity of Horse Racing in Canada

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For centuries – ever since man discovered it was possible to train these wild beasts – horse racing has been a favorite pastime worldwide. It’s not just fun for breeders and jockeys, but especially for live and online sports betting enthusiasts, who enjoy the expectant thrill of making some quick cash.

Online Sports Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing isn’t just a big deal in Canada. It’s become an extremely popular form of sports betting all across the globe. According to statistics, it’s most prominent in the countries of Australia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is it that makes horse racing so incredibly popular throughout much of the modern world? There’s no single answer to that question. In fact, there are at least three very good reasons for it.

Speed, Speed and More Speed

Guys love speed. I’m sure a lot of ladies do, too, but anything that moves fast tends to draw the attention from the male population. Cars, planes, trains, horses – we guys loved to play with these things growing up. It only makes sense that we continue to be attracted to fast moving objects as we get older.

But it’s not just the speed of the horses themselves that gamblers enjoy. It’s the speed at which the races take place.

Sports betting on things like football, baseball, or basketball; it takes hours for the matches to conclude. A horse race generally lasts anywhere from 40 to 300 seconds. It’s a lot more exhilarating than spinning the slots reels or a roulette wheel, but doesn’t last so long that we become immune to the thrill.

Odds Increased in Strategic Sports Betting

If you’re betting for fun and the money doesn’t really matter, pick a pony and let it ride. If you’re really out to win, though, horse racing gives us the opportunity to increase our odds by doing a little research.

The breeding background and past performances of racing horses are very well documented. One can go online and find a wealth of information on all the ponies for a particular race, just as easily as they can log onto an online sports betting site to place their wagers.

Strategic betting is much easier in horse racing than it is in most other sports, where a game’s initial probabilities can easily be effected by things like injuries and turnovers.

More Bettors Means More Money

Because of the pari-mutuel engine, the more popular horse racing becomes, the more money bettors stand to win by wagering on it. Betting on a horse race isn’t like betting other sports. You’re not taking specific odds on a team or contestant. The amount you win depends entirely on how much money was wagered on the race overall, and how many people placed winning bets.

Thus, when a great deal of people bet on a race, the prize pool grows to enormous heights, ensuring a bigger payout to those who pick the right ponies. For this reason, its a good idea to place your wagers at the track, or at a popular online sports betting site where lots of wagers are going to come in.

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Nov 01

Canada Casinos Online and On LandGambling is nothing new to mankind. We’ve been doing it ever since our cavemen ancestors learned to throw rocks. In Canada, casinos – online and on land – have a rich history, and no doubt a bright future ahead.

Origins of Gambling in Canada

While it’s impossible to say just how long Canadians have been gambling, the earliest records point all the way back to 1485, when King Richard III outlawed dice games for fear his archers had become overly distracted from their duties, putting the safety of the country in jeopardy. That ban wasn’t lifted until March 15, 1999 by the government of Ottawa; 611 years later.

In 1497, John Cabot discovered Natives playing games of chance. He noted that these games weren’t just random gambling amusements, but had a deeper meaning for the tribes, encouraging physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

78 Years of Prohibition

The first form of relative legislation came about centuries later, when a blanket ban on gambling was scripted into the Criminal Code of Canada in 1892. All gambling, in all forms and manners, was outlawed.

It wasn’t until 1970 that the legal landscape finally began to change. The country gave individual provinces the right to authorise and regulate certain forms of gambling, and it didn’t take long for them to build the first casinos in Canada.

New Era: Canada Casinos Online and On Land

In 1971, Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall officially opened as the country’s first casino (of legal standing, that is) in Dawson City, Yukon. Other provinces were slower to react, with Calgary, Alberta’s Cash Casino opening next in 1980.

From there, it was a virtual onslaught of Canadian casinos as more than 100 gambling facilities of all sizes and orientations were established. From British Columbia to Quebec, the last four decades have seen provincial lotteries, racetracks, casinos and sportsbooks launch across the nation, mostly as charitable entities that benefit government programs and local communities.

In the late 1990’s, we began to see online casinos in Canada. The digital gambling industry evolved quickly, and grew at a rapid pace in the True North, but mostly from international sources.

In 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, based in Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, became the first to regulate Canada casinos online from within the country, but did so on sovereign land, and therefore under sovereign law.

The first provincially run sites were launched and regulated by the Atlantic Lottery Corp (ALC) and British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC). Both were established in 2004, but choose to restrict the games to online lotto only.

Then in 2010, the BCLC expanded its services on PlayNow to present the first true, Canadian-licenced, real money online casino. In the beginning, it offered games like blackjack, roulette and slot machines, expanding over the coming years to include poker, bingo, keno and sports betting.

Loto-Quebec launched EspaceJeux in December of that same year, followed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG) launching PlayOLG in January, 2015.

Future of Live and Online Casinos in Canada

For now, provinces provide the only locally regulated Canada casinos online, and despite the claims of some, it is perfectly legal for residents to deposit and play at offshore, internationally licensed operations. That could change if provinces manage to pass some type of ring-fencing legislation, but Canadian law has consistently prevented them from doing so.

It’s also possible that provincial governments could seek to ally with offshore operators, generating revenue by providing licences to international sites and collecting applicable taxes. But that’s not likely to happen so long as governments continue to focus on ways to shore up their monopoly, rather than sharing in the wealth of a steadily growing global industry.

As for land-based casinos in Canada, revenue has been on the decline in most regions. Some blame the digital age and efficacy of mobile gaming. Others point to a flagging economy, reduced interest from millennials, or increased competition across the US border. These are certainly all contributing factors, but with a population of fun-loving, entertainment seeking Canucks, the brick-and-mortar gambling industry won’t be fading away anytime soon.

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Oct 31

Solution for Mobile Casino Apps pining for access to Social Marketing

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Since the invention of the smartphone, social media has become paramount to everyday life, giving us access to people, entertainment, a multi-player gaming environment and constant interaction. From an industrial point of view, social marketing is now the number one avenue for promoting businesses. But for real money casino apps, that path is largely blocked.

No Social Marketing for Mobile Casino AppsA study by Statista Research & Analysis released earlier this year indicated that social networking outlets like Facebook and Twitter would continue to attract an exponentially growing number of users over the coming years.

In 2010, the report showed 970 million people around the world accessing social media. That number doubled to 1.91 billion in 2014, rising further to 2.34 billion in 2016, with potential to reach 2.95 billion by 2020. Facebook remains the top dog in the social networking field, reporting a staggering 1.71 billion monthly active users.

IMG Statista Social Media Users

Industrial marketing teams, both for long established businesses and entrepreneurs, are well aware of the fact that social media is so vastly popular with their target audience.

According to a Hubspot report published in 2014, 92% of all marketing teams surveyed indicated that social media is vital to their business, and has helped increase exposure for their respective brands. 80% said they’ve experience increased traffic due to their social marketing efforts.

Mobile Casino Apps Left Wanting

Throughout it all, there’s one industry that’s been left out on the cold. In most regions, real money casino apps are blocked or banned from advertising via social media. Networks like Facebook and WebChat make a point not to encourage gambling on mobile casino apps, while China’s immensely popular Wiebo prohibits any form of wager-related advertising.

The reasoning is simple enough. Despite gambling being legal – once a person reaches a certain age, of course – there’s an overwhelming perception that its bad for you. It falls under the same reasoning that saw a prohibition against cigarette advertisements in the 1970’s, which had a lot to do with potentially promoting age-restricted activities to minors.

Copula Marketing Firm Has The Solution

One marketing firm believes its got a solution to the problem. Emmanuel Vivas, founder of digital market firm Copula.ph, told Stephanie Raquel of CalvinAyre.com that operators can avoid any legal ramifications by taking a more subtle, indirect approach to promoting their mobile casino apps on social media.

Vivas used online bookmakers as a prime example, explaining that they can open a social media page promoting a team or event series, rather than the actual betting service. It would provide a forum for discussion among fans, where operators could post textual advertisements, rather than direct social marketing ads.

He suggested that operators not “look into marketing directly to social media but more on gathering the people who are interested in like teams of sports”, particularly those whose interests lie with gambling on those sports. “In that way, we get a lot of people who are interested, and, at the right moment when these teams are playing, you can send a message to these fans, and they go to this place, and they can support them by making a bet.

“These are very legal and not connected to betting or wagering,” said Vivas.

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Oct 26

Quebec Online Casino Guide: Homegrown vs International Regulation

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Quebec Online Casino ComparisonFor years, Quebecois have been taking advantage of internationally regulated online casino websites to place wagers over the internet. Then in late 2010, the province launched EspaceJeux.com, a Quebec online casino regulated by it’s own gaming authority, Loto-Quebec. Six years later, residents are still at odds to which operators they do business with.

The following is a comprehensive guide that details the advantages and inferiority between the two from a player’s perspective. We’ll also delve into the legal standpoint, and whether it’s relative to the argument at this time.

Benefits of Quebec Online Casino Regulation

The use of EspaceJeux provides advantages for both players and the provincial government.

By authorizing and regulating its own, homegrown online casino, Loto-Quebec is able to provide its citizens with peace of mind. Players are promised a safe, secure gaming experience where all financial transactions and information processing is protected by their own government.

EspaceJeux.com went live on December 1, 2010, providing customers with a variety of online poker games, as well as popular casino games like slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and more. In 2011, the online poker side of the business was conjoined with that of British Columbia’s PlayNow poker room, sharing liquidity among players.

As for government’s benefits, the Quebec online casino is also able to collect taxes, which puts money back into the province to help support local organizations, charities and community programs that benefit the region.

Taxation has long been the number one argument of government officials, who are reasonably irritated by the amount of money flowing into offshore accounts – money they have no jurisdiction to collect taxes on.

While there are no genuine statistics reporting how many Canadians gambling online with unregulated websites, it’s been identified that they contribute to an estimated $4 billion each year to offshore sports betting alone. That figure would rise substantially if internet casino, poker and other gambling forms were added to the equation.

Benefits of Internationally Regulated Casinos

You will find absolutely no benefits for the provincial government in this section, but the advantages for Quebec online casino players are many.

The promotional aspect is the most attractive for players. While Quebec limits the type and value of promotional offerings on EspaceJeux, international operators are not restricted, and therefore tend to provide much more frequent and valuable promotions to their players, including bonus offers, free spins, VIP perks and more.

Game variety is another asset enjoyed by players at offshore gambling websites. Quebec online casino regulators have only authorized a specific strain of gambling amusements, and even some of the most popular varieties are missing. For instance, you won’t find any Craps tables on EspaceJeux. The video poker selection is also quite limited, with only half a dozen options listed. For video poker fans, the ability to access 4x as many at offshore online casinos like Royal Vegas makes a pretty big difference.

The largest argument for internationally regulated gambling sites comes from sports betting enthusiasts. In Quebec, sports betting is only legal when wagers are placed as parlays, meaning punters must select 3+ winners, and all must win to receive a payout. Overseas sportsbooks offer a plethora of betting options, including single-event betting. And on top of that, they also provide those superior promotions noted above.

Even poker players are often drawn away from homegrown gaming options. Despite Quebec’s efforts to expand the player base by sharing liquidity with their neighbors in BC, that network only caters to a couple hundreds ring game players at peak hours – not nearly as attractive as some of the internationally regulated gambling websites that average thousands of players on the felt at any given time.

The trade-off for players is that Quebec can’t guarantee their security or financial safety with websites that aren’t provincially regulated. However, so long as the operator is reputable, and is supervised by a distinguished international regulatory body, it should provide its players with the same level of security.

iGaming From a Legal Perspective

There’s a common question circulating the province. Is it illegal for Quebecois to gambling at internationally regulated websites?

Unfortunately, the answer tends to vary, depending on who you ask.

Online gambling continues to fall into a grey area of the law. According to Quebec online casino regulators and many government officials, the answer is yes… sort of.

Some say it’s illegal for players to wager at offshore gaming websites. Others say it’s not illegal for the players, but that operators are violating the law by accepting players from Quebec. And then there are those who don’t hold government office, but do carry impressive law degrees – the experts, as we often call them – who say the Criminal Code of Canada does nothing to deem offshore online casinos illegal.

Technically speaking, the law only prohibits any operator with a physical presence on Canadian land, that isn’t regulated by a Canadian authority, from accepting Canadian wagers. That sentiment was confirmed by legal expert Michael Lipton, Q. C., a partner with the law firm Dickinson Wright, LLP, who specializes in ‘compliance, governance and due diligence requirements integral to the gaming industry’.

“There have been no recent prosecutions — none whatsoever,” said Lipton earlier this year. “There have only been two prosecutions ever in Canada in relation to Internet gaming and both involved servers located in Canada. One was in 2001, the other was in 2007.”

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Oct 20

UK Case to decide if Fifa Coins are used for Real Money Gambling

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Fifa Coins Used for Real Money GamblingSince the advent of virtual currencies, and more specifically, “virtual commodities”, a very fine line has been drawn between what does and does not constitute real money gambling online. The issue has been highlighted by a UK court trial in which two men have been accused of facilitating illegal gambling, including the advertisement of gambling services to minors.

The two Essex men in question are Craig Douglas (31) and Dylan Rigby (33), a pair of video bloggers who record and upload football game content on YouTube, and at the same time, advertised for the website www.futgalaxy.com; a website where access from UK customers was blocked earlier this year.

Both men were charged with advertising unlawful gambling. Additionally, Douglas was charged with inviting minors to gamble, while Rigby was charged with providing facilities for gambling without a license.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, all counts are direct violations of the Gambling Act of 2005.

Using Virtual Items for Real Money Gambling?

Real Money Gambling OnlineThe offences are related to the use of a virtual commodity known as Fifa Coins, which can be purchased or win in the Fifa computer game, and can be used on www.futgalaxy.com, and some other third-party sites, to place bets on virtual football matches and other eSports. The winnings can then be transferred back into the Fifa game.

After being charged in September, Douglas and Rigby pleaded not guilty on October 14. The hearing will begin on February 6, 2017, where the Birmingham Magistrates’ Court will whether or not Fifa coins constitute a virtual currency.

If that’s the case, computer game companies and websites that deal in these virtual currencies would be required by UK law to apply for a regulatory licence from the Gambling Commission, as their activities would fall under the guidelines of real money gambling.

Gambling Commission’s Mind Made Up

The Gambling Commission published a discussion paper in August in which a warning was emitted to operators of internet-based platforms that supply eSports betting where virtual commodities, obtained in game, are used to facilitate wagers. The Commission advised operators that they may require a gambling license to continue their services.

Trading of in-game items that can be bought, won, traded, sold or used were deemed “digital commodities” by the Commission, especially when those items can be “converted into money or money’s worth”. In cases where those items can be gambled with, the Commission defined them as “a form of virtual currency”.

Christopher Rees-Gay of Pinsent Masons, who specializes in gambling law and licensing, and is a prime legal consultant for Out-Law.com, gave his opinion on the matter.

“The crux of the issue is whether in-game items have a monetary value derived from the current market price and can be converted back into real-world money, and whether the court’s interpretation of the Gambling Act accords with that of the Gambling Commission on the matter of virtual currencies,” said Rees-Gay.

“The Commission in its recent discussion paper stated that ‘where ‘skins’ are traded or are tradable and can therefore act as a de facto virtual currency and facilities for gambling with those items are being offered‘ it considers that a gambling licence is required,” he explained, noting that facilitating gambling without a license “is an offence under section 33 of the Gambling Act 2005…”

Rees-Gay called this an “important case”, as it will clear up an existing “grey area” of the law for operators in terms of what does and does not constitute real money gambling where virtual items and currencies are concerned.

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Sep 05

Canadian Committee to Vote on Sports Betting Bill Sept 21

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Sports Betting in CanadaSports betting in Canada is a a limited wagering activity. Residents are legally restricted to placing parlay bets on three or more events, where each selection must be correct in order to win the bet. Or, they can take their wagers online and bet on sports all they like; albeit without the nation’s consent.

That could change in the near future if bill C-221 manages to work it’s way through all levels of the government. According to LegaLSportsReport, unnamed “sources in the legislature” confirmed the fate of the Canadian sports betting bill will be determined – at least in part – on Wednesday, September 21.

That’s the day the Committee on Justice and Human Rights will give the legislation it’s first real vote. The hearing to discuss the measure has already been set in stone, but the future of C-221 is as murky as ever.

Canada Sports Betting Bill

C-221 was introduced by MP Brian Masse in early 2016. The introductory text of the bill relates it’s legislative purpose:

This enactment repeals paragraph 207(4)‍(b) of the Criminal Code to make it lawful for the government of a province, or a person or entity licensed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council of that province, to conduct and manage a lottery scheme in the province that involves betting on a race or fight or on a single sport event or athletic contest.”

In layman’s terms, Canadian punters would finally be able to place a wager on a single sporting event, such as a tennis game, CFL match-up, boxing bout or auto race.

Under current law, a CFL fan would have to select at least three teams to win; all of which must be picked correctly, or the bet is lost. These wagers, known as parlays, have very long odds, and no-doubt detract from the nation’s legal betting market.

Instead, the majority of sports betting in Canada is taking place illegally, via organized crime rings and/or offshore internet bookies. It’s been estimated by NDP officials, who support the passage of C-221, that the nation’s illegal sports gambling market is generating $14-$15 billion each year.

Pros, Cons and Other Arguments

Supporters of the legislation are attracted by the fact that legalizing and regulating single-event sports wagers would not only help to generate a lot more revenue by way of taxation, but it would also stand to decimate – if not entirely obliterate – the country’s illegal gambling market.

Those who’ve stated their opposition to C-221 argue that it won’t really do much to curb illicit gambling rings or stop punters from taking their sports betting online. They have also verbalized fears that a legal market would simply proliferate problem gambling in Canada.

Two Paths, One Big Decision

When the Committee meets later this month, there are two possible outcomes on the agenda. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict which path will be taken.

On the one hand, the Committee could deliberate and decide to reject the sports betting bill. If that’s the case, MP Masse’s efforts will die in vein before the day is over.

On the other hand, if the Committee votes in favor of C-221, it will be referred to the House of Commons. Based on analytical data, the House should have enough viable support to get the measure approved and on to the next step, the Senate. Therein lies the biggest problem.

The Senate is brimming with anti-gambling advocates who have historically opposed any and all expansions of gaming. Despite the evident “economic advantages”, Liberal MP Bill Blair echoed the sentiments of other members who believe “the impact that this proposed change could have on individuals and families” isn’t a risk worth taking.

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Aug 12

Petitioners Fail in attempt to Legalize Casinos and Marijuana Party in Nebraska

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NebraskaThe state of Nebraska doesn’t look too kindly on gambling – at least not where there’s a significant element of chance involved. While it appeared that was about to change, thanks to a petition drive that raked in over 119,000 signatures from residents hoping to legalize casinos, it was confirmed Thursday that there weren’t enough “valid” signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

A similar petition that sought to establish the Marijuana Party of Nebraska, which would have recognized the group – which supports legal marijuana, the promotion of hemp farming, and a host of other ideals similar to the Green Party – as a valid Presidential party, also failed.

However, all hope is not lost yet for supporters of casino style gambling in the state. Officials are still counting and validating signatures on another statutory initiative that seeks to permit casino games at race tracks.

Secretary of State John Gale made the announcements on Thursday, verifying that the initiative to legalize casinos on the November ballot has failed. As for turning the state’s tracks into racinos, he said “We expect that process to take a few more weeks.”

Gale had originally requested that counting and validation of signatures on the ‘legalize casinos’ petition – a constitutional amendment – be finalized first.

Another petition with statutory intent is also pending, which deals with the taxation of gaming revenue.

Not Enough Verified Signatures to Legalize Casinos

Getting a measure on the November ballot that would allow voters to decide whether or not to legalize casinos in Nebraska required a total of at least 117,188 signatures. Petitioners, who spent an estimated $1.4 billion on the campaign initiative as of July 26, were able to turn in 119,666 signatures. However, not nearly enough of them were verifiable.

According to Gale, 41,710 of the signatures were rejected for various reasons.

He confirmed that over 24,000 of them were denied because the signers were not registered in the county listed on their corresponding petition. Upwards of 4,600 signatures were determined to be duplicates, and another 3,000+ came from signers who were not registered to vote.

What Forms of Gambling are Legal / Illegal in Nebraska?

Forms of Legal and Illegal Gambling in NebraskaAccording to a Gambling FAQ on the Official Government Website of Nebraska, all forms of gambling were illegal up until 1934, when a constitutional amendment was passed to legalize parimutuel betting at horse races on enclosed tracks. Bingo was permitted, for charitable purposes, in 1958.

Then in 1967, another amendment provided regulation for “raffles, lotteries and gift enterprises for charitable and community betterment purposes.” Finally, in 1988, simulcasting of horse races was legalized for betting purposes.

Forms of illegal gambling include, well, just about everything else. Sports betting, slot machines, banked table games like blackjack and roulette, even Texas Hold’em poker tournaments are illegal, for the most part.

According to the laws of Nebraska, Chapter 28, Crimes and Punishments, poker tournaments are only legal when no monetary fee, or anything else of value (consideration), is charged for players to participate, AND no prize is awarded to the winner(s).

Games of skill, however – which specifically include (but may not be limited to) bowling, pool, and darts – can be played in tournament form, with a fee charged and prize awarded to the winner(s).

However if the game or contest is determined by chance, i.e., casino games, etc., then NO entry fee may be charged or no prizes may be awarded,” the government website states. It also stipulates that “non-participants can not wager on the outcome” either.

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Jun 29

Kentucky Derby Betting Canada

Event Gambling Comments Off on Kentucky Derby Betting Canada

The Kentucky Derby is arguably the biggest horse racing in America. Known as the Sport of Kings. horse racing is big all over the world and every region has its own big race. In the UK it’s the Gold Cup or the Grand National, in the Middle-East it is the Dubai World Cup, whilst on the North American continent, the biggest race by far is the Kentucky Derby. We’re someway away from the Bluegrass State up here in Canada, but Canadians gamblers bet on this race almost as much as US gamblers do, mainly because we have more direct access to legal online and offline sports betting than our neighbors south of the border do, but also because we love horse racing up here.

Sports Interaction

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If you have your yes on a Kentucky Derby punt, then this article can help, with some tips on how you can get more value out of this historic race. Before we get into that though, let’s look at the most important part of any horse racing bet: the race book you bet with.

Sports Interaction

Based here on the North American continent, Sports Interaction is the biggest sports betting site for Canadian and US players. This site has been going strong since the late 1990s, and it has stood as the biggest and the best sports book on this continent since then. As well as an eclectic mix of markets on horse racing, they also offer bets on everything from boxing and football, to golf and tennis.

When it comes to North America’s biggest horse race, Sports Interaction lights up. You can find the form and the draws for all horses in the race, and you can also place a number of bets on this, as discussed below. On Sports Interaction you will find the best odds, all of which are updated frequently, and if you’re lucky enough to pick the winner then your money will be in your account within minutes. What you do with it from there, whether you use it to gamble on the many other sport betting markets, or to have a quick flutter on the casino games or in the poker room, is entirely up to you. You can, of course, put it straight into your bank or charge it back to your credit card or debit card, a process which typically takes less than 72 hours to complete.


An “Each-Way” bet basically allows you to place two bets in one. The two “ways” are considered to be the place and the win, and when you choose the Each -Way option on a bet (it will be available as a checkbox next to your bet) your stake will be doubled. If the horse then goes onto win, you will get 50% less than you would get from the same stake as a win bet, but you are also covered if your horse finishes in the places. How much you win depends on the odds and how many horses there are in the race, but for the Kentucky Derby you will typically get 1.4 of the odds for a first, second, third and fourth finish.

An Each-Way bet is a great way to earn money from promising outsiders, and in races like the Kentucky Derby, which generally has big fields and big odds all-round, this bet is also profitable when used on the favorites. However, if you are looking at a return of $20 or less from a $10 win bet, then this horse is not worth an Each-Way bet.


A trifecta is where you choose which horse will finish first, which will finish second, and so on for all of the places. This is often just for the first three horses, which is where the word “trifecta” comes from, but similar bets can also be placed on the first two and even the first four. How much you win here depends on the odds of the individual horses, which is to say that you’ll win a lot more from guessing that the two outsiders will finish first and second than you would from betting the same on the race’s two favorites.

Either way though, the returns on these bets are very big as they are very hard to predict. If you can correctly guess the first three placers in a horse race with a field the size of the Kentucky Derby, then you could be in for a very big payday. Your actual odds will probably not be visible to you at the start of the race or when you place your bet, as this is usually calculated when the race has been won. There are a lot of variables at stake here, but it is not unheard of for small stake players to win thousands of dollars from these types of bets.

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May 22

Grammys Nominations and Awards

Event Gambling Comments Off on Grammys Nominations and Awards

The Grammys is an award show, the name of which comes from the award itself. The name “Grammys” comes from Gramophone Award, which is what it used to be known as. This award show has been going for close to 6 decades, issued by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, who are based in the United States.

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The Grammys were designed to recognize excellence in the music industry, and this is one of the biggest honours that a musician, a band or a songwriter can get. The main Grammy awards are for Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year, but there are other awards as well, often based on specific genres of music.

The Grammys get a lot of stick. The Simpsons are notorious for the way they mock this award show and many other comedians and comedy shows have followed suit, but for an artist, a grammy is a big award, a great acknowledgement of their achieve. There are few (if any) awards that are bigger than this, which is why it is often called the Academy Awards of the music industry. Some of the biggest winners of this award include Georg Solti, a conductor that won 31 awards, and the rock band U2, who won 22 awards and are the group to have won the most awards.

As with everything else in the modern age, you can bet on the Grammys. This is much the same as the markets that are available on the Academy Awards, although whereas the Oscars tend to go to films that don’t necessarily deserve it, the Grammys usually go to those who do deserve it. This means the markets tend to be tighter, but the chance of winning are also improved, especially if you know your stuff when it comes to music.

The Best Place to Gamble on the Grammys

BetFair were one of the first sites to start branching out, with markets on award shows, TV programs and more. Others followed, as they are wont to do, but BetFair remained the biggest, with a great variety of markets and better odds on all of them. The beauty of BetFair is that it is a betting exchange, with thousands of people competing against each other to offer members the best odds. This creates competition the likes of which you simply don’t find on sports books, and it means that BetFair usually have far better odds than any other site.

For this reason, BetFair is the best place to gamble on the Grammys, and everything else for that matter. BetFair is available all over the world, which is why it is often called the World’s Largest Gambling Community. Not only does that include Canada, but there are already a great deal of Canadians on the site. So, if you want to bet on the Grammys then feel free to join your comrades. If you’re already signed up and want some tips on winning, then read on.

Tips for Betting on the Grammys

Not sure who will win a particular award but have a good idea that the favourite won’t win it? You’re in luck. On BetFair you can put a “Lay” on, as opposed to a bet. When you do this you are essentially acting as the bookmaker, offering other users some odds. If they take those odds and lose, then you collect. If they don’t then you pay a set amount, agreed upon prior to the bet.

You don’t always get as much money as you would from a standard bet, unless of course you’re betting against an odds-on favourite, but this is a great way to steadily build a profit.

Research and knowledge is also important here as it is in any other market. Don’t go into it blind and don’t think that just because you have heard a song and think it’s the best, or just because you prefer a band or singer more than some of the others, that they will win. Use the internet to see what others think. See how popular these songs and these acts are. What are their Youtube ratings like, how many FaceBook fans do they have, how much airtime do their songs get? All of these are indicators of success and popularity, and all of these can help you to choose a winner in any of the markets available on the Grammys.

You should also try and get in early, preferably as soon as the nominations have been announced and the markets are open. At this point the bookmakers will favour the biggest bands and the most successful songs, but they don’t always win and if you place your bets early enough then you can get some very big awards on the eventual winner.

written by Grameister777

May 22

Oscars Nominations and Awards

Event Gambling Comments Off on Oscars Nominations and Awards

The Academy Awards are one of the biggest award shows in the world, if not the biggest. When it comes to films, there isn’t anything bigger than this. The Academy Awards are often called the “Oscars”, which is the nickname that was given to the gold statue that is given to all of the winners.

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There are many awards dished out during this ceremony, from “Best Picture” and “Best Actor” all the way through to “Best Soundtrack”. The nominations are usually announced in advance, with the goal of Oscar night being to announce the 1 winner from the nominations chosen.

As with every other major event, the Academy Awards is available on many betting sites, of which BetFair is the main one. This site is available in Canada, and in most other countries for that matter, and as well as having the most markets of any gambling site, it also tends to have the best odds. When it comes to betting on the Oscars, there is no better place to do it.

Surprise Wins

As with any other market that you can gamble on, the Oscars throws up some surprise wins. If you know your stuff and place your bet early enough, then you can make a huge deal of money. One of the biggest surprises in the last few years came when Departures won the Best Foreign Film Oscar, which few expected. In the years after this, Avatar lost out to Hurt Locker, and although this wasn’t as much of a shock, the big-budget film was still the favourite and this was a surprise to many film-goers.

It is hard to get such a prediction right, because it’s not just about watching the films or being a good critic. The trick is to think like the people that dish out the awards, which tends to be a group of very old men sitting in a stuffy room. These men have admitted to not even watching many of the films that they vote for, but rather choosing the films that are culturally significant.

When you think of it this way then it is easy to understand why Hurt Locker beat Avatar, especially with the impact that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were having on Americans. If you can predict something like this then you’re in and you can make a lot of money.

It’s not just the outsiders that you can make money from. The good thing about the Oscars is that it is wide open, and although there is some speculation, there is very little that will make the bookies increase odds one way or another. This means that even with the favourite, you are still going to get a good price. Basically, whatever bet you put on, you will get a good return if it wins. But therein lies the tricky part.

Tips for Winning Bets on the Oscars

As we mentioned above, one of the best things you can look for when it comes to “Best Picture” is how culturally significant the film is. The Oscars also tends to give trophies to those actors and actresses that deserve them, but have yet to win any. There are many of these, and although they have been snubbed many times, they will get what they deserve in the end, even if the time they win wasn’t exactly their best performance.

There are also trends that you should follow. There are trends when it comes to films in general, but the Oscars also follow trends and if you can spot these or predict these then you can take advantage of them. There was a time when Biopics did really well. These were musical films with an element of tragedy. They were supposed to be based on fact, and although they were actually very loose with the truth, they still did well. Ray and Walk the Line are good examples, but there were more.

There are some easy tips for films that will never win. One of them is the genre. Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comedy fair very poorly. It doesn’t matter how good or popular the film is, or how well acted it is, these films just don’t win. Drama is the main genre at the Academy Awards, and providing the film’s main genre matches this, then it has a chance. Films based on true stories also do exceptionally well, although, as we said above, it usually doesn’t matter how loosely based they are.

The Oscars is a game, and the film companies spend millions promoting their films to the Academy. They know which ones they want to promote in advance, they know which ones will be nominated. It’s not as wide open (or fair, if you will) as you think, and if you have some knowledge of which films are being pushed the most, then you might have an idea of which ones will win the awards.

written by Grameister777