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Best Canadian Casino Deposit Options for 2017

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Skrill Prepaid MasterCardI’ve long considered Skrill to be one of the best Canadian casino deposit options on the market. But with the parent company, Paysafe Group (which also owns Neteller) changing the rules for its immensely popular Prepaid MasterCard, that may no longer be the case.

This prepaid card, commonly referred to as the Skrill Card, is a physical, plastic card that all Skrill members could apply for. They’d have the card within days, and could use it to directly access the funds in their Skrill account, using it online or at any land-based retailer that accepts MasterCard. They could even withdrawal the funds at most ATM machines.

This was a Godsend, because, even though most Canadian casino deposit options are instant, withdrawals rarely are. The Prepaid MasterCard gave internet gamblers one of the only instant withdrawal options on the market. As soon as their online casino processed a cashout request to Skrill, the funds would become instantly available through this prepaid card.

It was enough to overlook the relatively high fees charged by Skrill to use its service. These include a $10 annual fee for the Skrill Card, 1.9% fee on all credit/debit card deposits to Skrill, 1.9% fee to send money, plus a $7.98 fee to withdrawal funds to a bank account (eliminated by the use of the Skrill Card).

But alas, Paysafe Group announced just last week that, as of today, November 25, 2016, Prepaid MasterCard services would no longer be available in over 100 countries. Only a few specific countries were named in the announcement, including Australia, Brazil, Columbia and New Zealand. Whether Canada would be effected was unknown at the time.

But now, the truth is out. The Skrill Card FAQ page has been updated with a cute little asterisk mark that notes:

*Skrill card is only available to residents of authorized Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) countries.”

As the full title implies, SEPA Countries are, obviously, all located in Europe. There are 34 of them in all, consisting of 28 European Union (EU) member states, 3 members of the European Economic Area (EEA), and 3 states that have agreements (but not full membership) with the EU.

Complete List of SEPA Countries in 2016

Austria Hungary Poland
Belgium Iceland Portugal
Bulgaria Ireland Romania
Croatia Italy San Marino
Cyprus Latvia Slovakia
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovakia
Denmark Lithuania Slovenia
Estonia Luxembourg Spain
Finalnd Malta Sweden
France Monaco Switzerland
Germany Netherlands United Kingdom
Greece Norway


Clearly, the Skrill Card is no longer available to Canadians.

Neteller Net+ Prepaid MasterCard Out Too?

It’s widely assumed that Neteller’s Net+ Prepaid MasterCard will suffer the same fate, sooner or later. The email from Paysafe Group that went out to countless customers recently only indicated that Skrill Prepaid MasterCard would no longer be available in many countries. But being the parent of both companies, and with both cards being issued through MasterCard, why alter one and not the other?

Mystery Behind MasterCard Elimination

The company gave absolutely no indication as to why it pulled Prepaid MasterCard from all but SEPA countries, but I have a theory.

The SEPA was established to create a cheap – most often free – means for European states to make quick payments for customers and merchants alike. SEPA actually eliminates the traditionally high fees associated with bank wire transfers. And, as of November 2017, SEPA payments will all become instant. So essentially, it’s an area where payments are fast and cheap, and could save Paysafe Group a lot of money in the long term.

Now let’s look at MasterCard’s role in Canada. For years, MasterCard deposits were free. Then today, out of nowhere, a Canadian forum member posted that he’d been trying to use a prepaid MasterCard to make a $200 deposit at an online casino, but it kept getting declined.

He called up MasterCard to ask why, and was told the company is now charging a minuscule fee for deposits. In his case, it was only $0.37, but that was $0.37 more than his prepaid card had on it.

I think there’s a connection here. If MasterCard started charing customers more as of today, it would make sense they are charging card issuers like Skrill more, too.

Today, November 25, Skrill Prepaid MasterCard is shut down in Canada, and today, Prepaid MasterCard deposits require a fee? It would certainly seem Paysafe Group new about the upcoming changes to the credit card company’s fee schedules, and revoked use of the card in non-SEPA countries to avoid paying whatever new fees they were surely about to be assessed.

Best Canadian Casino Deposit Options

Since Skrill’s biggest attraction was its instantaneous withdrawals, Canadians who don’t want to pay the relatively higher fees may want to try one of these alternative methods.

Neteller eWallet

Canadian Casino Deposit Options Net+ Prepaid MasterCardAgain, we have to assume the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard will eventually be stripped from Canada as well. But for now, it’s still available, making Neteller a great option, similar to what Skrill was 24 hours ago.

If my theory above is correct, perhaps Paysafe Group is keeping the Net+ Prepaid Card on Neteller to see how the new fees effect their bottom line. If it doesn’t cause too much of a dent, the withdrawal option may stick around after all.

eCheck, ACH, InstantCheck

eChecks have always been one of the top Canadian casino deposit options. They are the electronic equivalent to writing a paper check, but without the elongated wait time. They are instant, just like eWallets, and all it takes to use one is to enter the bank’s routing number and the user’s bank account number (the same info that appears on a paper check).

Canadian Casino Deposit Options eCheck

In many cases, you can use this method for withdrawals. However, it can take a few extra days for the bank to process the funds. In reality, it takes a few days for the online casino to receive the funds, as well, but because eChecks are instantly verified (to make sure the money is available in your bank), the operator will go ahead and give players access to those funds, despite the fact that they haven’t received them yet.

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Apr 11

Skrill Casinos in Canada: Review

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PayPal was the best of the best for many years, but in its quest to become that, it annoyed a lot of customers. There were many issues with fraud, wrongfully suspended accounts, lost money, unlawful chargebacks and a lot more that angered PayPal users everywhere and forced them to turn their backs on the service. Once upon a time PayPal was not only the best online payment provider, but it was also the only one that was widely accepted. Times have changed though and in the last few years several other payment services have built up a strong following, with hundreds of millions of members joining many different services, many of which did so after saying no to PayPal.

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As one of the biggest payment services on the market, Skrill was happy to accommodate these members. It may not have the history that PayPal has, and it may not have the dominance, but this is a very popular service in its own right, and it is one that is growing bigger and better everyday.

What is Skrill?

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an online payment service, often said to be the second biggest service in the Western world, with PayPal leading the way. It has changed hands a number of times over the years, the most recent one of which was in 2013, when it was purchased by CVC Capital partners for over $800 million.

Although it is based in the United Kingdom, where the majority of its members were once based, Skrill is available all over the world and these days it is estimated that there are over 30 million users of this service globally.

Many people prefer Skrill to PayPal, but it offers much of the same features as PayPal and can be used in similar ways. Skrill has received a bad name over the years in regards to illegal activity, as many money launderers and fraudsters have used it, taking advantage of its ease-of-use and its security. This is nothing to do with the service itself though and no users are at risk, and if anything it speaks of the popularity and usability of the service.

Skrill can process payments in 41 different currencies, including Canadian dollars, and sign-up to the service is free, quick and easy. As well as processing payments through many different cards, Skrill also have their own pre-paid card that can be loaded with funds and used offline and online. Skrill accounts can be used in much the same way, with users topping them up with the payment method of their choice, before sending that money to online stores, other users or, in this case, to gambling websites. So, with that in mind, which are the best online gambling sites out there that accept Skrill for deposits and withdrawals?

Best Skrill Casinos

There are two here that are worth a mention. The first is Platinum Play, which accepts Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and a host of other payment providers. You can also use credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more. The beauty of Platinum Play is that if you use Skrill to deposit then you will pickup an extra 10% worth of credits. When you factor in the huge first-time deposit bonus that Platinum Play have, it means that as well as an extra 10% cash to play with however you choose, you will also get 1500 worth of free bets to use on their hundreds of sot machines, table games and more.

The free bet idea is a little different to what we’re used to, but preferable in many ways. It will allow you to play on all the slot machine games they have, testing every single one of them, and you keep every cent that you win. There is no “free cash” here, so there is no stipulation that you need to risk your bonus several times over before you can withdraw. On Platinum Play you use your free bets and you can withdraw whatever you win — and considering the amount of free bets on offer, you will win something.

This bonus hasn’t always been on Platinum Play. In fact, as we write it was only fairly recently introduced, so we recommend that you get in while you can, because this might disappear and be replaced by a more standard bonus anytime soon.

If you prefer the standard method, then head for Euro Palace, which is owned by the same people that own Platinum Play. At Euro Palace Canadian players can pocket a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $150 on their first deposit, with a 50% deposit bonus up to $350 on their second deposit. As with Platinum Play, they can also pickup an extra 10% if they use Skrill (or one of five other payment providers) and this applies every time they make a deposit. What’s more, Euro Palace will also give you 250 free bets to use how you please, and as on their sister site, you can pocket whatever money you win. The only difference is that, because of the free money given out during your first and second deposits, there will be a withdrawal cap to begin with, which means you will need to play a bit before you can withdraw any winnings.

Considering what’s available though, we still think this is an offer you can’t afford to turn down, and one that we’re definitely glad that we did not turn down. When it comes to Skrill casinos, you can’t do much better than these two, as they will actually reward you for using the second biggest payment provider in the world.

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