Aug 28

Online Casino Wagering Requirements: Calculating Bonus Playthrough

Online Casino Wagering RequirementsOnline casino bonuses are one of the primary attractions for players seeking out a new gaming site. Any player with a dash of experience understands that bonus credits aren’t exactly free. You can play the games with them, but in order to cash out any winnings, there are certain requirements that must be met.

Casinos call them “wagering requirements” or “playthrough”. Once these terms are met, most online gambling sites allow players to withdraw any remaining winnings from the bonus credits.

Online Casino Wagering Requirements

Every operator has its own policy on wagering requirements, or WR. You’ll find them in the bonus terms—a piece of fine print that every player must read, without exception. Knowing the rules of the bonus and WR will help you to clear it faster; preferably before those extra funds expire. The terms will also reveal the maximum amount of winnings you can withdraw from bonus play, if any.

Wagering requirements refer to the amount of money you must wager before you can withdraw the bonus. Average WR is 35x-40x the bonus, plus deposit you made to claim it.

For example, a $50 deposit with a 100% match bonus of $50 more comes to $100. At 35x WR, you would need to wager $3,500 (100 x 35 = 3500) to clear the bonus. If you have any winnings left after that, they’re yours to keep, wager with, or cash out as you please.

That’s the easy part…

Calculating Bonus Playthrough

This is where things can get tricky. Not all games count towards WR, and some will only count towards a certain percentage of WR. This information can also be found in the bonus terms and conditions, so make sure to look for the section on eligible games and WR contribution.

You should find that slot machines count 100% towards WR. In this case—using the same $50+$50 w/ 35x WR example above—you would need to bet $3,500 on the slot machines to clear the bonus. $100 x 35 = 3500. Simple enough to understand, right? But what if you want to play other games?

Some games might only count 10%, or just 2% towards WR. How much do you have to wager if you play those? I’m going to use the eligible games table from Royal Vegas Online Casino to explain how this works. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. And every desktop or mobile device comes with a calculator, so make use of it.

Royal Vegas WR Contribution by Game

  • 100% All Slots, Keno & Scratch Card games

  • 8% All table pokers, all roulettes, all video/power Pokers (excluding All Aces and Jacks or Better video pokers), all blackjacks (excluding Classic Blackjack) and Casino War

  • 2% Classic Blackjacks, All Aces video pokers, all Jacks or Better video pokers

  • 0% all baccarats, all craps, Red Dog, Sic Bo

  • 0% All game play on MPV (Multiplayer Tournaments)

Here we see that slot machines, keno and scratch cards contribute 100% to WR. Good—that’s the easy one. But let’s say you want to play a blackjack game that counts 8%. Here’s how you’ll calculate that:

First, convert the percentage to a decimal.

8% = 0.08

Then calculate that by a $1 wager.

1 x .08 = $0.08

So, we know that every $1 wagered on blackjack counts as $0.08 towards WR. The necessary WR is $3,500, so if we divide 3,500 by $0.08…

3500 / .08 = 43,750

To complete 3,500 WR on blackjack games that count 8%, you will have to wager $43,750.

Maybe you enjoy video poker or classic blackjack. When played with perfect strategy, these have the highest theoretical return to player (RTP) of all casino games; hence the mere 2% contribution to WR.

Again, convert the percentage to a decimal.

2% = 0.02

Then, multiply for a $1 wager.

1 x .02 = 0.02

Every $1 wagered will contribute just $0.02 to WR. To complete 3,500 WR, divide…

3500 / .02 = 175,000

Don’t clean your glasses or adjust your screen. You read that correctly. You’ll need to place a whopping $175,000 in bets on video poker and/or classic blackjack to clear the online casino wagering requirements. Calculating bonus playthrough isn’t all that hard, and is a necessary skill when determining which games are worth playing, and which are not.

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Aug 08

Games where online casino odds are better than land-based RTPs.

Games where Online Casino Odds are Better than Land-Based RTPsIt’s been said time and again; the odds at online casinos are better than those presented by land-based gambling establishments. This is a true statement. However, it doesn’t apply to all games. In fact, it only applies to a select few.

Today we’ll show you which casino games offer better odds online, and which ones don’t. We’ll also explain some other areas in which online casinos are better for players, and their bankrolls, despite having the exact same odds of actually winning (and losing).

Games where Online Casino Odds are Better

This category is surprisingly small. In fact, it only includes two types of games; slot machines and roulette tables.

Since the majority of casino goers play slot machines, this one is a big deal. Online slots really do pay out at a higher average RTP than their terrestrial counterparts.

In a land-based casino, you can expect the theoretical return to player, or RTP, to be set anywhere from 85% to 92%. In Nevada, the law only requires slot machines to pay a minimum 75%. However, with Las Vegas being such a competitive market, most casinos will install slots with at least an 85% payout rate. It’s rare to see anything higher than 92%, although it does happen on occasion.

Casino Games offer Better Odds OnlineOnline casinos, on the other hand, can afford to pay a lot more in winnings. They don’t have massive utility bills and payrolls to cover. The extra savings is passed on to customers by way of higher slots RTPs, averaging 96%-97%. However, progressive online slots—just like land-based progressives—are usually set with a lower RTP, for obvious reasons.

Roulette also falls into this category, simply because players have access to a wider variety of roulette variations. If your local casino only offers American roulette, you’re getting the worst odds available.

American roulette’s double zero (00) results in the highest possible RTP of 94.7% on even-money wagers. European roulette, featuring only a single zero (0), has a max RTP of 97.3% on the same bets. Players who dig deep enough to find an online roulette game featuring the La Partage rule can get the best online roulette odds of 98.65%.

All other common casino games present the exact same odds as their land-based twins. This goes for video poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and other table games.

Other Reasons Casino Games offer Better Odds Online

Sometimes it’s not just about how much you win or lose, but how much you spend in the process. It’s nearly impossible to visit a land-based casino without doling out additional expenses. You’ll have to fuel up your car to get there, if not pay for an expensive airline ticket. The food isn’t cheap, and even if you don’t pay travel expenses or get hungry/thirsty, you’ll still be subject to paying tips.

Online casinos have no added expenses. There’s no tipping the dealers, waitresses or valet attendants. Every dollar you have set aside for your gambling venture can go straight into your bankroll, ensuring a longer session with more chances to hit that lucky win, whether the online casino odds are higher for your favorite games or not.

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Aug 01

Casino Etiquette Rules: Asking the dealer for casino advice.

Asking the Dealer for Casino AdviceCasino etiquette is extremely important in the land-based gambling realm. No one wants to act like a fool, or make a dumb-ass move in public. Those who do usually suffer from nothing more than a sheer lack of experience. They just don’t know any better.

Today, we’ll be discussing one of the most common mistakes made by novicere players, especially at the blackjack tables. This isn’t just a land-based casino mistake. Many players have done this at live casino blackjack; a version played online via live-streaming video and audio.

I’m talking about knowing when it is and isn’t okay to ask the casino dealer for advice.

Asking the Dealer for Casino Advice

Time and again, I’ve seen this tip posted in beginner guides to gambling. They tell you that, if you’re not sure what the right move is, just ask the dealer. Blackjack dealers know the odds, and are fully capable of delivering sound advice. That’s 100% true. But is it good etiquette?

Unfortunately, it’s not. Asking the dealer whether you should hit, stand, split, double, or take insurance is not considered good casino etiquette. It’s not that they’re going to steer you in the wrong direction. Like I said, an experienced dealer knows the probabilities of the game, and they aren’t gunning for players to lose. In fact, they love to see players win. It creates a positive atmosphere, and often leads to good tips in their pockets. But it can also lead to a high-stress environment when probabilities don’t pan out.

If you ask the dealer whether you should hit 12 against their 5, they’re going to say, “No”. That’s a bad move. You should definitely stand. But if the dealer takes a card, gets another 5, and beats you with 20, what’s your reaction going to be?

Most people would just snap their fingers and move on, but not everyone. Some players may get angry, even belligerent, accusing the dealer of causing their loss. “If I’d hit, I would have gotten that 5 and stood on 17. This is your fault!”

I’m certainly not saying you would do this, but a dealer doesn’t know you from Adam. They don’t know how any player will react, and the last thing they want to do is deal with a hostile customer. Thus, it’s not fair of you, or anyone else, to put them in such a position.

When it’s Okay to Ask Casino Dealers for Advice

There is one particular situation where it is perfectly acceptable to ask for gambling advice. It’s not just acceptable, but expected from novitiates to the game. I’m referring to the game of Pai Gow Poker. In Pai Gow, player’s must set 7 cards into two hands, and each hand abide by specific rules (the 5-card hand must beat the 2-card hand).

In this game, there are even deeper rules to hand setting known as the ‘House Way‘. The dealer is required to abide by these rules, but players are not. If a player wants to comply with house way rules, they are welcome to do so. However, if they aren’t certain what the dealer would do in any given situation, they are perfectly welcome to ask. The dealer will oblige, and have your cards all set within a matter of seconds.

In this way, asking the dealer for casino advice is perfectly acceptable. If the player loses, it’s no harm, no foul. The dealer gave them the best odds of winning, for better or worse. As for any other game, it’s bad casino etiquette, so don’t do it. Learn the rules, build your own strategies, and figure it out for yourself.

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Jul 17

The Market Marauders Approach to Gambling: Online casino games, sports books, or poker? Pick your digital poison.

Online Casino games, sports books or poker? Pick your digital poison.This may be the digital age—an age where the upcoming generation knows nothing of touch-tone phones, hard-cover dictionaries, or mechanized musical apparatus—but gambling existed long before the internet, or anything close to touch-screen technology. And yet, the forms of gambling enjoyed today are the same types our long-lost ancestors enjoyed centuries ago. We just enjoy them a bit differently, and with much greater ease of access. 

Online gambling opened a vast door of opportunities. The three most popular types of online gambling align closely with the most famous gambling amusements of old. Wagering on sporting events, or any competition of athletic prowess, was the first among them. Card games, much like the poker games played today, came after. Then, just a few short centuries ago, gambling was commercialized by way of casinos, with game variety evolving and expanding throughout the decades. 

Online Casino Games, Sports Books or Poker? Pick your Digital Poison

The internet made access to these games so invariably convenient. As a result, the number of casual gamblers has exploded. For so many, the idea of whether to place a wager is no longer the question, but rather on what to place a wager? 

Online Casino Games 

Casino games are perfect for those who have no exceptional passion, particularly for sports or mentally-extraneous poker games. The variety of gaming options is immense. They range from the easiest of games, like slot machines, to more complex titles with a multitude of betting options, such as craps and roulette. Card gaming enthusiasts will find no shortage of table games; things like blackjack, baccarat, pai gow poker, Caribbean stud, let ‘em ride, red dog, war, ultimate Texas holdem, the list goes on and on. And that doesn’t even include the array of single-player video poker variants on the market. 

If having a wide selection of entertainment suits your fancy, online casino games are a perfect choice. And another fascinating corollary of the internet is access limitless to tips, tricks and strategies to increase your odds of actually winning these games. You won’t sway the edge into your favor, but there’s nothing wrong with raising the odds. 

Online Sports Books 

The oldest gambling form in history, betting on sports contests has always been popular. It’s no surprise that more and more people are using their computers and smartphones to place bets than ever before. Where betting on the locally televised events was once fancied, the internet gave us access to wagers on every possible contest played around the globe. 

If you enjoy athletics in general, whether it be a particular sport or league, or anything worthy of ESPN coverage, sports books present the perfect opportunity to increase the action. If you happen to closely follow the sports and leagues you wager on, you’re already a step ahead of the game in making the best statistical picks. 

Online Poker Rooms

Unlike online casino games and sports betting, the popularity of poker is clearly a product of the world wide web. Before the internet came along, the World Series of Poker—the most prestigious poker event in the world—never once saw 400 players in the field. 

Then in 2000, when online poker was in its absolute infancy, interest began to rise, if ever so slightly, attracting a record field of 512. The next year, 613. And in 2003, when the first WSOP satellites were offered online, the crowd rose to 839. That was the same year Chris Moneymaker took a satellite entry all the way to the WSOP Championship bank for $2.5 million. His success encouraged a much larger field of over 2,500 players the following year. Since 2006, entries have fluctuated anywhere from 6,300, up to the current record of 8,773. 

But alas, poker is not a game for the faint of heart. One must master the skill of mathematics, or psychological warfare, to have any hope of survival. Those who master both… they are the freakishly successful pros we love (fear) and admire today. 

Of course, the choice is yours to make. Online casinos, sports books or poker? Only you can decide which is right for you. The best advice I can offer is to choose your gambling sites wisely, know the games you play, start small, and always be mindful of your budget. 

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Jun 02

Cheap online casino games and why so many players love ’em!Cheap Online Casino Games

There are plenty of advantages to playing casino games online. They’re more convenient, they’re accessible anytime, anywhere, and they even pay better. Another reason so many players love them is because they’re so much cheaper.

Land-based casinos can be extremely expensive. Even before you walk in the door, your wallet is probably going to be lighter for having tipped the valet guy. If you get hungry, that’ll cost you, too. They may advertise free drinks, but they’re watered down, and they’ll cost you another tip every time you get one. And of course, the games themselves are more costly, especially if you like the tables. (Oh yeah, and there’s another tip, too!)

How Cheap are Online Casinos?

Unless you hit the Vegas Strip at happy hour, you’re going to be paying a minimum of $5 per hand at the blackjack tables or roulette wheel. Some casinos increase the lowest stakes to $10 or $15. And even at casinos that offer more budget-friendly stakes, chances are those tables will be full, forcing you to skip the action or play at higher limits.

Online casinos don’t work this way. They don’t have limited seating. They don’t care how much you’re betting, so long as a lot of people are betting. And the cheaper it is, the players they’ll attract. They know very well they’ll make their money—probably more than their bricks-and-mortar cousins.

For this reason, you can expect to find table minimums as low as $0.50, or maybe $1 at most. This goes for blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, etc. I’ve even seen a few that offer $0.10 blackjack games.

It’s not just the tables that are cheaper, either. You’ll have access to cheap slot machines and video poker machines, too. Land-based casinos do offer penny-slots, but their payouts are the worst.

Why Players Love Cheap Online Casino Games

Imagine how long a $20 bankroll will last playing blackjack at $0.10 per hand. Phenomenally longer than a $5 minimum at the local gambling hall! You could be wiped out in four hands flat. Even at $0.50 per bet, online blackjack games guarantee a minimum of 40 hands on a $20 bankroll. And that’s assuming you go on a horrible streak of bad luck and lose them all, which would take some really terrible decision making on your part.

As for the slot machines, would you rather spend a few cents to play a cheap slot with a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 85-88%, or one with an RTP of 96-98%? Only online casinos can offer cheap slots with such high payouts. It doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg to pay their utilities bills or payroll, and those savings are passed on to you, the player.

Another reason so many people love playing online is that it’s not just the cheap online casino games preserving their bankroll. There is no additional cost. No valets, cocktail waitresses or dealers to tip. No extra cost for food—open your refrigerator and indulge at will. Every dollar you have to spend on gambling can actually be spent on playing the games, meaning more chances to become one of the casino’s lucky winners.

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May 26

The trials and tribulations of online casino multi-accounting.

Online Casino Multi-Accounting IllegalSince the dawn of the internet, players have tried to find ways to cheat online casinos. One of the most common ways is to open multiple accounts. Doing so will, theoretically, give players access to more than one new player welcome bonus—historically the most generous bonus offer any online casino will present.

Offering to double, triple, even quadruple a new member’s first deposit is a very attractive promotion. Many player’s hope to hit a big win on that bonus, completing the wagering requirements and cashing out for a tidy sum. Unfortunately, the odds are rarely in the player’s favor. And when things don’t work out, some are tempted to sign up another account, and take another shot at it.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it—account cloning at online casinos is a bad idea!

Why Online Casino Multi-Accounting is a No-No

There’s one very simple answer… multi-accounting is illegal. There’s no real money casino site on the face of the planet that allows players to sign up more than one account. Those who are caught doing it could get in quite a bit of trouble, depending on how serious the operator takes it.

Within the terms and conditions of every online casino website is a clause that states a player may only have one account. In fact, in order to better detect and prevent multi-account violations, only one account per house-hold (physical address) may be opened. And, only one person is eligible to use the account.

So if your spouse or roommate wants to do some online gambling of their own, they’ll need to find some other casino website to do it at. If two people with the same address sign up to the same casino, the second account will probably be denied registration. If the registration succeeds, both accounts risk closure.

Consequences for Account Cloning at Online Casinos

The consequences for violating this rule can be anything from a slap on the wrist, to time behind bars. Yes, jail is an option, if the casino wants to pursue charges.

A slap on the wrist would be nothing more than immediate account closure, with the player’s funds returned to them. It’s up to the operator whether they want to return those funds, though. If they have any reason to believe you opened multiple account for the purpose of bonus abuse (claiming multiple welcome bonuses), they won’t likely return your balance. If they believe it was an innocent mistake (two people in the same house), you might get off easy.

Most gaming regulators provide operators with the right to press charges in serious cases. If a player is suspected of bonus abuse, the penalty could be a substantial fine and/or jail time.

So believe me when I tell you, online casino multi-accounting is not something you want to be accused of, or worse, convicted of. Online or on land, gambling is big business, and they take their services seriously. They won’t look kindly upon anyone attempting to cheat them out of money.

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May 24

The thin line between advantage players and casino cheats.

Advantage Players versus Casino CheatsCasinos have some of the tightest security protocols on the planet. Like government banks, they handle exorbitant amounts of money, and will do anything it takes to keep that money safe. They also want to ensure they get to keep their fair share of it from the countless patrons who tread their gaming floors each day.

In order to accomplish that goal, land-based casinos employ a variety of security measures. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to place state of the art security cameras all over the premises, leaving no square-inch without continual supervision. Many of those cameras are equipped with facial recognition technology, instantly alerting security if a player who’s previously been banned happens to enter the establishment. And that’s just the electronic side of the process.

A multitude of muscle-bound security guards are tactfully positioned in key areas throughout casino. Specially trained employees man the security monitors 24/7/365 to spot any unsavory activity that may take place, and to review the recordings should a question arise. Dealers receive extensive training in spotting casino cheats, as well anyone attempting use advantage play to turn the edge in their favor.

Advantage Players vs Casino Cheats

On the surface, a player who uses mathematically skillful methods to gain an advantage over the house seems much less threatening than someone who’s outright cheating the casino. One act is perfectly legal, and the other is not. But casinos draw a very think line between the two.

By law, casinos have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, without prior notice. This gives them the right to remove, and/or ban, any player from the premises they deem fit. Players who compromise the intended house edge—for example, gaining an advantage by counting cards in blackjack—make up the majority of banned patrons. Despite being wholly legal, anyone caught trying to gain an advantage over the casino may find themselves subject to an abrupt and gruff dismissal by casino security.

Cheating the casino, on the other hand, can induce a whole other level of malevolent anger from security staff. This illegal activity won’t get a player immediately ousted, but they’ll wish it had. Instead, they’ll be detained in a back room, interrogated, stripped of their winnings, likely threatened, possibly roughed up, and—before it’s all over—taken into police custody. How long it takes authorities to arrive will generally determine the displeasure of the overall experience.

Advantage Play is Okay, Cheating is Not

If you want to count cards in blackjack, my advice to you is to get in a lot of practice first. The MIT Blackjack Team didn’t succeed for so many years by sending amateurs to the tables. They also didn’t work alone, so don’t expect to get rich quick, even if you do manage to be inconspicuous enough not to get caught.

If you’re thinking of cheating the casino, however, think again. Every casino cheat gets caught, sooner or later. Casino security is simply too high-tech these days. Fortunately, due to the same technology, they can’t just drag cheaters out back and ‘take care of them’, either. But the fact remains, only an intelligent and crafty advantage player can turn the tides into their favor.

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May 19

The craziest video poker strategy that just might work! (Given enough time and money)

Craziest Video Poker Strategy EverLately, I’ve been researching some rather strange online casino cheats and questionable strategies. For the most part, I’m on a mission to debunk the truly inane ones in hopes of steering players in the right direction. But I came across one that literally had me scratching my head and saying, “Hmmmm”.

I’m talking about an online video poker cheat that is either outright ridiculous, or pure genius! I’m honestly not sure which. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, patience, discipline or bankroll to test this theory for as long as it would take to find out. If any of you want to give it a shot, please let me know your results in the comments below!

UPDATE: No, this strategy does not work! See complete update at the end of this article for details.

Crazy Video Poker Strategy that Just Might Work

The goal of this video poker cheat is to force a machine to award its highest payout for a Royal Straight Flush. Those who tout its validity—which aren’t too many, bringing into great question whether it would work—say it’s a flawless trick. But we hear lots of crazy untruths on the world wide web, and seriously, how large would your bankroll need to be to pull it off?

The theory is that a player can force the machine to produce its highest-paying hand by simply avoiding any and all other payouts. How do you do that? By throwing away any good cards that would likely produce such a hand.

According to the online video poker cheat, a player should only hold cards if they include 3 or more cards that would make up a Royal Straight Flush. For example, an Ah, Qh and Jh should be held, but an Ah and Kh alone should not.

The problem with this plan…

…is that you must throw away any other potentially winning hand. If dealt a high Pair, or even 3 of a Kind, you must discard it. Three of a Kind generally pays about 15x the stake. How easy will it be for you to throw away a hand that pays for your next 15 attempts? It would take severe discipline and unwavering trust in this video poker strategy for anyone to bring themselves to do it.

However, the idea is that, since video poker machines run on a computerized random number generator (RNG), which produces a probable return to player (RTP), it will work. If the machine is taking in too much money, it will eventually have to make up for that by paying out a higher prize. And for this reason, it is at least possible that it could work.

On the other hand…

The theory behind this video poker cheat actually working is that the games operate on a combined RNG and RTP, the same way slot machines do. But is that really the case?

The RNG is the mechanism that randomly decides what cards will be dealt. The probabilities of being dealt any card are based on the exact same, random probabilities, of a real deck of cards that were shuffled and dealt by a live person. Therefore, it should not be required for a video poker machine to meet an RTP. In order to be certified for fairness, as all reputable iGaming software must be, it is only required that its RNG be accurate.

If the machine is not built to notice that it’s paying out at a lower rate, who’s to say that it will suddenly try to produce high-paying hands? How would that be as random as a real, live deck? And if that’s the case, players are throwing away one potentially winning hand after another on the false belief that they’ll produce a massive win.

This is something I’m going to have to look further into, because there’s no known information about it on the web (that I’ve found). I’ll be sure to update this page as soon as I gather more info. Until then, be careful about trying out this video poker strategy, unless you have a lot of extra cash to burn.

UPDATE: This Video Poker Cheat CANNOT Work

My previous fears were confirmed today. I’ve asked several experts with inside sources in Las Vegas and the online gambling industry. This is not a hack, and will not work. Video poker machines, both online and on land, do run on a genuine-probability RNG, but are are not required to meet an RTP.

According to one of my sources, a video poker expert and professional actuary whose business it is to study odds and probabilities, “The law states that the manufacturer can assume that the player always acts in his/her best interest… meaning that they play perfectly.”

Most, if not all, gambling regulators enforce similar laws. The end result… DO NOT attempt this highly erroneous video poker strategy!

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May 12

Does it matter if online casino blackjack games re-shuffle every hand?

Online Casino Blackjack GamesAlmost every online casino blackjack strategy on the world wide web points out this crucial aspect of the rules. In online games, the cards are re-shuffled after every hand. This is important because it means strategists will not be able to count the cards in an RNG-based game. But the real question is… does it matter?

If you planned to count card, then yes, it matters very much. But how does it impact the player’s overall expected return? The truth is, there are actually benefits to shuffling after each hand of online blackjack. For one, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the card count! But there’s more to it than that.

Benefits of RNG Online Casino Blackjack Games

I’ve read numerous speculations by actual online players as to the benefits of automatic reshuffling. They include things like not having to tip a live dealer, playing one-on-one without other players, and getting in more hands per hour. It’s also been said that shuffling the deck after a specific depth is reached (at live casinos) works against the player.

We’ll examine each of these theories and see whether they really do afford an advantage to playing blackjack online.

No Tipping

Obviously this is true. You can’t tip a computer. In a land-based casino, it’s not required to tip, but it is good etiquette. Unless you lose all of your chips before walking away, a kind dealer always deserves a little something extra. Common procedure is to tip a few dollars if you’re placing $5-$10 bets, and a least $5 if your wagering $25-$100. If you win, a more generous tip may be in order.

Playing online blackjack means you don’t have to tip at all. Every tip comes out of your profits, so this really is a notable advantage to players of online blackjack games., having a significant effect on your rate of investment (ROI).

1-on-1 Player vs Dealer

Playing heads-up against the dealer with no other players might seem like an advantage, but it’s really not. The odds of receiving a specific card or set of cards does not change no matter how many players are present.

More Hands per Hour

Playing online will definitely increase your hand rate. Not only are you the only player, it’s all automated. Playing more hands in any given period of time isn’t necessarily a good thing, though. It will not increase or decrease your odds of winning in any way. It can, however, increase the speed at which you lose money. With an strategic RTP of 99.5%, playing 120 hands an hour at $5 per bet comes to a probable loss of $3 per hour. Playing the same odds with other players, at a rate of about 30 hands per hour, would result in a theoretical loss of $0.75 per hour.

Shuffling After Depth Deck

In a land-based or live casino blackjack game, the deck or shoe is usually reshuffled after reaching a specific depth. This actually works against the player. As the famous Wizard of Odds, Michael Shackleford, advises:

…more cards will be dealt when the shuffle point is reached in a deck rich in small cards than one rich in big cards. In other words, in a physical casinos the player will see slightly more small cards than large cards over the long run, which is bad for the player.”

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Apr 20

Rules and strategy for Let it Ride at live and online casinos.

Rules and Strategy for Let it Ride PokerOf all the casino table games out there, Let it Ride isn’t the first one I’d recommend. It’s not even in the top 5; at least, not for the strategic-minded gambler who’s looking for the most profitable games. However, it can be extremely fun to play. And since entertainment should be the number one priority in gambling – after all, no game delivers a player’s edge – it may be one worth learning.

Beyond ascertaining the rules, a Let it Ride strategy isn’t difficult to memorize or adhere to. We’ll go over the basic rules of the game and standard pay tables, then talk about ways to maximize your odds of winning.

Rules for Let it Ride Poker

First of all, this game goes by several names, thanks to the expansion of so many online casino software platforms. Other common adaptations include Let ‘Em Ride, Let Them Ride, and Free Ride. If you see the word “Ride” in it, it’s safe to say it’s probably the same game (although the pay tables may vary slightly).

This is a rather simple game, where players aren’t forced to make any decisions outside of reclaiming a bet, or letting it ride. Here’s how it works.

  • The player makes three equal bets, placing one chip in each of the circles, generally labeled 1, 2 and $.
  • Each player receives 3 cards.
  • Two more cards are dealt face down as community cards.
  • Each player looks at their own cards, determining whether to reclaim (take back) Bet 1, or let it ride (leave it in play).
  • The dealer turns up one community cards.
  • Each player decides whether to reclaim Bet 2, or let it ride.
  • The dealer turns up the second community card. Bet $ (3) cannot be reclaimed.
  • Based on each players’ 3 cards, combined with the two community cards, their hands are evaluated. If a hand ranks high enough for a pay out (see Standard Let it Ride Pay Table below), all of their bets remaining on the table are paid at the corresponding rate. If not, all remaining bets on the table are lost.

Standard Let it Ride Pay Table

There may be some variation to the pay table, depending on where you play. The following is the most common Let it Ride pay table used.

Hand Ranks (Highest to Lowest)


Royal Flush

1000 to 1

Straight Flush

200 to 1

Four of a Kind

50 to 1

Full House

11 to 1


8 to 1


5 to 1

Three of a Kind

3 to 1

Two Pair

2 to 1

Pair of 10s or Better

1 to 1

Easy Strategy for Let it Ride

A player’s strategic decisions – reclaim a bet, or let it ride – can be split into two sections; 3-card decisions, and 4-card decisions. The following charts detail how to react in any situation, based on mathematical probabilities of developing a winning hand.

Three Card Hand

Let it Ride?

Any Winning Hand (Paired 10s or Better)


3 card Royal Flush


3 card Straight Flush


3 card Straight or Flush with 2+ 10-value cards


Suited J-9-8 / 10-9-7 / 10-8-7


Off-suit K-Q-J / Q-J-10


Off-suit A-K-Q / 9-10-J


Pairs 2-9


Anything Less


When the first community card is revealed, the situation changes drastically. At this point, there’s only one card left that can help you, essentially cutting your odds of developing a winning hand in half (unless you already have one).

Four Card Hand

Let it Ride?

Ant Winning Hand (Paired 10s or Better)


4 card Royal Flush


4 card Straigh Flush


4 card Flush


4 card Open-ended Straight with a 10+


4 cards to a High Straight, all 10+


Anything Less


If you’re new to the game, or new to invoking a strategy for Let it Ride, stick to these guidelines. You’ll have much higher odds of winning than playing on basic instinct.

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