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Sports Betting: Popularity of Horse Racing in Canada

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For centuries – ever since man discovered it was possible to train these wild beasts – horse racing has been a favorite pastime worldwide. It’s not just fun for breeders and jockeys, but especially for live and online sports betting enthusiasts, who enjoy the expectant thrill of making some quick cash.

Online Sports Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing isn’t just a big deal in Canada. It’s become an extremely popular form of sports betting all across the globe. According to statistics, it’s most prominent in the countries of Australia, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is it that makes horse racing so incredibly popular throughout much of the modern world? There’s no single answer to that question. In fact, there are at least three very good reasons for it.

Speed, Speed and More Speed

Guys love speed. I’m sure a lot of ladies do, too, but anything that moves fast tends to draw the attention from the male population. Cars, planes, trains, horses – we guys loved to play with these things growing up. It only makes sense that we continue to be attracted to fast moving objects as we get older.

But it’s not just the speed of the horses themselves that gamblers enjoy. It’s the speed at which the races take place.

Sports betting on things like football, baseball, or basketball; it takes hours for the matches to conclude. A horse race generally lasts anywhere from 40 to 300 seconds. It’s a lot more exhilarating than spinning the slots reels or a roulette wheel, but doesn’t last so long that we become immune to the thrill.

Odds Increased in Strategic Sports Betting

If you’re betting for fun and the money doesn’t really matter, pick a pony and let it ride. If you’re really out to win, though, horse racing gives us the opportunity to increase our odds by doing a little research.

The breeding background and past performances of racing horses are very well documented. One can go online and find a wealth of information on all the ponies for a particular race, just as easily as they can log onto an online sports betting site to place their wagers.

Strategic betting is much easier in horse racing than it is in most other sports, where a game’s initial probabilities can easily be effected by things like injuries and turnovers.

More Bettors Means More Money

Because of the pari-mutuel engine, the more popular horse racing becomes, the more money bettors stand to win by wagering on it. Betting on a horse race isn’t like betting other sports. You’re not taking specific odds on a team or contestant. The amount you win depends entirely on how much money was wagered on the race overall, and how many people placed winning bets.

Thus, when a great deal of people bet on a race, the prize pool grows to enormous heights, ensuring a bigger payout to those who pick the right ponies. For this reason, its a good idea to place your wagers at the track, or at a popular online sports betting site where lots of wagers are going to come in.

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Mar 28

Sports Betting Strategies for Winning

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All of the writers on Real Money Gambling have been betting on sporting fixtures for many years now, covering sports from football and hockey to soccer, golf and much more. Most of us score regular profits and although losses are always assured, we like to think we know a few things and that we gamble better than most. The trick to gambling is to lower your risk, and to use knowledge, research and statistics against the bookies as much as possible.

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This article contains three ways that you can get one over on the sports betting sites on a regular basis. We’re not promising easy wins and we’re not giving you the ability to print money, but if you follow the advice listed here then you can turn a profit by betting on sports.


One of the best ways to get full value for your money is through accumulators. Think of it this way: an 8 fold accumulator for a $1 bet will give you odds of around 100/1, or a return of $100 for your money, assuming the odds of the individual games return averages of around 1/1, 2.00 or Evens, depending on which odds you use.

For a sports fan betting on their favorite sport, typically one they have allowed all of their lives, if they put an 8 fold accumulator on every weekend for just $1 a time, then by the time they have spent $100, they will have won between 1 and 10 accumulators. If you have followed any sport for a significant length of time, then you’re sure to be confident that with 100 attempts at an 8 fold accumulator, you’ll hit at least one of them.

This is a strategy we follow ourselves, and we’re all hardcore gamblers of different sports. One of the Real Money Gambling team is a huge soccer fan, following European leagues, and so far he has hit half a dozen 6 fold and more accumulators in the last 6 months, giving him a huge return for his money. The only difficultly with this strategy is to avoid placing big money single bets, as those are the ones that can hurt you. People tend to bet around a tenth on an accumulator what they would typically bet on a single bet, often even less. So while it takes them 10 weeks of poor form to lose $10 at $1 a time, they could end up losing $50 in one weekend with single bets, just because two or three games didn’t go their way.

One of the pitfalls is when you watch an early accumulator bet lose and you therefore know that your bets are already gone. If that’s the case, and if you want to bet on the games to get enjoyment out of them, simply put your money on a long shot, as discussed below.

Long Shot Bets

As with accumulators, this is all about betting small and using your knowledge, whilst making sure the odds of probability on your side. Taking our resident soccer expert into account, he likes to place single bets that concern the goalscorer and the final scorer. If Manchester United are playing playing Liverpool in the English Premier league, for example, then you might put your money on Rooney to score first and Manchester United to win 3-0. You would be insane if you did place that bet, but for a small bet of $1, you could probably get a return in excess of $70 if that bet came in.

Some sites will also let you place accumulators on single games, but many will not. This means that, taking the above fixture as an example, you could put your money on a Manchester United win, more than 10 corners, more than 5 cards and more then 3 goals. As long as the bets don’t cross over (that is to say, you can’t bet on the Manchester United Win market, and then bet on the Double Chance market for the same) then you’re good to go. As we said though, many bookies do not do this and we have only encountered two that do, both of which are amongst the biggest names in online gambling.

The one thing that both of these betting methods require, as you have probably guessed, is knowledge, and that leads us to our third tip.

Know it All

The people who win big do not do so through luck alone. When it comes to accumulators anyone can randomly select Win/Draw/Lose on all fixtures, poking them like a bingo card, but those who know the games and the teams stand a much better chance. That doesn’t mean that experience will get you through though, because you need up-to-the minute knowledge, you need to think like a manager studying the opposing team in preparation, only you need to study both teams.

Are there fitness questions over any of the star players? How’s the weather looking and how will that effect play? Are there any suspensions in effect? Those are the questions you need to ask, and so many more. Pay attention to the sports sites, stay abreast of the latest news and make your bets at the last minute on game day, when that information has been processed and your mind has been made up.

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