At Real Money Gambling we do our best to give you all of the latest info direct from the gambling heart of Canada. We cover a wide range of subjects, understanding that many gamblers like to branch out. Still, there is only do much that we can do with our limited time, so this page should help you with further reading.

Below we have listed many of our favorite websites, along with ones that should help you when learning how to gamble in Canada and further afield.

  • Canada Law: We’ll begin with the boring but essential stuff. This Wikipedia entry links to everything you need to know about law in Canada, including those laws relating to casinos, sports books, online casinos and much more. A lot of the actual laws are very difficult to read, and as we have discussed many times on this site, the laws that concern gambling in this country are not very clear at all, but this is a way for you to see it for yourself. The Wikipedia entry also breaks it down for you and makes it easier to understand, which helps immensely.
  • Wizard of Odds: The Wizard of Odds site is referenced by many gamblers, most of which keep it close so they can check in often. We do the same in fact, as we simply can’t get enough of this site. On Wizard of Odds you will find everything that you need to know about casino games and other forms of gambling, from a long list of the many blackjack variants available, to details on the house edges of every single game you are likely to find in offline and online casinos. This is an invaluable tool in any gambler’s arsenal, so make sure you check in every once in a while.
  • The Bleacher Report: This is the go-to destination for all sports fans, with a huge number of articles from experienced sports writers. The Bleacher Report doesn’t just relate the latest news from the sport world, it also offers opinions, advice and tips on all of the sports it covers, which range from baseball and football, to soccer, golf, hockey and much more. There are many other sites like this one out there, in fact there is an entire industry based on sports reporting, but as far as we are concerned it takes a lot to beat The Bleacher Report and as of yet no one has done that. As a sports fan there is a good chance you already know this site well and have it programmed into your favorites and into your subconscious, if not then you should.
  • Problem Gambling: Unfortunately, not everyone can gamble responsibly, and there is a significant percentage of gamblers that become addicted and allow this simple and fun act to take over their lives. The Problem Gambling organization was created to help that, aimed at addicts (and those seeking to learn more about gambling addiction) based in Canada. If you think you might have a problem, or if you know someone that does, then this site can offer invaluable assistance.
  • Pokerstars: The game of poker is popular with most gamblers, from sports betters to slot addicts. It is a game that most gamblers know and a game that most of them enjoy. It is a game that is fairly easy to learn, but one that also rewards those who have a deeper understanding, those who study the game. Poker is very much a game of chance, with a little luck involved. If you fancy your chances with this game, then head for the biggest poker site on the market. Pokerstars have led the way for many years and they also own Full Tilt Poker these days, allowing members to switch between the two accounts, and effectively to create two poker accounts on two servers, with just one username.
  • Two Plus Two: Sticking with the poker theme, to truly understand the game and all of its intricacies, you really need to chat with other poker players. That’s where poker forums come into play, and Two Plus Two is one of the biggest out there. Here you can bounce plays off other poker players, learning how to play certain hands. If you are good enough then you can even use a forum like this to get supped for a big event, which is when a beneficiary pays for your entry into an event, taking a cut from the prize pool if you go on to win, but asking for nothing if you do not win.
  • CardsChat: This is another poker forum, just as big as Two Plus Two. Many players choose to join both as they are both very strong communities. Bear in mind that these communities are also joined by professional players, names that you probably recognize from television and from the big poker tours. This makes them a great place to learn from the best of the best, just try not to turn into a virtual stalker.

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