Betting on Nascar can be very difficult, but also very rewarding if you put the proper time in when it comes to researching and making your selections. There are several different ways to wager on Nascar and most of them will provide significant returns on your initial investment if you end up a winner.

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Selecting the Winner of the Race

The most common wager on Nascar is selecting the winner of the race. Typically there are 43 drivers in a Nascar race and the top 20 to 25 drivers will have odds to win posted, while the rest of the drivers will be listed as “field”. If you select “field” as the winner, you will win your wager if any of the drivers without listed odds win the race.

While the field does cash in from time to time, it is not likely to be a winning wager regularly despite the fact that you are getting multiple drivers with your wager. The reason for this is that the best drivers all have listed odds and one of those top drivers is most likely to win the race.

Depending on the track, the biggest favorite may have odds of anywhere from 6/1 to 10/1. Most of the other top drivers will be listed for anywhere from 12/1 to 25/1, followed by a secondary group of drivers that may have odds from 30/1 up to 50/1 or even higher. So, if you pick a driver that has 18/1 odds to win the race, you will win $18 for every $1 you bet.

Many gamblers will place wagers on multiple drivers to win the race because the odds are so high. It gives them more chances to win and even if they lose a few wagers, but win just one, they will still make a significant return on their investment. If you have ever bet on the Grand Prix or even Moto GP, then you might gave an idea, only those sports have fewer drivers and favorites with higher odds, which means there is often a lot more money in betting on Nascar.

Tips for Selecting the Winning Driver

When trying to select the winning driver, you do not necessarily need to pay much attention to where the driver will start the race. Many times top cars will go to the back of the starting field because of minor violations during inspections. Starting at the back of the field will not affect the odds a driver has of winning the race, unlike in the sports mentioned above. This is because the races are very long, usually between 400 and 500 miles, which gives all drivers plenty of time to make their move to the front of the field.

In order to select the winning driver you need to follow the sport closely. Watch interviews, practices, qualifying, and read about the teams and how their cars are performing. This will give you a good idea of how well a driver has been racing recently.

Also, look back at how a driver has performed at a particular track in the past. Some cars are designed to run faster and better on certain tracks. If a driver has a good history at a track, chances are he will be finishing near the front of the field in future races there.

The biggest risk with betting Nascar, and the reason for high odds on every driver, is the chances of wrecks and car trouble. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time or getting a flat tire can cost a driver a chance of winning very early in the race.

Other Types of Bets

Another popular type of betting on Nascar races is matchup betting. In these wagers, bettors must choose between two drivers. Whichever driver finishes the race in a higher position will be considered the winner of the matchup. If Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch are in a matchup and the odds are Busch -140 or Gordon +120, gamblers could wager $140 (to win $100) that Busch will finish in a higher position than Jeff Gordon, or they could risk $100 (to win $120) that Gordon would finish ahead of Busch. If Gordon finishes 7th and Busch finishes 16th, wagers on Gordon would win, while wagers on Busch would lose.

Another type of betting is know as group betting. In this form of betting a group of usually between four and six drivers is listed together with odds to win the group. Whichever driver finishes in the best position among the listed drivers will be the winner of the group.

Let’s use the following group as an example:

Kevin Harvick +125

Dale Earnhardt Jr. +150

Jimmie Johnson +175

Tony Stewart +220

Danica Patrick +350

Whichever driver finishes best among the group above would win. If Jimmie Johnson finishes 3rd, Tony Stewart finishes 7th, Danica Patrick finishes 18th, Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishes 20th and Kevin Harvick finishes 33rd, the winner of the group would be Jimmie Johnson. For every $100 wagered on Jimmie Johnson, you would get a payback of $175. All other wagers on all other drivers would be graded as losing wagers in this scenario.

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