The information on this page relates to the privacy of the users of Real Money Gambling. By reading these terms and continuing to use the Real Money Gambling website you are agreeing to everything stated here, so if you do not agree with any or all of these terms then please close this website.

  1. Information

At Real Money Gambling the privacy of our users is of great concern to us, and we will do our best to ensure that all information provided to us by our readers will be kept safe and secure at all times. The occasions in which we actually ask for any such information is rare, but they can occur, as stated below.

1.a. When we ask for your information.

Real Money Gambling is an affiliate website, which means that we do not sell a service or product, but link to other websites that do and that pay us for providing those links. This means that at no point will we ask for financial details to complete a sale, and at no point will we ask for a home address to send anything to.

When you complete a contact form on the Real Money Gambling website, or when you send us an email or submit an application to join our newsletter, then we will ask for your name and your email address. This is purely so that we can send you the information that you request, and so we can personalize all messages that we send.

1.b. How we keep it secure.

As stated above, in many events we keep your information secure by simply not asking for it, but in the event that we do we will not sell, lease or give away your information. In many cases, such as when sending you email replies, we will delete your details after we have finished with them, but in the case of a newsletter then your email address and name will be kept on the secure servers of the company that provides us with newsletter services.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small files that are automatically created on the user’s computer whenever they visit a website. They are widely used and are becoming increasingly common as more websites see them as a way of increasing user experience.

2.a. Do we use cookies?

At Real Money Gambling we do use cookies, but only because we believe that it increases the user enjoyment of our website. The cookie creates a link between the user and the website which allows the former to know which articles have been read, whilst allowing the latter to know which articles to recommend, etc.,

2.b. Are cookies safe?

Cookies are very safe. Although a connection is created between the user and the website, this is only to allow minimal information through and this in no way provides access to the user’s computer for the owner of that website, or for anyone else.

  1. Affiliates

Real Money Gambling is an affiliate website, which means that it operates by linking to other websites. Despite this, Real Money Gambling has no connection to those websites. It does not have access to any of the servers, nor does it concern itself with the products and/or the services offered by these websites. Real Money Gambling therefore accepts no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of a purchase from one of these sites.

Readers of the Real Money Gambling website that click-through to one of its affiliates are asked to remember that the terms listed here apply only to Real Money Gambling, and that each individual affiliate website has its own privacy policy which should be sought-out and read as soon as possible.

  1. Changes

Real Money Gambling reserves the right to change the policies listed here at anytime. We will try to announce big changes elsewhere on the website, drawing readers’ attention to them, but no such effort will be made for minor changes. Either way, readers who continue to use the Real Money Gambling website following such changes, are hereby agreeing to them. If, as a reader, you do not agree to any terms or any changes, then you are asked to close the Real Money Gambling website.

This privacy policy was last modified on 20th march, 2015.

  1. Contact

If you wish to contact Real Money Gambling at any time, whether to discuss the terms listed here, or to discuss anything else on the Real Money Gambling website, then you can do so by following the Contact Us link. We are happy to talk with our readers and to answer any questions that you may have, we would also love to listen to any comments or suggestions that you have regarding our website, as we are continually seeking to improve it.

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